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The Ultimate Would You Rather? Book for Kids: 300+ Silly and Challenging Questions to Make You Smile

by Ellie Bly

Do you want to get to know your children better and bond with them but don't know where to start? Are they bored and running up the walls in need of a fun activity?

Introducing "The Ultimate Would you Rather Book for Kids", a book to spark joy, foster connection, and keep boredom at bay!

This book is packed with hundreds of hilarious and thought-provoking "Would you rather?" questions designed specifically for kids. Perfect for road trips, waiting rooms, sleepovers, or any time you want to infuse a little fun into your day, this book is sure to bring smiles to faces and create memories that last a lifetime.

Why You'll Love This Book:

  • Conquer Boredom: Say goodbye to dull moments and hello to hours of entertainment. This book is the perfect companion for long car rides, rainy days, or whenever your kids need a fun distraction.
  • Foster Connection: Strengthen your bond with your children as you explore their unique personalities and preferences through playful and imaginative questions.
  • Stimulate Laughter: With questions that range from the silly to the outright outrageous, this book guarantees giggles and guffaws. You'll be amazed at the surprising and hilarious answers your kids come up with!

What's Inside?

  • 300+ Fun Questions: Age-appropriate and engaging, these questions will have kids eagerly flipping through the pages for more.
  • Imaginative Scenarios: Encourage creativity and critical thinking as kids ponder over scenarios like "Would you rather have the ability to fly or be invisible?" and "Would you rather have a pet dragon or a pet unicorn?"
  • Perfect for All Ages: While designed for kids, this book is a hit with adults too! Enjoy it together as a family for easy go-to smiles.

Why This Book Is a Must-Have:

  • Portable and Convenient: Compact enough to fit in a backpack or glove compartment, making it ideal for on-the-go fun.
  • Great Gift Idea: Perfect for birthdays, holidays, or as a just-because gift to bring a smile to any child's face.
  • Endless Fun: With so many questions, each read-through will feel fresh and exciting, providing endless entertainment.

Don't let boredom win! Grab your copy of "The Ultimate Would You Rather? Book for Kids" today and start making memories filled with laughter. Your next family game night or road trip just got a whole lot more fun!


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Through 15 July

You Are Not Alone: a killer psychological thriller

by Leah Cupps

They thought they were alone on the island. They were wrong.

Natalie and boyfriend Hudson have booked a romantic weekend in a luxury Airbnb on a private island in rural Montana. When they get there, it’s everything she hoped it would be – rugged, beautiful and totally secluded.

At last, they can take a break from their hectic schedules and just enjoy each other.

But as the sun sets on their first day, a terrible storm hits, knocking out the power and trapping them on the island. Then Natalie sees a shadowy figure lurking around the property and finds lipstick marks on a wine glass - a shade she never wears.

It seems they are not alone.

Natalie’s unease only grows when she finds the diary of Tess McDermott, a woman who disappeared from the island the year before. It’s clear from her journal entries that Tess was absolutely terrified, convinced that someone was trying to kill her.

Was Tess murdered? And is history about to repeat itself with Natalie meeting the same grisly end?

To answer these questions, Natalie must face her deepest fears and uncover the island’s horrifying secret. Can she survive the storm, or will this romantic getaway be her last?

You Are Not Alone - the gripping psychological thriller perfect for fans of Kiersten Modglin, Freida McFadden, John Marrs.

$3.99 $0.99
Through 15 July

The Trigger Man

by Aiden Bailey

CIA operative Mark Pierce is a trained killer with a strict moral code - he only targets those who truly deserve to die. So he has no qualms about taking out Victor Vautrin, an international arms dealer supplying fanatical terrorists in West Africa who may soon trigger a brutal civil war.

But when he is tasked with other objectives – rescue kidnapped tourists, recover eleven million dollars of stolen CIA money - it quickly becomes clear to Pierce that someone doesn’t want him to succeed in his primary mission.

Pierce makes a decision – if the game is rigged, he won’t play by the rules. He goes rogue, crossing the hellish Sahara in relentless pursuit of his target, Vautrin.

And comes face to face with a terrifying conspiracy - not to stop the war, but to start it. Powerful players are behind this chilling plan which will cost thousands of lives – and now only Pierce can stop them.

Unless they kill him first.

The Trigger Man – the first in the stunning Trigger Man action thriller series. Perfect for fans of Jason Kasper, Mark Greaney, and Vince Flynn.

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Through 15 July

The Lone Survivor: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset

by Colton Lively

It's been a week without power. No phones, no computers—nothing. The last remnants of humanity are vanishing, replaced by desperation and fear. Gangs are forming, people are starving, and the entire country is descending into chaos.

When a global blackout plunges society into chaos, Judy Green's horseback quest becomes a beacon of hope. Amid biting cold and desolate small towns, Judy's 900-mile journey to her Ohio hometown transforms her into a fearless leader. Facing brutal gangs, she unites the town's inhabitants in a valiant stand. Experience Judy's riveting battle for survival and justice. Join her in humanity's darkest hour.

$6.99 $0.99
Through 14 July

In This Altered Body: A Survivor’s Story of Resilience and Love

by Charlene Pell

Charlene Pell wears her scars like badges of honor—she has never hidden them.

Thirty years ago, on a sunny afternoon, Charlene was on a private flight to Cat Island, Bahamas, when the unthinkable happened: the plane, piloted by her fiancé, experienced a mechanical problem and crashed in a fiery inferno. When Charlene awoke, she discovered that 64 percent of her body had been burned, and her fiancé had died.

In This Altered Body is the compelling story of Charlene’s physical and emotional odyssey to reclaim her life and identity after surviving a tragedy that left her facially disfigured and grieving. As Charlene begins the long, painful process of recovery, she fears she will never be loved again, because her outward beauty has been destroyed and our society, obsessed with flawless skin and superficial beauty, stigmatizes disfigurement. But through dogged determination, Charlene overcomes difficult obstacles both physical and emotional—and learns from the experiences of other burn survivors to never write off her dreams and to be open to possibilities . . . including love. Brimming with insight from a life of perseverance, In This Altered Body is a piercing memoir about tragic loss and the resilience of the human spirit.

$7.99 $1.99
Through 14 July

Oriceran Starter Pack: Six Book Ones for Six Series

by Flint Maxwell

Welcome to The Revelations of Oriceran.

A magical world tied to Earth, and nothing like it.

Check out six book ones from six series in this action-packed universe and discover new favorite heroes and heroines who will keep you up late turning the page to find out how the stories end!


Waking Magic

Solve a murder, save her mother & stop the apocalypse? No problem. She has a foul-mouthed troll on her side. For homicide detective Leira Berens, happy is running down bad guys & solving crimes. And she’s good at it. Which is why when the Light Elf prince is murdered, the king breaks a treaty to seek her help. Tracking down his killer is about more than just justice. It’s saving the world.

Feared By Hell

You never mess with a young girl around James Brownstone.

It doesn't matter what crime syndicate you belong to, that just doesn't sit well with him.

The world has changed since the news of Oriceran came out twenty years before. Now, countries all over the world have agreed to using a bounty system for dangerous criminals using advanced magic or advanced technology.

if you find out you are hunted by Brownstone, we suggest you turn yourself in.

It will save you a monumental ass-kicking.

Brownstone likes his life simple, but Life is about to throw him a wicked curveball.


House of Enchanted

Just as the war with the humans is brewing, Azure is set to be crowned the new queen of Virgo. But on coronation day everything changes. Princess Azure isn’t who she thought she was and that’s a big freaking problem. Azure must protect her people. Mend the Dark Forest. Create alliances with savage beasts. No biggie, right?

Magic Ops

FBI Agent Diana Sheen is an agent with a secret…

…she carries a badge and a troll, along with a little magic.

But her Most Wanted List is going to take a little extra effort.

She’ll have to embrace her powers and up her game to take down new threats,

All signs point to a serious threat lurking just beyond sight, pulling the strings to put the forces of good in harm’s way.

Magic or mundane, you break the law, and Diana’s gonna find you, tag you and bring you in. Watch out magical baddies, this agent can level the playing field.



Victoria Brie is getting her life together. She may be just a cashier, but she has big dreams and hopes for what comes next. In the meantime, she has everything that matters: her family and her best friend. If only life were that simple. When she comes home to find her parents murdered by an elf, she’s thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and a madman who wants her dead. The question is… why?

The Midwest Witch

When Maria Apple receives a strange music box for her nineteenth birthday, everything changes.

She begins to showcase odd magical abilities, glowing blue, seeing ghosts, and talking to creatures that shouldn't be able to talk, all while trying to juggle the task of being a typical teenaged girl.

Now, not only does Maria learn she is a witch, but her grandfather Ignatius reveals he was once a famous warrior from a planet named Oriceran.

Throw in a world in between the two worlds, a ghost bringing Maria an ominous warning, a race of giant spiders determined to claim the music box for their own, and Maria Apple realizes she'll never be a typical teenaged girl again.

Discover the world of Oriceran by clicking BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE!


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Through 14 July

Alpha Colony: The Complete Series (John Walker Box Sets)

by John Walker

The End Has Arrived

The civilization of man has fallen. A mindless alien race has swept across the colonies, consuming structures and people along the way. As humanity stands on the brink of destruction, we have one hope to preserve what’s left of our culture and very lives. The Passage.

One of the greatest scientific achievements of humanity, a gateway that will hyper-accelerate our faster than light drives so we can cover an unimaginable distance. A new home waits beyond, one far from our aggressors. But can we escape the desolation of our old empire before it’s too late?


Beyond Your Limits

by Pramoda Vyasarao

Beyond Your Limits by Pramoda Vyasarao is a transformative guide that urges readers to expand their boundaries and realize their full potential. Drawing from his rich background in technology and personal development, Pramoda shares his journey from a software engineer at Oracle to a renowned leadership coach.

Through a series of engaging chapters, the book delves into the art of goal setting, the power of mindset, and the importance of resilience. It challenges readers to redefine their understanding of failure, to view obstacles as opportunities for growth, and to embrace change as a catalyst for personal evolution.

With each page, “Beyond Your Limits” encourages a deeper introspection, prompting questions that stir the soul and ignite a fierce determination to pursue one’s dreams with unwavering passion and persistence. In this book, you will learn:

  • The Nature of Self-Imposed Limitations
  • Strategies for Overcoming Fear and Doubt
  • The Power of a Growth Mindset
  • Effective Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Building Resilience and Embracing Change

Through personal anecdotes, practical advice, and reflective exercises, “Beyond Your Limits” offers a comprehensive roadmap for personal growth. Pramoda’s authentic and relatable writing style, combined with his expertise in coaching, makes this book a valuable resource for anyone looking to embark on a journey of self-discovery and achievement. Grab your copy today!



Mischief Under the Mistletoe: (A Prequel to The Matchmaker's Ball series)

by Jenna Jaxon

Every romance needs a bit of mischief. . .

At her eighteenth birthday celebration Jenny Crowley's parents announce that instead of having the London Season she’s dreamed of for years, Jenny has actually been betrothed from birth to Alexander Isley, son of family friends and heir to a title. A distraught Jenny refuses point-blank to marry Alec, and when her aunt offers to whisk her away to a festive Christmas house party--complete with many eligible young bachelors--Jenny jumps at the chance to enjoy a variety of entertainments, be courted, and perhaps find the man of her dreams.

Alec Isley is between a rock and a hard place. He desires a marriage with Jenny about as much as she does, but when his family’s dire financial status comes out, he follows Jenny to the house party in hopes of convincing her to marry him after all. When he discovers who else is courting her there, Alec is frantic to keep her from making a horrible mistake. Struggling with his unexpected new-found feelings for his childhood friend, can Alec convince her of his love in time to save her from being ruined under the mistletoe?



Re-becoming You: The Liberating Power In Letting Go Of Unnecessary Social Expectations

by Bethany Johnson

Do you often feel stifled by social norms and have been looking for a deeper connection with your inner identity?

Dive into a transformative journey with Re-becoming You, written to assist you in peeling away layers of unneeded social expectations and reconnecting with your true self. This book is divided into 10 sections, each offering five distinct viewpoints, guides you through a daily examination of social norms, empowering you to transcend societal standards and embrace your fundamental identity.

Each section presents daily readings, lasting 5-10 minutes, that concentrate on specific societal expectations. Through these insights, you'll discover practical steps to shift your mindset and liberate yourself from the burdens of unnecessary societal demands. By adopting intentional daily actions, you'll naturally incorporate these new insights into your life, setting the stage for authentic self-discovery and meaningful personal growth.


In this book, you will learn:

View specific social expectations and how each covers up who we truly are.

Learn that HOW we are and WHO we are aren't the same person.

Gain a new way of looking at certain social expectations and how the reader can apply it to their lives in hopes of finding themselves again.

Our true self at our core has always been there. It is just covered up with layers of other people's expectations.

We become who everyone else wants us to be at the expense of being our true self.

Take the first step towards authenticity! Grab your copy of Re-becoming You now and begin your journey of self-discovery.



The Unlikely Investor: A Path to Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

by Grant Francke

Discover the no-nonsense, real-world strategies to investing!

"The Unlikely Investor" is a blueprint for achieving financial independence through real estate investing, providing readers with the mindset, strategies, and tools to turn their dreams into reality, regardless of their background or experience level. Read about the real-world strategies that took Grant Francke from a high school education to an $8 million real estate portfolio.

In "The Unlikely Investor," Francke reveals his proven blueprint for finding, financing, and managing profitable properties, even if you're starting from scratch.

With a relatable voice and practical examples, this book is your guide to building wealth through real estate, regardless of your background or experience. You'll learn how to:

  • Cultivate the mindset of a successful investor
  • Uncover hidden opportunities in any market
  • Analyze deals like a seasoned pro and sidestep pitfalls
  • Secure financing creatively and optimize returns
  • Efficiently manage rentals while minimizing stress
  • Accelerate your growth by partnering with others

Whether you're new to investing and seeking a reliable roadmap or a veteran investor looking for fresh insights, "The Unlikely Investor" offers the no-fluff advice and motivation you need to elevate your real estate game. Francke's journey demonstrates that anyone can achieve financial freedom with the right knowledge, mindset, and tactics.


Get ready to fast-track your success and unlock the door to lasting passive income! Grab your copy today!



Wolf Destined: Fated Mates Paranormal Romance (Willowbrook Wolves Book 2)

by Charmaine Ross

In a world where wolf shifters turn feral without their fated mates, one cursed pack is running out of time...

Deputy Zane Matthews, beta of the Longtooth Pack, has always put duty first, but when artist Aria stumbles into Willowbrook on her way to a retreat, his inner wolf instantly recognizes her as their fated mate.

Aria knows nothing of the supernatural world, and with the pressure of an upcoming gallery show weighing on her, the last thing she needs is a mysterious, sexy distraction.

As the attraction between them ignites, Aria finds herself drawn into a dangerous world of magic and shifters. With feral wolves on the prowl and her father's financial future at stake, falling for Zane could cost her everything.

Zane must keep his wolf in check long enough to ease Aria into his world, even as his animal instincts grow more unstable by the day. When the feral threat targets Aria directly, Zane will risk everything to protect his mate - even if it means unleashing the beast within.

Fated mates, instant attraction, and a dangerous paranormal world collide in this steamy, action-packed wolf shifter romance.

Scroll up and one-click now to get lost in the magic of Willowbrook today!


Dragon Moon Rising

by Daniel O'Connor

All will be lost with the coming of the full moon. The spell will be complete. Dragonkind is doomed.

After 600 years enstoned, the dragon Lessiam awakens to find a world of men dominating all. Jos grew up a slave, only escaping after his last remaining family member was killed.

Can the unlikely human and dragon pair act in time to prevent permanence of the Dragon Moon Spell? With only 16 days to resolve all, is there a chance of hope?


Marple: Twelve New Mysteries (Miss Marple Mysteries)

by Ruth Ware


"Each author captures Christie—and Marple—perfectly, while also displaying just a bit of her own unique touch. . . . This new and entertaining collection by some of our favorite writers will hook a new group of readers to the formidable Miss Marple." — Rhys Bowen, Washington Post

“Marple is the best loved [detective]. Also the most influential. . . . It is Miss Marple who introduced the revolutionary notion that people are essentially the same wherever one goes.” — Los Angeles Times

Agatha Christie’s legendary sleuth, Jane Marple, returns to solve twelve baffling cases in this brand-new collection, penned by a host of acclaimed authors skilled in the fine art of mystery and murder

One doesn't stop at one murder...

Jane Marple is an elderly lady from St Mary Mead who possesses an uncanny knack for solving even the most perplexing puzzles. Now, for the first time in 45 years, Agatha Christie’s beloved character returns to the page for a globe-trotting tour of crime and detection.

Join Marple as she travels through her sleepy English village and around the world. In St Mary Mead, a Christmas dinner is interrupted by unexpected guests; the Broadway stage in New York City is set for a dangerous improvisation; bad omens surround an untimely death aboard a cruise ship to Hong Kong; and a bestselling writer on holiday in Italy is caught in a nefarious plot. These and other crimes committed in the name of love, jealousy, blackmail, and revenge are ones that only the indomitable Jane Marple can solve.

Bringing a fresh twist to the hallmarks of a classic Agatha Christie mystery, these twelve esteemed writers have captured the sharp wit, unique voice, and droll ingenuity of the deceptively demure detective. A triumphant celebration of Christie’s legacy and essential reading for crime lovers, Marple is a timely reminder why Jane Marple remains one of the most famous detectives of all time.


The Honey Trap: a psychological thriller with a gripping twist

by Theo Baxter

Kara knows exactly what she wants to be. A widow.

Kara Bryant is everything Chris Abrams ever wanted. She’s passionate, beautiful, and smart.

She’s also married to his boss.

When millionaire Perry Bryant offers psychologist Chris a position on his healthcare staff it seems the perfect chance for Chris to escape the mistakes of his past and start over.

But then he meets Perry’s wife, Kara. She takes his breath away. It soon becomes clear she wants him just as much as he wants her. And more… much more.

In fact, she wants 

Kara asks Chris to help her kill her husband. In spite of himself, Chris can feel himself falling under her spell. It makes him question everything – his friendship with Perry, his loyalty, even his own character.

Until finally he’s faced with the ultimate question – just how far will he go for love?

The Honey Trap – the gripping psychological thriller by the best-selling author of The Stepfather and The Scorned Wife.


Magic Claimed: Reverse Harem Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance (Cursed Shifters Book 1)

by Charmaine Ross

A prophesy that rules me.
A curse that ruins me.
A wolf shifter pack who claim I am theirs.

It wasn’t my choice to be sold to a powerful psychopath by my mother when I was a baby. It wasn’t my choice to be tortured for magic I don’t possess but on-one says no to Esoti and lives.

Except me.

There are worse things than death. Not dying for one.

In a world ruled by The Six, anyone magical is put to death, shifters are slaves and I am the lowest of the low. Until alpha wolves Alerick, Jarom and Eike capture me. The thing is, I don’t want to be anyone’s mate, or toy, or plaything.

They insist I’m anything but human, mastering my body and unleashing ancient magic hidden deep inside me.

The magic is untameable. Unpredictable. But it just might give me the one thing I’ve always dreamed about — revenge.

Magic Claimed is the first book in a dystopian romance series. This action-packed, heart-wrenching ride gives you a kickass heroine, three irresistible shifters, a steamy romance with no choosing required, and evil enemies like you've never seen it before in each book.


Secret Agent Witch Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Aisling Keane is an Investigator with the secretive spy organization known as Dragonfly. Thrust unexpectedly into the field, she and her mechanical Dragon partner are surrounded by danger and intrigue.

Clues suggest there’s a larger, mysterious organization plotting in the shadows.

Will Aisling, Shimmer, and Dragonfly be able to put the clues together and put a stop to this new threat before it’s too late?

Grab this complete series boxed set to find out!


Aisling thought she’d been hired to be a secret agent – then found that Dragonfly required new recruits, even skilled witches like her, to prove themselves.

One clue leads to the next, and she’s assigned to work with Lance Stone on a mission.

Small crimes herald larger ones, and the larger ones suggest a mysterious organization lurking in the shadows.

When an ally turns into an enemy, Dragonfly has to send a new agent into the field. The mission is simple: Infiltrate, discover and escape.

But in the secretive world of international crime, nothing is ever really simple. And simple never meant easy.

Fortunately, Aisling’s newest creation of technology and magic - a mechanical Dragon about the size of an eagle - has just been improved by her infomancer coworker and given a cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Cait’s little sister will need all the help Shimmer can provide.

Despite the workload, she’ll still need to find time for family and her coven. A danger is on the horizon, and the coven’s guardian is worried. Will it get in the way of Aisling’s new job?

The investigator-turned-agent wouldn’t have it any other way.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. The Spy Who Tamed A Dragon
  2. Never Say Never To A Dragon
  3. Live and Let Fly
  4. The Man In The Silver Mask
  5. Dragoneye
  6. Dragons Never Die
  7. License to Steal
  8. From Dragonfly with Love

For action, magic, snarky banter, martial arts, mystical creatures, and high intrigue, join Aisling Keane on her new adventure!




by Jean-Michel Polyakov Baron du Mont Saint Germain

Journey back to ancient Athens in a quest to reshape history.

In the aftermath of Socrates's execution, Gabriel, alongside Alliona and Sophie, ventures to 399 BCE Athens to mend a critical historical "knot." Their encounter with the High Priestess of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis marks the beginning of a profound transformation. Assuming the guises of Immortal beings from the Blessed Isles—Lord General Eugenis, Demeter, and Kore—they challenge the Athenians' beliefs, steering them away from egoism and towards altruism. Their divine intervention seeks to unify Greece, fostering a newfound era of peace and generosity, while Eugenis's personal journey of reuniting with his family embodies the epitome of unconditional love.

Can the intervention of immortals truly redirect the flow of human history and foster a new era of love and unity?

The Nouseum Sagas Book 2: Lord of Love transports readers to a pivotal moment in history, where divine beings strive to alter the course of humanity. This tale weaves together myth, history, and spirituality, illustrating a profound narrative of transformation and redemption. Witness the power of unconditional love as it seeks to usher in a new Golden Age, reminding us of the enduring impact of our choices and the potential for collective evolution. Embark on this remarkable journey to explore the depths of human potential and the promise of a brighter future.



The Success Protocol: The 5% That Creates Instant, Permanent Change

by Stephen Seavecki

Are you trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, relationship turmoil, or unfulfilling work? Does stress, anger, or depression weigh heavily on you, leaving you feeling utterly stuck? You're not alone in these struggles, nor are you condemned to remain in them.

Your desires for peace, happiness, wealth, health, meaningful relationships, and personal growth are not just dreams; they are entirely achievable realities. This book isn't another temporary fix or fleeting source of inspiration. It's a proven protocol that uses efficient techniques to bring to light the micro shifts necessary for making substantial and lasting changes in your life.

By distinguishing between the unconscious 'puppet' and the observant 'puppeteer' within, you will be empowered to reclaim control over your life's narrative. Learn how others have made a mere 5% shift in how they use their time and consciousness to permanently change their existence.

Are you tired of feeling sick and unhealthy? Fed up with fad diets where the results don’t last? Dig into the biohacking protocol I use to optimize my health and reduce my biological age by 11 years.

It's time to leave behind the feelings of being stuck, the cycle of blame, and the belief in scarcity. Embrace the quick journey of transformation with open arms and watch as the life you've always desired unfolds before you. Take advantage of my 40 years of incessant searching for finding the most effective way to make permanent change in your life.

Stephen was trained as a chemist and honed his business skills at Harvard Business School. The last four decades has been a journey to find success, wealth, happiness, and health. His first endeavor was as a corporate climber in Software and then an entrepreneur with expertise in business acquisitions. But the common thread throughout was the spiritual journey to find peace and happiness. Stephen continues this journey today as a businessman, speaker, traveler, and coach.



Trial by Sorcery: Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 1

by Richard Fierce

Dragons can be dangerous ... if you don't bond with them first.

Eldwin wants to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Dragon Guard, but not for the glory. With his family dead and their lands dying, the opportunity to join the dragon rider school is all he has. But before Eldwin can bond with a dragon and guard the skies, he must pass three tests to prove his worth.

Compassion, magical aptitude, and armed combat.

He's determined to pass, but his maimed arm is a constant reminder of his disadvantage. Will the obstacles Eldwin faces keep him from reaching his dreams, or will he finally see what it's like to ride the skies?

An ISFAB top 10 finalist!

Fans of Sarah K.L. Wilson's Dragon School, Christopher Paolini's Eragon and Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern will feel right at home.

Trial by Sorcery is the first episode of the series Dragon Riders of Osnen.


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