Children's and Middle Grade

Children's and Middle Grade

Getting your kids to read--a perpetual battle, right?  Your goal, then, is to always find the next excellent ebook in a genre they will love to read. And, what is better than finding ebooks for them that they can read on their electronic devices, such as their phones, Kindles or Nooks?  Authors in our Children's and Middle Grade genre want to help you with your kids, and they want to help you with your budget, too.  They will always offer their ebooks to you for free or discounted.


Definition of the "Children's and Middle Grade Genre": Children who are reading these ebooks are still at the stage of their life where they are focused inward.  They are figuring themselves out (a process that shouldn't stop just because we grow older), and so they focus what they want to read on that stage of their lives.  While characters in the Children's and Middle Grade genre grow during the stories, the growth is internal by nature. Ebooks in this genre typically focus on friendship, as children are working out what it makes to be a responsible friend to others, and what they look for in friends themselves.


Some bestselling ebooks in the Children's and Middle Grade genre are Katherine Applegate (The One and Only Ivan), R.J. Palacio (Wonder), Jacqueline Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming), and Sharon Draper (Out of My Mind).

The Claustrophobic Gopher

by Charles Weeden

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Gopher Junior or “GJ”, the timid gopher who's afraid of tunnels and tight spaces.

In The Claustrophobic Gopher, developers threaten to destroy the beloved forest, and it's up to GJ to face his fears and take action. Packed with surprising twists and delightful friendships, this engaging children's book will keep young readers eagerly flipping the pages. Join GJ on his quest for a larger purpose, as he transforms himself and bravely halts the bulldozer's destruction. Discover the power of courage, resilience, and self-discovery in this heartwarming must-read that's sure to captivate young minds.

An excerpt from The Claustrophobic Gopher:

“Hurry, hurry, GJ, we’re not safe until we’re underground.”
“But Mommy.”
“Please realize how dangerous it is for gophers. Bigger animals want to eat us, and the mean gardener sets traps to catch us.”
“But Mommy.”
“Here, now quickly, down our gopher hole.”
“But, Mommy, our home is so dark and tight. Why can’t I stay outside? I want to breathe the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun!”
“No more buts unless it is your little butt in front of me running down the hole. Now!”

Once safely inside, Mommy plugs the hole, and they are safe. She loves her little tunnel home. It is right below a vegetable garden and, in fact, some of the vegetables actually grow down into their front tunnel. Often as Mommy or GJ crawl through the tunnel, they take a bite of a carrot, a beet or potato. They call it ‘tuber eats.’


Ranger Academy: Shadow of the Tyrant King

by PM Johnson

A wonderful adventure that everyone from middle graders to adults will enjoy!

Enter a world of Magic and Adventure full of remarkable creatures and breathtaking beauty. But there is danger, too. Can Jack and his friends defeat the forces of darkness and prevent the return of the Tyrant King?

“A darkness is creeping into the Faewald. Trolls, ogres, and goblins have descended from the high passes of the Dragon’s Teeth Mountains. Drek war parties dare to raid our borders, sometimes in the company of jackalwytes."

Jack Sawyer is a skinny boy, undersized, and as graceful as a giraffe on roller skates. Unnoticed by everyone at Stoneybrook Middle School, except for a trio of bullies and a few fellow misfits, Jack trudges through the school year like it’ a prison sentence.

Jack knows many things, like the names of all the state capitals and how to tell an agate from a plain old rock. But there’s much he doesn’t know. For example, he doesn’t know how to shoot sparks by snapping his fingers or ride a galloping horse through the mud and over fences. And he 
really doesn’t know how to hurl a spear, wield a sword, or track mythical creatures through a magical forest.

But that all changes when one day he discovers he can somehow levitate a basketball and send it flying around the school gymnasium. That’s when he feels the Quickening, and with it a whole new world opens up for him. To harness his new abilities, Jack must go to Ranger Academy in a magical place called the Midwald where he spends the whole summer concocting potions, racing horses, tracking fierce creatures, and battling monsters.

It will be the summer of a lifetime - if he survives.


Ned Bear and The Dirty Whisker Curse

by A. B. Roveen

In a world where magic is gone…

Ned is a grizzly bear trained for fighting wars. But he doesn’t want to fight anymore. He’d much rather live a life of exploration and leisure. So one day he ventures out beyond his village to the city of Wexlin.

The world is a wondrous place and he soon happens upon a group of pirates searching for a great treasure lost at sea. Maybe Ned can find fulfillment in joining them on their quest. It certainly sounds fun. The only problem is Ned is afraid of the ocean.

That’s actually the least of his worries. Many deadly trials and troubles await aboard the Ironwill, the pirates’ ship. As it turns out, maybe Ned isn’t quite done fighting. And what will he do when a method to restore the world's magic is discovered?

Find out in Ned Bear and the Dirty Whisker Curse.

Featuring a main character who is a bear, this fantasy read is perfect for kids and adults who like animals. And don’t forget pirates. Follow Ned’s adventure as he strives to be the unwitting hero of the Land.


The Flower Disaster: A Funny Book for Kids That Grows Character (Faith-Building Chapter Books 1)

by Kim Ramos

Discover a Heartwarming, Faith-Building Adventure!

Are you searching for a captivating book that not only entertains your kids but also nurtures their faith in a practical way? Look no further! Because The Flower Disaster is a delightful realistic fiction story specially crafted for children aged 6-10. Packed with humor, lovable characters, and quick action, this faith-building story brings Bible truths to life, making them relatable and applicable for the little ones.

For Kids

Join the exciting journey of our endearing characters and learn valuable life lessons that will stay with you forever! As you flip through the pages, featuring black-and-white illustrations, you'll discover:

  • How to Get Along: Find out why avoiding arguments with siblings and friends is essential for happy relationships.
  • Hear From God: Stop and listen as God speaks to you through His Word and prayer, presenting creative solutions to your problems.
  • Hold onto Faith: Embrace the faith that leads you through even the most challenging times, knowing that God has a good plan for your life.

This book is crafted just for you, a book kids can read by themselves! Dive into the adventurous world of The Flower Disaster and watch as your faith grows alongside the lovable characters.

For Moms

We understand the desire to pass on your faith to your kids while equipping them with practical tools to apply these principles in everyday life. The Flower Disaster offers a unique opportunity for you to:

  • Share Joyful Moments: Read this faith-building story aloud together and share laughter over the funny situations the characters find themselves in.
  • Open Conversations: Talk about Bible principles presented in the book, creating an environment for discussing faith and values.
  • Safe Role Models: Rejoice in the positive role models showcased in the story, setting an example of how to navigate life's challenges by trusting God.
  • Rekindle Memories: Share your own experiences when God intervened miraculously, fostering a stronger bond with your children.
  • Double the Fun: If you're looking for a children's book featuring twins, then this book is definitely for you!

Parents and Kids Together

The Flower Disaster is more than just a children's book; it's an interactive experience that instantly stirs the faith of both parents and kids. It’s the perfect book for Christian families, offering an engaging read that promotes faith, character-building, and a deeper connection with God.

  • Practical Guidance: Witness practical instructions on how to hear from God and see these lessons modeled by the characters.
  • Relax and Enjoy: Rest assured that your kids will learn to apply faith in their lives, even in the most challenging situations.
  • Build Character: This faith-building story helps kids build character by applying the book's principles to their everyday problems.

Get The Flower Disaster now and witness the heartwarming transformation as faith blooms in the hearts of your kids. This faith-building story will surely leave a lasting impact on your family's hearts and minds.

PLUS A FUN, FREE GIFT FOR YOU! Word finds, mazes, and coloring pages! Get a free sample of The Flower Disaster Activity Book. Details inside the book.

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Interactive Letter Tracing Book: Innovative approach

by Victoria Stroncea

�� 4 Books in One! This unique program, carefully crafted by top experts in teaching and psychology, is based on the latest methods.
1. Brain-Boosting Neuro-Gymnastics Exercises book
2. Neat Handwriting and Concentration Pre-Writing Book
3. Handwriting Improvement Tracing Book
4. Memory-Enhancing Games and Puzzle Book
Your child will enjoy a wide range of benefits and achieve remarkable results in:

  • Improving Fine Motor Skills
  • Enhancing Optical Control
  • Boosting Attention and Concentration
  • Developing Accuracy and Perseverance
  • Enhancing Memory
  • Preparing for Writing
  • Improving Handwriting
  • Stimulating Cognitive Development
  • Fostering Neural Connections
  • Providing Comprehensive Education
  • Nurturing Imagination Development

�� We have structured the learning process into four distinct parts, each serving a specific purpose.
�� Firstly, we focus on developing the child's brain to make learning easier for them. This is achieved through neuropsychological exercises.
�� Secondly, we acquaint your child with the letter itself.
✏️ Thirdly, we focus on preparatory work and guide your child in drawing the lines and curves that compose the letter.
✍️ Lastly, we delve into the direct writing of the letter.
More about you can find out if you delve into the "looking inside" option of this book.
❗️❗️However, even with our carefully designed approach, your personal involvement is essential. Your child is not yet capable of independently reading and comprehending the tasks at hand. This is where your support becomes invaluable.
Recommended age: 5+



Ursula: A Yosemite Bear (Ursula, a Yosemite Trilogy Book 1)

by Weeden Minor

Join Ursula, a curious and adventurous Yosemite bear, on a thrilling trilogy through the beautiful wilderness of Yosemite National Park.

The Yosemite bear Ursula befriends a group of hikers and discovers the importance of protecting her home from harm. She must use her bravery and quick thinking to save her forest from a raging wildfire. Ursula also uncovers a mystery about the Miwok people, the original inhabitants of the park, and must work with her friends to solve it.

This exciting book is filled with action, friendship, and important lessons about the environment, the history of the indigenous Miwok people and their land, and Yosemite National Park.

Follow Ursula on her exciting journey through Yosemite National Park in a trilogy perfect for young readers ages 8 to 15, who love animals and adventure!

An excerpt from Ursula, A Yosemite Bear:

Ursula opens her eyes. She stares at the ceiling of the cave where she’s been hibernating with Mommy and Daddy since early December. She wants to get up and explore but Mommy’s arm is across her body. While Ursula wonders how to wiggle out without waking her parents, she notices a drop of water forming on the ceiling.

This is something new. Where is the water coming from? The drop gets bigger and bigger until it lets go and plops right on Daddy’s ear. His ear twitches and Ursula hears a faint tinkling from the plastic tag on his left ear.

She thinks back to the day in October when Daddy came home with the tag and how sad Mommy was. Ursula told Mommy that she wanted a tag too but that made Mommy even more upset.

As Ursula lies in bed, other memories from last year come back to her. She recalls how much fun she had with her friends swimming in the Merced River, playing with the butterflies in Yosemite’s meadows, and stealing food from the tourists.

As she thinks about her friends and wonders how they are, another drop of water forms. This time it drops right into Daddy’s ear. His ear twitches, the tag tinkles and Daddy groans and turns over. His turn squeezes Mommy who then shifts and moves her arm. Ursula is free! She slips out of the bed.



I Am Different, The Same As You

by Deborah OKon

A Children's Book Celebrating Diversity, Inclusion, and Empathy

Step into a world of wonder and discovery with I Am Different, The Same As You, a captivating children's book that ignites young hearts with the power of acceptance, compassion, and the celebration of differences. This extraordinary tale weaves together enchanting storytelling and vibrant illustrations to create an immersive experience that will inspire children to embrace diversity, foster empathy, and cultivate a genuine understanding of others.

In a society that needs more stories that promote acceptance and inclusion, I Am Different, The Same As You stands as a beacon of hope. With its relatable characters and engaging narrative, this remarkable book transcends boundaries and connects with children from all walks of life. It's a transformative journey that sparks conversations about the value of empathy, the beauty of diversity, and the joy that blossoms when we embrace each other's unique qualities.

From the very first page, children will be captivated by the adventures of Harlow, Allen, and Olive—three extraordinary friends with differing abilities—who embark on an unforgettable expedition to the river. As they encounter a diverse cast of animal friends, each showcasing their own special talents, the children learn the profound truth that being different is not only okay but a cause for celebration.

I Am Different, The Same As You is a testament to the power of storytelling and its ability to shape young minds. It fosters a sense of belonging, teaches the importance of compassion, and sparks a curiosity that inspires children to look beyond appearances and see the richness of the human experience. With its valuable themes of acceptance, inclusion, and the appreciation of differences, this book becomes an invaluable tool for parents, educators, and caregivers in instilling core values of empathy and respect.

Let I Am Different, The Same As You be the catalyst that sparks meaningful conversations and creates a lasting impact on young readers. In a world that craves diversity and understanding, this poignant tale offers a doorway to a brighter future—a future where children embrace each other's differences, stand up against prejudice, and build a world of compassion and acceptance.

As you embark on this extraordinary journey with Harlow, Allen, and Olive, be prepared to witness the transformative power of a book that fosters empathy, celebrates diversity, and instills in children the understanding that we are all connected, despite our differences. I Am Different, The Same As You is not just a children's book; it's a catalyst for change, an instrument of love, and an invitation to embrace the beauty of our shared humanity

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Middle School Success for the Uniquely-Wired Child

by Ali Sims

When It Comes to Your Child’s Education, Don’t Take No For an Answer

More than six million children in America have been diagnosed with ADHD; one out of 100 has autism. Sadly, many of them are getting left behind.

If you’re the loving parent of a child with autism, attention deficit disorder, or other special needs, you’re not alone. Although your journey may feel like a lonely one. Ali Sims should know. As a teacher, she observed which parents received support from the school system and which families did not. This insight helped her quickly determine the best approach for her two uniquely-wired children.

Now, Ali shares her most successful strategies in a simple 7-step framework to help you avoid unnecessary heartache and drama.

Discover how to:

✓ Uncover your child’s gifts and proactively cultivate them

✓ Maintain positive relationships with teachers, staff and administrators

✓ Deal effectively with bullying

✓ Get the extra support your uniquely-wired student needs

✓ Reign in the negative influence of peers, especially social media

This book will leave you feeling instantly empowered and equipped with everything you need to help your child thrive in middle school and beyond. You have more control over your kid’s school journey than you think.

Finally, a comprehensive guide for parents navigating the unique challenges of raising middle schoolers with ADHD, autism, or other special needs. Drawing on the latest research and the author's own experiences as both a parent and school teacher, this book offers practical strategies and new tools to help your middle school child succeed.

You can uncover your child's gifts and use them to their advantage while also addressing their unique challenges. You'll learn how to advocate for your child in the school system and how to work effectively with teachers and administrators. You'll also find practical tips for managing homework and school projects, improving social skills, and dealing with common behavior challenges.

The book is divided into seven easy-to-follow steps, each designed to help you understand your child's needs and create a supportive environment for their success. From identifying your child's strengths to developing a customized plan for their middle school years, Middle School Success for the Uniquely-Wired Child provides a roadmap for parents seeking to help their child reach their personal best.

Whether your child has ADHD, autism, or another special need, you’ll have a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to help your child thrive in middle school and beyond. With the right tools and support, any student can succeed.

Plus find out how to get your FREE copy of the audiobook edition.

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Chickens Don't Swim! (A Lily Saves the Day Book Book 4)

by Laura Willingham

After Lily, a young chicken, realizes she's not a natural born swimmer, she becomes resourceful and finds a creative way to swim.

Story takeaways:

Being adventurous can have its mishaps, but completing the goal can be rewarding.

When there's a will, there's a way!


Constellations for Kids

by Aniela Publications

Are you ready to impress your friends & family with amazing knowledge & exciting tales of the constellations?! If so, keep reading…

Have you ever looked up at the night sky & imagined what might be out there? You’re not alone! People have been wondering that for thousands of years.


Technology like telescopes & space shuttles are quite new, so before we could really investigate space, people would make up stories about what they thought was up there. Some people saw heroes & monsters made out of stars & would tell stories about them.

This book is going to tell you all about the wonderful things floating around above your head & teach you how to find some of the planets & special stars from your bedroom window. (It’s exploding with fun pictures to help you visualize them, too.)


It’s also packed with legendary tales about the constellations, like how the constellation of Hercules shows him wrestling the monster Hydra or how Pegasus–a magical flying horse with wings–was the only animal that could carry Zeus’s lightning bolts without getting hurt!


Discovering constellations doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t own a telescope. You can even find them by using your hands!

Try this HANDY (pun fully intended) tip to help you find the stars:


  1. Straighten your arm out in front of you & make your hand into a fist. The distance from your first knuckle (don’t count the thumb) to your fourth knuckle is 10 degrees.
  2. Now spread out only your thumb & pinkie finger. The distance from tip to tip is 25 degrees. (If you hold up just your pinkie finger by itself, the width of it is 1 degree.)


This will help you navigate the night sky to find the constellations in this book!


Did You Know:

  • There are some stars you can see from Canada that will never be seen from Australia!
  • Or that Jupiter, the largest planet, has 80 moons!
  • Or that one day on Venus lasts as long as 6,000 hours! (That means 1 day of school would last over 8 months!)


You’ll discover:

  • Why the ancient Romans are responsible for our galaxy being named after a chocolate bar!
  • Why your parents might be receiving messages from space when traveling!
  • The incredible trick to see how far apart objects in space are just by using your own hand!
  • The amazing star that the dinosaurs would have been able to see millions of years ago
  • Why sticking a pencil through an orange can help you visualize how the earth spins
  • Incredible tales behind the constellations that your friends at school won’t believe!
  • How to master the constellations for any season!
  • The planet that’s not home to aliens—but robots!
  • What the Ancient Egyptians designed their pyramids to point to
  • Why you should get your camera ready for the year 2061
  • Why the moon’s gravity could be a surfer’s best friend!
  • The best time to see incredible events in the sky!
  • How to see a meteor shower every minute
  • Which fruit to shine a flashlight on to help you visualize moon phases
  • An in-depth glossary so you can quickly understand the cool words inside

& much more!


From the giant Virgo to the much smaller Corona Borealis, you will discover all the tips & tricks to finding the constellations, as well as some amazing facts that will make you sound like a professional astronomer. There are so many things in space to explore that not even scientists know exactly what is out there. Who knows what they (or you!) will discover in the future?


So, if you want to master the night skies & discover amazing knowledge & tales that will leave your friends scratching their heads, scroll up & click Add to Cart.



St. Patrick's Jokes Book for Kids

by The Book Jokers

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with this collection of hilarious jokes! This book is perfect for children ages 8-12 and is filled with funny riddles, tongue twisters, and puns that will have them laughing for hours.

Kids will learn about the history of the Irish holiday, as well as some of the most beloved Irish folklore. With funny illustrations and a variety of jokes, this book will be sure to put a smile on anyone's face! Perfect for reading aloud in the classroom or at home, this St. Patrick's Day Jokes book is sure to bring joy to your family.

"St. Patrick's Jokes Book for Kids: Shamrock Shenanigans" is an absolutely delightful book that is perfect for children of all ages. This book is packed with clean and clever jokes and puns related to St. Patrick's Day, which are sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The jokes are written in a fun and engaging way that kids will easily understand, making it a great resource for parents and educators who want to entertain and educate children at the same time. The illustrations are also fun and colorful, adding to the overall appeal of the book.

Here are good reasons to buy this book:

  • This book brings the humor and joy of St. Patrick's Day to life for children.
  • The jokes are not only funny, but they also provide a fun way for children to learn about Irish culture and traditions
  • It's clear that the author has put a lot of thought and care into creating a book that is both entertaining and educational.
  • Overall, "St. Patrick's Jokes Book for Kids: Shamrock Shenanigans" is an excellent addition to any child's bookshelf.
  • It's a fun and lighthearted book that will provide hours of entertainment for children.
  • It helps children develop their sense of humor and appreciation for language

We highly recommend this book to parents, educators, and anyone looking for a fun way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day with kids. Get your copy today!



Mystery and Detective Stories for Kids

by Elizabeth Hewitt

Allow Your Little Detective to Go On Exciting Adventures Filled With Brain-Teasing Mysteries With These Mystery Short Stories for Kids! - The Best Way to Boost Their Reading Skills, Encourage Critical Thinking, and Teach Them to Problem Solve

Do your kids love a good mystery?

Are they curious little ones who love to get to the bottom of things?

Have your kids been looking for a fun new activity to keep them busy for hours?

Then they're going to love Mystery Stories for Kids!

These tales are packed with suspense and intrigue, perfect for keeping young minds entertained. With two different parts, there's something for everyone in this book.

They’ll be able to follow along with the characters and try to solve the mysteries themselves. Plus, there are some fantasy and paranormal stories thrown in for good measure.

Allow their imagination to run wild as they go through these short stories specially designed to be easy to follow for children. The mysteries are also just the perfect difficulty so that kids of all ages will be able to enjoy them!

We know that reading is an important skill for kids, and what better way to get them interested in reading than with a fun mystery book? Not to mention, mysteries are a great way to help kids learn how to think critically and problem solve.

With plenty of solve-them-yourself mysteries to go through, interesting characters, and thrilling plots, these stories are sure to keep your little ones captivated from beginning to end.

So, what are you waiting for?

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The Growth Mindset Workbook

by DaddiLife Books

Set your children up for future success by cultivating a growth mindset to help them achieve their goals.

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible.’ Audrey Hepburn.

Is traditional learning enough on its own for children to succeed in an ever changing world? A growth mindset for kids helps broaden their ability to learn new things. The Growth Mindset Workbook is a fun and engaging workbook that’s packed with awesome activities, creative exercises, and a 7-day growth mindset journal to help your child train their growing brain, and develop problem-solving skills through practice and repetition.

In this growth mindset book by DaddiLife Books, the writers and dads at the award-winning platform have worked with early years teachers to ensure kids aged 6-12 know how to nurture an awesome "can-do" attitude and celebrate mistakes as a path to success.

The Growth Mindset Workbook includes:

  • 60 creative activities - that get kids to understand how their brains work, to dream big, and transforms problem-solving into engaging exercises.
  • A 7 Day Growth Mindset Journal - that both boys and girls can use to put their learnings into real world action.
  • Child focussed - with success stories and concepts so that school children aged 6-12 will gain the positivity that benefits them throughout their personal and professional lives ahead, way beyond school. This book has exercises that not only develops growth mindset through writing, but also through drawing and coloring.

Your children will gain:

  • Fun (and rewarding) work that also reassures them that perfection isn’t always possible, and mistakes and stumbles are opportunities to change and grow for the better.
  • Lots of everyday examples and simple exercises. This growth mindset for kids book is a great way to teach them that they can take on just about anything with effort and encouragement.
  • Their own pathway to overcome of their own challenges and work on their goals - it's like having a growth mindset coach.

Parents and Carers will benefit from:

  • Learning how to encourage a growth mindset with their children, in everyday circumstances.
  • Working with your child in specially designed activities that show why flexibility and adaptability are key, that “not yet” can mean “someday” and much, much more!
  • A different form of connection and communication with your child, built around the power of mindset specifically.

The Growth Mindset Workbook is your essential tool for setting developing brains free of one-dimensional thinking and expanding their endless possibilities.

If you’re ready for your child to have an enchanting journey in education through creative exercises and actionable advice for building faith in themselves, then click the ‘Buy Now button and start expanding their minds now.



Fluffy's Christmas Gift

by Charles W. Page MD


This kids Christmas book helps you see the holidays through the eyes of a tree decoration. Fluffy, a handmade ornament, wants to hang by the tree star and climb higher on the tree. On his journey up the tree the snowman faces many setbacks:

  • Hurtful words and criticism
  • Loneliness, fear, and disappointment
  • Pain from being broken apart

When Fluffy finally gets to the tree top, he learns new things about himself as he turns his gaze to the baby Jesus sleeping in the manger. In his transforming journey, the broken snowman learns about the meaning and purpose in his life challenges.

In this inspirational holiday children’s picture book, you and your youngster will learn:

  • To see the opportunities in life's obstacles.
  • How setbacks can work out for a higher purpose.
  • To put criticism, conflict, and bullies in perspective.
  • To have courage when facing difficulties.

For many people, the holidays brings loneliness, regret, and anxiousness. This kid's Christmas book may be for you or a loved one if your looking for:

  • An inspirational read aloud for parents and children
  • An encouraging kids gift for Christmas
  • A picture book helping readers look beyond their life challenges and experience transformation.

The illustrations in this children's Christmas tree book were hand drawn by Kara Bazley. Dr. Chuck, the author, is a practicing surgeon who has walked alongside people in their most challenging life experiences. He is the father of five fabulous children and the host of Spoonful of Courage TV.

If you're willing, click on the read-inside option and watch a free read aloud video.


What Good Luck Bad Luck

by Alex Horner

This superb book's message is to respect and love yourself- no matter what. Everyone is worthy of being loved. Acceptance of self is so important, and at times hard. The important question many ask is- am I good enough? This book answers that question with an unqualified YES! Diversity should be respected and everyone should be accepted for who they are. It feels so good to hear someone say, "I believe in you." It is a matter of high importance to believe in yourself. This is a great book for teaching children about self-esteem. Children will love this story and find it relatable. This fun book for ages 3-9 teaches children about how to appreciate what they already have instead of being jealous of what others have. Children will enjoy being reminded to choose themselves instead of wishing to be like someone else. The concepts are taught in a simple and direct way that children can understand. It is a serious theme that is taught in a delightful manner. It is fun to view the illustrations and read about the characters in this meaningful book about self-esteem and appreciation. It is a great message for all children and well worth discussing with them. It is important to teach children about character building, and to reinforce the concept of acceptance of self and of others, and of self worth. It is a profound theme that is told in a captivating and humorous way.


Luna the Dog Saves Frank the Frog: A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book For Parents And Their Kids.

by R.T. Torres

When Mother takes away Luna’s friend Frank, Luna darts into action.

Kids between the ages of 5 to 7 years old will most enjoy this funny humor-filled children's picture book about a dog that is extremely fun to read aloud; that's what it's made for!

In this classic tale of one friend attempting to rescue another, we root for Luna the dog and hope she can save Frank the Frog from an untimely flush down the drain.

Bonus! See the full video of the book on the eBook page, or on the author's page.


I Will Miss You: A Children's Picture Book to Help Kids Cope with the Death of a Loved One

by Ben King

This book doesn't specify who has passed. It could be a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, friend, or any other loved one, even a pet.

The loss of a loved one can be tough for anyone to deal with. This children’s picture book is to help young kids cope with the death of a loved one.

The last two pages are intended for kids to write or draw a picture of their favorite memories in the actual book.


Who is the Most Important Person in the World?

by John I. Rigoli

"You are the most important person in the world!"

What if we said this to children every day?

Yin Yin comes from a faraway land. Everything around her feels strange and foreign. She sits by herself and watches other kids play, feeling like she doesn't belong.

But, what if someone said to her: "You are perfect the way you are"?

"Who is the most important person in the world?" touches on diversity, self-love, and belonging. It encourages children to embrace themselves as they are - and happiness will follow. With the addition of lovely new illustrations, you and your kids will read this sweet story over and over again.


DBT Workbook For Kids

by Barrett Huang

Empower your child’s emotional growth and help them explore their feelings with this complete Dialectal Behavior Therapy workbook for kids!

Bursting with a ton of fun and straightforward exercises that inspire children to think about their feelings, this practical Dialectal Behavior Therapy guide offers an engaging way for parents to help their kids cope with stress and navigate times of emotional difficulty. Balancing a warm and lively approach with proven psychological insights and a collection of easy worksheets, the DBT Workbook for Kids breaks down complex topics into simple language that children of all ages can understand.

Perfect for parents and educators who want to help children that often feel anxious, scared, or overwhelmed by life, this enjoyable workbook offers a selection of easy exercises and techniques that kids can use to better recognize their emotions, leading them on their path to personal growth and development. Combining fun stories and visual workbook-style assessments with easy-to-understand concepts, parents can feel confident that they’re equipping their children with DBT tools that will last them for a lifetime.

Covering the value of maintaining healthy boundaries, the amazing power of mindfulness and affirmations, and a wealth of techniques to overcome nervousness, stress, fear, social anxiety and more, the DBT Workbook for Kids is an invaluable tool that will benefit young boys and girls on their journey to a happier, calmer, and more emotionally stable life.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • Breaking Down Anxiety – What Does It Really Mean?
  • A Fun Guide To The World of Dialectal Behavior Therapy
  • Engaging Stories, Quizzes, Exercises and Plenty of Inspiring Quotes
  • Powerful Techniques For Overcoming Fears, Phobias, PTSD and Panic Disorders
  • DBT Tips For Managing OCD, Selective Mutism, and Repetitive Behaviors
  • The Surprising Ways Dialectal Behavior Therapy Can Help Parents
  • And So Much More!

No matter what kind of issues your child is currently facing, the tried-and-tested lessons inside this guide will encourage and inspire them to step beyond their comfort zone and gain a deeper awareness of their feelings. With bonus tips for parents, the DBT Workbook for Kids seeks to be an essential tool for any caregiver or educator who wants to help their child grow into a happy, thriving, and emotionally successful adult.

Are you ready to inspire your child with DBT? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!


We’re Going Green! | If Not You, Then Who?

by Emberli Pridham

A Picture Book for Kids Interested in the Environment. Ages 4-9

Can one invention make a difference? The Inventor’s Fair is finally here and this year’s theme is Going Green! 
Noah has been tinkering for weeks and he's finally ready to show everyone what he has come up with. Join Noah and the rest of the Young Inventor’s Club to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place. From solar energy to water conservation, the children of the Young Inventors Club explore the bright future of conscious environmental practices, and how every family can participate.

If you like fun, informative, and factual kid's books like The Magic School Bus, then you'll love the new STEM series If Not You, Then Who?, a recent Amazon bestseller. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels. Younger children will relate to the main storyline, while older children will enjoy diving into the backstory of the inventions. All children will be invited to imagine their own creations.

If Not You, Then Who? aims to teach children about the inventions and patents in everyday life, inspiring them to create their own. This series aims to show that no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small to succeed. Available in both Kindle and hardcover formats. Spark your child's curiosity and imagination now!



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