The following are requirements that your ebook must meet in order to be considered by eBookHounds.  Note: We have deviated from some of the requirements of other author marketing sites in order to help more authors get exposure.


  • PRICED RIGHT.  Our readers love deals!  We keep them happy by providing them access to free and discounted ebooks.  Your ebook must be either free or discounted 40% off the cover price in order to be considered for a primary listing on eBookHounds.


  • THE REAL DEAL.  Ebooks submitted to eBookHounds for consideration must not have been offered at a lower price within the last 30 days.


  • TIME LIMITED, SPECIAL OFFERS.  Our featured ebooks are on limited time offers.  We cannot list your ebook if it is permanently listed at a discounted price.  It is helpful to have flexibility with your special offer campaign's timeframe.


  • MAJOR ONLINE BOOK SITES.  Our readers use the major online retailers to buy and download ebooks.  Your ebook must be listed on at least one major online ebook site in order to be considered.


  • NEW RELEASES.  We consider new releases ebooks that are published within the last eight weeks.  New releases will face more analysis for placement than a more established ebook.


  • GENRES.  Every day we gain new readers and so every day we are expanding our genre categories.  If we cannot accomodate your genre immediately, we will keep in touch with you to let you know when we are able to offer your category.


  • WORD COUNT AND LENGTH.  Ebooks (non-novellas) submitted to eBookHounds should be no less than 20,000 words.  Although not a requirement, we have a strong preference for non-fiction ebooks no less than 100 pages in length and fiction ebooks no less than 150 pages in length.  We do accept submissions for novellas, but they should be priced very aggressively.


  • PROFESSIONAL PRODUCT.  Ebooks submitted to eBookHounds should be error free and cover art should be professional and high quality.


  • REVIEWS.  Ebooks submitted to eBookHounds should have a rating no fewer than three stars on the major retailer sites and at least ten positive reviews.


  • CONTENT ROTATION.  Our readers like being exposed to new ebooks and new authors.  If you have already worked with eBookHounds, please note that we can list your ebook every 60 days.  We will work with authors after 30 days have lapsed since the last listing.


The eBookHounds editorial team works hard to respectfully and diligently review all ebook submissions for our side.  Even when an ebook meets all of the submission guildelines and requirements listed above, there are times when we cannot list it due to space, genre or time constraints.


If your ebook is not initially selected for an eBookHounds listing, we still want to work with you!  Here are our options:


(1) Resubmit your ebook in four weeks for consideration.

(2) Check out our Diamonds in the Ruff Program!



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