Advice and How-To

Advice and How-To

Finding Your True Self: Finding a Path to the Flourishing Life You Envisioned for Yourself

by Dr. Paul Serwinek




+How to identify your true inner being.
+To find a personal path leading to your life fulfillment.
+A practical step by step guide for what enhances living and does not.
+What 50 years of research on personal growth has discovered.
+How to fit all your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs into limited time.




Help! My Room Exploded: How to Simplify Your Home to Reduce ADHD Symptoms

by Annie Eklöv

Discover the untold story of how a simple solution transformed a chaotic household into a haven of peace and focus. In "Help! My Room Exploded," you'll embark on a remarkable journey alongside a mother, Annie, and her son, Lage, as they unravel the surprising secret to conquering the perpetual problem of a messy room and ADHD.

Little did Annie know that her son, Lage, held the key to a puzzle that had plagued their lives for years. In a revelation that changed everything, Lage unearthed the connection between his ADHD symptoms and the clutter surrounding him.

From identifying the underlying triggers of clutter to walking you through practical steps for decluttering and organization, this is a roadmap for families seeking harmony amid the chaos of ADHD. Written with empathy and expertise, this book holds the promise of improved focus, calmer surroundings, and enriched relationships. The strategies within these pages have already yielded profound results for her family, offering her children a unique advantage in life by allowing them to thrive in a clutter-free environment.

If you're ready to embark on a journey of transformation and empowerment, this is your companion. Join Annie and Lage as they open the door to a more organized, serene, and connected life—one that anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can achieve. Grab your copy today!



Making a Difference: Investing in Better Lives for Seniors

by Nelly Some

It’s time to make a difference in senior care. Nelly Some’s new and refreshing approach will teach you how you can invest in helping seniors 

Senior care in America is changing. When easing into their twilight years, more and more people are looking for alternatives to the traditional care offered by nursing homes and assisted living facilities, where overworked nurses and staff can’t offer personal care and attention to each of their deserving patients. But what other option do seniors have?

Making a Difference, business leader Nelly Some offers a refreshing answer to the old-fashioned approach to elderly care: residential care homes. Drawing on decades of experience working with seniors, Nelly has developed a unique and successful model for creating and running these facilities, which cater to small groups and individuals and offer an environment that allows seniors to flourish. The care home residents are regarded with respect, given a sense of independence, and placed in a setting where they can enjoy life with caregivers who treat them like family.

Making a Difference gives investors (along with providers, caregivers, and anyone involved in the senior care industry) an inside look at this incredible atmosphere and culture—a model that provides seniors with top-notch attention and high quality of life while generating significant income for investors. Sharing her extensive expertise in the medical field and with running care homes, Nelly lays out opportunities for investors to achieve both lasting financial returns and better outcomes for seniors. We all have a stake in improving the lives of America’s aging population. In Making a Difference, Nelly shows how better investments can create a better world.


A GOOD DAY TO DIE: What 276 executions taught a death row chaplain about life

by Carina Bergfeldt

He is the last person to touch them before they die.
His face is the last they see before they are executed.
He stands there with one last goal: to get them to heaven.

276 TIMES CHAPLAIN Jim Brazzil has sat in death’s waiting room. He has listened to confessions in the eleventh hour. The last moment of the condemned, when everything bubbles up to the surface and they have to share.

Now Jim is the one dying, ready for his last confession.

THE AWARD-WINNING Swedish journalist Carina Bergfeldt and the American prison pastor start a conversation that ends up changing both their lives. He is older, patient, and wise. She is young, restless, and angry.

IN HIS HOUSE in the Texan countryside, their discussions about death and sorrow, hope, atonement, and love create a magical journey.

How are we supposed to live our lives?
Can one always be forgiving?
And what day is actually a good day to die?


”Brilliant, Bergfeldt! … Touching, uplifting, and awful at the same time.”

"A book to bury yourself in. Whether or not you have a strong faith, it is healing to take part in their conversation."

”A touching and disturbing book, but also an experience. Maybe even an awakening.”




by David Goodin

This essential guide is crafted for those who find themselves intrigued by the origins of malware or seeking effective strategies to fend off online dangers. Whether your knowledge of computers is minimal or you possess a foundational understanding, this book stands as a beacon, illuminating the often intimidating realm of computer security.

Under the expert guidance of David Goodin, a seasoned cyber security consultant with a wealth of experience, 'Digital Fortress' transcends the traditional textbook approach. It engages readers through a compelling mix of real-world scenarios, captivating stories, and interactive elements such as quizzes and puzzles, all designed to strengthen your understanding and application of cyber security principles.

As your trusted advisor, this book not only equips you with the tools to safeguard your computer but also offers sage advice for those moments of uncertainty when you suspect a security breach.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to identify if you are vulnerable to attack.
  • How to identify suspicious web pages.
  • How hackers lure unsuspecting victims.
  • How can I create a secure password that hackers can't crack?
  • How do hackers get my information?

With Digital Fortress: Navigating Cyber Threats, you're not just learning about cyber security, you're being prepared to navigate its challenges with confidence and acumen. Join David Goodin on this enlightening journey and transform from a novice into a vigilant guardian of your digital domain. Get a copy now!


The Practical Dementia Caregiver Guide

by Sam Toroghi MD

Caring for a loved one with dementia comes with unique challenges – sometimes at your own expense. Discover how to prepare, manage, and overcome caregiving challenges with this insightful guide

You couldn’t shake off the feeling any longer.

After endless conversations and arguments, you and your family finally convince your loved one to get checked after showing multiple signs and symptoms.

And as their doctor explains the results, the world around you slows down, but you’re trying your best to keep up.

Your feelings were correct – your loved one has dementia.

When you and your family arrive home, everyone decides and agrees on contributing and assisting your loved one get the best care possible in the comforts of their home.

Here’s the problem: Everyone agrees to get professional help, but everyone knows it’s financially unsustainable to have them around 24/7.

And then reality hits: No one in your family has caregiving experience.

You want to show up and care for the people you love, but you also feel fear and uncertainty as you enter unknown territory.

You might feel you’re the only one feeling this way, but you’re not alone.

Statistics show over 43.5 million people have provided care for a family member.

If you’re looking for a reliable guide to help you understand your loved one’s condition at an in-depth level then you are in the right place.

If you need specific and proven tips and strategies to address and manage dementia symptoms and complications without burning out, it’s all right here!

Inside this comprehensive guide, you will discover:

  • An easy-to-follow AAA method to help you understand your loved one’s condition so you can provide the care they need without pushing yourself to the limit
  • A patient’s perspective of dementia – what your loved one is going through as they engage in this endless and unforgiving battle
  • How processing and accepting the situation as soon as possible can give you and your loved one more time to plan and prepare for the years ahead
  • A 101 on caregiving – understand the phases, roles, and impact of being a family caregiver
  • The importance of knowing what’s in your control – find out how to be on top of day-to-day activities and ensure your loved one’s safety
  • How to effectively communicate with your loved one as their condition progresses
  • The different types of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and how to address and manage them without putting you or your loved ones at risk
  • How not to underestimate the little things – witness your loved one brighten up as you find joy in the little things together
  • Practical tips and effective strategies to take time for yourself to prevent caregiver burnout – without the guilt!

And so much more.

Caring for someone with dementia means giving yourself wholly without expecting anything in return.

And unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or map to navigating the ups and downs of caregiving.

But knowing you’re not alone can give you the strength to push through.

Inside, discover stories of people who have faced and overcome the challenges and struggles of caring for a loved one with dementia and come out stronger than before so you can tap into the strength within you.

Provide the best care possible for your loved one without sacrificing your well-being. Scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


To Finding Healthy: Strengthen your resolve, fight disease, and win the fat war

by Michelle Harden

Are you looking for a realistic health and fitness guide that can legitimately deliver long-term health success?

To Finding Healthy offers an easy-to-follow guide in taking a more straightforward approach to getting your body back to its primal condition. Written by two health professionals with decades of experience, this book is filled with scientifically backed techniques that will guide you to learn more about how your body actually works and start taking actions to achieve the results you want for yourself. Consider this as your initial step towards a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle!

This book provides an approach to regain stamina and reduce excess weight that is neither complicated nor restricted to particular individuals. Its main purpose is disease prevention and an additional benefit that it facilitates is weight loss. Katy and Dr. Harden, who have a combined 43 years of experience in the health arena, offer advice to help readers sort through the plethora of confusing and conflicting data currently available in the healthcare system. This book is focused on helping its readers achieve their ideal body weight and sustain that weight loss over time. This book does more than only provide wisdom on how to extend one’s life expectancy; it also inspires its readers to be courageous and successful. This is the only health and fitness guide you will ever need.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The food we consume can either have a detrimental effect on our health or act as a powerful medicine.
  • Scientific evidence that has been successfully implemented by our patients to reverse disease, reduce medication use, slow aging, and increase energy for a more enjoyable life.
  • How to start taking action and transforming your lifestyle for good.
  • Scientifically backed techniques, in which you will not only break free from old, unhealthy habits but also become a healthier version of yourself that lasts a lifetime.

This is a must-read health and fitness book that will ultimately guide you in achieving the most optimal version of yourself. With the help of scientifically proven strategies from the health experts, this book will unlock the maximum potential of your body. Incorporated with several effective methods to create a healthier lifestyle that fits your goals, start your journey to a healthier you! To find out more, get a copy now!



Scale: The Universal Laws of Life

by Geoffrey West

From one of the most influential scientists of our time, a dazzling exploration of the hidden laws that govern the life cycle of everything from plants and animals to the cities we live in.

Visionary physicist Geoffrey West is a pioneer in the field of complexity science, the science of emergent systems and networks. The term “complexity” can be misleading, however, because what makes West’s discoveries so beautiful is that he has found an underlying simplicity that unites the seemingly complex and diverse phenomena of living systems, including our bodies, our cities and our businesses.

Fascinated by aging and mortality, West applied the rigor of a physicist to the biological question of why we live as long as we do and no longer. The result was astonishing, and changed science: West found that despite the riotous diversity in mammals, they are all, to a large degree, scaled versions of each other. If you know the size of a mammal, you can use scaling laws to learn everything from how much food it eats per day, what its heart-rate is, how long it will take to mature, its lifespan, and so on. Furthermore, the efficiency of the mammal’s circulatory systems scales up precisely based on weight: if you compare a mouse, a human and an elephant on a logarithmic graph, you find with every doubling of average weight, a species gets 25% more efficient—and lives 25% longer. Fundamentally, he has proven, the issue has to do with the fractal geometry of the networks that supply energy and remove waste from the organism’s body.

West’s work has been game-changing for biologists, but then he made the even bolder move of exploring his work’s applicability. Cities, too, are constellations of networks and laws of scalability relate with eerie precision to them. Recently, West has applied his revolutionary work to the business world. This investigation has led to powerful insights into why some companies thrive while others fail. The implications of these discoveries are far-reaching, and are just beginning to be explored. 
Scale is a thrilling scientific adventure story about the elemental natural laws that bind us together in simple but profound ways. Through the brilliant mind of Ge


Unlocking Miracles

by Kevin Avery

Ever wondered what it truly means to confront your deepest fear and emerge stronger on the other side?

In Unlocking Miracles, you are invited into the deeply personal world of one individual’s battle against the formidable foe: cancer. This gripping account unveils the author’s initial terror upon diagnosis, a fear that had haunted their every waking moment. Yet, within the shadows of this dread, unexpected blessings emerged, revealing profound lessons about resilience, family, and the remarkable strength of the human spirit.

What unfolds is not merely a chronicle of survival, but a testament to the transformative power of life’s most challenging moments. The narrative explores the profound impact of slowing down, reassessing priorities, and rediscovering the beauty of familial bonds. By embracing a deliberate, intentional pace, the author found an unparalleled productivity and a renewed sense of purpose.

This book transcends Kevin’s individual experience, delving into the world of caregivers and family members who shared in the journey. Through their collective perspective, readers gain insight into the unwavering support system that bolsters the spirit in times of crisis.

Within the pages of this raw and unfiltered story lies a powerful message: miracles are not mere fantasies but tangible, attainable realities. It echoes the resounding truth that cancer can be overcome, and within the darkness, the brilliance of the human spirit shines brighter than ever before.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Never let fear or anger drive you, that you can look at all avenues to find the answers ( faith, alternative modalities etc ).
  • That you need to build a network of strong people who are working with you to conquer cancer.
  • That you can discover hidden gifts in an otherwise unpleasant situation, cancer can be beat!

Join Kevin on this transformative odyssey, where fear gives way to the awe-inspiring strength of the human soul. Get a copy now!



The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You

by Karen L. Brewer

In the frenzy of information and exhaustion that comes with postpartum recovery, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious.

The B.A.B.Y. Book: Best Advice for Baby & You, is an essential guide to ensure you are well-educated and confident in every aspect of your and your baby's postpartum journey. The focus extends beyond assessing pain levels and addressing challenges during your hospital stay. Karen L. Brewer, BSN, RNC-MNN believes that the more crucial task is equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the wonderful yet demanding postpartum period. Drawing from more than 20 years of postpartum nursing practice and expertise and over 25 years total of nursing practice, Karen compiled this uniquely comprehensive guide to serve as your go-to source for questions or concerns you may have along the way.

In this book, you will learn:

* What to expect to happen during your hospital stay.
* Mother's postpartum care, learning how to care for a baby.
* Pain management and tests to be completed.
* Reasoning behind what we do as health care workers.

Whether you are first-time or experienced parents, you may still need reminders and re-education regarding you and your baby's care. This reliable and comprehensive book will guide you through the postpartum path, embracing the new chapter of your life with confidence and peace of mind. This is truly a one-of-a-kind guide!



by Damon Zahariades

Break Free of Your Limitations, Achieve Spectacular Success, and Transform Your Life!

Do you feel stuck, dreaming of accomplishing great things but trapped by constraints, both real and imagined?

Do you feel you’re meant for a greater purpose but held back by invisible barriers?

Has your mindset shackled you to a life of mediocrity when you possess far more potential and deserve much more success?

If so, 
THINK BIG is for you.

breaking free of the self-imposed boundaries holding you back from achieving remarkable goals.

living without fear of what life has in store for you and instead looking forward to the opportunities it will give you.

Imagine feeling happier, more fulfilled, and 
utterly confident in overcoming obstacles and accomplishing extraordinary feats.

THINK BIG isn’t merely a book. It’s a workshop that will train you to set your sights higher, create more ambitious goals, and imagine achieving the unthinkable. It gives you all the tools to finally shed your limiting self-beliefs and rise above your self-doubt.

You’ll learn to see yourself through the lens of what is 
possible rather than what others assert is “reasonable.”

You'll discover how to change your thought patterns so you're no longer trapped by cynicism and negativity but instead fueled by 
optimism and enthusiasm.

You’ll learn how to unlock a level of thinking that will motivate and inspire you to pursue a future of 
spectacular success and accomplishments.

THINK BIG, you'll discover:

  • What it truly means to “think big” (this may surprise you)
  • The 10 biggest obstacles in your path and how to overcome them
  • How to interpret risk so that it empowers you rather than causing you to worry
  • The 8 thought patterns that can sabotage you (and how to “flip the script” on each one)
  • The most common excuses people make for their inaction and several time-proven tactics to break this self-defeating habit
  • A simple method to turn your dreams into actionable goals with milestones to track your progress
  • A 4-step blueprint for cultivating a growth mindset that spurs you to tackle challenges rather than shy away from them
  • What your narrative identity is, and how to reframe it so you have more control over your life
  • How to use failure to your advantage every time it happens

PLUS, EXERCISES: 10 custom exercises are included throughout THINK BIG. They're designed to reinforce the material and help you master each step before moving on to the next one.

Are you sick and tired of settling for less? Are you willing to challenge your limiting beliefs, break free of your mental blocks, and unabashedly pursue your ambitions? Are you ready to 
finally start living the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

Your future is unwritten. Your potential is yet to be discovered. You are on the cusp of accomplishing feats that may seem unthinkable at this moment.

It’s time to let go of your self-doubt and 
THINK BIG. Give yourself permission to unlock the life you want to lead. Allow yourself the freedom to see endless possibilities and seize opportunities.

Grab your copy of 
THINK BIG today!


Unbeatable Teens: #1 Building a Growth Mindset: Empowerment Workbook Series

by SB Wade

Find that spark in you and be unbeatable!

In "Unbeatable Teens: Empowerment Workbook Series - Building a Growth Mindset," we'll dive deep into the world of limitless possibilities and personal growth. This workbook is designed especially for teens like you, who are eager to conquer challenges, embrace failures as opportunities, and achieve their dreams.

Inside this dynamic guide, you'll find:

  • Engaging exercises and thought-provoking activities that encourage self-reflection and self-discovery.
  • Inspiring stories of real-life teen titans who have conquered obstacles and achieved incredible success.
  • Practical tips and strategies for developing resilience, persistence, and a positive attitude.
  • Fun and interactive exercises to help you set meaningful goals and track your progress.
  • With the wisdom and guidance offered in this workbook, you'll learn how to:
  • Embrace challenges as stepping stones to success.
  • Cultivate a mindset that thrives on learning and growth.
  • Develop resilience and bounce back from setbacks stronger than ever.
  • Harness the power of self-belief and determination to achieve your aspirations.

"Unbeatable Teens: Empowerment Workbook Series - Building a Growth Mindset" is your passport to a future filled with confidence, achievement, and the ability to conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

Whether you're aiming for academic excellence, personal growth, or pursuing your wildest dreams, this workbook will equip you with the tools and mindset to become an unstoppable force in your own life. Grab your copy today!



How to make the best coffee at home

by James Hoffmann

We all expect to be able to buy an excellent cup of coffee from the many brilliant coffee shops available. But what about the coffee we make at home? Shouldn't that be just as good?

Coffee guru James Hoffmann runs Square Mile Coffee, as well as creating extremely informative, and popular, kit and coffee reviews for his YouTube and Instagram channels. In his latest book he demonstrates everything you need to know to make consistently excellent coffee at home, including: what kit is worth buying, and what isn't; how to grind coffee; the basics of brewing for all major equipment (cafetiere, aeropress, stovetop etc); understanding coffee drinks, from the cortado to latte; the perfect espresso; and taking it to the next level - home roasting.


Resisting Manipulation: Embarking on a Journey Towards a Just and Ethical Society

by Michel Godet

Are you tired of being manipulated by forces that seek to control and deceive? Are you passionate about creating a world where justice and ethics prevail? Look no further than "Resisting Manipulation," a captivating book that speaks directly to your aspirations.

In this powerful work, the author takes you on a transformative journey toward understanding and combating manipulation. The book, focusing on critical thinking and rational analysis, equips you with the tools to navigate a complex world fraught with deceptive narratives.Unmask manipulation, embrace critical thinking and navigate ethical dilemmas as you rise above deception and ignite change.

Through gripping storytelling,
 "Resisting Manipulation" illuminates the pervasive corruption in society, particularly in Sweden. It explores the impact of government actions on the economy and reveals the dangers of ideological manipulation that undermine justice and ethics. The book's essence lies in unmasking manipulation, embracing critical thinking, and navigating ethical choices.

But this book is not just about unveiling the problems; it empowers you to take action. It champions personal freedom and autonomy, encouraging you to question authority and resist manipulation. By constructing your understanding of reality, you become an agent of change in pursuing a just and ethical society.

The "Resisting Manipulation" mantra encapsulates the book's essence and encourages awareness, empowerment, and action. Unleash your power, challenge manipulation, and shape a brighter future. The mantra emphasizes recognizing manipulation, cultivating critical thinking, and navigating ethical choices. It inspires individuals to rise above deception, create positive change, and contribute to a more just and moral society.

The "Resisting Manipulation" mantra empowers individuals to apply its principles in real-life situations. Individuals can unmask manipulation by critically analyzing news sources, fact-checking information, and being aware of potential biases or hidden agendas. Embracing critical thinking in professional settings involves questioning assumptions, evaluating evidence, and considering multiple perspectives. Navigating ethical dilemmas requires reflection on the consequences of actions and prioritizing justice and integrity. Rising above deception in personal relationships involves establishing healthier boundaries and maintaining authenticity. Individuals can ignite change by advocating for transparency, accountability, and justice in communities and society. Building a just and ethical society necessitates collective action in holding institutions accountable, promoting fairness, and striving for systemic change. The "Resisting Manipulation" mantra is a guiding principle, empowering individuals to actively apply its teachings and contribute to a more just and moral society.

If you are passionate about social issues, political corruption, and the pursuit of justice, "Resisting Manipulation" is a must-read. It empowers, inspires, and transforms, inviting you to embark on a transformative journey towards a just and ethical society


Fired? Afraid You Might Be?

by J Thomas Spiggle

Are you seeking clarity and empowerment when it comes to workplace rights and legal recourse? Being wrongfully treated at work is extraordinarily painful and figuring how to respond is confusing.

And that before we get into the work of employment law. Employees who are fired, or are afraid that they might be, need help. That’s what this book is for, to give people a plain English understanding of the legal tools that they can use to get control of their career.

Through the story of Matt and Lynn - two fictional characters in the book who are consulting with an Employment lawyer - the reader can begin to demystify the legal process and understand how employment lawyers think. With that knowledge, the reader can chart a path with or without hiring an attorney. And if the reader decides to talk to a lawyer, that meeting will be even more productive with the real-world perspective provided by this book.

Navigating the turbulent waters of workplace injustice can be an agonizing ordeal and leaving individuals grappling with confusion and emotional turmoil. In such challenging times, the need for guidance is paramount, and that’s precisely what this book aims to provide.

In this book, you will learn:

That she is not powerless.

That there are many steps you can take to protect your rights that do not involve filing a lawsuit.

How to determine what your case is worth.

The parts of your case that might be more valuable to you than money that sometimes even judges and attorneys forget.

How to turn a temporary career set back into a launching pad for your career.

Empowering Your Employment is your comprehensive way to regain control of your career and find clarity amidst workplace injustices. It’s a must-read for anyone seeking justice and empowerment in the complex world of employment law. Get a copy now!



Play Dumb & Sabotage

by Jeaneen Tang

Do you find yourself grappling with uncertainty when it comes to nurturing language skills in young children?

Navigate the intricate terrain of nurturing language skills in both typically developing children and those facing unique challenges, from late talkers to those with special needs. This book equips you with essential tools and proven strategies, eliminating the guesswork and empowering you to foster language proficiency with confidence.

Caregiving and teaching young children language would be easier if we were given the tools and strategies instead of having to figure it out on our own. This book will help you with developing language in young children, whether they are normal developing, late talkers, or children with special needs.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to identify areas where you over-anticipate a child's needs.
  • How we are doing children a disservice by doing so.
  • How to mindfully under-anticipate a child's needs.
  • How to create opportunities to practice language in functional ways.
  • Strategies to apply to everyday activities to help develop effective communicators.

Discover some insights, practical tips, and evidence-based techniques that empower you to create an enriching linguistic environment. Get a copy now!



Once Upon a Villa: Adventures on the French Riviera

by Andrew Kaplan

"Hilarious one moment, poignant the next... An author with ten lifetimes' worth of experiences, Kaplan has penned far more than a writer's story but an evocative and witty tour back in time to the French Riviera as most only dream of it. Clever and—best of all—true, Once Upon a Villa belongs at the top of every reader's list." – NY Times bestselling author Tosca Lee

In this wise, warm-hearted, witty, and LOL hilariously funny true account, New York Times bestselling author Andrew Kaplan tells what it’s like when he, his wife, and two-year-old son decided to chuck it all and live the fantasy in a villa by the sea in that extraordinary corner of the world – part international café society, part billionaires’ playground, part provincial France – that is the French Riviera.

Whether it’s matching wits with French bureaucracy, searching for the perfect bouillabaisse, encounters with con men, eccentric ex-pats, and Monaco’s royal family, partying with the international set on Onassis’ yacht, playing chess with a philosophical police chief, or adventures and friendships with the rich and famous and the presumably standoffish French, Once Upon a Villa will transport you to a fascinating and shrewdly-observed world that you will savor like your first-morning bite of pain au chocolate.

So pour yourself a glass of wine, open the book, and Santé!

Early Readers can't get enough of this delightfully charming memoir:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “A delightful memoir of life on the French Riviera!…It is hilarious…The writing style is very good and easy to read with lots of dialogue. It felt as though the author was having a conversation with me…” –Goodreads reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Andrew Kaplan's "Once Upon a Villa" is as a gust of fresh air… a refreshingly nuanced approach…The author's accounts of the writing process, interspersed with anecdotes that give the story its (situational) humor, made me feel as though I had been lent the very eyes writing…” –Netgalley reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “A thoroughly enjoyable work!… The lightness of the writing was perfect with the glamour of the setting and characterization…Once Upon a Villa is definitely on my list for gifts…” –Goodreads reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This is my first book by Mr Kaplan, and I enjoyed everything about it very much. First and foremost it’s hilarious…There are a couple of moments of sadness, however, the Author does a masterful job with the events and the aftermath, bringing us back to the general levity of this story…I highly recommend this book!” –Goodreads reviewer

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Once Upon a Villa is a charming memoir overflowing with notable names, tasty wines, fabulous food and interesting ex-pats…I wholeheartedly recommend this memoir! You are guaranteed a fascinating escape to the French Riviera.” –Goodreads reviewer



Public Speaking with Confidence: How to Overcome Anxiety and Deliver Unforgettable Presentations

by Philipp Humm

“This book is like having a confidence coach in your pocket! Conversational, comprehensive, and easy to implement.”

– Verity Price, 2021 World Champion of Public Speaking

Discover a proven, easy-to-follow system to feel excited about speaking in public.

You’ve probably tried to speak in public a few times before. Maybe your heart started racing, you had difficulty breathing, or you forgot what you wanted to say. You've tried a few different strategies, but nothing has really worked. It sucks, right?

I know the struggle you’re going through right now.

For years, speaking in public was the single thing I was most afraid of.

Until I discovered the techniques you’re about to learn.

In this book, you’ll master the techniques that have helped me overcome my fear of public speaking and feel excited to speak in public. They are the same techniques I used to prepare for my TEDx talk and that I taught in my workshops with companies including Google, Oracle, ASICS, Visa, Salesforce, Metlife, and EON.

Some of the exercises are a bit unconventional. Some are weird. But they’re also the most effective in helping you feel confident about speaking in public.


In this step-by-step guide, you’ll discover how to:

  • Give fewer f*cks about what other people think of you
  • Structure your presentations following an effective 9-step process
  • Turn any boring speech into a captivating performance
  • Rehearse your presentation like a professional actor
  • Get yourself into the zone with a powerful 10-minute warm-up routine


The techniques you’re about to learn have changed my life, and they’ve turned thousands of my clients into charismatic speakers.


They will help you:

  • Get promoted faster
  • Become the trusted expert in your industry
  • Close more deals
  • Teach and mentor others
  • Be the most interesting person to talk to

Are you ready to overcome your anxiety and feel excited to speak in public?

Then grab your copy of Public Speaking with Confidence and get started today.


The Ten-Day MBA 4th Ed.

by Steven Silbiger

Revised and updated to answer the challenges of a rapidly changing business world, the 4th edition of 
The Ten-Day MBA includes the latest topics taught at America's top business schools, from corporate ethics and compliance to financial planning and real estate to leadership and negotiation. With more than 400,000 copies sold around the world, this internationally acclaimed guide distills the lessons of the most popular business school courses taught at Harvard, Stanford, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and the University of Virginia. Author Steven A. Silbiger delivers research straight from the notes of real MBA students attending these top programs today—giving you the tools you need to get ahead in business and in life.


heal your relationship with money

by Kara Stevens

All of us have a money story. A story that we tell ourselves about what we can afford, what we should buy, why we shouldn’t spend, and about the real power of money.

But many of us never examine these money stories, which are the same stories that keep us living in chronic cycles of binge spending, money hoarding, and financial amnesia for our whole adult lives. These forms of financial dysfunction cripple us, erode our confidence, and leave us burdened by guilt, shame, and anxiety. They threaten to leave us financially and emotionally bankrupt if we don’t learn how to break free from the chaos and heal our relationship with money for good.Fortunately, our relationship with money does not have to be a major source of stress in our lives. In fact, our relationship with money can actually be a source of joy and provide us with peace of mind once we learn how to care of it, listen to it, and respond to the messages it sends to us.heal your relationship with money guides you through 28 days of money lessons, financial introspection, and daily “lifework” to help you examine your financial past and connect with your true financial voice.

The spiritual tools and financial guidance of heal your relationship with money allow you to rewrite your money narrative so it empowers you and transforms how you relate to your money life.



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