Non-Fiction New Releases

Non-Fiction New Releases

The Bravehearts Guide: How to Navigate Career and Life Transitions

by Nancy Sherr


"I have fallen in love with mapping worksheets! Let Nancy Sherr empower you on a comprehensive journey of self-discovery with practical guidance, actionable steps, and new ways to look at life’s circumstances—this book does not disappoint. Grab a copy and start stepping forward." —Kami Boley, author of Bree The Tree and The Gator Leaves Nothing Behind

"A beautiful compilation of wisdom and insight—this book defines the road to recreate a new, bright life. Nancy’s expertise, inspiring style, and transparency in sharing her personal stories are incredibly powerful. This is a winner." —Marina G., NYC

Expert motivator, career coach virtuoso, and self-empowerment guru Nancy Sherr, Personal & Professional Transition Expert shows you how to take the opportunity and challenge of change, that is so often unavoidable in your personal and professional landscape, and transform it to new levels while using that same energy to boost your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

In The Bravehearts Guide, Nancy Sherr, having stared down the dragons of Big Life Changes and reinventing herself professionally three times, has helped thousands reshape their mindset, while evolving into their best selves through navigating both personal and work-life transitions. Nancy firmly believes that every one of us can live to our fullest potential and create a life we love.

Focusing on four key concepts—Instincts, Courage, Resilience, and Gratitude—this is her life handbook that provides a blueprint for true empowerment as we navigate the chaos of epic change. Nancy offers advice, thoughtful and inspiring exercises for gaining clarity and achieving goals, and plenty of resources and motivation—all based on her own personal experiences, years of key research, observation, and field testing, sharing the art of staying centered, strong, and victorious through the turbulence of change. Most importantly, she shows you how to locate your greatest sense of purpose that will take you to the highest levels of performance and sustain you to weather life’s inevitable challenges.

The Bravehearts Guide is also Nancy's personal story—a chronicle of endurance that is as impressive as her lengthy list of rave reviews from her coaching clients and readers. Through the sudden loss of her mother at the age of six, she talks candidly about the strict but loving upbringing by her heroic father and how through that, she built the resiliency needed to ultimately transform and build a life and career she loves.

Nancy Sherr has dedicated her life to her two children, her two Hungarian Vizslas, and to living an active and adventurous lifestyle. She has wrapped her exuberant and optimistic spirit around her journey of self discovery which she graciously shares in her book to motivate others to make the most of their own Big Life Changes, and inspires her readers to achieve their ultimate well-being in all aspects of life and career.

The Bravehearts Guide is a prescriptive, candid review of Nancy’s evolution, offering fresh, unexpected career and life lessons, peppered with motivation, warmth and love, presenting them as an easy-to-follow journey map to help readers recognize their full potential and channel their passion into success. In essence, she directs the reader through the fires of change to emerge as a triumphant phoenix!

This gifted coach knows what it takes to thrive, not just survive in the modern day. Part confidante, part mentor, Nancy takes you by the hand and holds nothing back.



Through My Eyes: The USA

by Sandi Gorisek

The USA – the land of the future, the land of prosperity, success, glamor, and bling... But is it really (only) that?

Through this book and my eyes, you will come to feel the pulse of the "promised land". This story is a mash up of my own awkward experiences on the other side of the great puddle, which I describe with a simple goal in mind: to dissolve the prejudices that we have about each other.

Just between us, I can assure you that you will laugh – and cry – your heart out while reading this tour de farce. They say that laughter is the best medicine, so you're actually holding a cure-all in your hands ...


The Intelligent Thinking

by Som Bathla


Get Rid of Thinking Errors, Think Intelligently, Develop Mind to Understand Situations Holistically, Make Better Decisions and Start Getting Things Done Faster!

Do you find yourself trapped in older pre-conditioned thinking patterns and miss out on new opportunities? Do you wonder why despite good intentions you often struggle to solve problems? Do you often delay in decision-making?

How would your life change if you can independently observe and learn the art of thinking clearly? What if you could learn the most effective techniques followed by great thinkers like Leonardo da Vinci, Einstein, and business legends like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett.

Imagine having access to a fully loaded toolbox with sharpest thinking tool you could use to analyze every situation holistically? Imagine your confidence boosting up if you not only are aware non-serving thinking patterns but also master the effective thinking techniques followed by the high performers and getting things done faster.

Som Bathla, an avid reader, researcher and an Amazon best-selling author of multiple books reveals the answers to above and much more in his book THE INTELLIGENT THINKING.

THE INTELLIGENT THINKING is written as a succinct guide revealing most effective thinking strategies (though some might sound counter-intuitive) to address all your curiosity on how to think intelligently

Here is what you will learn in THE INTELLIGENT THINKING

  • How human brain operates and how precisely thinking process works within our mind?
  • How Elon Musk transformed himself from an internet multimillionaire to a space rocket industry leader with this first principle thinking.
  • How your thinking abilities are not dependent on your IQ and what matters most as per Warren Buffett.
  • Different types of thinking people follow (check where do you find yourself)
  • Most common cognitive biases that trip you up for making irrational, illogical decisions and triggered by your emotions.
  • Understand  the power of neuroplasticity that allows you to change the way you think.
  • Beware of your thinking patterns marketers misuse to sell you more of what you never wanted.
  • How thinking about failing in a particular way can help you better prepared for success – know the technique of inversion thinking.
  • First order thinking vs. second order thinking – how thinkers do a deep work in thinking.
  • How integrative thinking can create a whole blue ocean of possibilities.
  • Learn how this type of thinking invented ‘shopping cart’ and how rolling suitcases got invented out of a particular type of thinking.
  • Understand how to think like Leonardo da Vinci by knowing about seven approaches he used to improve his intelligence.
  • And much much more….

Albert Einstein once rightly said:

“The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

THE INTELLIGENT THINKING is for anyone and everyone who is convinced about the limitless potential of human mind and is sincerely looking for the ways to become an intelligent thinker.

Are you ready?

Take Your First Step Toward Intelligent Thinking, Unleash Your Mind’s Full Potential, and Become Your Own Best Version!



Stepping Lightly Through Times of Great Change

by Diane de Simone

This is a very short, fun, interactive book. HEADPHONES are recommended.

Music is in all the right places...

Scientists are now revealing the underlying principles of the universe and of OUR EXISTENCE.

They are now in agreement.

If you feel even a bit of the chaos happening around you, know it's because we are being asked to EVOLVE, to shift, to embrace a far larger view of ourselves and our place in the universe. At our core, we are more powerful and peaceful than we know.
We must go inward and Onward. To a higher consciousness. A new earth.


Content Marketing Made Easy

by John Nemo

SPECIAL BONUS: Includes Free Access to Bonus Training Videos, Scripts, Templates and More!

Discover how to use Blogs, Video, Podcasts, Social Media and other forms of Content Marketing to attract your ideal clients, put your marketing on autopilot and make sales simple and seamless!

Content Marketing Made Easy is a Simple, How To, Step-by-Step, Guide to growing your business online WITHOUT having to resort to cold calls, paid advertising, meetings and everything else you hate about outdated sales and lead generation methods!


• What is Content Marketing and How Does it Work?
• Idea Factory: How To Come Up With Content Your Audience Will Go Bananas For
• How to Set Up (and Automate!) a Sales Funnel Using Content
• Simply Irresistible: How To Create Magnetic Content Your Audience Will Devour
• The Secret Sauce That Makes Content Go Viral
• How To Instantly (and Easily) Create Compelling Content ... Even if you're not creative or hate writing
• The Single Best Content Marketing Tool in Existence Today• Calendars, Automation and Systems - Oh My!
• Proven Content Marketing Strategies that help you build powerful Online Marketing and Digital Marketing Systems
• Includes online access to free bonus training videos, copy-and-paste scripts, templates and much more!


“You know me. I don’t recommend people lightly. John Nemo is worth your time. Jump on this!” - Chris Brogan, New York Times Bestselling Author & Speaker

“I highly encourage you to check out John Nemo. I know it will make a difference for you just like it has for me!” - Tom Ziglar, CEO, Ziglar, Inc.

“John Nemo invests himself in dramatically improving all aspects of your marketing where he feels he can add value. I’m very honored to recommend him.” - Bob Burg, International Bestselling Author of “The Go Giver” & Keynote Speaker


JOHN NEMO is an Online Course Creator and Bestselling Author who helps Business Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners generate quality leads, build their client base and increase revenue using digital marketing platforms, tools and strategies like Content Marketing, LinkedIn and Webinars.

John regularly guest blogs for Inc. Magazine and American City Business Journals, and his work has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Business Insider, Social Media Examiner, the Entrepreneur on Fire Podcast, on LinkedIn's official marketing blog and many other outlets online.

The author of 8 books, John is a former Associated Press Reporter, Talk Radio Producer, Award-Winning PR Director and Social Media Consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


You Self-Published, Now What? How to Promote Your Book

by Mateja Klaric

This comprehensive guide will introduce you to the world of book marketing and promotion. The main focus is on affordable and cost-efficient options for writers who self-publish on a low budget. It’s written as an easy to follow 101 manual and can be used as a blueprint for recommended activities. You will get tips and real-life examples, step-by-step instructions, evaluation of costs and revenue, the list of best apps and tools, and more. There are no affiliate links since the book is based on objective and sincere satisfaction with recommended tools, apps, and services.


There and Back There Again

by Andrew Alsup


Welcome to my book, There and Back There Again by Andy Alsup ~ Village Savant.

My story has a few themes:
- technology

- music

- culture

- Seattle

- religion

- Aspergers

- schizophrenia

- psychic musings

I write a lot about my daily experience. It primarily revolves around my ongoing conversation with a variety of voices I hear in my head. I call this experience a couple of things. It is psychic. It is a network of identities. It is public. It is hilarious.

This is an introduction to give you an idea what I’m talking about with the conflict oriented stuff I write, and what I call chipmunk.

I hear voices. They are best described as auditory hallucinations. Sometimes they’re identifiable. Sometimes they’re words in my thoughts that don’t have sound, they don’t belong there, and they’re clearly someone else’s words.

I have called them a psychic phenomenon. I believe these are real people. They sometimes identify themselves. Sometimes I can hear who they are. Almost always they lie about their identity. They are always consistently wrong about people I know. They attempt to be identified as these people for a variety of reasons, but mostly to try to establish credibility because they have none and to attempt to manipulate.

I always tell the voices I will not accept them trying to do that.

I call the voices chipmunk because they sound squeaky, clown car because it’s one after another, and douchebag because they’re intrusive and self satisfied losers.

The reality is that the attempts to manipulate are trying to control me or lure me into doing something for reasons they are never honest about.

The voices are abusive, hostile, immature, and nonstop nonsense. They are factually wrong about everything. They lie about their motives, their information, their coordination with each other, and people that I know are not how the voices describe them.

The voices constantly attempt to indicate they are interfering in my life or are people I would want to have input from. They do this for a variety of reasons but it comes down to stupidity and probably people just wasting their time who have nothing better to do.

Sometimes they describe this as entertainment. They say they watch me either through their computer, or that they experience the same phenomenon I do in their head, and they see me remotely. I don’t know what that is like. I do sometimes see people doing things, and I can sometimes hear their thoughts.

I have the ability to give them words I make them say. I can also give them thoughts, or make them do things.

I sometimes smell or feel things that are also psychic.

The voices are real people behaving badly.


a learned person, especially a distinguished scientist.
synonyms: intellectual, scholar, sage, philosopher, thinker, wise/learned person
People have asked me about the choice of the word savant for my Facebook page.

I'll put it this way. Genius doesn't cover it. I'm beyond that.

Savant indicates epic level wisdom in an area that also accompanies a deficit.
My savant is people.

I can see your soul at a glance. I can write and speak words on every day topics that make you stand with applause. I can talk you under the table with logic. I can explain the universe in a few words. I can make science deliciously funny, 12 hours in the brisket lab with a pbr. I have done it all with technology, and I can take you into the future. I am fluent in music and film that people resonate with, but can't remember why. I think things that happen because I think them. I can change your words in your mouth. I know what to tell you to freak you out or calm you. I can describe you to yourself in ways you know but never knew.

I'll need your help to meet a girl.

~ Andy ~ Village Savant ~ The Smartest Guy On the Planet


Think, Trade, and Grow Rich!: A Powerful Beginner's Guide to Building Passive Income

by Benjamin Kahriman

Piggy-cide: The deliberate and unlawful killing of a ceramic piggybank; onset by financial hardship and multi-hour commutes to an unfulfilling and underpaying job.

Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! A Powerful Beginner’s Guide to Building Passive Income Through Momentum Swing Trading and Stock Market Investing is your (and your piggy bank’s) ticket to financial freedom. Within these pages, you will find a true beginner’s guide to the author’s time-tested and results-driven trading and investing method. As you progress through the trading system, you will generate income capable of covering your living expenses and have passive income to live the life you always imagined. This is your opportunity to break away from the shackles of a nine to five, to no longer be subject to your boss’s moods and whims. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is your invitation to embark upon a path of limitless financial opportunities.

No prior experience or knowledge about the stock market, investing, or trading is needed. Kahriman guides you through the trading process, step-by-step, in simple, understandable language. Years of research, data analysis, and trading experience are distilled to an easy-to-follow trading method that dramatically increases profits and minimizes risk. Kahriman teaches the fundamentals of Japanese candlesticks, technical analysis, momentum swing trading and investing.

Think, Trade, & Grow Rich! will:


Teach You to Make Money Trading and Investing in Stocks for Maximum Profit and With Minimum Risk

• Use a Free Stock Scanner to Find Stocks Positioned to Soar
• Use Kahriman’s step-by-step checklist to find and evaluate stocks
• Use candlesticks, technical analysis, and complementary tools to plan your trades
• Use charts and visuals listed in the book to replicate successful trades and avoid pitfalls

Teach You the Building Blocks to a Proven Trading System in Simple Language

• Combine a variety of powerful factors to generate a single data point that will help you rank stocks and guide you to profitable trades
• Read, analyze, and utilize performance data and factors that significantly increase your odds of outperforming the stock market
• Case-studies and performance data for powerful candlestick trading patterns

Teach You to Trade Cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin) and Stocks Affiliated with Bitcoin

• Apply Kahriman’s momentum trading method to profit off cryptocurrency

Custom Tailor the Trading System to Your Financial Needs and Goals

• If you need quick cash or wish to grow your net worth gradually, you will be able to identify and execute trades designed to fulfill your financial goals

After years of research, mentorship, data collection, analysis, and countless hours practicing trading and investing with stock market simulators, Kahriman created a trading system designed to minimize risk and maximize profit. Kahriman opened his first brokerage account with just $500. After one quarter, that account grew well over 1,500%. With the goal of helping us all realize our own “American Dream,” Kahriman embarked upon telling his story and teaching others to invest and trade in the stock market.

In Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! Kahriman outlines and shares his powerful trading and investing formula forged from years of research and trading experience. Kahriman explains how you too can realize your dreams and reap the bountiful financial opportunities present in the stock market. Best of all, Kahriman demystifies the technical, hard to understand, and complicated aspects of trading and investing. Think, Trade, and Grow Rich! is concise, practical, and written for everyone, in effect, a true and complete beginners guide to not only trading but a better life.

Scroll up, hit the buy now button, and embark upon a path to financial freedom. A path to the life you always imagined.



Where Can I Find Wifi? Work Anywhere, Travel Forever: Tales Of A Digital Nomad

by Kayla Kurin

Do you want to join the digital nomad community and live a location independent life by working remotely?

Do you want to travel the world indefinitely, setting up your office in cafes with views of crystal clear seas in Greece, guesthouses with mountain views in the Rockies, next to a mouthwatering bowl of fresh Gnocchi in Italy, or anywhere you can get the bloody wifi connection to work? 

You might have seen expensive courses or trendy Instagram accounts giving advice how to work remotely and travel forever. These might have been filled with images of computers on beaches, touting how easy it is to work less and roll around in your hoards of sweet, sweet cash. But, when you read this book, you’ll realize keeping sand out of your keyboard when you go to the beach is really hard.

In this book, you’ll learn how Kayla has travelled around the world for over five years from the Ashrams of India to the ruins of Greece, teaching herself the skills she needed to start a successful online career. 

You’ll also learn:

  • How Kayla saved enough to take a one-year backpacking trip when she was making less than 40k a year.
  • How the author grows, rather than depletes, her savings account while she travels the world. 
  • How you can volunteer or work abroad.
  • How the author went from being broke in London to starting two successful businesses and how you can apply your skills and experience to a digital nomad career.
  • The options for going remote including freelancing, starting your own business, teaching online, and more. 
  • How the author, a self-described terrible decision maker, chooses where to live & what to pack.
  • How to answer questions like, ‘when are you going to get a real job?’
  • How to make lifelong friends on the road.

This book isn't filled with empty promises of how easy it’s going to be to work 5 hours a week and become a millionaire while you yacht around the world. It’s a realistic account of a girl who works like 20-ish hours a week... more or less... depending on how many weird festivals are on. 

If you're serious about starting a sustainable digital nomad lifestyle, this is the book for you. 



Think Faster, Learn Quicker, Get Smarter: A Practical Guide to Train Your Mind

by Raza Imam


Despite today's technology obsessed world, you most likely feel more stressed, less focused, and way more forgetful.

Your productivity is shot, and you find it hard to think quickly and retain information.

You struggle to make up by using MORE technology... more apps... more devices in a desperate attempt to gain more control of your life.

But it's NOT working.

Not only are we more stressed, we find it harder and harder to focus, think quickly, and retain information.

And it's taking a toll on us. 

The good news is that the solution is much less complicated than you think.

How much easier would your life be if you could think quicker and learn faster? How much faster could you achieve your goals if you could easily retain the information that you read? How much more productive would you be if you could harness your mind to process ideas more quickly and make better decisions.

In this concise, practical guide, I show you exactly how you can with 15 simple exercises that take no more than 15 minutes per day to complete.

Here's a taste of what you'll discover in this book:

  • A simple to think faster and learn quicker -- today
  • Why you should be making MORE mistakes (yes, more)
  • The hidden connection between empathy and learning from OTHER's mistakes
  • How the ancient the ancient practice of controlled breathing makes you think faster
  • Why lifting weights and sprinting sharpen your brain
  • How to use visualization to make better decisions
  • The little-known skill to quick thinking that nearly all top salesmen have
  • The secret computer programmers use to think so fast
  • How to activate more parts of your brain
  • The secret Einstein and Salvadore Dali knew about naps (need I say more?)
  • Why being overstuffed makes you stupid
  • The importance of talking to yourself 
  • Taking aggressive, persistent action (it’s the only thing that matters)

It's time to take your power back and harness the power within you.

If you're ready to make a change in your life, you've come to the right place!

Scroll up and get a copy of this book now.



Excuse Me, Do I Know You: Learn The Simple Step-By-Steps of No Contact Rule And Get Your Ex Back

by Tomi Liams

It’s a regular day, but for some reason, you can see this coming. Your girlfriend has sent you a text message that reads “we need to talk” and you are almost expecting this to be another request for you to change certain things about the relationship, but it turns out she wants to break up.

Before I go on, trust me when I say that I know what you are going through right now. The pain you are experiencing feels worse than any physical pain you could ever imagine. I’m sure this happened recently and you are looking to find a way to get your girlfriend back. You are consumed with questions regarding what she is doing. You wonder who she’s hanging out with and you are desperate to contact her and let her know you want to get back together.
STOP right there! Let me start this by saying that you are NEVER going to get your girl back if you contact her now. If you do this now, your chances of having her back in your life are slim to none, and your chances of her wanting a romantic relationship again are zero. Yes, a big fat zero. I’m not saying this to make you feel even more depressed and desperate. I’m saying this because I have the answer to your problems.

I was there in that exact same position you are. I was wet behind the ears when it comes to the art of getting someone to want me again. I tried the flowers. I tried the crying for her to feel bad for me. I tried the social media stalking. It all backfired on me big time. Every single time I wanted a girl back after she had broken up with me, I was only successful at pushing her further away.

Women have brains that work entirely different from what we think. When they love you, they can’t get enough of you all day long, but when they make up their mind about leaving you, they want you gone for real. Lucky for you, this is exactly what you are going to use to get her back. It sounds crazy, but the no contact rule is a scientific fact. The problem is that most guys have no idea how to do this and they fall into temptation.

This will be your guide on this incredible journey to becoming the ultimate desirable guy. You will get your girlfriend to call you by the time you are done with this book and I guarantee it will be out of the need to hear from you. You will make her feel more attracted to you than she ever did even before she decided to leave you.

It’s going to be a very difficult road at first, but nothing good ever came out of easy challenges. I promise you that by the time you finish reading the book, you will be a completely new man and you will be the one deciding if you want to get back together with your EX!

So why wait? Get your copy now!

DISCLAIMER: This eBook is not for women trying to get their ex-boyfriends back. Strictly FOR MEN ONLY.


Emotional Hacking - Unleashing the Hidden Powers of Emotional Intelligence

by Eric Davenport


Can you become a master of your emotions? Is it possible to become truly successful in professional and personal life just by knowing how to manage your Emotional Intellect?

The answer is – YES. The key to success lies within you. Getting fluent in the language of emotions is guaranteed to improve your life – be it at the workplace, in relationships, with your kids or even with regards to your health.

In this book, I will not attempt to read a lecture on Emotional Intelligence. There are enough books out there that can do this. Instead, I will teach you the basics of controlling and “hacking” your emotions – so that you could get more from your life.

Here’s an outline of what you will find in ’Emotional Hacking’:

  • I will explain in simple terms what Emotional Intelligence is really all about
  • We will use an E.Q. test to define current level of your Emotional Intellect
  • With the help of practical exercises, step by step, we will go through the typical challenges in various parts of human life and understand how to solve them with the help of Emotional Intelligence
  • We will discuss professional life and talk about the road to success, what you can do to become a stronger leader and move up the ladder quickly
  • We will talk about relationships and see what is that secret ingredient that is blocking the road to human happiness
  • We will take a look at the parenting side of life. How can you become a better mother/father with the help of Emotional Intelligence?
  • Finally, we will also talk about health. Do you know that your health strongly depends on how you manage your emotions? We will learn how to improve it.

My final goal is to give you tools to succeed in your life. Therefore, I would like to leave you with a set of easy to do self-improvement exercises and a specially designed Emotional Intelligence improvement cheat-sheet which you can use to check your progress.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of “Emotional Hacking” today and learn how you can improve your life in so many ways!



SECRET LIFE OF A JUROR: Voir Dire: The Domestic Violence Query (A Juror's Perspective Book 4)

by Paul Sanders

On January 23, 2014, the author reported for jury duty without taking notice to the media vehicles lined in front of the courthouse. He checked in unaware that 1200 others were also being counted as potential jurors. He did not know when he walked into the courtroom that the case of premeditated murder would change his life. It would seem that the most important question of the day, as asked to every potential juror, was whether he could, if the circumstances were correct and the law dictated as such, apply the death penalty to the defendant?

The most critical question, however, came during the written questioning process of voir dire, a tool for the court to determine whether a potential juror would be a final decision maker. The question was simple: had he ever experienced domestic violence as an adult or juvenile?

The answer would force the juror to face a past painted with child abuse and a future framed by shame. He had to confront the demons that would eventually impact his decision of whether the defendant should live or die.

Award winning author and former death penalty juror, Paul Sanders, does it again in his juror’s perspective series that began with the best-seller, ‘Brain Damage: A Juror’s Tale’, continued with ‘Why Not Kill Her: A Juror’s Perspective’ and riveted readers with ‘Banquet of Consequences: A Juror’s Plight’. ‘Secret Life of a Juror: Voir Dire’ is not as much about an infamous killer but about the sacrifices and truths a juror must confront before deciding the fate of another.

Amazon reviews of prior works:

“A treat to be inside the jury room…!”

“If the sign of a great writer is seen when you can’t put the story down…then Paul Sanders is a great writer!”

“Brain Damage is one of the best books ever written…kept me engaged!”


Stoicism: A Detailed Guide to Stoic Wisdom and Philosophy (The Art of Happiness Book 1)

by Scott Vincent

Increased Happiness and Decreased Stress with the Stoic Philosophy

Imagine leading a life that is better, stress-free, and virtuous. Do you think this isn’t achievable? Well, think again. Or perhaps you think your life is OK as it is. Then answer the following questions:

  • Do you sometimes feel as if your work pressure is too much?

  • Do you want to build a successful business?

  • Do you want to be financially successful?

  • Do you want to try alternative parenting advice?

  • Do you want to lead a more virtuous life?

    If your answer is ‘yes’ to some of these questions, then this ebook is for you!

    While Stoicism is an ancient philosophy, it has tons of practical applications for our modern day lives. As you read through this detailed guidebook, you will learn:

  • How not to be a slave to money

  • How to stick to a financial plan

  • How to fight your ego

  • How to focus only on things within your control

  • How to focus on the present

  • How to reduce procrastinating at work and home

  • How to value peace of mind

  • How to prepare for business success and failure

  • How to invest in yourself

  • BONUS: How to manage your anger

  • BONUS: How to bring up your kids and deal with spoilt brats

He's Gone Now What?: How to Get Over a Breakup and Prepare to Love Again

by Gregg Michaelsen


I Can Help You Stop Feeling Like Crap! Get a Plan to Recover from Your Breakup from a Life Coach!

This book is written for women only. You gals have specific stuff happening inside you and the last thing you need is a "one size fits all" coed read.
You feel like total crap, I get it, and you need some motivation to get you out of bed. I can supply that in spades.

  • Understand what is happening inside you
  • Process these feelings
  • Grieve but with a time limit
  • Follow my unorthodox plan
  • Come out the other side a new woman, ready to kick some male butt!

You have, in the clutches of your nicely manicured hands, the keys to recovering from this devastating breakup and then returning with a vengeance!

Your friends and family are telling you to get back on the horse – not to be afraid – to forget that jerk and meet someone new. I agree with all of that, but I don’t agree with the timing. Heck, you may still be in shock - the last thing you can think about is another guy.

Before you can get back out there, you need to process the breakup. There are many things going on in your mind and body that you need to address. These effects are hampering your progress.

Inside you will Get my 14 Survival Tactics

Hi I'm Gregg. I have sold a quarter million books. I am a dating coach AND a life coach. This is a great advantage for you. The life coach will get you motivated and the dating coach will prepare you for love again. You are in good hands. I’m the guy who actually talks to his lady readers through his books and doesn’t just sell you a copy and wish you the best! My email resides inside the book. I am surrounded by (and coach) women psychologists and psychiatrists that help me understand you too.

As a bonus, you get my best selling eBook, Own Your Tomorrow 14 Steps to Prepare for Love. I know you are not ready to love again yet, but trust me, you will be after this read!

This Breakup Recovery Book is split into three phases:

  • Phase 1 explains to you everything that’s going on in your mind and body and gives you the strategies to counter these things.
  • Phase 2 takes you through the process of healing from the breakup. You’ll find strategies for proceeding through your pain into a healthier, more independent and ready for a relationship you.
  • Phase 3, you are going to move forward. We’re going to examine a few topics of importance like where happiness comes from, setting boundaries and how to know when you’re really in love, just to name a few.

This is your time, while you are single, to pull yourself back together into a stronger, confident woman who chooses great men! Gone are the days of being grateful to be chosen by a man who turns out to be a loser.

Rest assured, I plan to take it slow, but I am your coach and I am going to push you, just a bit at times, to help you recover and become the best version of you possible!

Scroll to the top of the page and select the 'Buy Now’ button NOW.

About the Author:

Gregg Michaelsen is a #1 best-selling author of more than 20 dating advice for women books and life-coaching books. He coaches men and women on how to become more confident in both their ‘regular’ lives and their dating lives.

Gregg has a unique connection to the more than 250,000 readers who have purchased his books. Readers quickly discover him to be not only responsive to their questions but eager to help. He has devoted his life to understanding men and women and what comprises a successful relationship so he can guide his readers to the holy grail of relationships - the 80-year old couple sitting on a park bench, still holding hands, still in love after 50 years!







The Passive Income Playbook

by Raza Imam


Discover the most powerful way to make passive income - start making $500 to $2500 in just 30 days.


Then use it to make money for the rest of your life.


Are you looking for a a provenstep-by-step system that allows you to make passive income streams on autopilot - with very little experience?

Are you ready to start making passive income, but don't know where to begin?

Well, just imagine what it would be like if you easily saw money rolling into your bank account.

Because once you master this process, you'll be able to work from anywhere in the world.

You'll be able to quit your job for good.

And you'll be able to build passive income business profits over the long-term.

In this short but powerful book, I reveal my story of building a passive income business.

How I went from making 0 to almost $2000 per month - in a month.

And I've been making more and more money ever since.

You'll discover how I did it, step-by-step.

I'll show you how to get the same results as me.

Even if you have a full-time job.

In this book, you will learn:

It's time to stop gambling with your hard-earned money.

  • Exactly how you can earn passive income streams - in the next 30 days

  • The most overrated ways to build a passive income business - and why I don't recommend them

  • The FASTEST way to get started - even if you have no experience

  • Insider tricks people like you are using to earn thousands and thousands of dollars per month in passive income

  • Over 20 passive income ideas that you can use to get started - today

  • How to make money from your personal story and experiences (even if you don't think you're an expert)

  • How to make consistent, long-term profit so you can quit your job and live the life of your dreams

  • And much, much more

Join the thousands of smart professionals that are leveraging their expertise to make consistent passive income and make money from home.  

I'm an Amazon best-selling author will show you exactly how I broke through fear, frustration, and self-doubt to make a consistent, passive income over the past 2 years (over $25,000).

I reveals the secrets I used to profitably grow my income and watch the money and sales roll into my bank account - like clockwork. 

This strategy is powerful, and yet so simple to use.

Even if you are a complete beginner, this strategy will have you earning passive income streams in no time.

And if you ever get stuck, you can always reach out to me. 

So get started today.


Destination Enlightenment with In-Depth Coverage

by Dan Harp

Destination Enlightenment with In-Depth Coverage goes well beyond where similar books venture, including Synchronicity, Kundalini, Shakti, Enlightenment, Meditation, Third-eye, Chakras, Awakenings, Persistence, Spiritual, Prana, Pranayama and much more, with plenty of real world explanations and how-to guidance to avoid the potential pitfalls.

This book is based on yogic traditions, Hinduism wisdom, Buddhism wisdom and firsthand knowledge. Aside from leaving behind the false created-self, the ego, re-discovering a vibrant expression of selfless-existence connected to the indestructible eternal essence of our lives, there is an emphasis on preparing for the challenges of an enlightenment that “persists” with the essential skills.

Some awakenings are gradual with signs, others are dramatic and spontaneous, but many forms of awakenings are achievable by anybody, harnessing a wide range of techniques and traditions, ultimately ascending to enlightenment.

For example, a synchronicity awakening will greatly heighten intuition. More than that, your autopilot with guide you to your hearts desires in ways that are absolutely mind boggling…

This state is often achieved when you raise your kundalini and activate your sacral chakra, your passion and pleasure center.

It has a lot to do with coincidences, attraction, arousal and what really turns you on. This can be anything from looks, appearance, humor, personality, fragrance, and vibes. However, in a duality sense, it’s really more so about vibes, energy, and synchronicity, along with pursuit of desires in general.

Before my awakening, I thought all that was really new in the way of sex and 21st century was internet dating, smartphones, more open communication with texting, and arranged hookups.

Now, to meet that special someone, I wouldn’t trade synchronicity for all of the best and most advanced technologies on the market, although I’m sure synchronicity would work through these technologies too.

Once your kundalini is active, there is no rush to raise it to other chakras; take your time to explore each awakening and gain some experience before moving on.

Enlightenment is only persistent for the very few who are prepared for it. Those who are unprepared often need to ride the waves and may find they need to get back to basics, which is a lot easier with the right guide, learning from the start how to set your sights on persistence.

Even those already in the know will greatly increase their understanding for an approach that works; however, this book is also well suited for those who just want to learn what’s involved, how to proceed and what to expect.

In any case, it’s always good to learn as much as you can, beyond the basics, to help ensure smooth sailings, make sure you do it right, and to help make sure it all “persists”, which is perhaps the biggest challenge of all. Expect to gain so much clarity after reading this book, along with a helpful reference you can revisit anytime.

Gaining an in-depth understanding is a great place to start, but just knowing what to expect is huge. Adopting the best methods and traditions that actually work is a real confidence builder too. It’s good to have a guide that actually helps and clears up a lot of the misconceptions floating around.

Get this book today and enjoy the journey!


The Two Marshals: Bazaine & Petain

by Philip Guedalla


“This book is more than the story of two French soldiers, although that story is worth telling by reason of the strange inversion of their two careers. For one of them surrendered Metz in 1870 and was sentenced to death, while the other surrendered France in 1940 and was sentenced to become its ruler. The first Marshal was made a scapegoat by his defeated country; and when the second Marshal came to power, the scapegoat was France.”

François Bazaine and Henri Petain are two of France’s most famous generals.

Bazaine joined the Foreign Legion in 1832, a time when standards were reasonably poor. Their expeditions often took them miles away from home, so requests to travel to lands afar from King Louis Phillipe were expected. From the beginning of his career, Bazaine’s dedication, and hard work were noted. His position of Mariscal had not been an easy achievement, he’d risen through the ranks, only for his country to betray him.

Surrendering at Metz, Mariscal Bazaine became a scapegoat when France was defeated in the Franco-Prussian War.

Bazaine was held captive for a while, and on his return, he realised he’d been put forth as a scapegoat.

Immediately, he launched into clearing his name, but was then given a life-sentence, much to the repulsion of Mac-Mahon, who’d served with Bazaine in the Foreign Legion.

Marshal Petain’s life was elusive, only for the sake of preserving his objectivity.

Marshal Petain was raised and educated in his hometown. Hardened by regimental life, Petain joined the 3rd Chasseurs as lieutenant in 1884, a time when Paris was going through its rousing years.

In 1916, Petain’s heroic capabilities were put to the test, and he succeeded. Verdun was under attack from the Germans and Verdun’s defence was placed at the hands of Petain.

It seemed the Germans intended the attack to draw innumerable French forces to the protection of Verdun, thereby weakening its army.

But this was not Petain’s view.

He saw beyond what others were seeing. His reputation was sealed through his success at Verdun.

Through a twist of fate, Petain was sentenced to death for treason on his return to France from Germany; a fate he was pardoned from due to his service.


The Science of Mental Toughness

by Raza Imam


TIRED OF FEELING STUCK? Use These 15 Scientifically Proven Secrets to Build Mental Toughness and Unleash Your Inner Champion...

Discover the 15 daily habits to build mental toughness, unleash the mindset of a champion, and achieve peak performance.

I've always been interested in peak performance.

World-class athletes. 

Elite military soldiers. 

Rockstar salespeople. 

Business moguls.

They all have a "secret" to thrive in difficult situations. To rise above chaos and succeed. To defy the odds and achieve incredible results. 

So I went on a long journey to study what made them tick.

How were they able to achieve such amazing success? 

What mindset, traits, and behaviors did they have that made them the high-performers that they were? 

How were they able to consistently maintain high performance?

In one word, it's mental toughness.

It's self-confidence, belief, visualization, and the ability to control their emotions and take action.

But it boils down to mental toughness.

So I became obsessed with learning about mental toughness.

I read books, and articles, and watched videos to discover how to build mental toughness.

During my research, I identified 15 key habits to help build mental toughness.

This is my step-by-step manual I created for regular people that want to build mental toughness, build a champion mindset, and unleash their potential.

I share simple, scientific secrets, tips, and habits that regular people can use to achieve mental toughness - in as little as 15 minutes a day.

Here's What You'll Discover

  • How a little-known breathing “trick” can instantly build mental toughness (use this when you’re scared, nervous, or anxious to think clearly, make decisions quickly, and ACT decisively)
  • Why visualization doesn’t work, and the ACTUAL way to visualize so that you see almost instant results (I reveal the difference between “passive” visualization and “active” visualization)
  • How top-performers like Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Tom Brady talk to themselves so that they perform under pressure (it has to do with raising their internal standards so that they ACT like champions)
  • How to push past discomfort and fear by having a clear, definite purpose (a clear purpose activates a part of your subconscious mind so that you have unshakable resilience)
  • How the secret of having “micro-goals” helps you build mental toughness by constant progress (this is how elite military professionals are able to get out of disastrous situations)
  • How to use the power of cold water to build mental toughness (it’s tough, but will unleash a sense of power and confidence you never thought you had)
  • The scientific link between body language and confidence, self-esteem, mental toughness, and peak performance (once you discover this, you’ll never want to slouch again!)
  • How to build mental toughness by cutting out pornography and harnessing your sexual energy
  • How to train your subconscious mind to attract good things - by freely giving them away
  • And so much more…

Imagine the sense of mental toughness, power, and dominance you’ll have after using these simple habits.

I wrote this book to be action-oriented. It’s short and sweet with no fluff.

Buy now and start using the secrets to build mental toughness and reach new levels of success.



The Epic of Dunkirk

by E Keble Chatterton

On 27th May 1940, with the Battle of France all but lost, one of the greatest undertakings of the Second World War began: the evacuation of Dunkirk.

Nine days later, the hastily assembled armada of over eight hundred vessels had rescued nearly 340,000 Allied soldiers from across the Channel and brought them back to England.

A prominent memory in the U.K., sometimes the contribution of the French, Dutch and Belgians alongside the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and other ship owners is overlooked, as are the pocket defences that distracted attention from Dunkirk, at Calais, Lille and Amiens.

In ‘The Epic of Dunkirk’ Chatterton does not merely tell one story but many, drawn from these different viewpoints: only when woven together can the memory we know be produced.

A keen sailor and former serviceman, Chatterton’s account of the “Miracle of Dunkirk” is a rare narrative history, not only easily accessible but offering a detailed, informed insight.

Edward Keble Chatterton (1878-1944) was a sailor and prolific writer from Sheffield. His voyages across the English Channel, to the Netherlands, around the Mediterranean and through the French canals led to many articles and books. Joining the R.N.V.R. at the outbreak of WWI he commanded a motor launch flotilla, leaving the service in 1919 as a Lieutenant Commander. Between the wars his output included works about model ships, juvenile novels, and narrative histories of naval events; from 1939, his writing focused upon WWII.



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