What is eBookHounds?

What is eBookHounds?

"So many books, so little time."

--Frank Zappa


eBooksHounds is an online service that is free to join and connects readers with instantly downloadable ebooks.  Bailey, your ebook butler, hunts down the top free and discounted ebooks all over the Internet.  And, he finds ebooks from almost every genre you can imagine.  The last thing he would want is for you to get notices about horror novels when deep down in your heart (and all over your skin too) you're a person that just loves a cozy romance.  




All it takes to join are three, easy steps:


(1) Enter the email you would like your deals delivered to in the box below.


(2) Choose your favorite ebook genres. 


(3) Start downloading ebooks!


This all amounts to some light typing and clicking.  That's it, you're ready to read!



eBookHounds Connects you With Free and Discounted
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