About Us

About Us

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.  Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

--Groucho Marx

We are EBook People.

The mission of eBookhounds is to connect our readers with the top free and discounted ebooks on the Internet.  We don't think it's right or fair to have to pay paperback or even hardback prices for books that are stored and delivered to you digitally.  On top of that, we believe that ebooks are the future and that they're great for our future.  Put it all together, and we have built a beautiful website for authors to advertise their best work to our readers.    


We  Readers!

eBookHounds is free to join and enjoy!  We want everyone (the 100%) to have access to the best ebooks at the best prices.  Each of our readers is delivered a personalized version of Bailey's Bargains directly to their email inbox.  This email lists the top free and discounted ebooks that Bailey found on that day.  Sign up instantly to start reading!


We Cater to Your Ebook Tastes.

Bailey is the eBookHounds butler.  He works tirelessly to deliver you the top free and discounted ebooks--in genres you love.  Actually, if you asked him, he wouldn't call it work!  Click to learn more about Bailey.


We  Authors!

eBookHounds works with authors and publishing houses all over the world to bring Bailey's Bargains, our deals of the day, directly to the email inboxes of our readers.  If you're an author, agent or publisher, click here to submit your book!



eBookHounds Connects you With Free and Discounted
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