New Releases

New Releases

There's something very exciting about discovering a brand new novel that ends up being a bestseller, right?  Or, getting notified that your favorite author has a new ebook coming out, and they are even going to give it to you for free or a discount.  Well, that's what this genre of ebooks is all about.  Bestselling new releases in every genre we list, and at free or discounted prices.  Time for you to indulge!


Definition of "New Releases Category": We include every genre of ebook in this category.  But, the ebook must have been published within the last six months.  We want to keep what you're reading really fresh!

I Love You More Than...

by Christine Carmazzi

Have you ever experienced a close relationship slipping away in the face of circumstances or challenges?

In I Love You More Than…, a father and daughter open up about many facets of life in a heartwarming, intentional way, with the objective of deepening their relationship.

Tom Carmazzi spent thirty-seven years in manufacturing and loved the quantitative aspects of his career. He could focus on figures, not faces. However, his heart longed for something more. Through various wake-up calls, sincere connections with those who cared, and personal coaching, he learned to open his heart—not only to those around him, but also to himself. Tom released control and overcame his lifelong fear of vulnerability to make relationships a priority.

Christine Carmazzi had finished college and started her career, and was about to get engaged, when COVID hit. She was thousands of miles from her family, feeling a sense of isolation and uncertainty. Then, something unexpected appeared in her inbox.

In I Love You More Than…, you will discover the simple, unique framework Tom developed to deepen his connection with Christine when life had put distance between them. Father and daughter share freely about their values, perspectives, and experiences. You will have the opportunity to enter their conversations and witness the evolution of their relationship.

Tom and Christine are not communication experts. They are simply practitioners who “step into the arena” every day with the intention of further strengthening their bond. Father and daughter hold nothing back in sharing their past, their current challenges, and their hope for the future.

Step into the inspiring story of Tom and Christine’s revitalized connection. Believe in the possibilities for your own precious relationships. Let I Love You More Than… be your wake-up call to forge stronger, more authentic relationships than you thought possible.



The Practical Dementia Caregiver Guide

by Sam Toroghi MD

Caring for a loved one with dementia comes with unique challenges – sometimes at your own expense. Discover how to prepare, manage, and overcome caregiving challenges with this insightful guide

You couldn’t shake off the feeling any longer.

After endless conversations and arguments, you and your family finally convince your loved one to get checked after showing multiple signs and symptoms.

And as their doctor explains the results, the world around you slows down, but you’re trying your best to keep up.

Your feelings were correct – your loved one has dementia.

When you and your family arrive home, everyone decides and agrees on contributing and assisting your loved one get the best care possible in the comforts of their home.

Here’s the problem: Everyone agrees to get professional help, but everyone knows it’s financially unsustainable to have them around 24/7.

And then reality hits: No one in your family has caregiving experience.

You want to show up and care for the people you love, but you also feel fear and uncertainty as you enter unknown territory.

You might feel you’re the only one feeling this way, but you’re not alone.

Statistics show over 43.5 million people have provided care for a family member.

If you’re looking for a reliable guide to help you understand your loved one’s condition at an in-depth level then you are in the right place.

If you need specific and proven tips and strategies to address and manage dementia symptoms and complications without burning out, it’s all right here!

Inside this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

  • An easy-to-follow AAA method to help you understand your loved one’s condition so you can provide the care they need without pushing yourself to the limit
  • A patient’s perspective of dementia – what your loved one is going through as they engage in this endless and unforgiving battle
  • How processing and accepting the situation as soon as possible can give you and your loved one more time to plan and prepare for the years ahead
  • A 101 on caregiving – understand the phases, roles, and impact of being a family caregiver
  • The importance of knowing what’s in your control – find out how to be on top of day-to-day activities and ensure your loved one’s safety
  • How to effectively communicate with your loved one as their condition progresses
  • The different types of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and how to address and manage them without putting you or your loved ones at risk
  • How not to underestimate the little things – witness your loved one brighten up as you find joy in the little things together
  • Practical tips and effective strategies to take time for yourself to prevent caregiver burnout – without the guilt!

And so much more.

Caring for someone with dementia means giving yourself wholly without expecting anything in return.

And unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or map to navigating the ups and downs of caregiving.

But knowing you’re not alone can give you the strength to push through.

Inside, discover stories of people who have faced and overcome the challenges and struggles of caring for a loved one with dementia and come out stronger than before so you can tap into the strength within you.

Provide the best care possible for your loved one without sacrificing your well-being. Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


REST IN PEACE (Eva Rae Thomas FBI Mystery Book 15)

by Willow Rose

Sarah Chapman is angry at her husband. She’s also drunk… very drunk as she drives down their street, ready to face him.

When a neighbor hears the commotion and rushes to help, he finds her inside, gun still in her hand, and her husband, Steven, dead in the bed.

Sarah is arrested and taken away but claims to be innocent.

The only one who believes her is FBI profiler, Eva Rae Thomas.
She knows Sarah personally, and as she looks at the evidence in the case, she is convinced that Sarah is telling the truth, even though she was highly intoxicated when the event occurred.

But the detective on the case is determined to have her convicted for the murder.

As more bodies turn up, only Eva Rae Thomas sees the connections and soon starts a race against time to prove Sarah is innocent and to catch the real murderer before it’s too late and her own family is targeted.

Lies and secrets pile up in this chilling next installment of Willow Rose’s bestselling series about FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas.



Psychic Echoes: Mary Jameson Book 2: A Supernatural Thriller

by J.P. Alters

Psychic Echoes: Book 2 in the Mary Jameson Supernatural Thriller Series.

Mary Jameson is a young woman with a unique gift - the ability to communicate with the dead. But despite her powerful abilities, all Mary wants is a normal life. She has a loving fiancé, a beautiful home and great friends, and she's determined to leave her paranormal past behind.

That is, until Detective Jay Santiago calls on her for help. A young boy has gone missing, and Jay is convinced that Mary's powers could be the key to finding him. With children and animals her soft spot, Mary is torn between her desire for a normal life and her deep compassion for those in need.

As Mary reluctantly delves back into the supernatural world, she realizes that the stakes are higher than ever before. Danger lurks around every corner, and she must use her powers to investigate the truth behind the missing boy.
Will Mary be able to find him before it's too late? And at what cost to her own safety and sanity? Find out, in this gripping supernatural thriller, full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


Keto Diet For Women Over 60: Harnessing the power of ketosis for graceful aging and vibrant health

by Janet Cook

Are you a woman over 60 struggling to find a sustainable way to lose weight and improve your health?

Are you tired of diets that promise quick fixes but fail to deliver long-term results?

Are you looking for a solution that is tailored specifically to your unique needs and challenges?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then "Keto Diet for Women Over 60" is the answer to your problem. This comprehensive guide, written by certified nutritionist Janet Cook, offers a tailored approach to the ketogenic diet that is designed specifically for women in their golden years.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • Customized Guidance: Learn how to adapt the keto diet to meet the needs of your changing body and metabolism as you age.
  • Improved Health: Discover the numerous health benefits of the ketogenic diet, including weight loss, improved heart health, and enhanced cognitive function.
  • Practical Tips: Gain practical tips and strategies for overcoming common challenges and sticking to the keto lifestyle long-term.

If you don't get this book, you'll miss out on the opportunity to finally achieve your health and weight loss goals sustainably and enjoyably. Don't let another day go by feeling frustrated and discouraged – take control of your health and wellness journey today with "Keto Diet for Women Over 60."

Now is the time to invest in yourself and your future. Click the "Add to Cart" button and start your journey to a healthier, happier you today!



Embrace the Now (Poetry Book Series 7)

by Maria Kitsios

Embrace the Now

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to be present—here and now.
Use meditation and mindfulness as tools to fully embrace this earthly experience.
Be aware of your mind, body, and spirit in each moment.
Root yourself through grounding techniques and cleanse your physical body of impurities.
Spend time in nature and connect to its divinity.
Honor this material form by creating financial stability, security, and abundance.

Be present to answer the necessary questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?

Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

Embrace the Now is the last of a series of seven poetry books. It is composed of poems associated with topics of the root chakra. The root chakra is the first chakra. It is associated with the physical realm, physical and emotional safety, financial stability, basic survival needs, manifestation into material reality, connection to nature, presence, and groundedness.

The Chakra System

According to the Vedas (ancient Indian sacred texts), the physical body is composed of seven primary energy or vortex centers called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The seven main chakras run along the spine-beginning with the root chakra and ending with the crown chakra. The main chakras are:

  • 1 Root
  • 2 Sacral
  • 3 Solar plexus
  • 4 Heart
  • 5 Throat
  • 6 Third eye
  • 7 Crown

Each chakra has a different color, element, sound, mantra, function, location, major organ, and association. The flow or blockage/imbalance of subtle energy in each chakra determines the health or disease of the individual body.

Root Chakra information:

Sanskrit name: Muladhara
Color: Red
Element: Earth
Sound: Lam
Mantra: "I Am"
Practice: Sitting meditation, grounding
Function: Safety, security, financial stability, physical reality, ability to meet basic survival needs, foundation, presence in the here and now
Location: The base of the spine, between the genitals and the anus
Organ: The physical body, adrenals, large intestine, bones, teeth, immune system, legs, and feet
Dysfunctions when imbalanced: Lower back pain, sciatica, knee issues, plantar fasciitis, constipation, arthritis, hemorrhoids, insecurity, fear, guilt, depression, lethargy, ADHD, inability to meet basic survival needs, financial instability, monetary problems, and aloofness.


Ruby Tears: Dark Romance (The Jewelry Box Book 1)

by Pepper Winters

This series should be a mandatory read for any lover of dark romance. - Book Bistro Blog

From renowned Dark Romance author and New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes a brand new addictive Dark Romance.

Special Preorder Price of $3.99. Will go to $4.99 on release day.

“Ten thousand dollars.
That pitiful sum changed my entire life.
It bought my entire life.
A measly ten thousand dollars, given to my boyfriend by a monster to taste me.
He took it.
The monster took me.
And I never saw freedom again.”

I’m the illegitimate son of a monster.
My other half-blooded siblings have their own demons…but me?
I truly have the devil inside.
I try to be good.
To do my best to ignore the deep, dark, despicable urges.
But every day it gets harder.
I thought family could help.
I reached out to my infamous half-brother, Q, begging for his secrets to stay tamed.
Instead, he gave me an ultimatum to prove I’m not like our father.
Infiltrate The Jewelry Box: a trafficking ring of poor unfortunate souls, kill the Master Jeweler, free the Jewels, and don’t lose my rotten soul while trying.
Only problem is…my initiation into this exclusive club is earning a Jewel all of my own.
She sparkles like diamonds, bleeds like rubies, and bruises as deep as emeralds.
She’s mine to break.
I can’t refuse.
If I want to prove to my half-brother that I’m not like our sire, I have to sink into urges I’ve always fought, plunge into madness, and lose myself so deeply into sin that the only one who will be breaking is me.

A spin-off from the New York Times Bestselling series Monsters in the Dark.
The Jewelry Box follows Henri Mercer (Q's half-brother) and you don't have to read Monsters in the Dark to enjoy. The storylines are completely separate.
Strictly R18.
Triggers on every warning possible.
This is dark, explicit, and will push every possible boundary that exists.
Be warned....
To all those dark souls out there...welcome to The Jewelry Box


★★★★★ There are two authors that have the ability to render my brain mush with anxiety, dread, and ultimately a large amount of intrigue. And Pepper is one of them. The way she laid the foundation for what I know will be my next favorite dark romance tale just proves how talented she is. -- I am Booked

★★★★★ How can I articulate how much I loved this book? I don’t think I can find words to do it justice. Beneath all the rawness, dark aspects and suffering, this story is captivating, overwhelming and hauntingly beautiful.-- Jennii The Book Addict
★★★★★ This book just blew my mind. An emotionally challenging read, addictive writing and morally graphite-grey characters that play with boundaries of morality are hallmarks of Pepper. Pulling you in with gravitational force you will be left astounded, heartbroken, maybe sick at some parts, but you won't escape unscathed & unaffected. This series should be a mandatory read for any lover of dark romance. Nobody ...and I mean NOBODY can create more complex characters with bottomless pits for souls, like she can. -- Book Bistro Blog

★★★★★ Back to her roots...Pepper Winters starts off a new series full of depravity. Dark and sexy...I can tell this series will not be for the faint of heart, and, most likely, if you have ANY triggers, it will not be for you. If you enjoy sexiness and a shopping list of trigger warnings...then this will be right up your alley. - Danielle and Her S*** Books


Courting Her Monsters: A Monster Romance (The Monsters You Know Book 1)

by Erin Bedford

Unable to hear, I live my life in silence.
Unable to argue with my father, I live my life in service, married off to the highest bidder.

Now, to save myself and my kingdom, I will have to play the part of their prisoner.
But I’m not playing anymore, and my new betrothed is more than happy to push the limits of my body and mind. He’s a monster with a handsome face…

But truer monsters wait for me, and they’re ready to give me so much more than I was prepared for.
What makes a monster and what makes a man? Only I can find that out…
And my life isn’t so silent anymore.

[CW]: this is a dark fantasy romance and contains elements that may be upsetting to some individuals.



Losing My Breath: A steamy, new-adult, grumpy x sunshine romcom

by J Rose Black

A Marine never says die.
Neither does his princess.

Battle lines are drawn when sheltered debutante Meridian Daly moves across the hall from grumpy veteran Marine Callan Brand. Situated a bit closer than advertised to 'crime alley', Meridian’s neighbor finds himself grudgingly guarding the pampered princess out of habit. But with her sharp wit and killer curves, he can’t help but surrender to temptation…

When their relationship evolves from casual courtship to something more, Callan finds that Meridian's already discovered his closely-guarded secret. But can he let go of his pride, and tell her the whole truth of who he is and what he’s done—in the name of honor and country?

As Callan’s scars start to reveal themselves, his life spirals beyond the careful control that's helped him survive—and kept those he cares about safe.

From him.

But this tough-in-a-tiara princess won't back down, even in Callan’s darkest hours. And Meridian just might prove to be more tenacious than a never-say-die Marine!

Order your copy today!


Sonnets From Suburbia: Romance Dance

by Penny Peyser

"Thoughtful, moving and very funny sonnets. I enjoyed them immensely." - Alan Arkin Oscar winning actor & author

If Shakespeare were a lady…

Sonnets from Suburbia features Lady Penelope (aka actress Penny Peyser) serving up a funny take on modern day life in Shakespearean sonnet form.

From the foibles of friendship, to romantic relationships gone awry, to aging bodies that misbehave, to the woes of social media and confounding familial tussles, she has the uncanny ability to make us smile out loud and chuckle with recognition. One of those books for when you need a good laugh.

The clever, compassionate sonnets inside this book make a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day and are sure to delight women over 40 (all female readers actually) and the men who love them.

Think Shakespeare at the mall.

For fans of Judith Viorst, Amy Sedaris and Dorothy Parker. Sonnets from Suburbia is long-time actress Penny Peyser’s first foray into poetry and sonnets, and she couldn’t be more thrilled about this new venture.



Sister Morphine: A Marceau Mystery

by Raoul Michelle

Fresh from their last harrowing escapade, their friend still in coma, Maurice and Madeleine are thrust into a new web of intrigue. As Maurice Marceau and his resilient daughter try to solve a gruesome murder, one that’s baffled two of New York’s finest detectives, they’re thrust into a world filled with secrets and conspiracies.

Madeleine is determined to bring the killer to justice. She and her father must go beyond an underworld art scene that hides its own dark secrets and travel between DC, New York, Paris, Switzerland, and Venice. And as they delve deeper into the case, the lines between vengeance and justice blur, and the sins of the past intertwine with the present.

Can this father-daughter duo uncover the truth and dispense justice before two ruthless powers get away with murder?

Prepare for an unforgettable ride through a world of art, deception, and danger. Sister Morphine will keep you riveted as you navigate the thrilling labyrinth of this masterfully crafted detective thriller.

Iron Crow: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (The Crawling Girl Book 1)

by Kim Petersen

From the bowels of Seattle's ruins to the depths of a dark secret.

Rayna knew the rules…

And everybody was supposed to follow them.

Would she?

Within the sprawling ruins of Seattle, the Nest looms high above as a stronghold of the aristocratic Crow class, ruled with an iron fist by Lord Corvus. Rayna and her resilient Hydrans have long toiled at the depths of Lake Union, crawling for valuable scrap metal to trade with the Crows. Everything changes when a mysterious boy shows up, burdening Rayna with a haunting secret that leaves her with the perilous choice between standing up for the truth, even if it means sacrificing everything or succumbing to a world on the brink of chaos. Will Rayna become the catalyst for a rebellion that redefines their destinies? Or will the Iron Crow prevail?

Discover a world on the brink, where the truth is the ultimate weapon, and one woman's courage could alter the course of destiny. From USA Today Bestselling Author Kim Petersen comes Iron Crow, the first book in The Crawling Girl series, a dystopian thriller featuring complex characters and high-powered action adventure. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Road.


Ghost Mortem: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (Ghost Detective Book 1)

by Jane Hinchey

Whoever said that ghosts exist must be out of their mind.

Oh, wait. That was me. I said that. If you’d told me yesterday that ghosts were real I would have smiled, nodded, and called a shrink to fix your deluded little mind. Now it’s my turn to question my sanity when the ghost of my best friend turns up in my apartment. Was it the tequila shots the night before causing this apparition? Or one too many bumps to the head — let’s face it, clumsy is my middle name, it really wouldn’t surprise me if I’d done some irreparable damage to my grey matter over the years.

Now I have to accept that the paranormal does, in fact, exist. But sadly, my ghost friend is lacking something besides his body. His memory. He doesn’t know how he died but suspects foul play and he wants my help to find his killer. I can’t refuse, I’m a sucker for a good mystery and the chance to bring my friend's killer to justice is too good to pass up.

Surprises abound as I discover a secret talent for sleuthing, not to mention an unexpected inheritance of a talking cat among other things. But the biggest problem of all? Captain Cowboy Hot Pants, or as he likes to be called, Detective Kade Galloway of the Firefly Bay PD. He’s one smokin’ cop, but my distrust of the police runs deep and despite his assurances that he’s here to help can I really trust him, or is his offer of assistance designed to keep me from discovering the truth?

I guess I’ll find out when death comes knocking on my door.

Join Audrey Fitzgerald in the Ghost Detective series, a paranormal cozy mystery featuring a cat, a ghost, and a murder to solve.


Wall Pilates Workouts: Unlock the Secrets to a Sculpted, Strong, and Flexible Body

by Sophie Steiner

Embrace a full-body exercise routine and revitalize your health with this fully illustrated guide to the wonders of Wall Pilates!

Do you want to tone your muscles, improve your balance, and feel the joys of a sculpted body? Have you heard of Pilates before, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on classes or instructors? Or are you searching for a safe and gentle exercise that you can effortlessly practice in your own home? Then keep reading.

Expertly designed with an incredible 60+ exercises to target your whole body, this ultimate Wall Pilates workout guide reveals how you can transform your body and feel better than ever with straightforward, low-impact exercises that you can try from the comfort of your own home.

Featuring step-by-step instructions to suit absolute beginners, plus handy illustrations and a bonus progress tracker, Wall Pilates Workouts provides you with a concise and fully customizable blueprint for a stronger, fitter, and more flexible body.

With easy stretches that target your back, hips, shoulders, legs, and more, this handbook provides readers with a 28-day workout challenge that empowers you to begin your Pilates journey.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Pilates Fundamentals: Learn The 6 Key Principles of Pilates & Uncover Over 60 Unique Exercises!
  • Transform Your Body: Boost Your Balance, Flexibility, Mobility, Joint Strength, & Muscle Tone
  • Exercises For Every Muscle Group: Follow a Straightforward & Comprehensive Workout Plan With Planks, Squats, Leg Raises, Lunges, Crunches, & More!
  • Handy Illustrations: Step-By-Step Instructions & 122 Clear Images Help You Easily Follow Each Exercise
  • Bonus 7-Day Workouts For Fast Results: Target Your Core & Posture With Specially Designed Routines
  • A 28-Day Workout Challenge: Tone Your Body & Strengthen Your Muscles With a Beginner-Friendly Routine That Anyone Can Try!
  • And So Much More!

As an essential companion guide for beginners, seniors, people recovering from injuries, and anyone who wants to feel the immense benefits of a sculpted body, Wall Pilates Workouts offers you a holistic exercise routine that you can effortlessly adapt to your goals and skill level.

Are you ready to discover the world of Wall Pilates? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!


Going All In (Betting on Love Book 1)

by Kate Campfield

She’s going to lose a bet… or I’m going to lose her heart.

I’m about to lose my future wife, and we aren’t even married yet. But despite me being sure she’s the one I’m meant to marry, Holly’s convinced we’re not meant to be. That may have something to do with my mom being engaged to Holly’s dad, but we didn’t know about that until 
after the hottest night of our lives. That means nothing to Holly now, though; she wouldn’t be caught dead dating a stepbrother.

Maybe I should be offended, but I’m not really her stepbrother 
yet, and I see no problem with our relationship moving forward. But she’s determined to find a date for the upcoming wedding—anyone but me.

Holly’s about to learn that when I set my sights on something I really want, I go all in. I’m offering her a bet: if she can meet Mr. Right and show up to the wedding with someone she’s really in love with, I’ll pay up. But if not? She’s mine.

I just hope I haven’t underestimated how much she hates to lose… because there are some things that are more important than winning.

Fans of Meghan Quinn and Pippa Grant will love this steamy, opposites attract Christmas romantic comedy!

Scroll up and One Click now to place your bets on love!


Yule Be Mine (The Welwyn Marriage Wager Book 3)

by Jenna Jaxon

‘Tis the season for love—no matter how much mistletoe it takes!

It’s Christmas time and Ulysses “Yule” Quartermain is unenthusiastically looking for a bride when Penelope St. Clare, the little sister of his boyhood friend, makes an appearance at a Christmas party. But it’s been ten years since he’s seen her. Penelope is no longer a child but a ravishing beauty, who’s turning heads everywhere she goes. And much to his discomfort, Yule is not immune to the charms of the little girl next door. But he’s working on it.

Penelope has wanted to marry Ulysses Quartermain for most of her life. Now she’s on the brink of her come out Season--a desirable young lady with wit and determination--and her happy ever after is within her grasp. If only she can make Yule see that she’s grown up and would make him the perfect wife, it’ll be the best present she’ll ever get.

Still, Penelope is not leaving anything to chance. Utilizing every ball of mistletoe she can find, she teases and tantalizes Yule, daring him to kiss her in hopes of breaking down his staunch resolve. As Christmas Day approaches, Penelope sets a final desperate plan in motion.

Before the holiday is over, Yule will know just how much of a woman she truly is!

Read Free in Kindle Unlimited!

The Welwyn Marriage Wager
Until I’m Safe in Your Arms
The Baron’s Halo
Yule Be Mine
No Rival for Your Love
Gem of My Heart
The Captain Takes a Wife


The Story of Evil - An Epic Fantasy Saga (Vol. I-V)

by Tony Johnson

The Story of Evil is the first standalone novel in Tony Johnson’s literary universe, The Chronoverse. This book is a giant tome of epic fantasy made up of five volumes (Heroes of the Siege, Escape from Celestial, Three Visions, The Cursed King, and Battle for the Kingdom).

During an annual jousting tournament, a mysterious villain attacks the capital with his army. Because of this disastrous event, Stephen Brightflame, an aspiring knight, embarks on a quest to save the kingdom from further destruction. He joins up with a convicted felon, an arrogant warrior, and a Halfling woman, but learns their tragic pasts are just as dark and disturbing as his own. This 430,000 word adventure features everything that makes the fantasy genre great: knights, castles, war, prophecies, magic, monsters, and dragons! After ten years in the making, experience the complete Story of Evil - An Epic Fantasy Saga.



The Seam of Eternity: An Epic Fantasy Book (The Veins of Eternity 1)

by Rocco Levitas

Shadow cripples all realms, magical and physical. A single chosen one isn’t enough.

Callan failed to save his sister from the plagued swamps blighting the land. When darkness threatens his home, he ventures on a daring quest to find the one mage who can help. But it is he who must grow in courage and power.

Across the vast ocean, Vasha excels at sealing breaches. Though other realm-shifting monks call her a prodigy, she panics over her progress. Then a devastating omen alters her destiny.

Hidden evil looms as Callan and Vasha discover lost magic, make unlikely friends, and fulfill a prophecy from ages long forgotten . . .

Yet not all will survive.

Eye of the World meets Way of Kings in The Seam of Eternity, an imaginative blend of sword and sorcery fantasy adventure with the hero's journey. If you like The Wheel of Time, The Stormlight Archives, or The Lord of the Rings, you'll love the fantastical world of The Seam of Eternity.

Buy now before the price changes and get ready to be transported to the Seam.



Lessons from the Sidewalk: Encounters with the Discarded

by Barry Robbins

"In the mundane, history whispers,
Find lessons where discarded lingers.
Through forgotten objects, reflections appear,
Of icons we thought we knew, now seen clear."

"This magnificent book..." - Readers' Favorite

Welcome to "Lessons from the Sidewalk: Encounters with the Discarded," where ordinary discarded items whisper tales of life, legacy, and the intrinsic human connection to the simplest of things. Picture Leonardo da Vinci captivated by a forsaken yo-yo or Winston Churchill pondering life upon sighting a battered trash can. Can such commonplace things hold a mirror to the colossal figures of history and culture?

Navigate through intimate encounters where giants from diverse epochs, from Napoleon Bonaparte to Hamlet, confront the ordinary, revealing unexpected, profound truths about ambition, existence, and the perennial human spirit.

In each chapter, embark on an unusual expedition through time and personality, exploring the shared experiences that universally bind us. What you'll find is a world where the neglected is given a voice, the ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary, and legendary figures are viewed through a strikingly new prism.

Join us in a journey where your own reflections may surface in the unanticipated crevices of history and daily life, inviting you to perceive yourself and the world around you with fresh eyes.



Saving Beth: The Women's Work Exchange

by Lynn Landes

*** Meet the women determined to fight for more and the men who come to love them in the exciting Women’s Work Exchange Series! ***

Elizabeth Amalfi doesn’t need help from the Women’s Work Exchange - until she does. After scandal touches her family and destroys their restaurant her father sends her away and shatters her world. Torn between duty and love, she longs for Micah Parker—a wealthy businessman with a heart for God and her. Afraid and injured, Elizabeth discovers an unexpected love for God and realizes her feelings for Micah only grow stronger. In the midst of family obligation, she fights to follow her heart. Will she reunite with Micah and claim the love she craves or be bound by obligation forever?

Micah Parker is a powerful businessman used to having his way. He’s determined to claim the heart of the talented Chef of Amalfi’s restaurant. Her father’s refusal to accept his offer of marriage is a problem. It’s clear that they take Elizabeth’s hard work and beautiful heart for granted. He intends to handle this like any other business deal. Unfortunately, the Lord has other plans. Elizabeth is shamed and sent away Micah is worried for her safety and determined to show her how much he cares. The hunt is on to save Elizabeth and win her hand.

Will Micah’s love remain true? Will he find her in time? Does she even want to be found? Who will stop the cousins when they grow violent and angry?

Join Elizabeth and Micah on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and the power of love and faith. Experience the yearning, the challenges, and ultimate triumph in "Saving Elizabeth."

Every step they take is guided by a loving hand, and if they trust in their faith, they will learn that the Lord always has a plan.



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