Celestial Hearts: A Sci-Fi Romance Anthology

by Erin Zarro

Celestial Hearts: A Sci-Fi Romance Anthology
 is a limited-time collection from three unique voices in science fiction romance.

For readers who long for love stories that transcend galaxies and sweep you away from the realities of planet Earth, lose yourself in this collection and discover your next favorite author! From diners in futuristic space cities to grand ballrooms on luxurious deep space cruise ships, you'll have every chance for a starry-eyed romantic encounter.

Three authors. Three stories. Three chances for love among the stars.

Hurry, this collection won't be available for long! Grab your copy now to get all three novellas at one great price.

Captain Santiago and the Sky Dome Waitress
by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Captain Elijah Santiago is one of the most successful fleet merchants in the known worlds. Rumors claim that even though he is human, he is more machine-like than any Varkan. With iron discipline, he powers through his lucrative days with a complete lack of emotions.

Lucie is a newly minted Varkan, formerly a city-mind, but now with a human body. She finds her new physical world challenging, sometimes frightening, and always emotionally draining.

When Santiago spots the diminutive dark-haired woman on his ship, old wounds are opened, for Lucie has the appearance of a woman that tore Santiago's life apart; Blake. The exact appearance; for Blake donated her DNA to the public pool for Varkans to use, and Lucie literally has Blake's cloned body. Santiago must avoid Lucie, or risk ripping open his heart once more.

Only, Lucie has taken a waitressing job at Santiago's favourite sky dome restaurant….

Orion's Masquerade
by M.E. Rose

Years ago, Chancellor Talia Steele's husband vanished during an exploration mission, leaving her alone to lead their aging generation ship. Now, with New Horizon's life support on the brink of exhaustion, Talia must attend Orion's Masquerade—a rare event where leaders from across the galaxy come together to forge alliances through marriage. It's her last hope to secure a future for her people and their unborn daughter, who lies in stasis awaiting a chance at life.

Ryker Steele survived, though. He crash-landed on an uncharted planet, one that New Horizon's colony can call home. After grueling years of survival and rebuilding his vessel from scrap, he's finally on his way back to Talia . . . only to find that she's left.

With time running out, Ryker must race against the clock to reunite with Talia and save their family and their people from being scattered across the galaxy. Will love be enough to bring them back together, or will he lose her to Orion's Masquerade?

by Erin Zarro

Princess Tasa of Aridia has been kidnapped and enslaved aboard a spaceship, forced to mend clothing and suffer horrific abuse. As the days go by without a rescue, she loses all hope of ever being free. Until one day, she calls out for help with her psi ability and someone, an unlikely ally, answers....

The ship's new engineer, Orin, hears the princess's call and vows to free her. In order to do so, he must teach her how to use her psi ability to defend herself. He is Larinu, possessing magic, which Princess Tasa was raised to believe would taint her soul.

Can Orin convince her to let him help her to have this one chance at freedom? And possibly love, too?

$8.99 $4.99
Through 26 June

GROW: How We Get Food from Our Garden (Food Books for Kids Book 3)

by Karl Beckstrand

"Rollicking fun…cleverly written…multicultural illustrations in brilliant colors.… [A] wealth of information." - Barbara Mojica, Top 1,000 Reviewer

A child and grandfather till, plant, and harvest fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and grains in a tongue-twisting picture book with online tips for starting your own garden.

Selected by Oregon Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, The Library of Congress, The USDA (Virginia Tech), and the Georgia Farm Bureau. Children (ages 4 – 7, Pre-K – 2nd grade, ESL/ELL/ESOL) love to see how things grow. Learn basic gardening and discover animals—revealed in online secrets. 325 dyslexic-friendly words by award-winning author and college media instructor Karl Beckstrand (don’t miss his 60 multiracial books). Illustrated by Zanara.

How does your garden grow? Discover six Food Books for Kids in a bundle (series; previous titles not needed)—plus free recipes and school lesson plans: Bad Bananas: A Story Cookbook for Kids; The Dancing Flamingos of Lake Chimichanga; Crumbs on the Stairs – Migas en las escaleras: A Mystery in English & Spanish; She Doesn’t Want the Worms; Ma MacDonald Flees the Farm: KidsWorldBooks (worldwide rights © Oct. 2020) and major distributors.

LOOK inside! The perfect length book for young kids (not too long for adults): 28 full-color pages, 8.5″x8.5″ hard/soft cover children’s agriculture/horticulture/ecology book—also an ebook. School/homeschool. No AI or CRT. None of our kids’ books discuss gender or orientation. JNF022000,JUV050000,GAR000000,JUV011010,JUV006000,JUV020000,JUV029000, JUV054000; YNPG, YNPC, YFP; Library of Congress control number: 2020945698; Hard ISBN: 978-1951599072, soft: 978-1951599089, eISBN: 978-1005175436


Wrecked (The Georgetown Academy Book 1)

by Vivian Kohlman

I was restarting my life after a devastating tragedy. I was leaving my home town, New York City, behind and starting my life fresh. A new school, new friends, and a chance to finish my last year of high school like a normal girl.

But what's normal when you're joining a new private school with new classmates in your senior year? Two sets of gorgeous twins rule the school and one of them grabs my attention. But only a gluten for punishment would start to fall for the school's bully, right?

Luckily, I made a couple of good friends – and an enemy – along the way. In the end I found that I was too naïve about my new school. In New York I could tell when someone was scamming me. In Washington DC, I never saw it coming.

This story ends with a cliffhanger, and is for mature audiences.



Death in Small Measures (The Derry Murder Mysteries Book 2)

by Gerald Hansen

It was one drink too many for 72-year-old Evelyn Guilfoyle, found dead the morning after a raucous party in the family’s back garden pub. But the woman had a terminal illness and would have been dead before the year was out anyway. Why the hurry...?
Family, friends and neighbors had crammed into the tiny pub that night. DI Liam McLaughlin and the ragtag officers from the Major Investigation Team are spoilt for choice regarding suspects. Can they truffle out the audacious killer from the throngs? Could this be a case they’ll never solve?
The second in the Derry Murder Mysteries, Death in Small Measures is another gripping, gritty mystery thriller with jaw-dropping twists and a touch of Gerald Hansen’s signature dark humor.


by August Niehaus

What if the only way to escape your enemy was to become his dog?

Leave behind the bitter rivalry with his fellow general Biaron Tristan. Retire to his private planet in peace. Never speak to another living soul again.

That's General Pitney Scolan's grand plan.

But when Tristan's assassination plan is exposed, Pitney has no choice but to undergo a radical transformation: he becomes a daugment, a cybernetically enhanced dog -- the former pet of Tristan himself.

Now on four legs, Pit begrudgingly joins up with a crew of misfits and outcasts to escape Tristan's clutches. But instead of freedom and solitude, Pit finds an intergalactic conspiracy that becomes impossible to ignore… especially as friendships blossom with his new allies.

This funny, heartfelt soft sci-fi novel will delight fans of fish-out-of-water protagonists (like John Scalzi's 
Redshirts, The Android's Dream, or Old Man's War), barreling around space with an ensemble cast like in "Doctor Who" or the Star Wars universe, and off-the-wall worldbuilding like Ernest Cline's Ready Player One.

Don't miss this irreverent, one-of-a-kind story from The Realm of Reason that will make you laugh, cry, and howl for more.


Exercise Is Murder: A Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Prequel

by Bruce Hammack

Exercise Is Murder introduces you to blind former homicide detective, Steve Smiley and his new partner in this classic private detective mystery series readers describe as "a multi-layered whodunit" and "briskly paced with lots of clues and suspects."

Accidental drowning… or murder?
It’s up to the blind detective to find out.

Found at the bottom of his exercise pool, police believe the death of Steve Smiley’s friend is an accident. Smiley doesn’t buy it.

There are a lot of things a blind man can do, but solve a murder alone isn’t one of them. He needs a partner… one who knows their way around a crime scene. In walks Heather McBlythe. She can help him solve the crime, but can she keep him out of danger? Steve doesn’t have a choice. Without her help someone will get away with murder.

Armed with years of experience as a homicide detective and his new partner, Smiley sets out to find a killer. He knows he’s on the right trail when a bullet whizzes past his ear. Will Steve resurrect his life as a master crime solver, or will his sleuthing get them both killed?

The suspense and action in the Smiley and McBlythe Mysteries will keep you turning the pages to find out whodunit! No foul language, sex scenes or graphic violence—just a great mystery waiting to be solved.

  • The Smiley and McBlythe Mystery Series Release Order
  • Exercise Is Murder, Prequel
  • Jingle Bells, Rifle Shells
  • Pistols and Poinsettias
  • Five Card Murder
  • Murder In The Dunes
  • The Name Game Murder
  • Murder Down The Line
  • Vision of Murder
  • Mistletoe, Malice And Murder
  • A Beach To Die For
  • Dig Deep For Murder



Honor Valley Romances Volume One: A Sweet Military Romance

by Shanae Johnson

Journey to Honor Valley with this series of heartwarming small town, military romances that explore the power of love, growth, and healing. These stories are short and sweet -the perfect length for an afternoon pick me up or an evening escape before bedtime!

With the enemies-to-lovers trope, wounded hero, and second chances at its core, 
Soldier’s Surrender will sweep you with Aria and Jace's happily ever after.

With the fake dating trope, wounded hero, and the love of family and community, 
Soldier’s Promise will leave you rooting for Sarah and Alex's heartfelt ending.

With the Beauty and the Beast trope, wounded hero, and the power of love to heal, 
Soldier’s Courage will make you fall for Grace and Mason's transformational romance.

The Honor Valley love stories will show you that love’s fiercest battles are often won one page at a time.


Berserker of Gambria (Misfits of Gambria Book 1)

by pdmac

A science-fantasy adventure!

With their spaceship destroyed, the remaining two survivors of a failed colonization mission jettison down to a planet with the hope they can survive. Duncan, a bookish linguist, and Alexis, a beautiful gladiator in the prime of her career, suddenly find themselves drawn into the struggles between two warring kingdoms. Their fortunes improve when Alexis’ combat skills are discovered, and she is challenged by the nation’s berserker who underestimates his opponent and pays dearly for it. Yet no sooner is she awarded his position, title, and wealth when she is called upon to lead the nation’s warriors in the first full scale battle she has ever experienced, against an enemy who take no prisoners.

With the very real possibility that Alexis might not survive the battle, Duncan is left alone to fend for himself. Calling himself a Wizard of the Universe, he is brought before the Council of Prelates to explain his obvious heresy. Deftly answering their questions, he throws caution to the wind and challenges the nation’s High Priest to a contest of divine favor. The one who calls down thunder and lightning from the sky is the chosen one of God and becomes the nation’s High Priest.

The loser dies.

(This Series, 
The Misfits of Gambria is a reworking of a former series titled Wolf 359. Unfortunately, too many readers associated it with a well-known TV show and the two are in no manner similar.)


Fey Touched

by Erin Zarro

*Newly updated to fix formatting issues*

Two sisters.

Asha is the Queen of the Fey, genetically engineered immortal humans who feed on human souls to survive. But she's running from her people. When she is found by her enemy, one of the Hunters of the Fey, she expects to die. Yet he's oddly intrigued by her, and Asha finds herself falling in love with him, hoping she can find safety and the home she's been seeking. Then she's kidnapped, and everything changes.

Fallon is a Hunter. She's looking for her long-lost sister, using an addictive drug to search through the stream of time. Her addiction leaves her dangerously exposed to her enemies but, consumed by her search, she doesn't care...until her fellow Hunters start dying from a mysterious illness. She is torn between duty and desire, and must find an answer before they all die. What Fallon doesn't know is that Asha might just be the key to saving them all, if only she can find her.

And time is running out.

PLEASE NOTE that this book contains explicit language, explicit sex, and graphic violence. It isn't suitable for those under 18.


The Unthinkable Truth

by Yona Bouskila

An eye-opening exploration of the human mind, where reality is stranger than fiction.

In the hope of distracting himself from his heartache, George Bennet, a mild-mannered professor of theoretical physics, accepts an invitation by UNESCO to join a dream team of experts assisted by a powerful AI, tasked with unravelling the enigma of the human mind.

As this seemingly innocent academic investigation twists and turns, George suspects that they are being duped into aiding a sinister plan, which threatens to shatter the very foundations of society. When the unthinkable truth emerges as their final conclusion, and the plan is exposed, George and the team must be silenced. No matter the cost.

What is the unthinkable truth? Will George survive to reveal it? Only one thing is certain: humanity will never be the same.

Drawing on solid scientific research, The Unthinkable Truth will make readers question their own human nature.


“MUST READ. INCREDIBLE … PREPARE TO HAVE THOUGHT PROVOKED.” - David Powers, author and professor of computer and cognitive science

“PACY AND EXCITING … WHILE MAKING YOU THINK.” - Matt Graydon, author and journalist

“A SOLID WRITER WITH A SOLID HOOK.” - Douglas E. Richards, New York Times bestselling author of Mind’s Eye




Give Me a Reason: A Best Friend's Brother Single Dad Romance (Ever After Book 4)

by Lea Coll

Don't sleep with your best friend's brother.

Finn Evans is such a cynic.

How can he not believe in love and marriage but still be a musician for weddings?

I may be a hopeless romantic, but at least I believe in love—which makes being a wedding planner at Happily Ever Afters a dream job for me.

Finn and I clash about everything—except our undeniable attraction to each other.

After one brief encounter on a hotel rooftop, we agree to a no-strings-attached fling. But with each day that passes, I fall more in love with him and his little girl, Paisley.

The only problem is, our boss has a rule: No sleeping with coworkers or wedding guests.

As the newest wedding planner, I can’t afford to lose my job, and, unlike Finn, I don’t have a trust fund to fall back on. Not to mention, Finn’s sister, Ireland, is my best friend, roommate, and fellow coworker.

But when Ireland catches us together at a wedding, everything comes crashing down.

Not only am I about to lose my job and my home, but I may just lose my chance at a forever kind of love.


Nick: A Dark Billionaire Romance (Muse of Darkness Book 4)

by Liz Gavin

I’m a sheltered mafia princess yearning for freedom.

Nick’s a billionaire superstar who would never trade his supermodel arm-candies for someone like me.

I know! My mom used to be one and I look nothing like her.

My dad would punish and disown me if he found out about my dark fantasies.

Yet I can’t stop dreaming about all the dirty things I want Nick to make me feel when he takes my V-card.

So I craft the perfect plan to meet the man of my dreams at a fundraiser and seduce him.

But when I get caught in the crossfire of a years-long feud, Nick rescues me.

Putting his career and life on the line, he goes into hiding to make sure I’m safe.

And that’s when I find out he hides dark secrets of his own.

Can I put my life in the hands of a man who’s been lying to everyone for years?

Can I afford not to give him my heart when he makes me feel all the things I fantasized about and so much more?

One-click this today for a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

No cheating or cliffhangers.

Fans of L. J. Shen, Vi Keeland, and Skye Warren will devour this steamy dark romance.

This dark billionaire romance deals with sensitive topics that, although not depicted in detail, might not be suitable for all readers.



Murder Your Employer: The McMasters Guide to Homicide

by Rupert Holmes

New York Times bestseller! From Edgar Award–winning novelist, playwright, and story-songwriter Rupert Holmes comes a diabolical thriller with a killer concept: The McMasters Conservatory for the Applied Arts, “a fantasy academy laid out like a combination of Hogwarts, Downton Abbey, and a White Lotus–style resort” (Los Angeles Times) dedicated to the art of murder where students study how best to “delete” their most deserving victim.

Who hasn’t wondered for a split second what the world would be like if a person who is the object of your affliction ceased to exist? But then you’ve probably never heard of The McMasters Conservatory, dedicated to the consummate execution of the homicidal arts. To gain admission, a student must have an ethical reason for erasing someone who deeply deserves a fate no worse (nor better) than death. The campus of this “Poison Ivy League” college—its location unknown to even those who study there—is where you might find yourself the practice target of a classmate…and where one’s mandatory graduation thesis is getting away with the perfect murder of someone whose death will make the world a much better place to live.


Cold-Blooded Liar (The San Diego Case Files Book 1)

by Karen Rose

Brace yourself for a scorching new series from 
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Karen Rose, where San Diego means sun, surf, sand…and serial killers.
Sam Reeves is a kindhearted psychologist who treats court-ordered clients. After one of his patients—a pathological liar—starts revealing plausible new details from a long-unsolved serial murder case, he’s compelled to report anonymously to the SDPD tip line, though his attempts to respect patient confidentiality land him facedown and cuffed by the aggressive (and cute) Detective McKittrick.
San Diego homicide detective Kit McKittrick loves the water. She lives on a boat, and when she’s not solving crimes with the SDPD, she’s assisting her foster sister with her charter fishing business or playing with her poodle. But there’s nothing that intrigues Kit more than a cold case, so when an anonymous caller leads her on the path of a wanted killer, she’s determined to end the decade-long manhunt.
Sam is soon released but goes home with both a newfound distaste for the SDPD and a resolve—not unlike Kit’s—to uncover the truth. Kit and Sam repeatedly butt heads in their separate investigations but are forced to work together to find one of the deadliest serial killers the city has faced in years.


After That Night: A Will Trent Thriller

by Karin Slaughter

Don’t miss the next Will Trent thriller, This Is Why We Lied, coming this August! 


New York Times Bestseller

GBI investigator Will Trent and medical examiner Sara Linton are back in this electrifying thriller from bestselling author Karin Slaughter.

“Enter the world of Karin Slaughter. Just be forewarned, there’s no going back.” —Lisa Gardner

After that night, everything changed . . .

Fifteen years ago, Sara Linton’s life changed forever when a celebratory night out ended in a violent attack that tore her world apart. Since then, Sara has remade her life. A successful doctor, engaged to a man she loves, she has finally managed to leave the past behind her.

Until one evening, on call in the ER, everything changes. Sara battles to save a broken young woman who’s been brutally attacked. But as the investigation progresses, led by GBI Special Agent Will Trent, it becomes clear that Dani Cooper’s assault is uncannily linked to Sara’s.

And the past isn’t going to stay buried forever . . . 


Tempting the Tiger (Shifter Tales Book 1)

by Diana Persaud

I don’t remember anything, not even my name. But I remember 
her. Her name is Leilani and I kissed her.
Against her will.
And I want to do it again. That, and a 
whole lot more.
Does that make me a monster?
Leilani says I’m not as bad as the Lion Alpha or Master Vampire.
Guess she’s about to find out.


Sisters of the Lost Nation

by Nick Medina

Named a Most Anticipated Book by 
Barnes and Noble ∙ BuzzFeed ∙ GoodReads ∙ Book Riot ∙ CrimeReads ∙ Ms. Magazine ∙ SheReads ∙ Amazon Editor's Pick ∙ Tor.com ∙ and more!

A young Native girl's hunt for answers about the women mysteriously disappearing from her tribe's reservation leads her to delve into the myths and stories of her people, all while being haunted herself, in this atmospheric and stunningly poignant debut.

Anna Horn is always looking over her shoulder. For the bullies who torment her, for the entitled visitors at the reservation’s casino…and for the nameless, disembodied entity that stalks her every step—an ancient tribal myth come-to-life, one that’s intent on devouring her whole.
With strange and sinister happenings occurring around the casino, Anna starts to suspect that not all the horrors on the reservation are old. As girls begin to go missing and the tribe scrambles to find answers, Anna struggles with her place on the rez, desperately searching for the key she’s sure lies in the legends of her tribe’s past.  

When Anna’s own little sister also disappears, she’ll do anything to bring Grace home. But the demons plaguing the reservation—both ancient and new—are strong, and sometimes, it’s the stories that never get told that are the most important.

Part gripping thriller and part mythological horror, author Nick Medina spins an incisive and timely novel of life as an outcast, the cost of forgetting tradition, and the courage it takes to become who you were always meant to be.


The Fire Drake : The Comstock Chronicles Prequel Novella (Ebook)

by Vanessa Thurgood

A Fate Bound by Blood. A Destiny Forged by Fire. A Spirit Compelled by Freedom.

Branded with the mark of Ballitus’ royal lineage, Azroth refuses to bow to his fate as the kingdom’s “Protector.” Shackled by his bloodline’s curse, he spurns the chains of destiny, seeking freedom amidst lawless streets ruled by crime lords and gangs. With the Cardinal Cathedral’s completion looms ever closer, whispers of opportunity and betrayal follow him through the labyrinthine alleys of Lambswell. In this gripping prequel novella, follow Azroth’s journey from prince to thief as he navigates a world where alliances are fragile, and deceit lurks in every shadow. Prepare to be enthralled by elemental magic, gut-wrenching heists, and the timeless struggle for freedom in a realm where nothing is as it seems.

Check out this all new, prequel novella in the Comstock Chronicles.


Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1)

by Stella Knight

Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome highlander...

After traveling to Scotland for a solo artist's retreat, Fiona Stewart finds herself mysteriously transported to the fourteenth century. But as she attempts to get back to her own time, complications ensue when she meets a handsome highlander who sets her heart aflame...

Forced into an engagement with the daughter of a rival clan leader, Eadan Macleay struggles to fulfill his promise to his dying father.

When he comes across a strange lass claiming to be from the future, he strikes a deal with her. If she poses as his bride to end his betrothal, he will help her return to her own time.

Amid their growing attraction and increasing danger from the rival clan, Eadan and Fiona must choose between love, duty, and the hands of fate...

Millions of pages read. Hundreds of five-star reviews across the series. Perfect for fans of time travel, dashing Highlanders, steamy romance, and thrilling adventure.

Start reading now!


Nutcracker of Crystalfall: A Fae Nutcracker Retelling (Fae and Crystal Thorns)

by Kay L Moody

A sweeping fae fairy tale retelling filled with adventure, magic, and learning one’s worth. This standalone is an action-packed and heart-warming start to the Fae and Crystal Thorns series.

The annual Christmas party was going just fine... until the trolls showed up. Clara is a young woman who is wickedly good at puzzles, but she also has a secret her parents have shamed her into hiding. The weight of that secret has ruined nearly every happy moment in her life.

At least this year’s Christmas party gets more interesting once a mysterious stranger shows up. He teaches Clara how to crack nuts, wears a soldier’s uniform she’s never seen, and flashes a smile she’ll never forget.

But then a cruel party guest destroys the only gift that matters to Clara. Even worse, trolls appear and try to kill the handsome stranger she only just met. The fight rages into the night. Soon, Clara has to make a choice.

She could finally escape her unloving parents and the dreadful life they have planned for her. It would only take a promise to join an even greater conflict in the magical and dangerous realm of Faerie—a land she previously didn’t know existed.

If she stays home, her happiness will end forever. If she goes to Faerie, a great adventure awaits her…but it might kill her too.

***Note*** This standalone novella takes place in the same world as the Fae and Crystal Thorns series, but it takes place much earlier. Although it is technically a prequel, it can be read at any time throughout the series.



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