What are Diamonds in the Ruff?

What are Diamonds in the Ruff?


"Books are a uniquely portable magic."

--Stephen King


Sometimes an ebook has a phenomenal story to tell, but an author was not able to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an book cover.  Sometimes an ebook goes through a rut early in its life where it gets some bad reviews, but then starts to pull out of that.  Finally, sometimes authors can't control the price of their ebook, and so can't determine when it gets discounted.


None of that means you should avoid the ebook!


But, the sad fact of the matter is that most ebook advertising places we know simply wouldn't let an author advertise in one of these situations.  That's why eBookHounds created its Diamonds in the Ruff program.  These ebooks are in the top genres with great storylines.  We have spent extra time on these ebooks to dig deep and analyze why they should be in the program.  For one reason or another, they could use a little help from YOU!


How can you help, you ask?

  • Never judge an ebook by its cover.  Cover art can be very, very expensive.  Authors (as you may have guessed) aren't always the richest bunch--at leats not in money.  You can help by giving these ebooks a shot without judging their covers.


  • Look past some bad reviews.  Sometimes, certain ebooks can get a bad rap.  Believe it or not, ebooks can get a bad review because a reader didn't like the formatting, or didn't like the title, or they may even have left a bad review on the wrong book.  None of those mean the story is bad.


  • Dare we say it?  Pay full price.  At eBookHounds, we're all about delivering you excellent ebooks at free or discounted prices.  But, there are times where authors can't control the price of their ebooks.  So, they can't discount them.  We think these books are still worth your consideration, even at full price!


Why read the ebooks in the Diamonds in the Ruff Program?

  • Still get great stories, even if the authors couldn't afford the slickest marketing.


  • You've got an open mind and think all sorts of things (think of our furry, dog friends) deserve a second shot.


  • You like to make a positive difference in the ebook universe!  (Stephen Hawking told us to put this one in).


Give one of our Diamonds in the Ruff ebooks a shot today by selecting it as one of your preferred genres!




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