Non-Fiction New Releases

Non-Fiction New Releases

Unconventional: A Memoir of Entrepreneurism, Politics, and Pot

by Jamie Andrea Garzot

An inspirational story about taking a chance, following your vision, and thriving in one of the US’s wildest emerging industries, 2022 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite Unconventional profiles Jamie Andrea Garzot’s journey as one of California’s legal cannabis industry pioneers.

Jamie Andrea Garzot was one of the least likely people to become a cannabis entrepreneur, advocate, and industry pioneer. She had no business background. She was not involved in politics. She had only a four-figure capital investment to start with. And, surprisingly, she had very limited experience with cannabis products. So how did Garzot find herself at the forefront of California’s cannabis movement?

In this inspirational memoir, Garzot describes her trajectory from a cannabis retail rookie navigating an unregulated market to a cannabis authority. During her time in the industry, she developed a wildly successful line of artisanal edibles, managed $12 million a year in all-cash sales, and became an advocate for cannabis legislation at the state capitol—all of which led to an eventual acquisition by High Times, one of the most recognized names in the industry. From office intrigues, personal crises, and shifting regulations to teamwork, innovation, and community leadership, Garzot, with good-natured humor, shares how thinking creatively, planning ahead, and forming connections in the most unlikely places contributed to her success in a continually shifting business landscape.

Unconventional is the story of an industry in its wild heyday, the inner workings of local and state government and cannabis’s dicey road to regulation, and the seismic changes in the way cannabis was distributed and sold. But it is also the story of one woman’s tenacious spirit and all the lessons she learned the hard way—by refusing to give power to fear, taking risks, building community in a volatile environment, and listening to what people wanted—and how staying true to her vision paid off every step of the way.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of following their gut and reinventing their life will be inspired by Garzot’s unusual and unconventional journey.


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Through 24 May

From Refrigerator Chaos to Keto: Lost Recipes, Abandoned Diets, and Forgotten Foods

by Laurie De Camillis


  • ​Do you hate opening your fridge?
  • Do you struggle with your weight?
  • Do you have a love/hate relationship with food?

Through the Painter’s Eye proudly presents Laurie De Camillis’ Keto Diet journey uncovering the secrets she learned to clean her fridge, lose weight, and love food again! Through her drawings, reflections, anecdotes, and research, you will learn the keys to her success!

Do you have a situation in your fridge like Laurie did?

My fridge, stuffed with food, abandoned diets and unfulfilled aspirations of gourmet meals, mirrored my love/hate relationship with food. Inside were promises of delicious recipes unmade, food long past their due dates, and remnants of one yo-yo diet after another, my food history. The oozing, rotting food and wasted money sickened me. Because I couldn’t bear to open the door, I survived on take-out fast food. Before I knew it, 50 pounds became my best friend, which I could not say goodbye to for the love of God. Knowing it was healthier to eat at home made no difference; I couldn’t face my fridge.

This started Laurie on a journey to lose weight and regain her health. In Laurie’s research, she discovered many interesting things about how and why we become addicted to food, why we get fatter on certain kinds of diets and healthier ways of eating to maintain good health and weight

You are Intentionally Manipulated, Without Your Consent, Into Addiction!
You are 
NOT at Fault!

Come join Laurie on her Keto journey as she explains how to clean your refrigerator, no matter how revolting it is, how food addictions develop, how the Keto Diet works, how to avoid food shopping temptations, and how to prepare and store Keto food.

Includes bonus meal planning and recipes to start your Keto journey.

What are You Waiting for? Get Started Today for a Healthier You!

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How I Learned to Like My Mom: Forgive Those You Love ... Before It's Too Late

by Dorenda Doyle

This is the true story of a woman who drank too much, parented too little, and married SEVEN men! She was beautiful, talented, wrote country songs, and just happened to be my mother.
Can you love someone but not Like them?
Can you forgive what you can't forget?
Is it ever too late?
Set in the Midwest, this Tears to Cheers memoir details a journey through a traumatic childhood of alcohol, abuse, divorce, neglect and poverty. But don't despair ... healing is possible when forgiveness is present.

Forgive those you love ... Before it's too late.

I offer my story of healing and forgiveness as I discovered that my mom was actually a pretty likable, remarkable, and admirable person. I just had to get to know her.

This memoir is for anyone who had a difficult or traumatic childhood because of alcohol, abuse, divorce, neglect or poverty. Most especially, this book is for anyone who has someone to forgive.

Get How I Learned to Like My Mom today.


Prepper's Long Term Survival Bible: The Essential Guide To Off Grid Survival

by Bradley Stone

If you’ve always wanted to spend a long time away from the grid but don’t know how to survive and thrive without society’s amenities, then keep reading…

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to prepare for?

Have you tried countless other solutions, but nothing seems to work?

Do you finally want to say goodbye to the grind of daily city/suburban life and discover the excitement and fulfillment of surviving off grid long term?

If so, then this book is for you.

You see, surviving away from the grid doesn’t have to be complicated.

Even if you’ve tried off grid living before and failed.

The truth is, it’s much easier than you think.

Amazon Best-Selling author and experienced Off Gridder Bradley Stone provides you with the knowledge to survive off grid long term without trial and error failures.

In Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible, you’ll discover:

  • The most significant mistake people make when accessing necessities (food, water, shelter, etc.) that prevents them from prepping for survival.
  • More than 3 techniques you need to know to keep warm.
  • Over 5 ways to source water and how to make sure it’s safe to drink.
  • The 4 methods for gathering food.
  • Secrets to defending your off grid home from intruders and wild animals without expensive equipment.
  • What Benjamin Franklin said about preparation.
  • Why lacking preparation is hurting your progress – and what to do instead
  • The 3 pieces of gear that you should carry to make life easier and safer for yourself and your group.
  • …and so much more!

Imagine how you’ll feel once you are fully prepared to thrive off grid and how your life could change for the better.

So even if you’ve spent weeks and months off grid, you can still find gems of information with Prepper’s Long Term Survival Bible.

If you’re ready to survive off grid for a long time, scroll up and click “buy now”!


X Back: Five Step Process to Get Him Back (Relationship and Dating Advice for Women Book 28)

by Gregg Michaelsen

X Back: The Five Step Process to Get Him Back

Right now, you’re entire world is falling down around you. Your ex has broken up and nothing feels right. You feel desperate to get him back, but so far, everything you’ve tried hasn’t worked.
You’ve texted him tear-filled messages begging him to come back. You’ve promised to do better if he’ll only come back.

But he’s ignoring you. If he texts back, it’s short and non-committal, which just frustrates you even more.
You’ve come to the right place. I have the book for you written by The Top Dating Coach!

X Back: The Five Step Process to Get Him Back

Inside is everything you need to get your ex back. The 5 steps will take a few weeks for you to do, and that’s a good thing and I’ll tell you why.

Right now, your ex has negative feelings towards you. He's not even missing you. He’s off dealing with his own emotions.
Every text he receives from you reminds him of those negative feelings and keeps them alive. He can't miss you because you’re still there for him.

Read this book and follow the five steps! By the time you complete step three, he will be in a better place to receive your texts.

In Step One

  • You will learn to rein in your emotions.
  • You’ll learn how to implement the No Contact Rule, my way!
  • You’ll learn what things you’re doing to ruin your chances of getting him back and how to stop all the negative behaviors that you might be exhibiting.
  • You’ll gain some tips on managing your anxiety and setting boundaries.

In Step Two

  • You will assess the relationship and breakup, take an honest look at what really happened, remove him from his pedestal and understand what he’s thinking right now.
  • You’ll discover that he lied to you about why you broke up and what those lies really mean.
  • You’ll learn the difference between missing him and missing someone.
  • You will also identify your role in the breakup and uncover how you can fix that.

In Step Three

  • You will work on rebuilding your confidence. It doesn’t matter what the reason for the breakup was; the result is a drop in your confidence. For your ex to want to be with you again, you need to rebuild that confidence.
  • You’ll learn what it means to be an independent woman and how to become one.
  • Why you need to make positive changes in your life and how to put them into practice, the importance of self-care and how to implement a self-care routine, and how to create a vision for your life and write your own story.
  • You’ll also learn how to stop living in the past and how to end the days of being a victim.

In Step Four, You’ll Have Fun!

  • You’ll do what we call toying with his psyche.
  • You’ll start reminding him in small intermittent ways about the good times of your relationship.
  • You’ll learn about what I call the Slip In/Slip Out method and how to casually hang out.
  • You’ll determine when it’s time to contact him and how all the things you’ll be learning to do are going to turn the breakup upside down.
  • He will question why he broke up and worry that he’s losing you!

In the Final Step

You’ll formulate your plan to meet your ex. You’ll assess whether you’re ready for this step and you’ll learn how to get him to ask for the meeting. You’ll also learn about how he is likely to act during this meeting and why. You will go into this meeting as a casual observer: kind, peaceful and calm, and he won’t know what to do!

Before the five steps, however, are the dealbreakers. Pay close attention to these because these are all reasons why you should not consider a reconciliation with your ex.

Let's Get Him Back!


Sober On A Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol

by Sean Alexander

'Giving up' alcohol might sound daunting... But what are you actually giving up when you're hungover on the sofa all day? Cutting out the booze can transform your life in unexpected ways.

We live in a culture that celebrates alcohol use as if it were somehow different from the drugs we place legal restrictions on.

We mark every occasion with alcohol, whether it's a good day, bad day, new job, old job, divorce, wedding, funeral, birthday, holiday and the list goes on and on…you can always guarantee that someone, somewhere, is getting drunk… and it's 'normal' to get drunk right?

Alcohol is the one drug, that if we have too much of it we are shamed for our behaviour, but if we decide not to drink, we are classed as boring. We live on a drunk planet.

Our love of alcohol is holding us back. Think about the last time you had a drink – even if you weren't conscious of a hangover, you probably felt some effects.

Perhaps your head was a bit cloudy, or you took longer to get going in the morning.

Perhaps you were tired and reaching for the snacks to keep you going at the end of the day.

Maybe you had hopes and dreams before alcohol became a regular occurrence.

Alcohol is expensive, and it has side effects that go far beyond just having a headache the next day.

Imagine the difference in your life if you were to take those side effects away and save the money to fund what you really want to do with your life – and there's a strong chance it involves something a whole lot more fulfilling than a glass of wine or bottle of beer.

Sober on a Drunk Planet: Giving Up Alcohol recognises how difficult it is to break free of drinking culture and provides you with all the motivation you need to kickstart a new life. Inside, you'll discover:

  • Why you need to reframe the idea of 'giving up' – and how doing so will make all the difference to your success
  • The incredible transformation you'll see in your body when you stop drinking (there are subtle side effects you're not even aware of until you stop)
  • Why your bank balance will thank you for cutting out alcohol (and it reaches far beyond the money you'll save)
  • How alcohol affects every relationship in your life – and how its absence does the same (but with greater rewards)
  • The negative feedback loop you didn't know you were creating – and how breaking free is the key to huge personal growth
  • What you can learn from David Bowie…the 12-step program and how cutting out alcohol creates the perfect space to do so
  • How to thrive as alcohol-free within an alcohol-obsessed workplace
  • Why choosing a life without drinks could be the answer to transforming your career
  • How to navigate the practicalities of being sober on a drunk planet – and why you'll want to

And much more.

If the idea of giving up alcohol sounds like a sacrifice, think about what you're giving up instead. Quality sleep… Time lost to hangovers… Money you could have used to transform your life…

Whether you're a binge drinker, an end-of-day wine drinker, or a social drinker, you can transform your life by making a different choice. It isn't just people who know they have a problem who stand to benefit from giving up alcohol – it's everyone.

It all starts with making the decision to live a more fulfilling life… and who doesn't want to do that?

Kickstart your motivation to transform your life for good: Scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.


Ceasefire: Finding Peace When All You See Is Conflict

by Chip Nightingale

Do you struggle with conflict in your home, your workplace, or your social environments?

One of the biggest problems facing the world today is an inability to overcome conflict in a healthy way.

Too many of us are unable to resolve an issue and instead find ourselves trapped in conflict.

When trapped in conflict, we bury feelings, harbor bitterness and resentment, avoid the people we care about, and ultimately let the fear of heightened tensions and expressions of anger destroy our relationships.

It’s time to start addressing conflict from a place of selflessness, humility, and love.

In Ceasefire, Chip Nightingale will teach you how to:

  • Identify the sources of conflict in your life
  • Access biblical truths for approaching conflict
  • Deal with sin in your own life and the lives of others
  • Live free from unforgiveness and bitterness
  • Be an example the world wants to follow
  • Walk in humility and grace

You’ll also find helpful workbook sections at the end of each chapter that invite you to reflect and apply the content to your personal circumstances.

Confrontation doesn’t have to be scary, and when it's done in love, it can result in extremely meaningful relationships.

It’s time to call a ceasefire and pursue harmony.

Scroll up and click the buy now button to purchase your copy of Ceasefire today!



The Beekeeper's Lament: How One Man and Half a Billion Honey Bees Help Feed America

by Hannah Nordhaus

“You’ll never think of bees, their keepers, or the fruits (and nuts) of their laborsthe same way again.” —Trevor Corson, author of The Secret Life of Lobsters

Award-winning journalist Hannah Nordhaus tells the remarkable story of John Miller, one of America’s foremost migratory beekeepers, and the myriad and mysterious epidemics threatening American honeybee populations. In luminous, razor-sharp prose, Nordhaus explores the vital role that honeybees play in American agribusiness, the maintenance of our food chain, and the very future of the nation. With an intimate focus and incisive reporting, in a book perfect for fans of Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, Michael Pollan’s The Botany of Desire,and John McPhee’s Oranges, Nordhaus’s stunning exposé illuminates one the most critical issues facing the world today,offering insight, information, and, ultimately, hope.


Sleep Deprived: Christian Romantic Suspense

by Therese Heckenkamp

An odd encounter in a cemetery. A baby in need.
Every mom’s worst nightmare.

When sleep deprivation skews her judgment, grieving young mother Mae risks everything to save a baby—only to wind up accused of a crime.

Now her freedom, her marriage, and her life are at stake.

She fights to clear her name, but can’t do it alone. Her husband is the only one she can turn to. But with their relationship crumbling, even he may not be on her side.

Will their struggles rekindle their love, or kill it?

If they don’t work together to overcome past wounds and current danger, Mae might finally end up resting in peace. Permanently.

Riveting read-all-night romantic suspense by an award-winning author.

Sleep Deprived previously appeared in the limited-time novella collection Dangerous Pursuits: 15 Stories From Today's Most Popular Mystery and Suspense Authors.


The Vessel of Truth (Chakra Themed Poetry Series Book 3)

by Maria Kitsios

The Vessel of Truth

May the poetry in this book serve as a reminder to vocalize your truth openly and compassionately.
Communicate clearly with the world around you.
Use kind words when dealing with others.
Always have the courage to speak up for yourself.
Embrace the sound of silence and stillness in every day existence.
Bring art forth and embody the Divine in moments of creative expression.
Be the vessel of Truth.

Embrace the silence within to answer the necessary questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why am I here?

Let the answers which arise manifest as your legacy to this world.

The Vessel of Truth is the third of the seven poetry books series. It is composed of poems with topics related to the throat chakra. The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. It is associated with our expression, communication, voice, and truth.

The Chakra System

According to the Vedas (ancient Indian sacred texts), the physical body is composed of seven main energy or vortex centers called chakras. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. The seven main chakras run along the spine-beginning from the root and ending with the crown chakra.

  • 1 Root
  • 2 Sacral
  • 3 Solar plexus
  • 4 Heart
  • 5 Throat
  • 6 Third eye
  • 7 Crown

Each chakra has a different color, element, sound, mantra, function, location, major organ, and association. The flow or blockage/imbalance of subtle energy in each chakra determines the health or disease of the individual body.

Throat Chakra information:

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha
Color: Light blue, turquoise
Element: Sound
Sound: Ham
Mantra: “I Speak”
Practice: Mantra meditation
Function: Expression and communication
Location: Center of the neck
Organ: Throat, thyroid gland, vocal cords, jaw, mouth, teeth, cervical spine, shoulders, and arms
Associations: Expression of personal truth, honest speech, the power to create and follow one’s dreams, sharing creative talents, verbal and nonverbal communication, practice of patience, and embracing silence and stillness
Dysfunctions when imbalanced: Sore throat, thyroid problems, tooth issues, stiff neck and shoulders, TMJ, addiction, being shy in expressing oneself, being gossipy, dishonest, withdrawn and unable to express through creativity.


From 0 to 500 Properties in Five Years

by D. Brooke Pfautz

In the vacation rental industry, there are three levers you can adjust to accelerate the growth of your business: occupancy, rates, and property inventory. For the past few decades, our industry has been absolutely obsessed with two of them, while virtually ignoring the most important one. Why? Because the inventory growth lever is arguably the hardest one to turn. Not anymore.

Brooke Pfautz unlocked the key to inventory growth years ago when he grew his own business from 0 to 500 properties in just five years. Since then, he’s compiled a treasure trove of property acquisition secrets, having now run inventory growth campaigns for more than 300 management companies.

This book documents Brooke’s journey of discovery and lays out a concise playbook that any Vacation Rental Manager (VRM) can follow to accelerate their inventory growth. It’s the default manual for adding new homes to your inventory and should be on the desk of any property manager that is truly serious about growing their business.



CDL Minded Business Startup Strategy Collection

by Joe Ryder

Uncover the secrets of the multibillion-dollar CDL trucking industry and work for no one but yourself – starting today!

Are you tired of slogging through your 9-to-5 job and are looking for a better, more lucrative source of income?

Do you feel that you are constantly working, and yet your bank balance doesn’t seem to reflect this?

Do you crave a normal life where you can have enough leisure time to spend with your family or do things you’ve always wanted to do?

If any of the above scenarios stand true in your case, then you’ve hit a homerun!

You’re about to discover powerful insight into the CDL business that has been buried deep within the hearts of the millionaire truck drivers.

Truckers are the lifeline of any country. Food, fuel, fashion – you name it! Everything depends on the trucking industry to move cargo from point A to point B.

The CDL business is one of the biggest cash cows in the world, eyeing a market worth of over $730 billion in the U.S. alone.

And with a little over 900,000 truckers employed in the U.S., the CDL trucking industry is running short on people and BIG on opportunities.

With the CDL Mindset Business Startup Strategy Bundle, you’ll get plenty of tips, insight, and actionable plans that will help you to create your own CDL business from scratch and take it to new heights.

In CDL Minded Business Strategy Startup Bundle, you’ll discover:

  • How to switch from working for others to working for yourself through this simple mindset shift
  • How to draw a powerful CDL business blueprint that aligns with your goals and ambitions
  • The winner’s game plan: How you can join the league of successful trucking entrepreneurs in a few easy steps, right from registering your company to marketing it in full steam
  • How you can save big on taxes and create tax-free wealth from your CDL business
  • Powerful and practical strategies to provide maximum security coverage for your business
  • Tips on working smarter (not harder!), so you can have more income and less work stress
  • A 9-step full-proof marketing plan to get your marketing strategy moving forward
  • BONUS: A 3-step CDL Minded Marketing guide that will help you grow your brand name and gain loyal clients

And so much more!

The best thing about entering the CDL industry is that it’s open for all – you can be a fresher or a retired professional, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

And what’s even more beautiful about this industry is that you don’t need any professional degree to grow it big – a little bit of guidance coupled with the right business decisions will do just the trick.

If you want to become your own boss and soar to great heights in your personal and professional freedom, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.



7 Detrimental Mistakes after a Toxic Relationship

by Lov Light

Did your narcissistic partner leave you feeling worthless with a lack of confidence?

Please know you are not alone. 70% of Americans cheat at least once in their marriage. It is highly common to experience severe pain over someone who you thought loved you dearly.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Practical methods Rihanna used to thrive after Chris Brown’s abuse.
  • 1 powerful decision-making method you can use to lead you down the right path in all aspects.
  • The reason why most self-help advice can't fix your trauma
  • An instant confidence booster technique used by a famous boxer.
  • A tragic phenomenon celebrities such as Oprah and Amy Schumer experienced and how they got over it.
  • Why avoiding the past decreases your chances of finding a healthy relationship.

Meditation and journaling can only do so much and they do NOT work for everyone. Your healing journey is very personal and goes a lot deeper than self-help tricks. The truth is, even if all your past relationships were abusive and even if you’ve already tried every healing method in the world, there is always a path that works. It's up to you to find it and up to us to help get you there.


Moneyland: The Inside Story of the Crooks and Kleptocrats Who Rule the World

by Oliver Bullough 5 Business Thrillers to Read on the Beach This Summer * Amazon Best Book of the Month - Nonfiction * An Economist Book of the Year * The Sunday Times Business Book of the Year

"If you want to know why international crooks and their eminently respectable financial advisors walk tall and only the little people pay taxes, this is the ideal book for you. Every politician and moneyman on the planet should read it, but they won't because it's actually about them." —John le Carré, author of A Legacy of Spies

An investigative journalist's deep dive into the corrupt workings of the world's kleptocrats.

From ruined towns on the edge of Siberia, to Bond-villain lairs in London and Manhattan, something has gone wrong. Kleptocracies, governments run by corrupt leaders that prosper at the expense of their people, are on the rise.

Once upon a time, if an official stole money, there wasn't much he could do with it. He could buy himself a new car or build himself a nice house or give it to his friends and family, but that was about it. If he kept stealing, the money would just pile up in his house until he had no rooms left to put it in, or it was eaten by mice.

And then some bankers had a bright idea.

Join the investigative journalist Oliver Bullough on a journey into Moneyland—the secret country of the lawless, stateless superrich.

Learn how the institutions of Europe and the United States have become money-laundering operations, attacking the foundations of many of the world's most stable countries. Meet the kleptocrats. Meet their awful children. And find out how heroic activists around the world are fighting back.

This is the story of wealth and power in the 21st century. It isn't too late to change it.


Source of Sales (SOS)

by Glenn Bill

Can’t Figure Out How to Increase Your Growth and Profits? This Detailed Guide Explains How to Dominate as a Top-Closing Real Estate Agent...

Struggling to sell more and make more in real estate? Longing to see your earning potential rise? Trying to be the go-to Broker who is irresistible to buyers and sellers?

Glenn Bill is recognized as a Top REALTOR, Broker, and Team Leader. He is America’s #1 Attitude Keynote Speaker with decades of experience who still spends time in the trenches as a high-performing salesperson. Now he’s here to share his fiery approach for creating exceptional results and carving out your winning place in the market.

Source of Sales: A REALTOR’s Guide to Increasing Your Confidence, Conversions, and Commissions is a proven formula for mastering the realty business. A genius in the art of targeting, researching, approaching, engaging, and closing, Glenn Bill enthusiastically reveals the secrets to his stellar achievements. By following his comprehensive scripts and examples, you’ll soon be taking control of your career and making a killing in commissions.

In Source of Sales, you’ll discover:

  • The key to personal and professional development, so you can master the five pillars of real estate success: self-mastery, prospecting mastery, listing mastery, buyer mastery, and value mastery.
  • How to transform into a peak producer, generate leads for free, and collect steady paychecks.
  • Strategies and insights from top experts in the field that show how to become a first-class achiever.
  • Authentic answers to frustrating objections that will tear down barriers to profit.
  • Exclusive stories from an outstanding presenter, tactics for reducing per-client time investment, and so much more!

Source of Sales is a raw inspection into the intricacies of the real estate world. If you like straight-to-the-point explanations, motivational solutions, and journeys of self-discovery, then you’ll love Glenn Bill’s passionate playbook.

Buy Source of Sales to sell more homes today!


The Tortoise Wins: Breaking the Mold of Your Stress and Busyness

by Melanie Shupe

Do you ever feel like you’re so burned out and stressed inside, maybe you’re not a good enough Christian? Then keep reading. This is for you.

I’m Melanie, the author of this book, and my frustration was that all I heard from the Christians and Christian books around me was essentially “Trust God, that’s all!”

What I needed to know was how to do that, in practical ways that could take my unique personality and circumstances into account!

But I couldn’t find any books that personalized. So I figured it out myself.


This book is the result of the many hundreds of hours of research I did, and instead of the same cliche verses and messages, this book combines Scripture and psychology in a groundbreaking new way, geared solely toward personalized solutions.

Here’s what The Tortoise Wins can do for you:

  • Hack into your own brain to discover how it uniquely interacts with Satan.
  • Unmask the deeper shadows lurking behind the stress you think is “ordinary”.
  • Gain simple action steps that can enable you to live the peace you crave.
  • Grow spiritually with your loved ones! This book is designed to be perfect for couples, small groups, families, book clubs, and churches.
  • Discover what a devotional is like when it’s more interactive and personalized than any other self-help book or prayer journal yet.

And that’s just the start.

Now, I know you might be thinking, “Yeah, maybe that works for some people… but I’ve gotten advice before on how to live better, and then I don’t do it! I don’t even know WHY I slip out of those healthier lifestyles and mindsets — I want to be healthy! But even when I actually take action, it doesn’t last.”

I used to do that too. Figuring out why was part of my research.

This book is packed with psychological hacks in the form of guided journaling, with the sole goal of creating a book that doesn’t just tell you to do better, but shows you how, in easy, interactive, personalized steps.

No more vague, generalized, one-size-fits-all Christian self-help books.

In this modern world where everything is optimized for maximum efficiency and usefulness, our devotionals and Bible studies deserve the same treatment.

If you’re done with feeling guilty about being a burned-out Christian, and want a truly personalized and interactive devotional, then scroll up and click “Buy With 1 Click”.



All In: Discovering the Love, Strength, and Blessings God Gives to Those Who Are Faithful

by Marvin Jennings

Are you ready to leave behind a life of mediocrity and embark on an all-out journey of faith?

Many believers begin their walk with Christ with big dreams and God-given desires. But as confusing setbacks and unexpected hardships arise, the temptation grows to cast aside God’s best plans in exchange for safety, convenience, and comfort. Then they miss out on the true greatness and blessing God intends for each of His children when they choose to go all-in and lean on Him.

Dr. Marvin A. Jennings was the pastor of Grace Emmanuel Baptist Church in Flint, Michigan, for over thirty four years. The wisdom and encouragement he shares in this book are born out of his own decades-long walk of faith.

This uplifting book will help you to:

  • Receive God’s love so you can share it with others
  • Embrace the vision God has given you for making a real difference in the world
  • Make sense of the detours and difficulties in your life
  • Live in confidence as a giant-slayer, not in fear as a grasshopper

Plus, workbook questions and application-oriented action steps will guide you in reflecting on how to lean on God and truly live out your faith in practice.

God has lessons, blessings, and miracles in store for you. Begin reading All In: Discovering the Love, Strength, and Blessings God Gives to Those Who Are Faithful as part of your path to choosing God’s best for your life. As you keep faith through life’s challenges, you’ll experience the greatness that can only be found in trusting Him!



Invisible Wounds: Help, Hope, and Healing for Women in Abusive Relationships, or Recovery

by Kay Douglas

Are you in a relationship with a man who puts you down? Are you walking on eggshells? Do you feel like you are going crazy? Scared you’ll never recover from a narcissistic relationship? Invisible Wounds offers positive change!

Written from the heart, this ground-breaking, classic book has helped thousands of women to find their way through the distress, confusion, and darkness of partner abuse.

Invisible Wounds is for you if you are:
• suffering verbal abuse;
• in love with a controlling man;
• experiencing gaslighting;
• living with a jealous, possessive man;
• dealing with a physically abusive partner;
• feeling unable to break free and leave;
• getting over emotional abuse;
• recovering from narcissistic abuse.

Invisible Wounds offers compassionate support, rich insights, and powerful, practical strategies. It is brought to life by the gusty, and inspiring stories of 50 women survivors.

Kay Douglas draws on her 30 years of experience working with abuse and trauma recovery, and her own personal experience of narcissistic partner abuse, to show you how to find a way forward.

Invisible Wounds will help you to:
• understand the red flags of a toxic relationship;
• gain insight into why he does it;
• draw strength from the stories of real women;
• break the cycle of abuse;
• ensure your personal safety;
• understand why it is so hard to break free;
• gain awareness of the impact of abuse on children;
• empower yourself in, or out of, the relationship;
• weigh up your options;
• make a plan to leave safely;
• enjoy a full recovery after abuse;
• rebuild a fabulous new life;
• and much, much more!

Whether you intend to stay in your relationship, leave, or have already separated Invisible Wounds offers the expert guidance and support you need to fast track your recovery process and find a pathway to a better life.

If you’d like to find a positive way to take back your life, then order your Kindle, paperback or audiobook copy of this remarkable book today.

An empowering guide! The author provides a comprehensive and compassionate look at very sensitive and painful topics and provides a path of hope and healing.
Invisible Wounds is powerfully written and full of useful information that every woman should read and understand.
The author does a fantastic job of outlining the problems, the signs and symptoms, the setbacks, and the solutions to the problems. Each part of this resource is invaluable and very well communicated.

What an amazing book!
Everything that was described in Invisible Wounds was so real. It's a book that can be easily read and understood without difficult theories and analysis.
The author uses examples from interviewed women in order to explain certain definitions/situations and this makes the book so helpful and real.
I loved the fact that Invisible Wounds also provides solutions to the problems. It helps you identify an abusive relationship, gives ways to overcome it and how to handle difficult situations for yourself and for the kids.
Invisible Wounds, an incredible book that can make a real impact!

Despina Mavridou, author of Mum, Dad, Can you hear me?


Gut Health for Women

by Shane Corbitt

Join the plant-based community, and treat your gut to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Are you living with digestive problems and failing to find solutions that stop the pain?

Have you heard a bit about plant-based diets, but never made the switch because it seemed too hard or overwhelming?

Are you looking for a healthier way to live life and to give your mind and body the rejuvenation it deserves?

The gut really does have a mind of its own.

It’s one of the only systems in your body that doesn’t wait for the brain’s permission to act.

It’s a glorious and mysterious thing that needs proper care and attention.

When it comes down to it, a healthy gut can perform vital tasks that you need to live a long and fulfilling life.

Many people ignore the negative signs that accompany an unhealthy gut, but transitioning to a nutritious plant-based diet is one of the best ways to take care of your body and mind.

In 2017, Dr. Oz aired an episode entitled The Beginner’s Guide to Going Vegan Without Going Crazy. In it, he said, “As a heart surgeon, I recommend the lifestyle, because it’s low in saturated fat, it’s high in fiber.”

There you go: celebrity doctor approved!

With the right information and guidance, you can understand your gut, discover how to keep it healthy, and find the best way to incorporate a plant-based diet into your life.

In Gut Health for Women, you will discover:

  • 7 signs of an unhealthy gut -- make sure you can identify and tackle problems early on
  • The true science behind the gut -- familiarize yourself with an important bodily function so you know exactly what you’re fighting for
  • Everything you need to know about plant-based diets... and the main reasons you should make the switch today
  • Clear evidence and facts that prove the strong link between a nutritious diet and a healthy gut
  • 8 easy-to-follow steps to transition to a plant-based diet (even if you’ve never tried it before)
  • 40+ plant-based recipes -- so you never run out of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or those all-important snacks
  • 9 frequently asked questions about plant-based diets -- the simple way to make sure you’ve covered all your bases

And much more.

When it comes to the health of your gut, you can’t afford to take things for granted.

Many people wait until a problem arises before they fix it... but this is your chance to get in early, make the switch to a plant-based diet, and enjoy a healthy gut from this moment onwards.

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed about the transition, that’s okay. Everything’s scary when you’ve never done it before.

But you’re going to have an experienced guide right beside you to make the process a hundred times easier.

If you’re ready to join the healthy community, help your gut, and adopt a nutritious lifestyle, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


Essential Life Skills For Teens

by David Skiddy

Beyond Classwork – How to prepare for a successful adult life to achieve your dreams and live life how you want to

How prepared are you to leave the nest and start living on your own – away from your parents’ shadows?

Are you about to be of age but feel inadequate to move out and run a household on your own?

Would you like to understand the 8th wonder of the world – adulthood and everything in between?

Adulthood comes with its share of joys and challenges, and age doesn’t always mean that you are ready to live independently.

Known as the advent of adulthood, teenage years mark a period where you need to make crucial decisions that will set the pace for your future.

It’s the best time to gather all the bricks and building materials you need to transition into adulthood.

Life skills form the foundation of the future you’ve always dreamed of and admired.

While learning and developing these skills is a continuous process that never ends, the bulk of it occurs during your teen years.

This guide is designed to help equip teenagers with the tools they need to maximize their potential and enjoy a fulfilling life.

In Essential Life Skills For Teens, you’ll discover:

  • Life hacks to help you think more critically and reason your way out of difficult situations
  • How to become financially savvy by learning how to manage, budget, save, and spend money wisely
  • Goal-setting strategies that ensure you set practical goals and steps to achieve them
  • The bittersweet side of social media – how to leverage technology for your own good, stay safe, and avoid losing yourself in the likes and dislikes
  • How to solve problems like a pro and avoid getting stuck on a challenge for longer than you should
  • Executive functioning skills you need to make every minute of your day count towards your life’s dreams
  • 20+ innovative ways to make money as a teen using readily available resources no matter where you live

    And so much more!

    There are many essential survival skills you need for successful adulting that aren’t included in the syllabus at school – yet you’ll find them right inside.

    As you get older and take on more responsibilities, you’ll be equipped to do many of the adult tasks your parents seem to breeze through daily.

    Filled with practical insights, easy-to-follow tips, and thoughtful guidance, this handbook will empower you to make good choices – both now and in the future.

    If you want to experience the future you envision and prepare for adult life, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.



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