Diamonds in the Ruff

Diamonds in the Ruff

We want as many authors as possible in our eBookHounds pack!

We know books, but we also know authors and the difficulties they go through.  Part of that revolves around getting excellent advertising.  There are some obstacles at other advertising sites that we wanted to obliterate.  That’s why we started the Diamonds in the Ruff program.


What is the Diamonds in the Ruff Program?

eBookHounds created this program specifically for ebooks that do not currently meet the submission requirements for certain reasons.  Do you have a great story, but not a high cost book cover?  Did you get a string of bad reviews for questionable reasons?  Are you unable to currently discount your ebook?  If so, then consider our program!


Why Advertise in the Diamonds in the Ruff Program?

The Diamonds in the Ruff program should be your second line of defense.  Our primary genres will always get you the greatest, tailored exposure.  But, if you can’t qualify for one of those placements, then we still want to potentially get your ebook exposure.


Who reads the ebooks listed in the Diamonds in the Ruff Program?

The ebooks in the Diamonds in the Ruff Program are put in front of all of eBookHounds’ readers who have expressed an interest.  This means Diamonds in the Ruff ebooks will be sent out in daily emails and be placed on their own webpage.


Price Limitation

One place we do draw a line is with price.  We will not advertise ebooks priced at $7.00 or above, in any situation.


When are the ebooks in the Diamonds in the Ruff Program advertised?

Your Diamonds in the Ruff book can be advertised for a maximum of three days.  We need to keep things fresh!


What is the pricing structure for the Diamonds in the Ruff Program?

The pricing structure is the same as for an ebook included in our primary, non-Diamonds in the Ruff program.  Please click here for our pricing chart.





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