eBookHounds knows that ebook marketing takes a lot of time and energy.  We love working with authors and publishers so submissions to our site are as straightforward as they possibly can be.  Please click to visit our Submissions page.  We also know that sometimes a good ebook will not eligible for submission for an eBookHounds listing.  To learn more about what we do for ebooks in this situation, please click to visit our Diamonds in the Ruff Program page.

No way, there is no cost for submitting your ebook for consideration for a listing.

Please note that a response may take up to 3-5 business days.  If you still have not heard from us by then, please contact us!

Please see our Requirements page and attempt to fulfill all of what is set forth.

We wish we could include every book submitted in eBookHounds' primary advertising spots.  If you were not accepted for such an advertisement, please consider submitting to the Diamonds in the Ruff program where we try to help books that may not meet our primary advertising requirements get exposure nonetheless!

We price our advertisements based upon demand, which flows from the number of subscribers in a certain genre.  So, a genre with a higher number of subscribers will typically have a higher advertising cost.

While we cannot ever guarantee results for a particular book, we do want to hear your concerns regarding the success of a promotion.  Our main goal is to make you a success.  Please understand, too, that we are in the process of building our subscribers as well as our author base.  That is why our advertisements are priced so low to begin.  Please contact us at any time, as your happiness with our services is central to what we do.

Please send an email to admin@ebookhounds.com and we will try to answer your question(s) as soon as possible!

We've checked on this with our accountants (who, unfortunately, had to be humans) and they officiously said "no."



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