Children's and Middle Grade

Children's and Middle Grade

Getting your kids to read--a perpetual battle, right?  Your goal, then, is to always find the next excellent ebook in a genre they will love to read. And, what is better than finding ebooks for them that they can read on their electronic devices, such as their phones, Kindles or Nooks?  Authors in our Children's and Middle Grade genre want to help you with your kids, and they want to help you with your budget, too.  They will always offer their ebooks to you for free or discounted.


Definition of the "Children's and Middle Grade Genre": Children who are reading these ebooks are still at the stage of their life where they are focused inward.  They are figuring themselves out (a process that shouldn't stop just because we grow older), and so they focus what they want to read on that stage of their lives.  While characters in the Children's and Middle Grade genre grow during the stories, the growth is internal by nature. Ebooks in this genre typically focus on friendship, as children are working out what it makes to be a responsible friend to others, and what they look for in friends themselves.


Some bestselling ebooks in the Children's and Middle Grade genre are Katherine Applegate (The One and Only Ivan), R.J. Palacio (Wonder), Jacqueline Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming), and Sharon Draper (Out of My Mind).

Luna the Dog Saves Frank the Frog: A Funny Read Aloud Picture Book For Parents And Their Kids.

by R.T. Torres

When Mother takes away Luna’s friend Frank, Luna darts into action.

Kids between the ages of 5 to 7 years old will most enjoy this funny humor-filled children's picture book about a dog that is extremely fun to read aloud; that's what it's made for!

In this classic tale of one friend attempting to rescue another, we root for Luna the dog and hope she can save Frank the Frog from an untimely flush down the drain.

Bonus! See the full video of the book on the eBook page, or on the author's page.


I Will Miss You: A Children's Picture Book to Help Kids Cope with the Death of a Loved One

by Ben King

This book doesn't specify who has passed. It could be a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, friend, or any other loved one, even a pet.

The loss of a loved one can be tough for anyone to deal with. This children’s picture book is to help young kids cope with the death of a loved one.

The last two pages are intended for kids to write or draw a picture of their favorite memories in the actual book.


Who is the Most Important Person in the World?

by John I. Rigoli

"You are the most important person in the world!"

What if we said this to children every day?

Yin Yin comes from a faraway land. Everything around her feels strange and foreign. She sits by herself and watches other kids play, feeling like she doesn't belong.

But, what if someone said to her: "You are perfect the way you are"?

"Who is the most important person in the world?" touches on diversity, self-love, and belonging. It encourages children to embrace themselves as they are - and happiness will follow. With the addition of lovely new illustrations, you and your kids will read this sweet story over and over again.


DBT Workbook For Kids

by Barrett Huang

Empower your child’s emotional growth and help them explore their feelings with this complete Dialectal Behavior Therapy workbook for kids!

Bursting with a ton of fun and straightforward exercises that inspire children to think about their feelings, this practical Dialectal Behavior Therapy guide offers an engaging way for parents to help their kids cope with stress and navigate times of emotional difficulty. Balancing a warm and lively approach with proven psychological insights and a collection of easy worksheets, the DBT Workbook for Kids breaks down complex topics into simple language that children of all ages can understand.

Perfect for parents and educators who want to help children that often feel anxious, scared, or overwhelmed by life, this enjoyable workbook offers a selection of easy exercises and techniques that kids can use to better recognize their emotions, leading them on their path to personal growth and development. Combining fun stories and visual workbook-style assessments with easy-to-understand concepts, parents can feel confident that they’re equipping their children with DBT tools that will last them for a lifetime.

Covering the value of maintaining healthy boundaries, the amazing power of mindfulness and affirmations, and a wealth of techniques to overcome nervousness, stress, fear, social anxiety and more, the DBT Workbook for Kids is an invaluable tool that will benefit young boys and girls on their journey to a happier, calmer, and more emotionally stable life.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll find inside:

  • Breaking Down Anxiety – What Does It Really Mean?
  • A Fun Guide To The World of Dialectal Behavior Therapy
  • Engaging Stories, Quizzes, Exercises and Plenty of Inspiring Quotes
  • Powerful Techniques For Overcoming Fears, Phobias, PTSD and Panic Disorders
  • DBT Tips For Managing OCD, Selective Mutism, and Repetitive Behaviors
  • The Surprising Ways Dialectal Behavior Therapy Can Help Parents
  • And So Much More!

No matter what kind of issues your child is currently facing, the tried-and-tested lessons inside this guide will encourage and inspire them to step beyond their comfort zone and gain a deeper awareness of their feelings. With bonus tips for parents, the DBT Workbook for Kids seeks to be an essential tool for any caregiver or educator who wants to help their child grow into a happy, thriving, and emotionally successful adult.

Are you ready to inspire your child with DBT? Then scroll up and grab your copy now!


We’re Going Green! | If Not You, Then Who?

by Emberli Pridham

A Picture Book for Kids Interested in the Environment. Ages 4-9

Can one invention make a difference? The Inventor’s Fair is finally here and this year’s theme is Going Green! 
Noah has been tinkering for weeks and he's finally ready to show everyone what he has come up with. Join Noah and the rest of the Young Inventor’s Club to learn about the different ways we can all go green and make the world a better place. From solar energy to water conservation, the children of the Young Inventors Club explore the bright future of conscious environmental practices, and how every family can participate.

If you like fun, informative, and factual kid's books like The Magic School Bus, then you'll love the new STEM series If Not You, Then Who?, a recent Amazon bestseller. The books are fun to read for both adults and children and can be read on multiple levels. Younger children will relate to the main storyline, while older children will enjoy diving into the backstory of the inventions. All children will be invited to imagine their own creations.

If Not You, Then Who? aims to teach children about the inventions and patents in everyday life, inspiring them to create their own. This series aims to show that no dream is too big, and no dreamer is too small to succeed. Available in both Kindle and hardcover formats. Spark your child's curiosity and imagination now!


Jerry the Squirrel: Volume One

by Shawn P. B. Robinson

Jerry the Squirrel loves inventing… and he’s pretty good at it. What he’s not good at, however, is making sure his inventions only do what he wants them to do.
Join Jerry the Squirrel in this fun set of short stories as his Nut Harvester turns into a Nut Cannon, as his Ear Plugs turn into Megaphones, and as his Automatic Slippers turn on every Squirrel in the village!
Laugh together during bedtime reading or leave your young readers to enjoy these fun, family-friendly stories on their own. These tales are sure to captivate young readers and leave them wanting more.
If you love fun stories, this series starter is sure to pull you in!
Order your copy now and get ready for ten exciting adventures!

“I've never read anything quite like it before. The tongue-in-cheek humor and squirrel protagonists in a slightly off kilter fantasy world is like a delightful combination of Terry Prachett's Discworld series meets Watership Down.” Rebecca, Amazon Reviewer.
“Excellent children's story that this adult loved! I read the second book and then purchased this book even after receiving it as an ARC free from the author because it is that good.” Patricia, Amazon Reviewer.
“A story great for bed time. 5 stars to the author for making me laugh…” Issy, Amazon Reviewer.
“This book of short stories about Jerry the Squirrel and his madcap inventing escapades made me laugh and smile a lot. They are very daft, but very enjoyable too.” Lolah, Amazon Reviewer.
“I read it out loud to my son and he loved it!” Lady Lark, Amazon Reviewer.
“I loved this book! Shawn has quite an imagination and puts it to good use in the books he writes! Thanks, Shawn.” Anonymous, Amazon Reviewer.


The Secret of the River Rock: Calming Skills that Help Kids Rock at School

by Jen Jurchenko

Children will have fun while learning calming skills that help kids succeed in school! This book teaches emotional regulation for kids in a fun fairytale adventure. Children will love practicing three school calm down skills as they follow along with Teacher Jen's class!

Creative Self-Regulation in the Classroom

There's a magical place where plants and animals can talk. These amazing creatures sometimes find themselves in Teacher Jen's classroom. In The Secret of the River Rock, an ordinary stone comes to life. The river rock tells how he transformed from sharp and jagged into a smooth skipping stone. Then, he shares a secret that kids can use to rock at school and skip through life—a secret he calls river rock habits! Children will love this imaginative fairytale adventure. Parents and teachers will appreciate the classroom self-regulation skills taught in the book.

Emotional regulation for kids

Kids will have a blast learning and practicing three different emotional regulation skills as they follow along with Teacher Jen's class. Children will discover how to:

  • Quiet their bodies and regulate their emotions by taking slow, deep breaths.
  • Identify and verbalize their feelings instead of acting them out.
  • Brighten their attitudes with healthy self-talk.


Classroom Calming Skills

Mindset matters! This is especially true in school. The classroom calming skills taught in this book will help your child identify and change difficult emotions. This way, they can focus on learning and friendships. The Secret of the River Rock was written by a therapist/social worker team, and each calming skill is time tested.

Kids and Emotions

Embedded in this story are a kid's feeling chart, four positive self-talk statements, and a deep-breathing exercise. The story is kid-tested and parent-approved. Don't just tell kids, "regulate your emotions!" Teach them how. The Secret of the River Rock will guide you every step of the way.

Self-Regulation in the Classroom

This book is designed for:

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Home school families
  • Grandparents
  • Therapists
  • Mentors
  • Everyone who desires to make a positive impact in the lives of kids.

The Secret of the River Rock is an engaging, easy-to-read, understand, and apply story with a powerful message. Self-regulation in the classroom facilitates learning and growth. To get started, scroll up and click "buy now."

A Coping Skills for Kids Series

The Secret of the River Rock is part of a coping skills for kids series. This book focuses on school calm down skills. However, each of these classroom calming skills can also easily be applied at home.

Books in this Coping Skills for Kids series include:

  • The Secret of the River Rock: Calming Skills that Help Kids Rock at School
  • Lemonade Joy: A Kid's Guide to Feeling Happier
  • The Bee Present: Mindfulness for Kids who Worry too Much

Look for the coping skill for kids' workbook, coming soon!



A Knock Knock Joke A Day: Over 365 of the best knock knock jokes for kids

by DaddiLife Books

Looking for the gift that will have you and the kids laughing out loud each day? Then keep reading…


Knock knock jokes have become loved all around the world, and this book of over 365 kid friendly jokes provides the witty wordplay every day for great fun that the whole family can enjoy.

With an array of hilarious puns, silly gags, and laugh out loud tummy ticklers, this book has knock knock jokes for every day of the year (including leap years), and jokes for specific days throughout the year too.

Whether you’re looking for a great birthday gift or a road trip companion, a present for dad to build up his dad joke collection, or a compact sidekick for your kids to share funny jokes with their friends, this knock knock book is the quick antidote to boredom.


What you can expect from A Knock Knock Joke A Day.

Perfect for kids aged 6-12 to read, and ready to be enjoyed by those much older, this book is written by the dads at DaddiLife – the leading platform for modern day dads.

Key features:

✔️ Silly gags and puns, everyday: have the kids, their friends, and the whole family laughing out loud with riotous snorts through witty knee slappers such as:


Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Cheese Who?

For cheese a jolly good fellow!


Knock, knock!

Who's there?


Tibet who?

Early Tibet and early to rise!


Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Bacon who?

Baking some cookies in there? Smells delicious!


✔️ Sharpen your joke telling: expert tips on how to deliver a knock knock joke so you’ll have your audience on their knees with laughter.


✔️ Knock knock jokes for specific days of the year: beyond just Christmas and the usual events, we’ve also got knock knock jokes for special occasions such as Star Wars Day, National Pizza Day, National Play Outside Day, and many many more – see if you can spot them all!


This book doesn’t just have lots of knock knock jokes for kids, it’s a trusted source of laugh out loud comedy that will keep the whole family’s spirits in a positive mood every day of the year. And it’s great for helping early readers too!

Scroll up and click the Buy Now button to get the fun started.



Power Up

by Jessie Mattis

Eleven-year-old Lexi has learned all there is to know about God … or so she thinks until Miss Kate arrives and shakes up Kids’ Church with her new ideas. As if it’s not enough that Lexi has to get her history grade up or miss out on the class trip with her friends, her new relationship with the Holy Spirit is suddenly put to the test when a family crisis strikes. Can Lexi trust that God is good in the middle of all this pressure?


Under the Dancing Tree

by Chip Mattis

A baby girl is a precious gift. Under the Dancing Tree is an expression of the timeless love between a father and his precious daughter. Through every stage at every age, a loving father takes joy in watching his daughter experience the wonders of growing up. A father’s love for his daughter is a constant struggle between holding on to his innocent little girl and longing to see the wonderful woman she’ll become. This book seeks to create those bedtime moments for active, engaged fathers and their little girls. The rhyme and rhythm are memorable, drawing the reader into the song of a dad’s heart. The artwork is green and vibrant, alive with a father’s memories and colored with his dreams.

Into the Hare Wood (The Gates of Aurona Book 1)

by Tonya Macalino

The family curse just slipped out of the shadows and into their backyard...

Instead of spending summer break splashing in the pool, Hannah and Cameron Troyer find themselves solemnly guarded by ranks of neighborhood cats and haunted by a madman from the woods.

Did Dad forget to tell them something about their ancient Italian ancestors?

And can Hannah and Cameron unravel the secret on their own before the madman takes his revenge?

"Clang, clang, clang:
The sword against the golden gate.
The treasure waits within."

Click now to join the Troyers in Book One of the Gates of Aurona series!
Recommendedfor ages 8-12.

"reminiscent of the Chronicles of Narnia or the Dark is Rising series...Into the Hare Wood is charming from the outset." - Portland Book Review

"Macalino weaves together our world with mythic reality artfully, and the illustrations are perfect for the tale." -Elizabeth Metz, Amazon Vine Voice

"Engaging, imaginative, and just the right amount of spooky!" - LyP, Amazon Reviewer


Sissies Adventure Series 3-book Box Set

by Marisa Howard

Pack your bags—the Sissies are going on vacation! And big sissy can’t wait to show little sissy all the fun things to do, from swimming and building sandcastles to hiking and dancing. Join the Sissies as they visit the sea, the mountains, and Mexico.

Marisa Howard is a children's book author who resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband and two daughters. With a penchant for poetry and years of experience with aesthetics, she seeks to create beautiful stories through the eyes of a child, based off of travel and adventure. In sharing the joy of exploration with young readers, she hopes that the bonds of sisterhood shine through the short stories and illuminate how having a sister is one of life’s most precious gifts.


Hop-About: The Adventures of Benny the Bunny and Mr. Rabbit

by Colin Krainin

If Mr. Rabbit had to change one thing in his life—well, he wouldn’t. His best friend Benny the Bunny could not agree more. The two wawas enjoy a vibrant life together on the Upper West Side of New York City. Their cozy days are filled with flowers, friends, and fresh strawberries smothered in whipped cream.

That all changes when Benny’s past comes knocking on the door of Apartment 1K in the form of Custerd the Cat. He’s orange. He’s outrageous. He’s Boca Raton’s leading feline bon vivant. And he is a cat with a plan.

The wawas soon find themselves on a journey to find a lost friend that takes them across the Australian outback to a grand fortress, mysterious and dark. Will the wawas confront their greatest fears in order to find their friend? Or, like so many other wawas before them, will they end up lost without any hope of being found?

Hop-About features beautifully crafted characters that overflow with humor and pathos as they confront the realities of our world today. Climate change, wildfire, callous indifference, trauma, and profound loss haunt the wawas’ journey. But kindness, courage, friendship, and love are the ingredients in a powerful antidote that is needed now more than ever.


Bucky McGuire: The Adventures of a Prairie Boy

by Bryan Foy

When Bucky McGuire travels by wagon train to his new home, he learns life lessons about family, love, faith, and hope.

Eleven-year-old Bucky McGuire climbs aboard his family’s covered wagon and heads west in 1877. Wrapped in buffalo robes, young Bucky watches the new world unfurl before him and dreams of the possibilities of frontier life in post–Civil War Illinois.

Bucky soon learns he will need every ounce of his considerable grit and good-heartedness to assist the McGuire clan in taming their new surroundings. There are crops to protect from a biblical plague of locusts, a cowboy posse to join when a fierce blizzard threatens a herd of cattle, and wayward children to rescue from an abandoned mine shaft. To say nothing of the risks posed by the smile of a pretty girl at the church social . . .

As his adventures unfold, Bucky will discover that anything is possible with the help of a strong horse, a loyal dog, and the love of a good family.



Snakes Have No Legs: A light-hearted book on how snakes get around by slithering (Awesome Animals)

by Kelly Tills

Can a snake wear shoes? No! But they sure can win a race.

In this light-hearted book, learn how snakes can slither up trees, on land and even in the water. See all the fun shapes a snake can make with its body. Enjoy hearing your child shout out the answers to silly questions like "Can a snake wear gloves?" This call and response format is a time-tested method for keeping kids engaged and interacting, instead of just chewing on the pages.

Snakes Have No Legs is the first book in the Awesome Animals series.

Awesome Animals Series

Awesome Animals is a children’s non-fiction series. It explores the animal kingdom to gently introduce our little ones to body diversity. Each book features an animal which is missing something that we're taught to expect should be there. But these animals don’t just thrive despite that absence, they thrive because of it.

All books use a dyslexia-friendly type-face.

With dyslexia, we often focus on the challenges - difficulty reading. But thanks to the way the dyslexic brain is built, people with dyslexia are often creative, intuitive and highly successful. In other words, those people aren't thriving despite their dyslexic brain, they are thriving because of it.

Other books in the series:

  • Snakes Have No Legs
  • Pigs Never Sweat
  • Geckos Don’t Blink
  • Turtles Have Hidden Ears
  • Cows Have No Top Teeth

About the Author

Kelly is the creator of her own uniquely shaped family. She writes silly, funny books for kids. Kelly believes even the smallest hat-tip, in the simplest of books, can teach our kids how to approach the world.

Kelly’s children’s stories are perfect to read aloud to your little humans, or to have your older kids read to you (hey, let them flex those new reading skills!). Either way, you’ll enjoy the giggles.



Poseidon's Storm Blaster: An Illustrated Fantasy Adventure Chapter Book for Kids 6-10

by Marina J. Bowman

A mysterious island. A hidden magical item. And two unlikely friends that must brave the sea to save their home.

10-year-old Kai is thrilled to be chosen as a junior protector of Pineapple Cove. But when a sea monster threatens the island, Kai isn't sure if he's the right protector for the job.

Island girl Delphi longs to be accepted by the rest of the Cove. But when you're terrified of water and your only friend is a sea lion, fitting in is not so easy.

Can Kai and Delphi work together to defeat the sea monster and save Pineapple Cove?

Poseidon's Storm Blaster is the first book in the enchanting Pineapple Cove middle grade fantasy-adventure series for kids. If you like reimagined mythology and animal side kicks, then you'll love Marina Bowman's legendary story.

Get Poseidon's Storm Blaster to share the gift of imaginative adventure today!


FREE Bonus Gift

For a limited time, you can get a FREE copy of the Audiobook the Legend of Pineapple Cove: Poseidon's Storm Blaster. Be transported into the world of Pineapple Cove with unique character voices, music, and sound effects. Find out how to get your FREE copy in the front of the book.


What Readers Are Saying

"I loved reading Poseidon's Storm Blaster to my kids. It was full of adventure! We all couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. I also loved the lessons of kindness and bravery that the main characters showed. Definitely check this book out!!" - Amazon Customer

"My 8 and 10 year old thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a great intro to chapter books style read. The book is engaging and kept both their attention to complete it in a single sitting. The hidden pineapple game was a nice touch and really drew each of them in." - Arcticus

"This is such a great book to either read or listen with kids by chapters! We also have the coloring book and it's the perfect companion. We decided to color the page corresponding to the chapter we were hearing! You will love it!" - Leslie


Ages 6-11 | Kids Chapter Books | Fantasy Adventure + Mystery Series


For Fans of:

- Magic Tree House books
- The Boxcar Children
- A to Z Mysteries
- Diary of a Wimpy Kid
- Legend of the Star Runner
- Captain Underpants
- Dog Man
- Nate the Great
- Junie B Jones
- Ivy and Bean
- Never Girls books
- The Princess in Black


Shelve Under:

- kids books
- audio kids books
- children's ebooks
- chapter books
- intermediate readers
- action & adventure
- mysteries & detectives
- fairy tales, folk tales & myths
- greek & roman
- multicultural



The Amazing Bees

by Yoel Silber


"The Amazing Bees is a must read for all children, their parents, teachers and others."
 - Dr. Renai Jonas

Follow the exciting adventure of Princess Debbee, a honeybee who sets out to save her hive from destruction by thoughtless humans. This engaging story teaches children how their actions impact the environment and provides a powerful female role model to look up to.

With gorgeous full-color illustrations and 12 free coloring pages, your kids will fall in love with Debbee and her adorable crew as you read and re-read her story together.

Entertain. Educate. Empower.
High-Quality Family Entertainment
29 full-color illustrations, 12 bonus coloring pages, and 124 pages of rollicking action designed to provide hours of fun for both kids and adults.

Meaningful Environmental Education
The Amazing Bees puts an adorable face on the small creatures that make life on earth possible to teach the importance of protecting the ecosystem.

Youth and Female Empowerment
Princess Debbee is a strong female role model who inspires kids to take action to do what's right — for themselves and for the planet.


Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror

by Ryan Rhoderick

Are you struggling to inspire your son to read and stay educated? Then keep reading…

Maybe he would prefer to spend his time playing first-person shooter video games instead of learning?

Maybe you find it hard to motivate him to sit down and read books that will educate and excite him?

Or maybe he sees history as a boring and unimportant subject rather than the essential topic of information we know it to be as adults?

So many books on the history of the greatest battles are littered with dull and uninteresting chapters. It’s a poor choice for boys who prefer adventures and games over textbooks.

Hence, the Greatest Battles for Boys!

Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror brings all the best battles to the boys. It is a history book that is highly educational and exceedingly engaging, and fun to read. Your son will be struggling to put this book down and texting his friends that he won’t be online playing any games tonight!

We all know how important our history and heritage are, and providing your kid with this knowledge at an early age will give him a head start at school, set him on the path to success, and instill in him a hunger for knowledge.

Inside Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror, discover:

  • Scintillating information on the background of 9/11
  • Details of September 11, the day that changed everything
  • Haunting aftermath of the 9/11 attacks domestically and internationally
  • Eye-opening insight into the inner workings of Operation Enduring Freedom and the 10-year hunt for Osama bin Laden
  • Pre-war events leading to the Iraq War, including the Gulf War and the Iran-Iraq War
  • Insight into the Iraq War and the capture of Saddam Hussein 
  • Revealing information about Operation Inherent Resolve

And much, much more!


Grab a copy of Greatest Battles for Boys: The War on Terror today, and give your son a history book he will ACTUALLY READ!


Joey Finds His Jump!: A Dance-It-Out Creative Movement Story

by Once Upon a Dance

Movement inspiration arrives in Dance-It-Out’s charming series debutcreated by an award-winning dance teacher and her ballerina daughter.

Meet Joey Kangaroo. Joey never learned how to jump, and he desperately wants to find the secret. Ballerina Konora helps readers express their movement alongside Joey in this interactive story of determination, friendship, and jumping jubilance.

The Dance-It-Out! series was created for children ages 4-6 by the author of Dancing Shapes, a 2021 Independent Press Award Winner.

What Folks Say:
"Highly recommended for anyone with young children and those young at heart too."

"An innovative use of dance and storytelling for a fun, child-focused activity."
~Kirkus Reviews

“I LOOOVE it! ... And I love the dance parts. And they were sort of tricky but I did it!”

“…is a really fun book. I love the idea of using a story to inspire kids to move their bodies in different ways, and the character of Joey is endearing. I also like how it can help teach kids to talk about stories and characters in new ways, as it encourages them to react and respond to what’s going on in the pages.”

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About the Author
Konora is an apprentice with Ballet Idaho and previously danced with Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Professional Division and Texture Contemporary Ballet. Growing up, she danced iconic roles such as Sugar Plum Fairy and Cinderella.

Konora’s mother taught creative movement and ballet for decades and was honored to be chosen and recognized by her local City Council (2014) for embodying the spirit of partnership and commitment to children in our community for her work with young dancers. She’s breathed dance from every angle: child to pre-professional to adult ballet student, zoom student, dance teacher, dance mom, competition mom, ballet-school parent-guilder, audience member, recital planner, business owner, and board member.

Once Upon a Dance’s first pandemic creation, Dancing Shapes, has won several awards:
• 2021 Independent Press Award Winner
• 2021 15th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards Finalist
• 2021 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist


Miles & the Moon Cave: An Exciting Adventure Book

by H.H. Hauser

Explore An Adventure Full Of Wonder | An Exciting Middle Grade Adventure Book

Miles Dobbs is the only child to mining tycoon Thomas Dobbs. Abigail, Thomas’ new bride, is anything but loving and affectionate. The Step-Wolf, as Miles would come to call her, sees to it that Miles is sent to the most remote boarding school for boys in the country: St. Bellmore. Perched atop a winding, cold and windy mountain, St. Bellmore had a reputation for being the finest school in the country, but it was anything but that.

Mysteries begin to unfold right before the eyes of Miles and Wyatt, his best friend. As sinister plots unfold, Thomas manages to get members of a secret organization, known only as The Society, into the school to intercept The Guild’s underhandedness with Miles. Danger lurks at every turn, and it’s a race to escape St. Bellmore’s gloomy halls. With the help of Mrs. Carter, a member of The Society, Wyatt and Miles manage to rid themselves of the school; but this is only the beginning of the trouble that awaits them both at Dobbs Manor.

With Thomas away, the Step-Wolf is in full control of the household and she subjects Miles to the cruelest entrapment beneath the kitchen floorboards, in the cellar. Little does she know, that Miles is about to make the most fantastical discovery, and one that she had fought so desperately to make, herself. What the world knows about the constructs of space and science, is about to change forever.

Get ready to uncover what strange things Miles finds.

Miles & the Moon Cave is a great adventure book for 8-12 year olds.



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