Who is Bailey?

Who is Bailey?

Bailey, at your Service

Bailey is the eBookHounds ebook butler.  Born on a farm in Longmont, Colorado on February 22, Bailey is a water dog and a water sign.  This lovable Pisces has a great passion for service and reading!


A Reader is Born

Like most chocolate labs, Bailey has been energetic and loyal from day one.  And, like most dogs, he was born to a big family, one that took some effort to stand out in.  He was the only chocolate pup in his litter, the rest being yellow and black.  His momma lovingly called him her little "cup of coffee" everyday.


Two things were constant in Bailey's family.  First, they were poor as dirt.  Both of Bailey's parents were service dogs, meaning they couldn't rub together two pennies to make a nickel.  Second, what his parents lacked in material wealth they more than made up for in teaching their family that service to others and education of self were the path to happiness.


In a family of eight, it was easy for Bailey to sneak away.  When his brothers and sisters were discovering the sights, sounds and smells of the farm they grew up on, Bailey was sneaking into the farmer's house to find his favorite books.  When he was discovered and chased out of the main house, he ended up scouring the thirft store or library in town to read whatever he could get his paws on.  


So, even in his first year of life, a true connoisseur of books was developing.


Then an eReader is Born

In his teenage years, around two years old, Bailey maintained the same sensitivity to the world around him as he always had.  He read books on environmental change and wondered how anything like that could possibly impact his protected vale.  When a summer drought ravged the region he lived in, his farmer owners almost lost their whole crop.  he remembered snouthing through a book called Of Mice and Men when it struck him how wasteful books printed on paper could be.  From the moment on, Bailey could only be found with an ereader and digital copies of his favorite books.


eReading Ain't Cheap

What Bailey quickly discovered was that ereading wasn't cheap.  There were no thrift stores to scour.  He couldn't borrow an ebook from a library.  Almost to the point of defeat, he came up with the idea of using the library's computers to search for the best free and discounted ebook deals around the Internet.  Success came slowly, but surely.


Now, at the mature age of six, Bailey is an expert in digging up the Internet's best free and discounted ebook deals.  He is a virtual concierge and your companion in reading.  Bailey is your ebook butler (helped by some of his friends below and across the website!)



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