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General Nonfiction

Silent Spring - Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War

by Patrick Hogan

What would you say if I told you there are disturbing things the US Government hasn’t told you about the Vietnam War and doesn’t want you to know? Things such as all the rainbow-colored pesticides and the disabling effect they had on US service personnel.

Silent Spring – Deadly Autumn of the Vietnam War, is an account of war – a tale of anger and determination – a chronicle written in sorrow and hope. It’s the story of countless veterans who served in Vietnam and could even be your story.

While the book is categorized as a memoir, it’s also an investigational voyage into all the issues the U.S. government hasn’t told you and doesn’t want you to know about the Vietnam War. The work isn’t just another rehashing of the war or Agent Orange. Rather it’s a “silver bullet” which cuts through to the heart of the circumstances and chemical used in Vietnam—enduring toxic herbicides and insecticides—which in some cases are still being used to this very day all over the globe, even right here in America. Now I’m sure many of you will find that fact hard to believe. Nevertheless, it’s true.

So, forget everything you’ve heard from the government and what you think you know about the Vietnam War because you will be absolutely stunned by what the US government had willingly dumped on Vietnam—their allies—and even their own troops.

What happened in Vietnam … didn’t stay in Vietnam. It came home with us!

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Toddler Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Using Positive Discipline to Raise Children

by Meryl Kaufman

Take your parenting game to the next level with positive discipline!

Do you question your parenting skills whenever your toddler throws a tantrum?

Does bedtime feel like an uphill battle?

Do you want to successfully potty train your toddler with no hassles?

Are you struggling to deal with your toddler's tantrums or misbehavior?

Do you want to raise a happy and confident child?

Do you want to discover the secrets of doing all this?

If yes, then this is the perfect book for you.

Have you heard of positive parenting? Do you want to learn more about it?

Even if you haven't, you needn't worry because, Toddler Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Using Positive Discipline to Raise Children with High Self-Esteem, Including Tips for Sleep Training, Handing Tantrums, and Potty Training, contains all the information you need.

Welcoming a baby home and entering parenthood is a major milestone in life. It is also a significant change. From now on, you are responsible not only for yourself but also for your child's wellbeing and growth.

Regardless of how much you love your little one, parenting comes with its own set of challenges. As with everything else in life, preparation, patience, and effort will help you deal with any challenge that comes your way.

Raising a child isn't always easy, and discipline is one area many parents struggle with.

A wonderful thing about parenting is that it gives you complete control overregulating your child's behavior. Once you learn the right way to discipline your child, raising a well-behaved child becomes quite easy.

Positive parenting provides you with all the right tools you need to raise a happy, confident, and well-behaved child. Positive parenting is a simple concept that focuses on positive discipline. Remember, there are no bad children; it all boils down to behaviors.

With positive parenting, you can instill good behaviors while teaching your child why bad behavior isn't desirable.

In this book, you will learn about…

  • Understanding a toddler's development
  • Meaning and benefits of positive discipline
  • Commandments of positive discipline
  • Practical tips for training your toddler to potty and sleep through the night
  • Dealing with tantrums and misbehavior
  • Tips to encourage creativity
  • Tips for building a toddler's self-esteem
  • How to raise a self-confident child
  • Importance of positive daily habits, and much more!

This book will act as your guide and provide helpful insights about parenting a toddler using positive discipline. It will help you every step of the way and improve your parenting skills.

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Millennial Millionaire: Optimize Your Financial Life and Get Rich

by Taylor Larimore


In this refreshingly straightforward how-to guide, 29-year-old author and self-made millionaire Blake Konrardy delivers the step-by-step process to quickly accumulate wealth in the modern age. 

You have the power to get rich. It’s time to unlock that power.

Millennial Millionaire will show you:

  • How to take immediate control of your financial life, making small changes to go from zero to $1 million net worth
  • How to increase your income by 50% or more, with precise steps and scripts to land raises, promotions, and better jobs
  • How to prioritize your spending to make you happier and wealthier
  • How to passively invest in the stock market and make more money while you sleep than you do in your job
  • How to achieve financial independence, retire early, and live the rest of your life without worrying about money

History of East Asia: A Captivating Guide to the History of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan

by Captivating History

If you want to discover the captivating history of East Asia, then keep reading...

Free History BONUS Inside!

Four captivating manuscripts in one book:

  • History of China: A Captivating Guide to Chinese History, Including Events Such as the First Emperor of China, the Mongol Conquests of Genghis Khan, the Opium Wars, and the Cultural Revolution
  • History of Japan: A Captivating Guide to Japanese History, Including Events Such as the Genpei War, Mongol Invasions, Battle of Tsushima, and Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • History of Korea: A Captivating Guide to Korean History, Including Events Such as the Mongol Invasions, the Split into North and South, and the Korean War
  • History of Taiwan: A Captivating Guide to Taiwanese History and the Relationship with the People's Republic of China

Here are just some of the topics covered in part 1 of this book:

  • The Land of the Yellow Emperor
  • Imperial China Emerges
  • The Supremacy of the Han, 202 BCE–220 CE
  • The Golden Age: The Tang Dynasty, 618–907
  • The Song Dynasty, 960–1279
  • Kublai Khan: The Yuan Dynasty, 1271–1368
  • The Great Ming Dynasty, 1368–1644
  • The Rise of the Qing, 1636–1912
  • Revolutionary Madness
  • The Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China
  • And much, much more!

Here are just some of the topics covered in part 2 of this book:

  • Children of the Sun
  • Warring Clans
  • The Two Imperial Courts
  • Edo Japan: Part One-1603 to 1638
  • Edo Period: Part Two-1638 to 1868
  • The Meiji Restoration
  • Foreign Relations
  • The Taisho Era
  • The Showa Era
  • Japan in World War II and Its Aftermath
  • Heisei Era
  • And much, much more!

Here are just some of the topics covered in part 3 of this book:

  • Land of the Bear
  • The Dragon of the East Sea
  • Dynasties Rise and Fall
  • The Joseon Dynasty of Goryeo
  • Foreign Invasions
  • Merchants, Farmers, and Foreigners
  • From Independence to Annexation
  • Korea at War
  • North Korea
  • South Korea
  • And much, much more!

Here are just some of the topics covered in part 4 of this book:

  • Formosa: Beautiful Island
  • The Arrival of the Chinese and Their Religion
  • The Dutch Trading Years
  • The Ming, The Qing, and Japan: The War Years
  • Japanese Taiwan
  • The Sino-Japanese War & World War II
  • Taiwan After World War II
  • And much, much more!

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Becoming American: A Political Memoir

by Cary D. Lowe

2020 Discovery Awards Winner - Politics/Current Events

“A well-written memoir chronicling the intriguing life and influences of a post-war Jewish child who becomes an American lawyer and activist.” –Sublime Book Review

Becoming American is the inspiring story of the author’s transformation from a child of Holocaust survivors in post-war Europe to an American lawyer, academic, and activist associated with such famed political leaders as Robert Kennedy, George McGovern, Jerry Brown, and Tom Hayden. Searching for his great-grandparents’ graves in a hidden cemetery outside Prague makes him recall his experiences of becoming American: listening to Army Counterintelligence agents gathered at his home in Austria; a tense encounter with Russian soldiers; seeing Jim Crow racism in the South during his first visit to the United States; becoming an American citizen in his teens; having his citizenship challenged by border guards; fearing for his new country upon witnessing the Watts riots; exhilaration at rising to leadership positions in organizations shaping government policies; and advancing the American dream as a real estate lawyer, helping develop entire new communities.


The Opium Wars

by Captivating History

If you want to discover the captivating history of the Opium Wars, then keep reading...

Free History BONUS Inside!

Victorian Great Britain was the most technologically and economically developed country in the world at the time. As such, it had the power to protect its interests. With the discovery of new trade routes in the East, and with the foundation of the East India Company, Britain became addicted to the luxurious and exotic items from China. Silk, porcelain, and tea were in high demand among the rich. Britain was so economically strong at the time that even the middle and lower classes could afford to enjoy high-quality items imported from China, especially tea.

Britain imported everything its society desired, but it was costly. The main problem was that China only accepted payments in silver, creating a huge imbalance in trade. To avoid losing money on imported goods, Britain had to sell something back to China. However, this Eastern empire liked to boast that it was self-sufficient. The Chinese didn’t need to import anything, as their industry was developed enough to supply the whole country with what it needed. Britain had to come up with something the Chinese needed, and in desperation, the decision was made for Britain to sell opium.

When diplomatic efforts to introduce opium to the Chinese market failed, the British Parliament approved an alternative: war. There were two wars, one from 1839 to 1842 and another from 1856 to 1860. They are collectively known as the Opium Wars. The British, who were joined by French and supported by the Americans and Russians, clashed with Imperial China, which was ruled by the Qing dynasty. These conflicts are largely forgotten in the Western world, perhaps out of a sense of collective shame. But in China, the Opium Wars are still symbols of national humiliation at the hands of the Western powers.

In The Opium Wars: A Captivating Guide to the First and Second Opium War and Their Impact on the History of the United Kingdom and China, you will discover topics such as

  • Prelude - The Red Barbarians
  • No Tolerance
  • The First Conflicts
  • Steamships and Guns
  • The End of the First Opium War
  • The Interwar Period
  • Conflict on the Horizon
  • The Conflict Resumes
  • The Advance
  • Burning the Palace and Diplomacy
  • And much, much more!

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How the Post Office Created America: A History

by Winifred Gallagher

A masterful history of a long underappreciated institution, 
How the Post Office Created America examines the surprising role of the postal service in our nation’s political, social, economic, and physical development. 

The founders established the post office before they had even signed the Declaration of Independence, and for a very long time, it was the U.S. government’s largest and most important endeavor—indeed, it was the government for most citizens. This was no conventional mail network but the central nervous system of the new body politic, designed to bind thirteen quarrelsome colonies into the United States by delivering news about public affairs to every citizen—a radical idea that appalled Europe’s great powers. America’s uniquely democratic post powerfully shaped its lively, argumentative culture of uncensored ideas and opinions and made it the world’s information and communications superpower with astonishing speed. 

Winifred Gallagher presents the history of the post office as America’s own story, told from a fresh perspective over more than two centuries. The mandate to deliver the mail—then “the media”—imposed the federal footprint on vast, often contested parts of the continent and transformed a wilderness into a social landscape of post roads and villages centered on post offices. The post was the catalyst of the nation’s transportation grid, from the stagecoach lines to the airlines, and the lifeline of the great migration from the Atlantic to the Pacific. It enabled America to shift from an agrarian to an industrial economy and to develop the publishing industry, the consumer culture, and the political party system. Still one of the country’s two major civilian employers, the post was the first to hire women, African Americans, and other minorities for positions in public life. 

Starved by two world wars and the Great Depression, confronted with the country’s increasingly anti-institutional mind-set, and struggling with its doubled mail volume, the post stumbled badly in the turbulent 1960s. Distracted by the ensuing modernization of its traditional services, however, it failed to transition from paper mail to email, which prescient observers saw as its logical next step. Now the post office is at a crossroads. Before deciding its future, Americans should understand what this grand yet overlooked institution has accomplished since 1775 and consider what it should and could contribute in the twenty-first century.

Gallagher argues that now, more than ever before, the imperiled post office deserves this effort, because just as the founders anticipated, it created forward-looking, communication-oriented, idea-driven America.


Connecting With Life: Finding Nature in an Urban World

by Martin Summer

In his debut book, Martin Summer aims to help readers find nature in an urban world. He discusses how our modern lives differ from the lifestyles of our ancestors. He then proceeds to cover six big problems of urbanization and their destructive impact on our lives. Practical solutions follow each discussed danger.

In the next part of the book, the author reveals what connecting with nature means in today's world and why it's possible to do so even in a big city. Summer provides easy and fun ideas to use all the senses on your natural outings. He discusses the tricky subject of finding a compromise between technology and nature. Through ten elements, he explains how to turn your home into a nature-friendly oasis. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of nature stewardship and how to espouse it in your everyday life.

If you’re wishing to develop a deeper connection with life around you, Connecting With Life is the blueprint you need.


INTERVIEWS DEMYSTIFIED! Get a Job Quickly: The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan for INTROVERTS

by Mia C. Beckett

Does the thought of having to sit through a one-on-one job interview make you break out in a cold sweat?

If the answer is yes then keep reading to find out how to overcome these obstacles…

Interviews Demystified! Get a Job Quickly: The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan for Introverts offers the solutions you need to not only prepare for the interview with ease but get through it with your head held high and your anxiety at bay.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • What no one tells you about the recruiting process
  • How to think on your feet and give the best response
  • How to showcase what sets you apart from the sea of other applicants
  • The simple mindset shifts that will help you replace the losing mindset with a winning one
  • How to prep for the interview long before you walk in the door or log into the video conference
  • The one must-ask question that will help you close the deal that almost no one asks the right way
  • How to prove you’re the best candidate for the job
  • secret technique that will help you avoid giving a scattered answer or helps you communicate effectively
  • And so much more!


BONUS: 10-page workbook, a tested and proven one-page, customizable professional resume template that will grab recruiters' attention!

Author Mia C. Beckett understands what it’s like to be frozen with fear before or during an interview. She’s been there, yet, despite being riddled with anxiety and feeling as if her experiences weren’t up to par, she created a method that helped her not only land the job of her dreams, but gave her the confidence to crush her goals, and ultimately gain over 10,000 hours of hands-on experience, generate over one million dollars a year in sales and be named her organization’s Salesperson of the Year in 2019. Now she wants to share the methods and techniques that worked for her and teach you how to communicate effectively, calm your shattered nerves, and get you on the road to success.

✓ If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, jump onto a new career path, and implement these proven techniques to help you land the job you’ve always wanted, Interviews Demystified! Get a Job Quickly: The Ultimate Job Interview Game Plan for Introverts is the perfect companion for your job-hunting journey.

Here’s to your success!

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The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry

by Jon Ronson

In this madcap journey, a bestselling journalist investigates psychopaths and the industry of doctors, scientists, and everyone else who studies them.

The Psychopath Test is a fascinating journey through the minds of madness. Jon Ronson's exploration of a potential hoax being played on the world's top neurologists takes him, unexpectedly, into the heart of the madness industry. An influential psychologist who is convinced that many important CEOs and politicians are, in fact, psychopaths teaches Ronson how to spot these high-flying individuals by looking out for little telltale verbal and nonverbal clues. And so Ronson, armed with his new psychopath-spotting abilities, enters the corridors of power. He spends time with a death-squad leader institutionalized for mortgage fraud in Coxsackie, New York; a legendary CEO whose psychopathy has been speculated about in the press; and a patient in an asylum for the criminally insane who insists he's sane and certainly not a psychopath.

Ronson not only solves the mystery of the hoax but also discovers, disturbingly, that sometimes the personalities at the helm of the madness industry are, with their drives and obsessions, as mad in their own way as those they study. And that relatively ordinary people are, more and more, defined by their maddest edges.


African Myths and Egyptian Gods: A Captivating Guide to African Mythology and Gods of Ancient Egypt

by Matt Clayton

Explore Captivating African Mythology and Egyptian Gods

Two captivating manuscripts in one book:

  • African Mythology: Captivating Myths of Gods, Goddesses, and Legendary Creatures of Africa
  • Egyptian Gods: A Captivating Guide to Atum, Horus, Seth, Isis, Anubis, Ra, Thoth, Sekhmet, Geb, Hathor and Other Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

The continent of Africa is home to fifty-four countries that together harbor over three thousand cultures, each with their own ways of life and each with their own stories. Some of these stories have their origins in the folk beliefs of people native to their particular region, while others were imported from or influenced by cultures from elsewhere who settled in Africa.

A great number of African folktales have been transmitted orally from person to person down through the ages, but since the nineteenth century, many stories have been written down and transmitted to audiences beyond the boundaries of the cultures that created them. One important—and tragic—conduit for the transmission of these stories beyond African shores was the European slave trade. Captured Africans who were brought to the Americas and the Caribbean fought to keep alive what they could of their home cultures, and this included their folktale traditions.

African folktales come in many different types. Some are myths explaining the origins of things, while others are tales of heroes with supernatural abilities. Animal stories are many and varied, and they usually involve some kind of trickster who uses his wiles to get out of sticky situations and sometimes into them. There are also cautionary tales explaining why it is important to behave well and treat others with respect, while other stories have a style and shape similar to that of a fairy tale.

Some of the topics covered in manuscript 1 of this book include:

  • Animal Tricksterss
  • Hero Tales
  • Cautionary Tales
  • The Influence of Isla
  • And much, much more!

Some of the topics covered in manuscript 2 of this book include:

  • Amen (Amun, Amon, Ammon)
  • Anubis (Anpu, Inpw)
  • Aten (Aton)
  • Atum (Tum, Tem, Atem, Temu)
  • Bastet (Bast, Boubastis, Pasht)
  • The Book of the Dead and Other Funerary Texts
  • The Four Sons of Horus
  • Geb (Seb, Keb, Kebb, Gebb)
  • Hapy (Hapi)
  • Hathor
  • Horus (Hor, Her, Heru, Har)
  • Imhotep (Imouthes)
  • Isis
  • Khnum (Chnum)
  • Khonsu (Khons, Chons)
  • Maat (Ma’at, Ma’et, Mayet)
  • Nefertem (Nefertum)
  • Neith (Neit)
  • Nephthys (Nebt-het)
  • Nun (Noun, Nu)
  • The Ogdoad of Hermopolis
  • Osiris
  • Ptah
  • Ra (Re, Pre)
  • Serapis (Sarapis, Userhapi)
  • Set (Seth, Sutekh)
  • Sobek (Suchos)
  • Thoth
  • And more!

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Putting Points on the Board: Proven Processes and Techniques for Getting Results in the Workplace

by Leon Tates

Do you want to establish an enduring organization and set it up for excellence? Would you like to ensure that your organizational culture becomes a shining example for others to emulate? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, keep reading …..

Every business leader wants to make their organization more profitable, more productive, more competitive, more socially responsible, and a more conducive place to work at. Can we say that all businesses achieve these objectives? No. And the reason for it is that despite harboring the best of intentions, many organizational leaders do not know how to develop organizations that go on to become the envy of the business world. 

The ideal solution to creating great organizations is by establishing the highest standards for how communication is conducted and internal processes handled. Most leaders would agree, but only a few would know exactly how to go about achieving these objectives. This book highlights the proven core techniques and how you can consistently apply them to foster an organization in becoming a model corporate citizen.

Here’s a preview of this wonderful book, and what else you’ll learn:

  • Why is the organizational culture the centerpiece of everything it stands for and how do you breathe life into it

  • Establishing and implementing SMART goals that inspire everyone in coming together to achieve them

  • Execution. Execution. Execution. Coming up with great ideas and putting them into action

  • Gathering all the resources at your disposal and delivering breakthrough results

  • Continually measuring the outcomes of your implemented strategies and making improvements as you go along

….. And much more!

As a free bonus, you’ll get exclusive access to the chapter on leadership. As a manager, the responsibility to materialize organizational excellence rests on your shoulders. This chapter will help you make the most out of your role.

The author has been in your shoes and understands your specific concerns from an insider’s perspective. For this reason, he has written this book as concisely and simply as possible for you to follow. 

You are not expected to be an expert in the field. What you foremost need is a passion toward organizational leadership. 

So, if you want to develop an organization that is second to none and avoid any pitfalls along the way, scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button and let’s get started!


Break Free: of Negative Beliefs and the Weight that Clings to Them

by Suzi Conklin Nance

While the author focuses on letting go of excess weight, losing the weight you want to. This book is really a manual that uses the power of Hypnosis that leads you in discovering and releasing the long-held, false, and outdated core beliefs creating roadblocks That have prevented you from living the truly want, in a body that looks and feels the way you want! It's about our conscious and subconscious minds and the rub between the two.

It’s about understanding the immense power of our subconscious mind and why we so often find it opposing our conscious choices. It’s a blueprint, with a little…(ok a lot) of hypnosis/self hypnosis—self-hypnosis to help you access and harness that amazing power and start living a life you love in the body you want and deserve!


The Romanovs: A Captivating Guide to the Last Imperial Dynasty to Rule Russia

by Captivating History

If you want to discover the captivating history of the Romanovs, then keep reading...

Free History BONUS Inside!

An undoubtedly interesting, exciting, and dramatic chapter of Russian history was ruled over by the Romanov dynasty. This powerful ruling family came to power shortly after the frightening rule of a legendary figure in Russian history: Ivan the Terrible. After murdering his own son and unborn grandson, Ivan died without an heir, resulting in the formation of a new dynasty. This was the Romanov family.

The Romanovs included some of the most famous names in all of history, from Peter the Great, who expanded its borders, to the mighty Empress Catherine the Great, a powerful female ruler in a time of rife male supremacy and who is still a symbol of feminine power to this day. The Romanovs ruled from the end of the Middle Ages to the dawn of a modern era that forcefully rejected the last Romanovs from a nation that no longer tolerated a monarchy. And every last one of these mighty monarchs had quirks and idiosyncrasies, likes and dislikes, pasts that were often troubled, and complicated family lives.

Every one of them was a person, complex, intricate, flawed, and fascinating. Their stories range from the beautiful to the tragic to the bizarre. And in this book, they all are laid out for you to enjoy.

In The Romanovs: A Captivating Guide to the Last Imperial Dynasty to Rule Russia and the Impact the Romanov Family Had on Russian History, you will discover topics such as


  • Russia Before the Romanovs
  • The First Romanovs
  • A Twisted Tutor
  • The Sons of Alexei
  • Peter the Great
  • The First Empress
  • Young Emperors and Empresses
  • Catherine the Great
  • The Mad Tsar
  • Censorship and Emancipation
  • A Bloody End to a Ruling Dynasty
  • And much, much more!

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Stalingrad: A Captivating Guide to the Battle of Stalingrad and Its Impact on World War II

by Captivating History

If you want to discover the captivating history of Stalingrad, then keep reading...

Free History BONUS Inside!

The Battle of Stalingrad is rightfully known as the “turning point” of the Second World War. Before the battle, which took place from August 1942 until the beginning of February 1943, the Germans were victorious everywhere, despite some localized setbacks (for example, at Moscow in 1941). After Stalingrad, the Germans were constantly pushed back, with some notable examples being Kursk in the summer of 1943 and the Bulge in 1944.

During WWII, the Soviet Union suffered somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty million dead. For those of you reading in the United States and the United Kingdom, the death toll for those nations in the war was around 415,000 and 483,000, respectively. In the approximate six months of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Germans, their Hungarian, Romanian, and Italian allies, and the Soviets lost an estimated one million men.

In Stalingrad: A Captivating Guide to the Battle of Stalingrad and Its Impact on World War II, you will discover topics such as


  • Before the Battle
  • Fall Blau (“Case Blue”)
  • The Slaughter Begins
  • Soldiers and Generals
  • Schlacht an der Wolga
  • And much, much more!

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Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow: Discover the Power to Live the Life You Love

by Laine Lawson Craft

Want to know how to live your dreams? Discover how to reconnect, realign, and reactivate with the ultimate power source. 


disappointed, lifeless? What if one second, one minute, or one hour could give
you the power you needed to win at life every day, no matter what you were facing?


How is that
possible? Enjoy Today, Own Tomorrow will show you how to start winning
in life by spending literally seconds each day discovering God’s power. As you
extend the process, you’ll find the joy and hope you need for today. As you
reconnect, realign, and reactivate you’ll discover the power to walk confidently
into tomorrow and to live your dreams!


The 30-Minute Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook Solution

by Connor Thompson

Improve Your IBS, Bloating and Constipation in Just 30 Minutes Now!

Do you suffer from bloating or constipation?

Is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) a constant problem that simply will not go away?

You can change that and be healthier with just a small change in diet!

If you’ve ever suffered from constipation, IBS or bloating then you’ll know exactly why it can have such an adverse effect on your day to day life. These chronic symptoms can be debilitating and difficult to ease, but by adopting the proper diet the solution can be found.

In this book, The 30-Minute Low-FODMAP Diet Solution: Quick and Delicious Recipes for IBS, Bloating, Constipation and Gut Healthyou will discover how to ease your symptoms quickly and effectively, with chapters that offer advice on:

  • The role of your gut and how food affects it
  • What the low-FODMAP diet is and how it helps your digestive system
  • The stages of the diet and what to eat and avoid while following it
  • Tips for success
  • The food to stock up on
  • Dozens of low-FODMAP recipes
  • A 14-day meal plan with grocery lists
  • And lots more…

Having a healthy gut is important for so many of the functions that our bodies rely on. And when you prepare a delicious Pan-Seared Chicken or tuck into a healthy Vegetable Pad-Thai, you’ll start to develop a healthy gut and reduced gas that will benefit you for years to come.

In just 30 minutes to prepare, you’ll be enjoying life to the full once more!



Bookkeeping: A Guide to Bookkeeping for Beginners and Basic Accounting Principles

by Robert McCarthy

If you are in the process of starting your own business, then keep reading…

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Bookkeeping: An Essential Guide to Bookkeeping for Beginners along with Basic Accounting Principles
  • LLC: What You Need to Know About Starting a Limited Liability Company along with Tips for Dealing with Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Taxes as a Small Business

Although keeping a record of your income and expenses may seem straightforward, bookkeeping today involves many complexities.

Today, we often see small business owners handling their own finances, but most owners of large companies hand over their accounts to professionals.

In this book, you will discover all you need to master the art of bookkeeping.

This comprehensive guide will explain bookkeeping simply and efficiently.

What to expect in part 1 of this book:

  • Discover the basics of bookkeeping.
  • Discover critical tips and tricks on how to select a bookkeeping system.
  • Powerful strategies on how to set up your books.
  • Simple and easy methods to close your books.
  • 9 amazing tools to streamline your bookkeeping procedures.
  • Proven ways to get started with bookkeeping
  • ...and much more!

One big mistake people make when starting a business is to begin without actual knowledge of how the process works.

This book shows you the steps of forming a Limited Liability Company and helps you discover the essentials of how to operate it successfully.

In three highly insightful sections, we carefully break down the entire process of forming an LLC from scratch and running a fully IRS-compliant Limited Liability Company.

Besides taking you through the easy route of creating an LLC, this book will also show you the most important things you should know about a Limited Liability Company.

Part 2 of this book will take you through:

  • How to set up an LLC
  • The difference between an S-Corp and C-Corp – and, should you have one?
  • How to set up your business to reduce your tax burden
  • Tips on how to name your business
  • How to set up the required Articles of Organization
  • How to create financial statements for your Limited Liability Company
  • How to set up payroll and how to pay yourself as the owner of a Limited Liability Company.

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Egyptian Gods

by Matt Clayton

Explore Egyptian Gods

It is tempting to see ancient Egyptian religion as something relatively static, with a single pantheon whose nature and activities did not change throughout the three-thousand-year span of the Dynastic Period. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Throughout Egyptian history, we see that gods who had once been favored were set aside or had their roles altered in order to make way for gods whose cults became more popular, while political changes, such as the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, ushered in cultural and religious exchanges that both affected native Egyptian religious practices and also had an impact on the religious beliefs of Greece and Rome.

Because the Egyptian pantheon is vast, even if one leaves out the syncretized deities, it is not possible for this volume to present a comprehensive overview of ancient Egyptian religion and myth. Instead, only a select number of deities and concepts are discussed here. Some of these are more well-known deities, while others might not be as familiar to modern readers. However, this book still offers a fascinating glimpse into ancient Egyptian religion and culture and the richness that was life in ancient Egypt.

Within this book, you'll find the following the Egyptian gods and topics covered:

  • Amen (Amun, Amon, Ammon)
  • Anubis (Anpu, Inpw)
  • Aten (Aton)
  • Atum (Tum, Tem, Atem, Temu)
  • Bastet (Bast, Boubastis, Pasht)
  • The Book of the Dead and Other Funerary Texts
  • The Four Sons of Horus
  • Geb (Seb, Keb, Kebb, Gebb)
  • Hapy (Hapi)
  • Hathor
  • Horus (Hor, Her, Heru, Har)
  • Imhotep (Imouthes)
  • Isis
  • Khnum (Chnum)
  • Khonsu (Khons, Chons)
  • Maat (Ma’at, Ma’et, Mayet)
  • Nefertem (Nefertum)
  • Neith (Neit)
  • Nephthys (Nebt-het)
  • Nun (Noun, Nu)
  • The Ogdoad of Hermopolis
  • Osiris
  • Ptah
  • Ra (Re, Pre)
  • Serapis (Sarapis, Userhapi)
  • Set (Seth, Sutekh)
  • Sobek (Suchos)
  • Thoth
  • And more!

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Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners

by Isabel Navarro Torres

Discover How Short Stories Can Help You Learn Spanish (Even if you are a Beginner)

This is an entertaining collection of stories that works like a charm when learning Spanish. A must-have book, each volume of Short Stories in Spanish for Beginners contains 10 stories that every Spanish learner needs to read. Discover the amazing power of using stories to improve your vocabulary, retention and communication skills. On top of all these incredible benefits, you’ll also have fun every time!

Here’s what you will love about this book:

  • You will discover 10 original stories in Spanish, which have been specifically designed for beginners to learn Spanish in easy, fun ways.
  • Each story includes summaries in Spanish and English to help you with the preparation process and to increase understanding.
  • A list of selected vocabulary will guide you to develop your knowledge of the language with every story.
  • Each story is also written in Spanish and English so that, regardless of your level, you can follow the story, checking words or phrases that you don’t understand without needing to leave the book.
  • These stories, with relatable characters, exciting twists, and emotional endings, will capture the attention of all readers, regardless of age, origin, or types of interests.
  • Ideal for beginners, these stories guarantee an entertaining and effective Spanish learning experience for anybody.

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