Non-Fiction New Releases

Non-Fiction New Releases

The Airbnb SEO Bible

by Alex Wong

Rank Higher on Airbnb Search and Maximize Your Views and Bookings Today!


Do you have a holiday home, bed and breakfast, or a short term rental, and you want to turn it into lucrative side-income? Are you looking for the latest tips and tricks for levelling up your Airbnb business and crafting the perfect online presence? Do you want to discover cutting-edge Airbnb advice from an experienced Airbnb expert? Then this book is for you.

Airbnb offers you a wonderful opportunity for turning your empty space into a year-round source of income. It lets you meet new people, make the most of real estate investing, and turn your rental property into a money-making machine. But with so much competition and tons of listings online, how can you create an eye-catching presence and promote your new business?

Written by seasoned Airbnb expert Alex Wong, best-selling author of Airbnb Listing Hacks and The Airbnb Superhost Checklist, this powerful and practical handbook arms you with the must-know advice you need to become an Airbnb Superhost and master the world of SEO to kickstart your new profitable business.

Containing absolutely everything you need to know about creating the perfect online listing, building an eye-catching profile, ranking higher in Airbnb search, and even how to set up house rules and provide your guests with an experience they won’t forget, this handbook will help you go from complete beginner to Airbnb expert in next to no time!

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • The Ultimate Checklist For Providing The Perfect Guest Experience
  • Creative Amenity Ideas To Add a Unique Flair To Your BnB or Vacation Rental Property
  • Powerful Tips For Creating an Attention-Grabbing Airbnb Listing
  • How to Optimize Your Listing and Description to Generate More Bookings
  • Must-Know Advice For Keywords, Pricing, and The Ultimate Host Profile
  • 7 Ingenious Ways To Take Striking Photos (Plus How To Avoid Bad Ones)
  • Creating House Rules, Guidebooks, and a Ton of Handy FAQs
  • And Much More…

Whether you’re a brand-new host and you’re just getting started, or if you’re a seasoned pro looking for some extra tips and tricks, The Airbnb SEO Bible provides you with a comprehensive exploration of Airbnb fundamentals. If you’ve been searching for the best way to optimize your listing, stand out from the crowd, attract more guests, and level up your business, then this ultimate Airbnb playbook is your ticket to building a profitable, enjoyable, and deeply rewarding business.


Ready to become an Airbnb pro? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!


Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck: The Correct Path To Money Management

by Sam Dean

Are You One of Them? Beat The Statistics and Move Beyond The Paycheck to Paycheck Life

Rent is due, the gym and car payments are coming up, and you haven’t gone grocery shopping in weeks. Before you know it, your entire paycheck is spent and you already can’t wait for the next one.

Sound familiar?

Actually, 78% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. Today’s world is wrought with financial difficulties, whether it’s simply trying to get by or even having to deal with an unexpected medical bill, it’s too often that we find ourselves struggling financially.

In fact, 70% of Americans have less than $1000 stashed away and 45% have nothing saved.

But did you know that there is a very simple way around this? What if I told you that you could increase your savings account by hundreds of dollars without having to get another job or starving yourself to death?

This is what happens on the other side of proper money management. As a matter of fact, with the right tools and techniques, you could save hundreds on your very next paycheck.

In Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck, you’ll discover:

  • Your limiting beliefs about money and how to flip the script
  • Why your relationship with money is just like any other relationship and requires your tender love and care
  • How to determine what you actually need to be spending your money on and what is just something you want
  • A bulletproof budgeting plan guaranteed to save you money from the very first paycheck
  • The 5 principles of minimalism that will make you a happier person
  • A list of 15+ ways to earn extra cash in less than one hour a day
  • The groundbreaking power of compound interest and how it will make you rich
  • A step-by-step guide to living below your means and still enjoy a life of luxury

… and so much more.

Getting ahead with your finances doesn't require a ton of taxing labor or some kind of super-genius mind power. It’s a straight forward process of correct budgeting and a focus on saving before you spend.

With just a little bit of lifestyle adjustment, you’ll soon realize how much extra money you actually have. You’ll be able to save and one day even invest, leaving this whole ‘paycheck to paycheck’ mantra behind for good.

A life free from the stressors of money is not something only the rich get to enjoy, you just need to understand the importance of budgeting and how to structure your revenue streams accordingly.

If you’re ready to leave behind all of your money-related worries for good, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


Don't Be a Dick Manager: The Down & Dirty Guide to Management

by James Monroe

Take a successful employee, promote them into management but give them no management training and there’s a very good chance you’ll create a defensive, insecure, unsuccessful, dick manager.

Here is the management training you never got! This honest, straightforward guide reveals the things nobody talks about–knowledge that only comes from real-world experience in the management trenches. It will change the way you look at yourself, your job and your career and it will enable you to be a successful leader and mentor.

Most importantly, it will help you avoid becoming a dick manager (or, if it’s too late, to reform) so you can enjoy the personal and financial rewards of being a great manager.

Discover the power of the Laws of Management and understand the personal characteristics you must have to excel as a manager.

Learn how to deal with non-communicative, mean, micromanaging, bully bosses, and how to figure out when it’s time for you to leave an impossible situation.

Find out how to deal with ambitious employees and how to turn around hostile, jaded ones. And be warned about the one type of employee who must go, no matter what.

Filled with anecdotes from more than 20 years of management experience, this book takes a frank look at the author’s mistakes and triumphs, his great bosses and his dick managers and the lessons learned from all of them.


The Return of the Glory Story: Purpose and Story in the Narrative (Absorbed by Glory Book 1)

by Cameron Galbraith

Have you found your bearings yet?

Determining our location requires having an accurate view of the larger picture in which we live. Have no fear: you are on God’s radar—and He’s got your coordinates!

Knowing your individual purpose and living within that design is a lofty goal... but, surprising as it may sound, the human heart longs to go even further than that! There is a realm of complete absorption into a supreme, all-encompassing Purpose: One from which our individual purposes draw their strength and meaning—One that never ends in its unfolding wonder and beauty.

This book is an invitation to explore and discover more of that grand purpose that involves everything and which seeks to move all things toward the fullness of union and glory in Jesus Christ—the One in Whom all things consist and will be gathered together and summed up. Seen in this light, the world’s progression by the work of the Spirit toward that ultimate goal reveals a magnificent story that involves every one of us.

In the Absorbed by Glory book series, Cameron explores the unveiling of eternal themes as he expounds the interwoven threads of this grand story of life. In The Return of the Glory Story (book 1 of 6), he lays the foundation for the rest of the series by exploring the true nature of purpose and how everything exists within the movement of Story toward a climax and ultimate consummation.

Are you hungry or excited to discover and experience greater calling, vision, and purpose? Are you tired of going through the motions of life without really feeling that it matters or makes a difference? Then prepare to have your eyes opened and your heart enthralled by the treasures excavated in this book series—and to be led into a deeper discovery of the Purpose of your purpose!



Day Trading for a Living for Noobs: Everything You Need to Know to Start Day Trading for a Living

by Laurence Price

Discover How to Get Results, Learn to Make Money Fast, And Easily Get Started with Day Trading in No Time!


When approaching day trading the right way, you can profit considerably. There are many day traders earning millions of dollars in profits every year. That fact leads me to the most significant benefit of day trading, financial freedom.

There's a way to do it: DAY TRADING FOR A LIVING FOR NOOBS.

You can gain financial independence that allows you to be the one in control of your destiny. That is not as farfetched as it seems. Day trading can give you the power to control your time, finances, and life.

Day trader and authorLaurence Price, provides an astounding start-to-finish plan for getting going with Day Trading. He'll show you, proven step by step strategies on where to begin, how to trade, and how to learn quickly.

Many people in this world want a different reality. They’re in the same pattern day in and day out, not even having to think. Just mindlessly doing work on autopilot or doing enough to keep their job. A lot of people fantasize about their dreams and goals becoming a reality through chance, but make no real effort to change things. This can’t be for you… A mediocre life where you blend into the crowd in this endless rat race. Life is an adventure and your meant to live it.

Price has discovered that he could work from the comfort of his own home and make more money than he ever could in his old job. And that’s why he created this book. He is passing on his good deed by helping as many new day traders as he can, including you!

Laurence Price is confident and can guarantee that anyone and everyone can succeed as a day trader, as long as they have the right tools.

Live a satisfying life now. Wake up with purpose and an eagerness to get going. Remember the feeling of getting up to something exciting? That's how day trading could feel every morning.

This book offers easy techniques and strategies that will catapult your understanding so you can get started.

You'll receive more than 23 proven special trading patterns and strategies to start with, to understand how to trade. You'll also discover risk management, along with how successful day traders live day today, and more.



•   The secrets of day trading

•   The ease of getting started and what it takes to make it

•   There is no limit to the amount that you can earn

•   How you can make money fast

•   How profits can compound quickly

•   How exciting a career can be

•   The basic rules and truth of day trading

•   Why risk management is essential and how to manage your risk effectively and with safety

•   Day trading strategies and analysis for results

•   How day trading differs from other types of trading

•   Technical terms and phrases you need to know revealed

•   And much, much more!


Plus, you'll receive BONUS gifts throughout that book, such as cheat sheets, flashcards, magazines, and more. each of which will prove with instrumental knowledge to make you a better day trader. There's also a FREE BOOK included, which is the perfect place to better understand stock investments in a simple and easy to understand language.


DAY TRADING FOR A LIVING FOR NOOBS is for anyone who wants to discover new skills quickly and easily. Whether you're a student, corporate executive, entrepreneur, or stay-at-home mom or parent, the tactics in this book can transform your life.





The Complete Mediterranean Instant Pot Cookbook: 3 Book Set

by Connor Thompson

Embark on Your Mediterranean Instant Pot Dieting Lifestyle with These Easy, Delicious Recipes!


Do you want to enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean, without the hassle and the long hours spent in the kitchen? Are you searching for healthy, fulfilling dishes that will impress your friends and add some exotic flair to your mealtimes with Mediterranean cuisine? Or do you want to discover the wonders of the instant pot and how pressure cooking can make cooking easy? Then this guide is for you!

Packed with a wide range of great-tasting, easy-to-make Mediterranean dishes, this guide will take you on a journey into the heart of Greece, Italy and beyond. With a collection of simple instant pot and pressure cooker recipes which you can throw together and forget about, along with a range of stunning Mediterranean diet recipes which take no longer than 30 minutes to prepare, this blueprint makes getting started with the Mediterranean diet a breeze!

Plus, all of these recipes are specially crafted for beginners, so you can learn to create a wonderful selection of Mediterranean dishes no matter your level of experience.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • In The 20-Minute Mediterranean Diet Cookbook, you’ll embark on a journey into Greek and Italian cooking with classic meals from across the Mediterranean sea, as well as how you can benefit from a pescatarian diet. You’ll also find a wonderful pescatarian meal plan tailored specially for beginners.
  • In The 30-Minute Instant Pot Cookbook for Beginners, you’ll find the instant pot Bible, with a selection of quick and tasty electric pressure cooker recipes which you can put together and leave in your instant pot for even your busiest days
  • And in The 30-Minute Instant Pot Mini Cookbook, you’ll discover how to create simple, delicious 3 quart instant pot recipes for two people, couples, and small families with even the fussiest eaters!

Whether you want to lose weight, improve your overall health, or simply expand your cooking skills and enjoy the tastes of Mediterranean cooking without having to dedicate hours to the kitchen, this complete guide will open your eyes to the possibilities of the instant pot and the Mediterranean diet. With additional advice for Mediterranean diet meal prepping, now you can easily see why so many people swear by this incredible diet.

Ready to discover the wonders of the Mediterranean diet? Scroll up and grab your copy today!


Third Eye Lucidity (A Collection of Poetry and Prose Book 1)

by Jerald Albritton

You enter the universe through thought, a manifested portal, and each time you enter, it’s the same place but a new journey.

The answers you seek you will not find, yet a new power will arise that you never could fathom, one that can’t be found but unlocked. Open your gift and show the present the true essence of who you are. Third Eye Lucidity is a collection of poetry and prose that promotes living positively and imparts balance and perspective for a tranquil and virtuous spirit. Volumes are created to take the reader on a spiritual journey, a voyage that they sail through life using the currents of the words on each page. Enter the void and untether yourself from worldly desires and unnatural aspects of the physical realm. Awaken the third eye that has been hibernating this entire time.



The Happiness Journal: Your daily inspirational sips toward reaching happiness

by Viet Hung

This self-help book is a daily guide to happiness. Author Viet Hung shares life experiences with suggestions to thrive and to be happy. What is the meaning of life? Are we living, or just existing? Are we living for ourselves or only for others? What would make you happy? Each day, choose a short inspirational piece to read from this journal to improve positive thinking, mindfulness, and your own future outcomes to thrive in life.


Start Buying Stock For Beginners

by Laz Viera

It’s time to diversify! Take your financial future into your own hands and shape it into the life you have always dreamed of. 

As Nobel Memorial Prize-Winning Economist, Paul Samuelson once said “Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow”. That may sound boring at first, but take a second to really think about it. There is nothing more satisfying than watching the seeds you sowed with your very own hands, come to life, and thrive with careful nurturing and patience! 

If the thought of investing in the stock market has ever crossed your mind, even for just a moment, this is the sign you need to start now. 

Stocks are liquid assets and can be turned back into a nice, tidy stack of cash in minutes. With this in mind, and armed with the knowledge held within this book, there is nothing to lose! If you’re new to the stock market, giving it a second try, or trying to gain clarity on current investments, this book has all the answers you could possibly need to shoot down any doubts which may have come to mind, and proceed with total confidence.

Whether you’re a business-minded number-juggler or allergic to all things numeric, this handy beginners’ investment-bible makes good on its oath to provide you with easily actionable, no-nonsense advice to help you get a firm foothold in the stock market. 

Within this book, you’ll find;

  • The sole focus is on building your expertise on the star of the show - stocks! There is no chance of being overwhelmed by extraneous information regarding bonds and funds here!
  • Investment strategies which provide the ability to act proactively and make investments which could allow you to retire rich, decades earlier than you had planned.
  • Complete financial autonomy. Say goodbye to horrible bosses and the typical 9-5; call your own shots!
  • The way to cultivate worry-free, hands-off income to keep you retired for good once you retire. No part-time or weekend jobs to pick up the slack!
  • A matter of fact exposition of the stock market made simple, saving you the bother of sifting through nonsensical jargon and buzzwords and getting straight to the point.

With all of this and much, much more, there is not a single detail left unexplained. Erase the need for expensive stock market professionals and take the power back into your own hands. From instructions on exactly how to avoid beginner mistakes to detailed investment strategies, all you need to get started on what will likely be the best decision you will ever make is right here. 

A single decision can change your whole life - make sure YOU are making the right one.



The Art of Decluttering and Organizing

by Alex Wong

Declutter your life and enjoy peace of mind with this brilliant 30-day roadmap to minimalism!


Do you want to embrace minimalism, but you don’t know where to start? Have you heard about the unique and profound benefits of decluttering your home, and you want to learn more? Or are you looking for a practical guide to help you make those tough decisions, cut down on needless stuff, and enjoy a happier, more fulfilling life? Then keep reading.

Alex Wong is no stranger to clutter. Growing up with a hoarder, it always seemed like they had too much stuff and never enough money. But when moving for grad school, he was faced with the seemingly impossible task of fitting his entire life into a single suitcase – and this moment sparked his passion for minimalist living.

Now, Alex shares the wealth of advice he’s developed over his minimalist life, exploring how you can embark on a journey of decluttering and experience the benefits for yourself. Being clutter-free has allowed Alex to grow a number of successful businesses, become a bestselling author, and travel the world without being tied down to endless possessions.

Whether you feel like you waste too much money on things you don’t need, or if you have to downsize and you’re running out of space, the tried-and-tested strategies inside this book will help you decide what you really need – and let go of the things you don’t.

Decluttering is a powerful way of helping you organize your life, stop worrying about material things, and shift your focus to the experiences and relationships that matter to you – and with a brilliant 30-day roadmap to minimalism, this book makes organizing and tidying up a breeze!

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • Decluttering 101 – a Step-By-Step Strategy To Declutter Your Home
  • How To Really Decide What Matters To You In Life
  • Practical Ways To Shift Your Mindset Away From Materialism and Stop Buying More Things
  • Tips For Decluttering Your Closet, Bathroom, Kitchen, Laundry, Bedroom and More
  • How To Organize Your Sentimental Items, Collectables, and Inherited Things
  • Ingenious Ways To Get Rid of Your Stuff and Help People At The Same Time
  • Common Decluttering Obstacles – and How To Overcome Them
  • A 30-Day Plan To Your New Minimalist Life
  • And So Much More!


With real, actionable advice, The Art of Decluttering and Organizing is a decluttering workbook designed to help you prioritize your possessions, shift your mindset away from consumerism, and make the sometimes tough decisions that will help you on your journey to a more fulfilling life.

So don’t let clutter rule your home for any longer. It’s time for you to uncover the benefits of minimalism and see the benefits for yourself.


Ready to begin decluttering? Scroll up and grab your copy now!


UNIVERSO-i: The 7-Day Path to Overcoming Anxiety and Fear and Living the Life of Your Dreams

by Brian Frederiksen

Feeling uncertain about the future? Anxious about pursuing your dreams? Reluctant to get out of an unhealthy relationship? Less inclined to start your own business or to move to the location you always dreamed of?

Do you know why?

Author Brian Frederiksen (Fortune 500 Executive, Government Advisor and Serial Entrepreneur) reveals with cutting edge insights the 7-Day pathway to escape the conspiracy designed to keep you anxious and fearful to prevent you from controlling your destiny.

You will learn the wisdom of listening to your heart, recognizing opportunity and learning to read the signs along life's path and most importantly, he shares the secret to overcoming your fears and unlocking the powers and potential you have to shape your life and control your destiny.

At the end of Brian’s book you will find questions designed to further empower your transformation over a 7-day period.

If you would like to overcome anxiety and fear to discover your real purpose - enabling you to unleash God-like powers granted to you from birth - giving you incredible potential to shape your life and control your destiny then you’ll love Brian Frederiksen’s cutting-edge insights and 7-Day pathway to empower you in your transformation.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ A conspiracy inside a self-help book? What a movie this will make.


★★★★★ One of the most inspiring, mindful and insightful works of our times -- an Atlas for living life.

★★★★★ A great book with useful guidance for freedom in your own life

★★★★★ An inspiring story that should help everyone overcome the challenge of the unknown.

★★★★★ Brian Frederiksen's amazing true story is nothing less than a miracle.

★★★★★ Just what the world needs right now...

★★★★★ A gripping conspiracy thriller and an investigation into the meaning of life.

Buy UNIVERSO-i today to become more prosperous, successful and peaceful than you could ever imagine.


The Kingdom Field Guide: Keys to Finding God’s Really Real Kingdom

by Brian Steele

Are you ready to experience a fulfilling life as your priorities are turned upside down?

The journey begins with seeking God’s kingdom, hidden like a treasure. But it’s hidden in plain sight, right at your feet!

Get ready to discover God’s life-changing kingdom in your life through tangible, memorable learning experiences. The Kingdom Field Guide ushers you into fulfillment and wholeness as God’s kingdom comes—in and through you.

In this hands-on Field Guide and accompanying Small Group Guide, Pastor Brian Steele will encourage you to: 

  • Seek God’s kingdom—because you can’t find what you aren’t looking for.

  • See God’s kingdom—because it is really real.

  • Align your life’s story with God’s epic story. 

  • Live out your purpose and glorify God with the smallest details of your daily life.


Each chapter is equipped with “Bible Trips” to help you discover hidden riches in God’s Word, “Side Trips” to help you personalize eternal truths, and engaging “Field Trips” that will open your eyes to God’s kingdom all around you. This book is excellent for individual study and also includes a Small Group Guide so you can grow together with others.

Are you ready to turn your life upside down for God’s kingdom? Read The Kingdom Field Guide and realize the fulfillment you’ve been longing for in your life.


Praise for The Kingdom Field Guide

“This is not an ordinary book.” –Bill Gaultiere, PhD, psychologist, Founder of Soul Shepherding, and author of Journey of the Soul

“This is the most relevant book of our time on the realities of the kingdom of God.” –Dr. Jason Hubbard, Arizona Christian University

“Get ready to be ushered into the riches of Christ in ways you’ve never experienced before.” –David Bryant, President of Proclaim Hope!, author of Christ is NOW

“A masterful job awakening our senses to the kingdom.” –Candy Marballi, President of The Prayer Covenant


“…It’s worth every step!” –Grant Fishbook, Lead Teaching Pastor, Christ the King Community Church


Captivate Deluxe: The Science of Succeeding with People

by Vanessa Van Edwards

The deluxe eBook edition of CAPTIVATE includes twelve exclusive videos from author Vanessa Van Edwards, where she gives tips on storytelling, using hand gestures to build rapport, recognizing non-verbal cues, decoding micro-expressions, and more. Readers will learn how to set up mini-experiments and read cues, making them more adept communicators. Vanessa also interviews Paige Hendrix Buckner, CEO of ClientJoy.

Do you feel awkward at networking events? Do you wonder what your date really thinks of you? Do you wish you could decode people? You need to learn the science of people.

As a human behavior hacker, Vanessa Van Edwards created a research lab to study the hidden forces that drive us. And she’s cracked the code. In Captivate, she shares shortcuts, systems, and secrets for taking charge of your interactions at work, at home, and in any social situation. These aren’t the people skills you learned in school. This is the first comprehensive, science backed, real life manual on how to captivate anyone—and a completely new approach to building connections.
Just like knowing the formulas to use in a chemistry lab, or the right programming language to build an app, Captivate provides simple ways to solve people problems. You’ll learn, for example…
· How to work a room: Every party, networking event, and social situation has a predictable map. Discover the sweet spot for making the most connections.
· How to read faces: It’s easier than you think to speed-read facial expressions and use them to predict people’s emotions.
· How to talk to anyone: Every conversation can be memorable—once you learn how certain words generate the pleasure hormone dopamine in listeners.

When you understand the laws of human behavior, your influence, impact, and income will increase significantly. What’s more, you will improve your interpersonal intelligence, make a killer first impression, and build rapport quickly and authentically in any situation—negotiations, interviews, parties, and pitches. You’ll never interact the same way again.


Make Enterprise Great Again: The Gods Must Be Crazy!

by Saji Madapat

♥♥♥This book will blow away your preconceptions of the almighty American Empire and its Enterprises. I guarantee it!♥♥♥

This book takes its title from the 1980 comedy film “The Gods Must Be Crazy,” in which an empty Coca-Cola bottle is dropped from a plane onto a community of African bushmen. The bottle is thought to be a gift from the Gods, but after it incites bitter fighting amongst the villagers, the tribal leader decides to return it to the Gods, embarking upon a journey to the end of the world. Through my own metaphorical coke bottle, I visualize the dawn of a daunting new Empire.  This book serves as both a testament to the past glories of the current American Empire and a guidebook to restoring Capitalism and Enterprise – before it is too late.

Steve Hilton:” A lot of people say that China wants to replace the US as the superpower     ...,  Do you believe that that's their intention?"

Trump: "Yes, I do. Why wouldn't it be? They're very ambitious people. They're very smart. They're great people. It's a great culture."

                          -           Fox News interview (05-19-19)


It’s halftime America!

Ay Yi Yai Yi!  We are in the middle of The New World Order!

Empires rise, decline, and fall. History has witnessed this cycle with the Romans, the Ottomans, and the British. They have all toppled, and if we are not careful, the US will be the next.

Many of today’s enterprises are a gaggle of debt-addicted extreme financial engineering frogs floundering in tepid snake oil. Unfortunately, many will find their demise in the clutches of IP vultures.

If we don't play our trump cards right, the next voracious Empire - the Middle Kingdom of China - will consume us; sending their errand boys to collect bills from the US and over a hundred other countries that it has economically and digitally colonized since the Economic Tsunami of 2008, through “Belt and Road Initiative” (BRI) to its “Digital Silk Road” (DSR).

“Make Enterprise Great Again” digs into the foundations of capitalism and traces the ideals, triumphs and zeitgeist of the Roosevelt years in order to “Build Back Better” – and to save us from the impending Fourth Reich.

Yeah! It's halftime, America!



6 Optimal Steps for Detoxification & Reset: Ultimate Plan to Cleanse and Heal for Lasting Results

by Pureture HHP

Do you feel tired, sick, and unable to think clearly most of the time?

Are you constantly experiencing headaches or any other aches and pains?

How about controlling the things you want to eat?

The truth is; if you have ever felt like you were fighting to control your eating habits and your emotional states, that is because you are fighting a systemic toxic overload.

Are you looking for relief, but don't want to take another prescription pill or get another shot?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this book can help you!

More truth is; Your body is exposed to toxins in your food, your environment, and even from your electronics. It's easy for those toxins to build up to where they affect the way your body cleanses itself, leaving you feeling bogged down.

This book will take you through a safe and thorough six-step, full-spectrum detoxification program with a holistic approach to completely cleanse your body and all the major organs from toxins that are everywhere in our modern world. Discover the following:

  • Understanding the proper way to detox your system;
  • Understanding of Parasites and Candida and how they are ruining your life;
  • How the many sources of toxins in our modern world get into the body;
  • The plan for a bowel and colon cleanse;
  • A parasite cleanse protocol;
  • Protocol for controlling the growth of Candida;
  • A kidney cleanse protocol;
  • A liver and gallbladder flush protocol;
  • Natural teas and tips for getting the most out of your detoxification program
  • And much more.


Plus a FREE bonus inside

This book will take you through the step-by-step process for a full-spectrum detoxification to rid your major organ systems of harmful substances to start living your new life

Let us show you how to detoxify your body in a safe and natural way while creating healthier habits that will make your life happier physically and mentally.

If you're tired of being tired; if you're ready to feel as though you've been reborn, there's no better time than right now to get started for a huge reward!


The Next Level: A Guide for Emerging Leaders

by Gina Lucente-Cole

You are good at what you do—so why are you not growing and advancing in your career?


You earned a degree and began a career. You have the work ethic and the desire to make a difference. You’ve put in time and gained experience. Why isn’t it enough to gain the leadership role that fits your skills and fulfills your passions?


The practical and proven strategies in this book will show you how to:


  • Take initiative in defining your career, setting your goals, and making calculated risks

  • Build beneficial work relationships and learn from a mentor

  • Become the coach your employees need and create an environment of innovation

  • Organize your tasks, time, and resources for optimal success

  • Excel at communication, from tough one-on-one conversations to effective corporate meetings



Each chapter includes self-evaluation questions and hands-on action steps, making these strategies immediately actionable in your day-to-day work life.


If you are a talented and passionate emerging leader ready to take charge of your career, The Next Level will provide you with the best practices and actionable frameworks for growing your skills to get noticed, respected, and promoted—and for building the confidence to take that role and turn it into a true leadership opportunity!


About the Author:


As a coach and expert in leadership accelerators, Gina Lucente-Cole of Promina Advisors™ guides emerging leaders to be more visible for their contributions and rise in their careers. Over the past twenty years, Gina has facilitated client workshops with thousands of professionals from public companies, private firms, and non-profit organizations across the business, science, service, financial, and educational industries.


Through her online courses and her experience as a consultant and trainer, Gina shares the principles that help high-performing professionals up their game and move forward to achieve their goals at career crossroads.



Limitless Expansion Secrets: LES because we all want to work less

by Richard Kahanek

What does being “Virtually Limitless” mean to you?

If you want to make 6, 7, or even 8 figures a year doing what you love, it starts with simply making the decision to do so. What follows involves building an unshakeable foundation in order to support a successful business and ultimately the extraordinary life of your dreams.

So what are the secrets to designing and nurturing a thriving, profitable business from the ground up? With so much to know about conversion systems, social media and affiliate marketing, public relations, branding, sales psychology, getting funding, and maintaining your physical and mental health through it all, it can be overwhelming figuring out where to start.

That’s why we created this book. We’re all entrepreneurs, ranging from marketing gurus to peak performance experts. Each chapter brims with decades of best practices revealing what each of us wishes we would have known within our respective areas of expertise when we started our own businesses.

In this book, you’ll learn:

-How to perform at optimal levels, both personally and professionally
-How to build and maintain an ecosystem that actually works together
-How to keep up with all these “gurus”
-How to position yourself as the expert influencer
-How to sell online
-How to get other people to sell your stuff online
-And What you need to be focusing on in order to scale to 7 figures

Are you ready to become “Virtually Limitless?”


Vegan Diet for Weight Loss: 2 Books in 1

by Dr. Julia Green

It is time to get serious about losing weight in a natural and healthy way.

It is time to cleanse your body, boost the performance of your brain and regulate your emotional health effortlessly and without complicated meal plans or dishes that include ingredients that are hard to find. It is time to enjoy healthy, plant-based meals that are good for your taste buds, body, mind, heart and pocket!


You can eat healthy, lose weight, be green and prevent animal cruelty by practicing one diet - the Vegan Ketogenic Diet.

With the overabundance of carbohydrate-laden foods, it is easy to gain weight and difficult to lose it. There are many diets available today that promise to help you lose weight fast and easy but unfortunately, lots of these are only false promises.

Luckily, there is finally a diet you can trust to help you safely lose weight.

The ketogenic diet is famous for its dramatic effects in weight loss. It helps you shed the pounds and keep them off. This high fat, low carb diet typically gains its results through the consumption of animal-based products but vegans can now achieve the same results through plant-based eating.

Stop being blindsided by the sugar rush and subsequent crash of consuming carbohydrates. Kickstart the metabolic process that burns fat naturally and safely, instead. This book shows vegans how to do it with in-depth explanations on:

  • The vegan diet and its benefits
  • The ketogenic diet and its benefits
  • The difference between the ketogenic diet and the vegan diet
  • The ketogenic vegan diet
  • The benefits of practicing the vegan keto diet
  • Living a keto vegan lifestyle
  • The steps you can take before starting such a lifestyle
  • How you can lose weight naturally with the vegan keto diet
  • The foods you can eat and those you should avoid on the vegan ketogenic diet

This is not just a guidebook on transitioning to a vegan keto lifestyle. It is also a cookbook that is jam packed with over 100 easy-to-follow recipes that will allow you to create delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and more. Not only are they ketogenic-friendly but they are also free of any animal-based products. As a result, this book also includes:

  • How to prepare and store food on the vegan keto diet
  • How to grocery shop to suit your keto vegan lifestyle, including a comprehensive shopping list


It is time to finally take control of your overall health and wellness in addition to helping protect the environment and animal life. The vegan keto diet gives you that power. There is nothing stopping you from living a full, healthy and happy life anymore! The vegan keto diet will allow you to take your life, health and happiness to the next level.


Would you like to know more?

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Eliminate Your Debt: The In-Depth Guide on How to Make Money Work for You

by Dean Foster

Your sad piggy bank will rejoice if you follow this simple money-making, debt-annihilating formula

We hear it all the time on the news – being debt-free is impossible, we have to settle and make peace with the fact we’ll live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of our lives.

Who are they kidding?

The fact that Western society normalizes debt does not mean you have to lead your life drowning under credit card sums, bills, loans and unsurmountable expenses.

It’s time to say “enough!”

It’s time to master the wealth secrets rich people don’t want you to know.

One of these secrets is that your money should be working for you and not the other way around.

Yes, that’s possible even if you have a lot of debt to pay off.

The financial industry wants to keep you in debt because it’s making money this way. That’s why loans and credit cards are heavily advertised, even depicted as desirable and profitable. You are led to believe that you need a ton of things (and a ton of loans) to be happy, to be fulfilled and to find meaning in your existence.

This has to end RIGHT NOW!

Are you up to your shoulders in debt? I know that you probably are giving your computer a resounding “yes” as an answer. After all, that’s the Western way of living, isn’t it?

Do you want to get out of debt? Do you want to gain the comfort of knowing that your future is financially secure? Then listen up!

In Eliminate Your Debt, you will discover:

  • The shocking amount of indebtedness that the average American faces and the main reasons why such disastrous habits have become normalized
  • How the debt cycle will make you drown under the financial burden of one loan after the other
  • Why 189 million Americans have a credit card and why you should stop being one of them
  • 7 ridiculous debt myths most of us still believe
  • 8 reasons for people to be in debt – you will 100% recognize yourself in one of the categories
  • The 7 best approaches to eliminate debt forever and start rebuilding your wealth
  • Reasons why investing even 5 dollars per month is an excellent start
  • What should you invest in – stocks, bonds, gold: an introduction to the best investment tools
  • Ways a trickle can turn into a money torrent, if you stick with your strategy long enough
  • Your financial goals aren’t ridiculous: the best ways to make them happen

And much more!

You don’t need financial knowledge to get out of the vicious cycle and to start profiting from your income.

Even if you’re on the brink of bankruptcy, you can get back on your feed. Start tackling debts one by one until you finally emerge victorious.

A bit of discipline really pays off. Getting rid of one debt at a time will soon free up enough resources for you to start dreaming about the future once again.

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The Airbnb Superhost Checklist

by Alex Wong

Discover how to master Airbnb and become a Superhost in no time!


Are you looking for the best methods to optimize your Airbnb skills, create the perfect guest experience, and turn your short-term rental property into the business of your dreams? Or do you want to learn how to stand out from the crowd and become a Superhost? Then it’s time to try this book.

Whether you have a vacation rental, dedicated real estate, or simply part of your house to rent out as a bed and breakfast, Airbnb is a brilliant way to make extra money, grow a thriving business, or even create a full-time career. But with endless competition in an ever-growing market, how can you rise above the crowd and start turning a profit?

Inside this practical guide, marketing expert Alex Wong reveals a powerful blueprint for scaling up your Airbnb business and mastering the essential steps for lasting success. Using carefully-crafted “action plans” for every part of your home, you’ll learn how to accommodate guests effortlessly, create the perfect experience, and take your Airbnb host skills to the next level.

Drawing on his personal experiences as both an avid traveler and a consultant who helps hosts optimize their listings, Alex shares his unique first-hand knowledge of what works – and what doesn’t. He’ll show you how to cover the basics of a brilliant guest experience, along with a framework for turning yourself into an Airbnb Superhost.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Exploring The Fundamentals of a Stellar Airbnb Experience
  • Understanding What Guests Are Looking For – and How To Provide It
  • Practical Steps To Improve Your Airbnb and Host Like a Pro
  • Essential Accommodations To Create The Perfect Guest Experience
  • Must-Know Tips For Your Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room and More
  • The Top Ways To Become a Superhost
  • How To Make The Best Use of Your Outdoor Space
  • And So Much More…


No matter your level of Airbnb experience, or what part of the world you live in, these tried-and-tested methods will help you turn your real estate investment into a business model that never stops giving back. With a wealth of handy tips and tricks that you can begin implementing the second you put this book down, The Airbnb’s Super Host’s Checklist is your ticket to the Airbnb business of your dreams.


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