Teen and Young Adult

Teen and Young Adult

Do you want to discover the next Twilight or The Hunger Games?  Do you love a story of a young person who grows up through action, suspense and drama?  You are shopping in the right place then.  Our ebooks in the Teen and Young Adult genres are the best examples of their craft, and they always deliver their youthful stories at free or discounted prices.


Definition of the "Teen and Young Adult Genre": First, it's important to define that the typical age range for this category is sixteen to twenty-five. But, don't feel bad if you're older than that range and still reading these ebooks.  Some of them are monster bestsellers that everyone reads--of all ages.  Setting aside the age "limitation," ebooks in the Teen and Young Adult genre are actually very broad in what fictional genres they cover. Fantasy, science fiction, horror and suspense are all genres that are encompassed in the overarching Teen and Young Adult genre.  One specific aspect to these ebooks is that they oftentimes involve coming-of-age stories.


Here are some examples of bestselling ebooks in the Teen and Young Adult genre.  J.K. Rowlings (Harry Potter), Stephanie Meyer (Twilight), Veronica Roth (Divergent), and Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games).

Keeper of Scales: A Young Adult Epic Fantasy (The Trianid Book 1)

by Anne Mollova

A princess with a secret. An ancient evil rising. A kingdom caught in the balance.

For centuries, the Trianid has kept the kingdom of Dúramair peaceful and prosperous. Formed by Dúramair’s greatest warrior, an abbess who weaves visions of the future, and the Keeper of Scales, a healer gifted with Sight of the faerie realm, the Trianid has passed on its wisdom and responsibilities generation after generation to its carefully sought and selected apprentices.

Alyen, crown princess of Dúramair, has trained her whole life to be queen. She’s kept her Sight a secret, trusting that the Keeper of Scales will find an apprentice soon—for surely one other candidate can be found. But when news comes from the north of dark magic returning to Dúramair, Alyen is forced to make the hardest decision of her life. A decision that could determine the fate of her kingdom.

Alyen plunges into a world of elemental magic, new friendships, and a budding romance. But when tragedy strikes at the heart of the Trianid, she and her friends find that they are the last hope for Dúramair’s victory in the looming war. Forced to choose between love and duty, Alyen struggles to master her growing powers, knowing that if she fails, she risks destroying everything and everyone she loves.

Keeper of Scales is a young adult fantasy with adult appeal. It is the first book of The Trianid series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. If you enjoy medieval settings, slow-burn romance, epic fantasy, elemental magic, and a strong female lead, you'll love Keeper of Scales.

Click Buy Now to enter the world of The Trianid!



DBT Workbook For Teens

by Barrett Huang

Unlock the power of Dialectal Behavior Therapy and arm your teen with the tools for emotional success with this complete workbook for managing anxiety, stress, fear, ADHD and more.

Specially crafted with a warm, heartfelt, and friendly tone, this practical book explores the proven benefits of Dialectal Behavior Therapy, along with how we can best equip today’s young people with the emotional tools they need to achieve balance, stability, and wellness in their lives. Drawing on a powerful mix of psychological insights, user-friendly advice, and fun worksheets to help young readers on their journey to a happier life, the DBT Workbook for Teens seeks to dispel the mysteries around DBT and provide parents and teens alike with an invaluable tool for personal and emotional growth.

Built on the foundations of Dialectal Behavior Therapy, including mindfulness, emotional regulation, and interpersonal relationships, this handbook seeks to arm teens with a rewarding path to self-improvement, shining like a guiding light to help them navigate the challenges of life and grow into successful, fulfilled, and thriving adults. Through a collection of straightforward, step-by-step techniques, teens will discover how to build self-love and confidence, cultivate resilience and courage in the face of adversity, set healthy boundaries in their personal relationships, and embrace their authentic selves with proven DBT skills.

In a time when more and more young people struggle with mental illness, the DBT Workbook for Teens aims to provide a transformative new tool in teens’ emotional arsenal, using short and reader-friendly chapters to arm them with ways to manage a range of conditions including anxiety, ADHD, fear, phobias, and depression.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Exploring Mental Illness and The Power of Dialectal Behavior Therapy
  • Practical Methods For Managing Stress, Worry, Anxiety, and Fear
  • Heartfelt Real-Life Anecdotes and Inspiring Personal Stories From Teens Around The World
  • A Collection of Practical Action Plans To Help Young Readers Implement Everything They Learn
  • Tools For Managing Phobias, OCD, Self-Harm, and Eating Disorders
  • And Much More…

Even if you’ve tried other forms of therapy before and you haven’t seen results, the DBT Workbook for Teens is an honest and down-to-earth guide that echoes the feeling of a quiet conversation with a beloved friend or family member, encouraging teens of all backgrounds to reflect on their challenges and work toward wholeness. This book gently reminds them that they’re not alone, and that it’s possible to rise above our chaotic world to lead a happier, more fulfilling life.

Are you ready to help your teen thrive with the power of DBT? Then scroll up and grab your copy today!


Shattered Warrior: a Coming of Age Fantasy Norse Mythology Novel (Bjorn's Journey Book 2)

by Johann Ericksonn

An epic, coming-of-age adventure set in a frozen fantasy land of myths and legends.

Following the invasion of the frost giants into the northern province of Aeblegarden, Bjorn was taken into the service of Jarl Jun to begin proper training as a warrior. After all, the Giant-Slayer needed to be able to live up to his name... Right? More and more, though, Bjorn began to feel that the title was a mistake, and that he really was just a fisherman from the sea.

When the province of Essetoft manages to trick Bjorn and exposes his lack of prowess with a sword, Jarl Jun sends him north to keep him out of the public eye for awhile. When he arrives in the fortress of Kallekot, though, he is led to something dark... Something sinister... And while frost giants may be terrifying, the draugr are truly deadly.

Fans of Bernard Cornwell and Griff Hosker will love this!


Escaping Eleven (Eleven Trilogy Book 1)

by Jerri Chisholm

In Compound Eleven, the hierarchy of the floors is everything.

My name is Eve Hamilton, and on my floor, we fight.

Which at least is better than the bottom floor, where they toil away in misery. Only the top floor has any ease in this harsh world; they rule from their gilded offices.

Because four generations ago, Earth was rendered uninhabitable—the sun too hot, the land too barren. Those who remained were forced underground. While not a perfect life down here, I’ve learned to survive as a fighter.

Except my latest match is different. Instead of someone from the circuit, my opponent is a mysterious boy from the top floor. And the look in his eyes tells me he’s different…maybe even kind.

Right before he kicks my ass.

Still, there’s something about him—something that says he could be my salvation...or my undoing. Because I’m no longer content to just survive in Eleven. Today, I'm ready to fight for more than my next meal: I'm fighting for my freedom. And this boy may just be the edge I've been waiting on.


Thief of Lies (Library Jumpers Book 1)

by Brenda Drake

New York Times Bestseller

Gia Kearns would rather fight with boys than kiss them. That is, until Arik, a leather clad hottie in the Boston Athenaeum, suddenly disappears. While examining the book of world libraries he abandoned, Gia unwittingly speaks the key that sucks her and her friends into a photograph and transports them into a Paris library, where Arik and his Sentinels-magical knights charged with protecting humans from the creatures traveling across the gateway books-rescue them from a demonic hound.

Jumping into some of the world's most beautiful libraries would be a dream come true for Gia, if she weren't busy resisting her heart or dodging an exiled wizard seeking revenge on both the Mystik and human worlds. Add a French flirt obsessed with Arik and a fling with a young wizard, and Gia must choose between her heart and her head, between Arik's world and her own, before both are destroyed.



by Lindsey Duga

Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters.

For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt is the only person who can resist a siren's voice. But he's never had a chance to test this ability. The last siren left in the world mysteriously disappeared years ago.

Then one night, with a single word, she reveals herself. It seems too good to be true.

And it is. Because nothing about this siren—her past, her powers, or her purpose—is what it seems...


The Blemished (Blemished Series Book 1)

by Sarah Dalton

The Hunger Games
 meets The Handmaid’s Tale in the first instalment of this YA dystopian trilogy.

If all your choices had been taken away, would you fight to get them back?

Mina Hart is new to Area 14, which means she should be on her best behaviour. But on her first day at school, she breaks the rules. She talks to a GEM. When Sebastian’s perfect dark eyes meet hers, she can’t help herself. She realises there’s a good chance this boy will get her in deep trouble. And she doesn’t need any more of that.

Mina has flawed genes in a world of perfection. 
She’s part of the Blemished, those considered inferior to the genetically engineered clones now running the country. When Mina turns sixteen, she will go through mandated surgery that leaves women infertile and often psychologically unbalanced. That can’t happen.

Determined to stop her and her friends from suffering this fate, she is willing to risk it all for a better future. Because 
Mina has a secret power, and she’s about to start using it.

Now featuring the ten-year anniversary cover and newly edited version!

What readers are saying about The Blemished:

"Wow. How can I put my feelings about this book into words..? I don't think I can. This book is amazing. And it's terrifying." -- 
Cora, Tea Party Princess

"It was much better than I ever could have imagined. From the moment I read the first page, I was hooked." -- 
Danica Page, One Page at a Time

"Though Dalton combines many of my favorite dystopian books and movies into one, it does not seem cliché. The Blemished has elements of oppression, rebellion, loyalty, friendship, betrayal, and survival. What makes it unique is the strong female protagonist who owns her choices." -- 
Rebecca, Apocalypse Reads

"The Blemished is phenomenal and riveting. It is like no other book that I have ever read. I was wonderstruck by everything about this book; the amazing and extremely interesting storyline, the lively characters, the stunning world-building, and the overall beautiful writing. This book blew me away, and I highly recommend it." -- 
Brittan, Written by Brittan

"I definitely recommend this book to any fan of the dystopian genre!" -- 
Jennifer Ricketts, Donnie Darko Girl

"I loved this book. It keeps you on your toes from the very beginning to the very end." - 
Once Upon a Twilight

"For all you dystopian fans out there, this is one book you should check out. Great debut novel from author Sarah Dalton." - 
Always YA at Heart


Dragonfly Maid: A Magical Adventure in the Royal Court (The Queen's Fayte Book 1)

by D.D. Croix

A memory thief. A magical dragonfly. A deadly plot against the Queen. Will Jane become a dark fae’s victim, or has the monster met his match?


Jane Shackle is a young maid haunted by visions who is tapped to protect Queen Victoria by Fayte Guardians, a shadowy group of castle servants that claim a powerful ally from the fae realm.

But is she really hunting a killer, as she’s been told? Or is she merely a pawn in their plot?

Jane must use her wits and master her abilities—with help from a peculiar dragonfly—to uncover the truth, save the crown, and ultimately confront an otherworldly enemy driven to destroy them all.

DRAGONFLY MAID is the start of a thrilling dark fantasy adventure series that weaves captivating mystery into the hidden corners of history to keep you spellbound. If you like clever heroines, beastly villains, and a slow-burn romance tangled up in magical realms, then you’ll love this enchanting series from best-selling author D.D. Croix

RATING: PG (Clean)

DRAGONFLY MAID (The Queen’s Fayte Book 1) - available now
SLIVERING CURSE (The Queen’s Fayte Book 2) - available now
SHADOW RITE (The Queen’s Fayte Book 3) - coming July 2021

Scroll up to grab your copy of DRAGONFLY MAID and start the Fayte Guardian’s magical adventure today!


Only a Monster

by Vanessa Len

The sweeping romance of Passenger meets the dark fantasy edge of This Savage Song in this stunning contemporary fantasy debut from Vanessa Len, where the line between monster and hero is razor thin.

Don’t forget the rule. No one can know what you are. What we are. You must never tell anyone about monsters.

Joan has just learned the truth: her family are monsters, with terrifying, hidden powers.

And the cute boy at work isn’t just a boy: he’s a legendary monster slayer, who will do anything to destroy her family.

To save herself and her family, Joan will have to do what she fears most: embrace her own monstrousness. Because in this story…she is not the hero.

Dive deep into the world of Only a Monster: hidden worlds dwell in the shadows, beautiful monsters with untold powers walk among humans, and secrets are the most powerful weapon of all.


Academy In Flames Box Set: Books 1 - 9

by Scarlett Reid

This box set includes the entire bestselling Academy in Flames series, featuring majestic magic, daring dragons, and a tale of adventure you won’t ever forget.

All my life I wanted to be a respected dragon rider. That is, until I met my phoenix.”

Ana de Navalles has almost nothing, aside from her friends. Having always been a child of the slums, her fortunes change when she’s admitted to Galfour’s Point, the prestigious and almost-mythical academy, and the only place in the world where you can train to become a dragon rider.

Just before she is set to leave, her friend Cien is murdered before her by a mob-affiliated criminal with surprising strength. But Ana does not cower. With dark magic seemingly on the rise, her hunger to make something of herself – and thirst for revenge – is revived.

After mere days at the academy, Ana is beginning to feel like the odd one out. A poor slum-dweller in a school of snobbish rich kids, all eyes are on her, and if she can’t pass her entrance exams, she’ll be kicked out without so much of a glance at a dragon.

So when she discovers a young phoenix, newly hatched, and quickly establishes a bond with the precocious and unpredictable creature, Ana’s suddenly the talk of the academy. If, that is, she can convince the school authorities to let them stay.

As Ana and her friends – some new and some old – prepare to investigate Cien’s murder, nefarious forces within the academy, and outside in the wider world conspire against them. Can Ana and Fyrenza – her newly named phoenix - rise from the ashes, and shine bright upon a cruel world?

Including the following books:

The Phoenix Whisperer
The Phoenix Rider
The Outcasts
The Rebirth
The Homecoming
The Matriarch
The Rescue
The Awakening
The Phoenix Fire


Leftover Girl

by C.C. Bolick

Family secrets, a power that defies science, and one girl’s fight for the truth…

Jes can't remember anything before she was found at four, barefoot in the headlights of an old Ford. At fifteen, she has adjusted to moving without notice and never fitting in. Her adopted parents insist she hide the truth about that night, but Jes can't get past how her real parents disappeared without a trace.

When Jes befriends a strange new student with an amazing power, she discovers he’s searching for a missing girl. Could she be this mystery girl and what will it mean for the family determined to protect her?

As Jes learns, truth comes at a cost. 
Will she give up love to find out?

Readers' Favorite 2019 Finalist

"Loved this book. I'm not normally into science fiction but this book was hard to put down." ~ Amazon Customer ★★★★★

"The book has a hint of romance, adventure and friendship and I loved it all through. Can't wait to read the sequel." ~ Amazon Customer ★★★★★


My Perfect Daughter

by Sarah A. Denzil

Most mothers hope their little girl turns out like their dad, but not Zoe. She hopes the apple falls far from the tree.

Zoe didn't meet her daughter the way most mothers do. She finds five-year-old Maddie alone and dirty on a countryside road. Frightened for Maddie's safety, she picks her up and takes her back to her father, not knowing what she's about to step into. Because Maddie wasn't just lost, she was there to lure her serial killer dad's new victim.

escaping from the clutches of Maddie's dangerous father, she bonds with the little girl. Only Maddie knows what it was like to be at that house. And when no family members come forward to claim Maddie, Zoe decides to adopt her. They move away to a safe house on the Cornish coast and become a family of their own. Zoe gets married and has another child, a baby brother for Maddie.

But Maddie is still traumatised by what she experienced. Diagnosed with callous and unemotional traits, Zoe has a tough job to ensure Maddie has the love and support she needs. Zoe truly loves her daughter—she wouldn't change a thing about her. But there is a part of her that always stays alert. 
A part of her is afraid of Maddie.

And now, eleven years later, 
Maddie's school bully is found dead, and another girl is missing.

Zoe can't help but wonder... 
like father, like daughter?

What readers are saying about My Perfect Daughter:

"What a 
whirlwind of a ride that was!" -- Goodreads reviewer

"In conclusion a dark, intricate web of relationships, emotional trauma with a bit of serial killer action thrown in too. 
I LOVED IT. HIGHLY recommend!" -- Morbid Mama Reads

"This book had me 
freaked out in my own house!" -- Goodreads reviewer

Wow! Just wow! I really don't know what to say! I picked this book up this morning & I just put it down so 11 & a half hours later I have finished it!" -- The Page Ladies

"This book is a 
corker!!!"-- Goodreads reviewer


Rune of Secrets (An epic fantasy adventure): Enchanted Shadows Book 1

by Kelly N. Jane

She craves vengeance. He requires justice. Fate demands both.

Struck with a curse and without enchanted powers, Princess Rowena could not prevent her family’s murder or save herself from the fallout.

Vulnerable but determined, she dares to conquer her enemies and free her people. But secret deals force her into a betrothal, tempting her into a bold decision that could cost her life.

Rowena has nothing left but to avenge her family before she dies. Until the most terrifying, yet hauntingly handsome fae arrives, demanding she follows her destiny.

Rowena has the power to lead her people or destroy them.

Discover action like Throne of Glass and Graceling, with a twisted fairytale like Maleficent in this epic fantasy adventure. Delve into a slow-burn romance, blended with fae magic and warrior shieldmaidens, that will keep you reading all night long.

Scroll up and Preorder your copy today to see if Rowena will risk her freedom to save her kingdom…or risk her destiny to destroy her enemies.


A Trick Of Light: Stan Lee's Alliances

by Kat Rosenfield

From Stan Lee, the pop culture legend behind Marvel’s The Avengers™, Black Panther™, X-Men™, Spider-Man™, The Fantastic Four™, and Iron Man™, comes a major literary event featuring two heroic teenagers—one born with extraordinary gifts, one unwillingly transformed. Together they can change the world . . . or put it in the destructive hands of a danger beyond imagination.

Set in Stan Lee’s Alliances Universe, co-created by Lee, Luke Lieberman, and Ryan Silbert, and along with Edgar Award–nominated co-writer Kat Rosenfield, Stan Lee delivers a novel packed with the pulse-pounding, breakneck adventure and the sheer exuberant invention that have defined his career as the creative mastermind behind Marvel’s spectacular universe.
“Leave it to Stan Lee to save his very best for last. 
A Trick of Light is as heartfelt and emotional as it is original and exciting. What a movie this one will make.”—James Patterson
“For lovers of Stan Lee this is nothing short of a publishing event! (And, honestly, who the hell doesn’t love Stan Lee?) Beguiling, cinematic, operatic, 
A Trick of Light is a bracing espresso first thing in the morning and the thrum of a familiar love deep at night.”—Gary Shteyngart, author of Absurdistan and Lake Success


Gridiron Girl: a YA Contemporary Sports Novel (Iron Valley Book 1)

by Tamara Girardi

Fun friendships, high school romance, and intense competition are at the heart of book one in Tamara Girardi’s swoon-worthy, young-adult contemporary series.

Julia Medina, dubbed Jules by her closest friends, wants to be the new, starting quarterback of Iron Valley High School’s football team, and no one is going to stand in her way. That is—until her boyfriend, Owen Malone, steps up to the challenge. Wanting to maintain her relationship with her boyfriend, Jules is torn. But while Owen is in her heart, football is in her blood.

Once the idea takes root to quit her championship volleyball team and join the leagues of Iron Valley’s toughest teenage boys, there’s no stopping Jules from pursuing her dream. In her mind, expectations that the position will go to a male player have gone on long enough, and, even as her decision creates controversy among the booster parents, school coaches, family members, and team members themselves, Jules holds strong in her beliefs.

Which is good—because when parents hear that Jules plans to participate in overnight pre-season camp with a staff of male coaches and eighty high school boys, her tryout is threatened more than ever before. Yet, nobody can deny Jules’ skills. As the youngest sister of three former high school quarterbacks, Jules knows the game. She knows what it takes to outsmart opponents, and she’s not about to let anyone count her out for being a girl.

But as the competition intensifies, Jules must choose what she wants more—to embrace girl power and lead her team on the field, or be a girlfriend on the sidelines.

Gridiron Girl will inspire you to follow your vision, instead of those dictated by others. Perfect for fans of 
Better than Perfect by Simone Elkeles and On the Fence by Kasie West.


Wizard (The Mage Saga Book 1)

by Ken Warner

Necromancy has been forbidden in the Five Kingdoms for centuries, its secrets erased from existence... until now. 
High Prince Henry’s dark mage, Dredmort, has discovered a mythical artifact that will provide him with the power to unleash an ancient evil not seen in Anoria for centuries.

Khaldun lost his parents to the plague when he was only a child. The wayfarer sorcerer, Nomad, has raised him and trained him to be a wizard like his father. He's reached an age where most mages would go off to the university to continue their studies, but they won't admit him because he's a wayfarer. Living in the shadow of his father's legacy, Khaldun longs to prove himself; when the opportunity arises, will he be equal to the task?

Mira grew up with the wayfarers, but her mother sent her to a faraway holding to live with her father many years ago. But she despised the constraints of the highborn life, and yearned for the freedom of the wayfarers. Older now, she's chosen to return to the troupe, immediately rekindling her relationship with Khaldun. Although Mira's also a mage, her powers have taken a strange turn--making her a target for the high prince.

But the very night that Mira returns, their world is turned upside down. When soldiers pursue a rogue messenger through their camp, Khaldun and Mira find themselves drawn into a conflict that could forever alter the future of the continent. Henry is now poised to plunge Anoria into darkness and despair; can Khaldun and Mira stop him before it's too late?

"Fast paced and gripping. Lots of twists and turns."

Wizard is the first book in the Mage Saga, an epic fantasy series. If you like sword-and-sorcery fantasy, filled with magic and mystery, adventure and suspense, then The Mage Saga will keep you on the edge of your seat, wanting more!

Buy the first book today!


A Girl Named Blue: The Adventure Begins (The Adventures of Blue Faust Book 1)

by Cecilia Randell

Seventeen-year-old Blue Faust is no stranger to starting over. Her family tends to uproot her quite often. This time, Blue vows to make the move count, vying to make friends and change her life as she knows it

But when an earthquake hits, Blue's life is shaken up more than she could ever imagine.

Accidentally traveling through time and space, ordinary Blue and her new friends find themselves in an extraordinary world full of adventure, surprises, and danger they never realized existed. Suddenly, Blue doesn't know who she can trust. After all, earthlings are being killed by an enemy with an unknown agenda. And little by little, as emotions heighten, she realizes some of her friends are not who she thought they were. As her heart gets pulled in different directions, can Blue battle her way home, or is she fated to stay in this new world--whether she wants to or not?



The Night People: Sam and Jade's Alien Adventures

by C.S. Hand

Are aliens real--and here on Earth? Sam doesn't 
want to believe it, but if they're visiting him at night, what choice does he have?

The Night People have been visiting Sam for ten years, since he was five.

Sam is the definition of a teen loner. Jade is smart and outgoing. She wants a boy-girl friendship with Sam. Just a simple friendship. But Sam is afraid to have friends, because of the Night People. They appear to be aliens, and if people know he sees them, they'll think he's crazy. Jade convinces him they should become partners and investigate these mysterious beings.

The Night People's actions are straight out of a sci-fi mystery. But what are they doing in a small Midwestern town? What do they want with Sam and Jade? And how do two ordinary teens end up being harassed by an army officer? Or stranded in an underground military base? Or in Area 51?

Sam and Jade are already dealing with teen issues--anger, bullying, abuse, and trust (or lack of it). Will their new friendship survive these challenges and lead to something more? Will they discover who the aliens are and what they want?

What reviewers are saying about 
The Night People:

  • ... a fast-paced adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat ...
  • ... relatable characters and compelling world-building ...
  • ... a style that is both compelling and haunting ...

*Trigger warning: This book contains several instances of child (teen) abuse.


Black Ice: A Thriller (The Scot Harvath Series Book 20)

by Brad Thor


“[A]nother instant classic.” —The Real Book Spy
“The undisputed master of blending geopolitics with spycraft…a thriller aficionado’s dream.” —The Providence Journal

The new Cold War is about to go hot.

#1 New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Brad Thor is back with his most intense thriller yet.

Scot Harvath is having his best summer ever. With a cottage on the fjord, a boat, and his beautiful girlfriend Sølvi, he’s got everything he could possibly want. But out of vacation days and long overdue back home, America’s top spy has a decision to make—return, or submit his resignation.

When his deadly past comes calling, though, he’ll be left with no choice at all.

Leaving his favorite Oslo café, Harvath watches as a ghost climbs out of a taxi—a man he killed years ago, halfway around the world. 
How is he still alive? And what is he doing in Norway?

In a race against time that will take him high above the Arctic Circle, Harvath is tested in ways he has never imagined and pushed to a limit few human beings could ever endure.

If he succeeds, he’ll walk away with everything. If he fails, the United States and its allies will be at the mercy of one of the world’s most dangerous actors.


Two Thousand Grueling Miles

by L.J. Martin


Young but determined, the man of the family too soon, Jake Zane comes of age with the help of a massive mute escaped slave. It’s conquer the wilderness, protect your mother and sisters, or die trying.

A grueling challenge: 2,000 miles of rutted trail with little or no civilization, no water or far too much, wild animals, wicked weather, and savages both red and white. The good news: you have family and friends, and hundreds more making the trip. That is, until disease and accidents threaten everything.

The Oregon Trail is the artery that brought lifeblood to the west, long before wagon or rail. It was the ultimate challenge for thousands who wanted land and opportunity.

wo Thousand Grueling Miles is a true family adventure tale full of can’t put it down action!



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