Non-Fiction New Releases

Non-Fiction New Releases

heal your relationship with money

by Kara Stevens

All of us have a money story. A story that we tell ourselves about what we can afford, what we should buy, why we shouldn’t spend, and about the real power of money.

But many of us never examine these money stories, which are the same stories that keep us living in chronic cycles of binge spending, money hoarding, and financial amnesia for our whole adult lives. These forms of financial dysfunction cripple us, erode our confidence, and leave us burdened by guilt, shame, and anxiety. They threaten to leave us financially and emotionally bankrupt if we don’t learn how to break free from the chaos and heal our relationship with money for good.Fortunately, our relationship with money does not have to be a major source of stress in our lives. In fact, our relationship with money can actually be a source of joy and provide us with peace of mind once we learn how to care of it, listen to it, and respond to the messages it sends to us.heal your relationship with money guides you through 28 days of money lessons, financial introspection, and daily “lifework” to help you examine your financial past and connect with your true financial voice.

The spiritual tools and financial guidance of heal your relationship with money allow you to rewrite your money narrative so it empowers you and transforms how you relate to your money life.


The Joyful Flow Formula

by Lieve Hendren

Are you struggling to find a way to tap into your ‘Creative Flow?’

Call me crazy for writing a whole book around the initial five-to-fifteen-minute window of dropping into Creative Flow, but that’s exactly what this book is about! Learning the precise formula you need to seamlessly drop into Creative Flow anytime, anywhere, is nothing short of a productivity superpower.

It’s counter-intuitive, but prioritizing joy primes your brain for Creative Flow and maximizes your efficiency. Accessing Creative Flow–consistently and quickly–can rapidly change the quality of your life.

Throughout this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Achieve peak productivity by optimizing your time in Creative Flow
  • Reduce needless stress with Emotionally Intelligent (EQ) workstyles
  • Effortlessly focus and stay motivated on long-term projects
  • Design a work environment that fosters breakthroughs and innovation
  • Overcome neuroscience traps that unconsciously prompt procrastination or creative block
  • Create a Signature Planning System that fits your unique workstyle, goals, and talents

My goal is that this book an investment that will save you untold hours of frustration and wasted time for years to come. It’s a practical, fun approach to adopting that same keystone time management habit that transformed my life and the lives of my coaching clients.

The Joyful Flow Formula teaches you to consistently access Creative Flow by distilling more than twenty-two Flow triggers into a three-step, easy-to-use process.

Find your Creative Flow by reading The Joyful Flow Formula today!



The Dressmakers of Auschwitz: The True Story of the Women Who Sewed to Survive

by Lucy Adlington

A powerful chronicle of the women who used their sewing skills to survive the Holocaust, stitching beautiful clothes at an extraordinary fashion workshop created within one of the most notorious WWII death camps. 

At the height of the Holocaust twenty-five young inmates of the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp—mainly Jewish women and girls—were selected to design, cut, and sew beautiful fashions for elite Nazi women in a dedicated salon. It was work that they hoped would spare them from the gas chambers. 

This fashion workshop—called the Upper Tailoring Studio—was established by Hedwig Höss, the camp commandant’s wife, and patronized by the wives of SS guards and officers. Here, the dressmakers produced high-quality garments for SS social functions in Auschwitz, and for ladies from Nazi Berlin’s upper crust. 

Drawing on diverse sources—including interviews with the last surviving seamstress—The Dressmakers of Auschwitz follows the fates of these brave women. Their bonds of family and friendship not only helped them endure persecution, but also to play their part in camp resistance. Weaving the dressmakers’ remarkable experiences within the context of Nazi policies for plunder and exploitation, historian Lucy Adlington exposes the greed, cruelty, and hypocrisy of the Third Reich and offers a fresh look at a little-known chapter of World War II and the Holocaust.


Rise Up, Lady Bellator: Calling Women Out Of The Shadows And Into Their Place Of Purpose

by Eileen Noyes

Eileen Noyes:

“She wraps herself in strength, might, and power... and her shining light will not be extinguished, no matter how dark the night.” Prov 31:17-18

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Is this all I’m meant for?” Do you feel guilty for even pondering the thought?

What if this is a nudge from God inviting you to explore the answers with Him?

In Rise Up, Lady Bellator, Eileen discusses the struggle all women face at some point: losing her identity, longing to be seen, questioning her worth, and being nudged to seek a deeper sense of purpose.

Through a series of ups and downs in her life, including divorce, escaping cult involvement, and remarriage with a combined total of 15 children between them, Eileen is no stranger to challenges. In Rise Up, Lady Bellator, Eileen shares how she is no longer held captive to her past, her doubts, her fears, or her insecurities. She’s come out of the shadows to live out the calling God has for her and desires to help other women do the same.

In this book:

• Learn to live in the fullness of who God created you to be

• Pursue your dreams and nurture your gifts, while being fully there for your


• Bless you husband, children and you community as you live out your God-

given purpose

• Step into your Kingdom authority and anointing as Lady Bellator, both

Princess and Warrior.

This book is for you if...

• You’ve recently been through a major life change (death of a loved one,

divorce, abuse etc.) and you want to rise up and move forward

• You feel unseen, unknown, and underestimated and want to change this

• You’ve gotten lost in a shadow work journal and need some light shed on who

you were made to be

• You’ve questioned your self worth and would like to know what your Creator

loves about you

• You’re ready to discover your God-given purpose with like-minded women

• You’re yearning for an adventure and smile when you think of yourself as a princess warrior princess



Finding Grace Through Grief

by Michaela S. Cox

Have you ever thought or felt things such as I’m lost in my grief? I don’t know how to find direction in life after loss. I don’t want to succumb to these waves and drown in my grief. I don’t know how to go from just surviving to thriving in life after loss.

In Finding Grace Through Grief Michaela S. Cox shares her own journey through grief and loss she has traveled following the death of her beloved husband John in 2017. In sharing the knowledge, truths, and lessons learned Michaela S. Cox pulls back the curtain to her own journey of heartbreaking grief and loss. Michaela S. Cox shares her message and story of how to find grace through grief with the hope to empower you in your own life to go from surviving to thriving in life

Finding GRACE Through Grief….. Discovering the Keys for Going from Surviving to Thriving on Your Journey
of Love, Loss, and Life you will discover

  • An authentic, honest, earnest voice of experience, from walking and traveling the same journey as you.
  • The five keys to finding grace through your grief.
  • Grounding to have a strong, solid and firm foundation to steady you, as you travel your journey.
  • Direction in your life and for your journey.
  • The tools you need to travel your journey.

Grief can be a lonely journey, but that doesn’t mean you have to travel and go it alone. Let’s travel this journey together alongside each other. May we come to understand how to use the five keys of finding grace through grief. May we discover how we can go from surviving to thriving on this journey.



Part of Me: Fractions at Reach

by Qeona Hamilton-Aguilar

If you have been tasked with teaching a concept that a child doesn't understand or seems to resist, this book is for you!

Part of Me: Fractions at Reach is a story about a teacher who found a way to connect the math concept of fractions in a way that supports his students' interest and understanding. Through rhyme and relatable applications, the teacher brings fractions to life for his students.

This book highlights the fact that differentiated teaching strategies are effective for all learners, especially diverse learners, which include children and students of all abilities from racially, ethnically, culturally, and linguistically diverse communities and backgrounds.

In this book, you will learn:

  • All students can and want to learn.
  • It is important for educators to understand their students’ strengths and weaknesses, interests and dislikes, in order to differentiate instruction, so that all learners have the opportunity to thrive in an academic setting.
  • Connecting with and honoring culture makes people feel seen.
  • Fractions may be a challenging topic for some, but there are practical ways to make it understandable.

This book is about the art of teaching itself. Discover how creativity and commitment can spark a lifelong love for learning. Through this book, your journey as an educator takes on a whole new level with the practical tools and insights provided by Qeona — get a copy now!



Pappyland: A Story of Family, Fine Bourbon, and the Things That Last

by Wright Thompson

An instant 
New York Times bestseller

From the bestselling author of 
The Cost of These Dreams

The story of how Julian Van Winkle III, the caretaker of the most coveted cult Kentucky Bourbon whiskey in the world, fought to protect his family's heritage and preserve the taste of his forebears, in a world where authenticity, like his product, is in very short supply.

As a journalist said of Pappy Van Winkle, "You could call it bourbon, or you could call it a $5,000 bottle of liquified, barrel-aged unobtanium." Julian Van Winkle, the third-generation head of his family's business, is now thought of as something like the Buddha of Bourbon - Booze Yoda, as Wright Thompson calls him. He is swarmed wherever he goes, and people stand in long lines to get him to sign their bottles of Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve, the whiskey he created to honor his grandfather, the founder of the family concern. A bottle of the 23-year-old Pappy starts at $3000 on the internet. As Julian is the first to say, things have gone completely nuts.

Forty years ago, Julian would have laughed in astonishment if you'd told him what lay ahead. He'd just stepped in to try to save the business after his father had died, partly of heartbreak, having been forced to sell the old distillery in a brutal downturn in the market for whiskey. Julian's grandfather had presided over a magical kingdom of craft and connoisseurship, a genteel outfit whose family ethos generated good will throughout Kentucky and far beyond. There's always a certain amount of romance to the marketing of spirits, but Pappy's mission statement captured something real: "We make fine bourbon - at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always fine bourbon." But now the business had hit the wilderness years, and Julian could only hang on for dear life, stubbornly committed to preserving his namesake's legacy or going down with the ship.

Then something like a miracle happened: it turned out that hundreds of very special barrels of whiskey from the Van Winkle family distillery had been saved by the multinational conglomerate that bought it. With no idea what they had, they offered to sell it to Julian, who scrambled to beg and borrow the funds. Now he could bottle a whiskey whose taste captured his family's legacy. The result would immediately be hailed as the greatest whiskey in the world - and would soon be the hardest to find.

But now, those old barrels were used up, and Julian Van Winkle faced the challenge of his lifetime: how to preserve the taste of Pappy, the taste of his family's heritage, in a new age? The amazing Wright Thompson was invited to be his wingman as he set about to try. The result is an extraordinary testimony to the challenge of living up to your legacy and the rewards that come from knowing and honoring your people and your craft. Wright learned those lessons from Julian as they applied to the honest work of making a great bourbon whiskey in Kentucky, but he couldn't help applying them to his own craft, writing, and his upbringing in Mississippi, as he and his wife contemplated the birth of their first child. May we all be lucky enough to find some of ourselves, as Wright Thompson did, in Julian Van Winkle, and in Pappyland.


There Were No Flowers: A Surgeon's Story of War, Family, and Love

by William Meffert

Enter the operating room with Dr. William Meffert as he shares generations’ worth of his family’s wartime surgery experiences.

William Meffert is a surgeon. His father was a surgeon. And now, so is his son. Three generations familiar with incisions, blood, and loss. From World War II and Vietnam to modern operating rooms, they have all fought the battle for human life. Now, Meffert journeys with his son to chart his family’s history through the changing world of combat surgery and beyond to reveal the universal truths that connect them across generations.

As Meffert travels with his son to field hospital locations of World War II and Vietnam, they encounter detailed memories of trauma surgery, wounded soldiers, and the effects of war—a stark reminder of its cost on humankind. Throughout, Meffert meditates on the lasting impact of conflict and the pressures of a surgeon’s life, from being forced to make immediate life-or-death decisions for unknown patients, to the realities of blood and gore, to the difficulty of sharing these experiences with the uninitiated.

Linking together the individual lives of grandfather, father, and son, 
There Were No Flowers is a story of war, surgery, trauma, and the joys of fatherhood, family, and love in the face of it all.


Water Purification Off Grid: Prepper's guide to Water Preparedness

by Harrison Redwood

Dive into the essential guide for self-reliant living!

  • Have you ever worried about accessing clean water if disaster strikes?
  • Do you want to keep your family hydrated safely, no matter what?
  • Are you looking for reliable emergency purification solutions that anyone can use?

When catastrophe causes water services to fail, most households are distressingly unprepared. Store-bought filters are not robust enough for floodwaters or extreme contaminations. Even burst pipes or plant shutdowns can affect water purity. Protecting your family requires being equipped to filter water from any source.

FREE BONUS CHAPTER: Advanced Water Survival Techniques

In this book, you will:

  • Understand why water is vital for survival and how it can be under threat.
  • Learn how to calculate daily household water requirements.
  • Find out more about natural water sources and safe collection guidelines.
  • Master various water purification techniques like boiling, filtration, and disinfection.
  • Learn to implement proper storage strategies using appropriate containers.
  • Get complete plans for sustaining water access during extended crises.

With its straightforward plans, this guide will help anyone set up robust water filtration using common, basic materials. Affordable preparations empower you to sustain your loved ones safely for weeks when catastrophe hits. Don’t face crises underprepared ever again. Equip yourself with uncomplicated methods for providing vital clean water no matter what happens.

Click the “Add to Cart” button now and include this invaluable manual in your survival library!


POST: The Essential Guide to Creating Your Postpartum Self-Care Plan in Pregnancy

by Emilie Wilson

Concerned about the hidden dangers postpartum women face, from chronic mental health issues to cardiometabolic conditions?

In the face of a maternal healthcare crisis, where women's lives are increasingly at risk, knowledge becomes power. In POST, Dr. Emilie Wilson presents a groundbreaking guide that sheds light on a stark reality: maternal mortality rates are soaring, yet most of these deaths are preventable. Beyond the delivery room, postpartum women face a hidden danger: the risk of chronic mental health and cardiometabolic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome, haunting them long after childbirth.

Dr. Wilson's book challenges the status quo by offering a solution: empowerment through education. With meticulous research and expert guidance, she navigates expectant mothers through the vital process of creating a Postpartum Self-Care Plan. This plan is not just a theoretical concept but a tangible lifeline, designed to safeguard both mental and cardiometabolic health. It's not merely a guide; it's a roadmap, outlining the research-backed diet and lifestyle steps crucial for optimal wellness.

POST dismantles the misinformation jungle surrounding pregnancy and postpartum health. Dr. Wilson provides clear, evidence-based advice, ensuring that mothers-to-be can distinguish between the myths and the truth. More than a mere instructional manual, this book becomes a trusted companion, alerting women on when to seek medical help and whom to turn to for support, be it for a moment of respite or urgent healthcare needs.


In this book, you will learn:

The essential diet, exercise, sleep and stress reduction practices to safeguard her physical and mental wellness in pregnancy and postpartum.

Common conditions in pregnancy and natural solutions to manage them.

Common postpartum concerns and natural solutions to manage them.

How her history of trauma or chronic stress may have impacted her mental and emotional wellness, and what to do about it in pregnancy for her health and her new baby's health.

What to know about her postpartum time, including recommended medical visits and labs, when to seek additional care, contraception, returning to work, etc.

With its empowering insights, you can focus on what truly matters: your health, and the precious bond with your new baby. Dive into POST, and let your journey to a healthier postpartum life begin. Get a copy now!



Mastering Bookkeeping Basics: A Practical Guide for Small Businesses

by Veronica Vanderbilt

Does balancing your books cause your head to swim?

"Mastering Bookkeeping Basics: A Practical Guide for Small Businesses" is a comprehensive resource aimed at demystifying bookkeeping for non-accountants. The primary objective of any business is to generate profit, and bookkeeping is the key to achieving this goal. It involves meticulously recording all financial transactions and using these records to produce essential financial statements that provide crucial insights into a company's financial health and profitability.

This book breaks down the intricacies of bookkeeping into 14 easy-to-follow chapters, with illustrations to enhance comprehension. Subsequently, it introduces fundamental bookkeeping concepts and the mechanics of double-entry accounting, making debits and credits understandable.

Readers will gain the ability to identify, comprehend, and accurately record financial transactions and create a chart of accounts to organize their business's financial data. The book progresses through general journal and ledger entries, trial balances, and adjusting entries. It culminates in preparing income statements and balance sheets for evaluating a company's financial performance and overall financial position. The closing chapter provides a clear guide to preparing financial records for the subsequent accounting period.

"Mastering Bookkeeping Basics" is an invaluable resource for small businesses, delivering practical insights and a user-friendly approach to financial record-keeping, enabling entrepreneurs to make informed financial decisions.



The Master's Journal: Channeled Messages & Art for Awakening Your Soul

by Catherine Marie Bergman

Have you ever felt a deep need for spiritual enlightenment and connection to something greater than yourself?

This enlightening book unveils a treasure trove of channeled teachings, meditations, and sacred art that will elevate your consciousness and guide you towards recognizing the boundless light within your soul!

In Section 1, immerse yourself in the profound wisdom of celestial beings as they share their love, light, and healing through powerful journal entries and mesmerizing drawings. These channeled messages and guidance from higher realms and the divine offer insights that will expand your spiritual understanding, opening your heart and mind to infinite possibilities.

Section 2 is a spiritual toolkit designed to help you awaken your infinite potential. Learn directly from ascended masters and angels, and discover transformative lectures, skills, and meditations. Through mindfulness, you'll learn to tame worries and access higher states of awareness, while nurturing your mind, body, and soul with self-care rituals that promote holistic well-being.

In the final Section 3, delve into the mysteries of sacred geometry, ancient languages, and mystical symbols. Explore the profound meanings encoded in forms, letters, and artistic motifs, allowing you to reflect on the divine messages that lie within these ancient designs.


In this book, you will learn:

  • How to connect with enlightened guides through uplifting channelings in order to gain spiritual insights and clarity.
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices to expand self-awareness, find inner calm, and nurture spiritual growth.
  • The deeper meanings and significance behind sacred geometry, symbolic art, and ancient alphabets.
  • Techniques to align one's actions and life path with their core values.
  • Methods of self-reflection and looking within to discover inner wisdom, light, and purpose.

Within the pages of The Master's Journal, you'll find revelations that connect you with your highest self. Through the synergy of art, meditation, and profound spiritual wisdom, uncover your life's true purpose and learn to manifest blessings in abundance. Get a copy now!



Stopping Pain: Percutaneous (Per·cu·ta·ne·ous) Hydrotomy

by Bernard Guez

Are you tired of living with chronic pain?

"Stopping Pain" introduces the groundbreaking world of percutaneous hydrotomy, a revolutionary medical technique developed over 30 years ago in France. This regenerative approach employs physiologic saline, vitamins, minerals, and carefully selected medications to alleviate chronic pain and enhance overall function.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Understand the principles and mechanisms that make percutaneous hydrotomy an effective solution for chronic pain.
  • Explore compelling narratives of individuals who, despite years of medication, found relief and regained their zest for life through percutaneous hydrotomy.
  • Discover how both amateur and professional athletes, including NFL players, MMA athletes, motocross racers, cyclists, and professional tennis players, have benefited from percutaneous hydrotomy to overcome pain and enhance performance.
  • Gain insights into how percutaneous hydrotomy offers a new ray of hope for patients grappling with chronic diseases, providing them with the potential for a pain-free and fulfilling life.

"Stopping Pain" is your guide to breaking free from the shackles of chronic pain and embracing a future filled with vitality and well-being. Don't let pain dictate your life any longer—discover the transformative power of percutaneous hydrotomy. Grab your copy today!



Investing Isn't Complicated

by Anthony A. Garcia

As a beginner, where do you start with investing?

"Investing Isn't Complicated" is an indispensable resource designed to empower self-directed and motivated learners on their journey to becoming astute investors. With an emphasis on providing a solid foundation and practical guidance, this comprehensive guide takes readers through the intricacies of the stock market, dispels myths, and equips them with the tools necessary to construct and manage their own investment portfolios.

This book also features an invaluable appendix, serving as a self-directed learning guide and workbook, enabling readers to apply the concepts and techniques learned throughout the chapters. Throughout the workbook, the additional reading suggestions are compiled for the reader.

In this book, you will learn the 4 Core Principles:

  • Investment Foundations
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Portfolio Management

Anthony Garcia is a self-taught investor with 20 years of experience in the field. His passion for the stock markets and building personal portfolios led him to write his book, catering specifically to self-directed and motivated learners. Filled with his experiences in the field of investment, he wants to show everyone that you can start building your wealth using 4 easy building blocks.



The Diversity Recruiting Blueprint: Your Guide To Crafting An Impactful Inclusion Hiring Strategy

by Cody L Horton

Are you looking for practical ways to improve your recruitment strategies?

The Diversity Recruiting Blueprint is a comprehensive guidebook that offers practical solutions for talent leaders who want to create a more inclusive and diverse workforce through effective recruiting practices. This book provides a proven framework for executing a successful diversity recruiting plan and addresses the roadblocks that hinder diversity recruiting strategy.

As the head of diversity recruiting or talent acquisition, you know that having a diverse workforce is essential. However, creating an effective strategy can be challenging. This book aims to equip you with the tools and techniques needed to build a successful diversity recruiting strategy that delivers results.

It also takes a data-driven approach to diversity hiring, teaching you how to set achievable goals, track your progress, and measure your impact. You'll also gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in diversity recruiting and learn how to apply them to your organization.

In this book, you will learn:

Achieve success with your diversity and inclusion hiring and growth.

Create frameworks to support diversity recruiting efforts.

Discuss what diversity means and how it impacts talent pipelines.

Gain insight into coaching and consulting with stakeholders on DEI hiring efforts.

Prioritize resources and commitments.

Whether you're starting your diversity recruiting journey or looking to optimize your existing strategy, this is a must-read for talent leaders who want to make a meaningful difference. Within the pages of this book, you'll be able to overcome roadblocks and unlock the secrets to successful diversity and inclusion recruiting and hiring. Get a copy now!



Well-Built Finances: Making Money Make Sense in High School & Beyond

by Kendra Jones

Are you ready to dive into financial literacy?

This comprehensive guide not only answers the call for financial literacy but does so with an engaging approach that transforms the often complex world of finance into an accessible and exciting dimension.

Structured through a series of progressive lessons, each chapter unveils essential financial concepts in a language tailored to resonate with young learners. From the fundamental principles of saving and budgeting to the nuanced strategies of investing and credit management, Well-Built Finances offers a well-rounded understanding of finance fundamentals.

Key takeaways and concise summaries enrich the learning experience, ensuring that the acquired knowledge isn't just taught but deeply absorbed. This curriculum is a toolkit, equipping the next generation with the confidence to make informed and responsible financial decisions.

In this book, you will learn about:

  • The basics of personal finance and financial goal setting.
  • Establishing and maintaining credit.
  • The importance of college and career alignment.
  • The basics of taxes, insurance, and investing, and general money management.

Empower the young minds in your life with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of the financial world confidently. Get a copy now!



Money, Balance, Joy: Improving Your Life Story

by Michael Sakraida





Money, Balance, Joy: Improving Your Life Story is a rewarding journey for non-financial people that extends beyond your reading of its pages. Our journey first focuses on why your less than- ideal life of money, balance, and joy isn’t your fault. The rest of our journey is your path to a full and meaningful life. And this same journey provides a valuable path that helps financial advisors give their clients lives of money, balance, and joy.

In Money, Balance, Joy, change agent expert Michael Sakraida simply enables you to benefit from his lifetime of outsider secrets. This is information that, until now, has been reserved for many ultrahigh-net-worth clients and for closed-door meetings with financial fi rms who know they need to provide greater, holistic help.

In this book, you will learn:

  • People’s struggles for a life of wealth and fulfillment is because of bad wealth management ideas and the negative influences of the “financial industrial complex” and “financial media smut club.”
  • This causes most individuals and financial professionals to allow their destructive emotions to cause them to make harmful investment and life decisions.
  • It causes most individuals and financial professionals to fall for many of the total wealth management traps on their life paths.
  • Individuals and financial professionals are delighted and relieved when they hear of this book’s simple, easy, and intuitive solutions to the harm to their full lives of money, balance, and joy.

Money, Balance, Joy aims to orient you so you can demand financial and investment fi rms to improve their client servicing, products, and messaging by enabling you to demand such improvements



The Mental Resilience Method for Young Athletes

by Inner Champion

Stop leaving your sports performances down to chance. Implement our 5 simple science-backed mental toughness strategies and start seeing improvements straight away.

Imagine the roar of the crowd, your heart pounding in your chest, and a single moment splitting success from heartbreaking failure. Being a young athlete is stressful and in this setting you need to know how to manage stress, sharpen your focus, and develop an unbeatable mindset that will carry you to victory. But how can you harness the mental toughness and confidence you need to succeed?

Expertly written with real-world advice and key psychological insights, The Mental Resilience Method for Young Athletes reveals 5 powerful science-based techniques that will propel your athletic performances into the realm of the champions.

Handling pressure isn’t just about hitting the gym or coaching. Backed by athletes and with a foreword from a licensed psychologist – you’ll learn easy-to-implement strategies like mindfulness, visualization and mind-body connection that empower you to level up your performances.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • 5 proven resilience-building strategies used by NBA legends Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and tennis greats Roger Federer and Serena Williams
  • A simple yet powerful daily practice that helps you get your head in the zone and maintain razor-sharp focus
  • How you can achieve mastery of the mental game and change from a hot-headed, emotional youth athlete to a cool and composed champion – even when the pressure is on and the odds are stacked against you
  • The secret to transforming your pre-game anxiety and turning your worst setbacks into your best comebacks
  • One easy strategy that 8-time Olympian medallist Michael Phelps has been using since he was only 8 years old – and how you can use it too, no matter what sport you're in or how young you are
  • 4 transformational techniques that will allow you to see it, believe it… and then achieve it
  • And for parents: the subtle difference between being supportive versus being pushy, and how you can encourage growth and development without smothering your kid

With specially tailored advice to help young athletes handle pressure and achieve their goal, The Mental Resilience Method for Young Athletes is your personal psychology playbook for winning the mental battle before the game even begins.

Are you ready to unlock your peak performance? Then scroll up, grab your copy, and start training today...



You: A Love Story: Reclaim Your Worth. Recognize Your Value. Reignite Your Life.

by Stefanie Barilla

“Hi. It’s me again. Your heart. Isn’t it time we got to know one another?”

This is the quintessential guidebook to your heart. A journey to self-love. Have you ever secretly wondered if you are enough? This book is for you if…

  • You feel that you are not enough
  • You compare yourself often
  • You wish your life were different
  • You feel that others are doing better than you are
  • You are disappointed in yourself
  • You don’t know who you are anymore
  • You want change
  • You don’t know where to start

“The quality of your life happens at the intersection of every experience you have and your reaction to it.”

I invite you to step inside these pages and fall in love with yourself.

In order to get reacquainted with ourselves, we need to look at our life in all its component parts. 
You: A Love Story, asks you five questions: Who Are You? Where Are You? Why Are You? What Are You? and When Are You?Filled with anecdotes, questions and exercises, it takes you on a journey to explore your own heart, who you are today, how you got there, and how to get back on track to the life you truly want.

There is no greater love story than our own, and the power of agency is the key to living that story.”

This book asks that you start with curiosity as you make your way through the pages. Along the way, you will:

  • Identify your core values: Core values are foundational to an intentional life. Identifying what you believe in is crucial in guiding you there. This is the opening exercise to the book as it is a fun and engaging way to get to know yourself. It also lays the foundation for all the work that you are about to do.
  • Create a personal manifesto: This is the banner for your life – what you want in one sentence. A simple reminder to help guide you on your journey.
  • Look at your limiting beliefs and reframe them: Limiting beliefs keep us stuck. Learn how to identify what limiting beliefs you might have, where they might have come from, and how they have impacted your life. You cannot let them go until you understand what they are.
  • Create your Wheel of Life: In this section, we dive into the eight main components of your life and score them. Understanding where you need to show up, and creating a successful plan of action is the next step to move the needle in those areas that are lagging.
  • Identify the gap in your life and understand the tool that you need to rethink it: Many of us live in fear of the gap that represents where we are and where we want to be. This section takes us on a journey to reframe that perspective and create something powerful out of that gap: a bridge.
  • Create a meditation toolkit that works for you: There are several tools in this section, along with an explanation of the benefits of meditation on your body and brain.
  • Identify the self-care rituals that resonate with you: There are twelve self-care concepts to support you as you move into your new aligned vision of yourself. Choose ones that resonate with you and ensure they are an easy to fit into your current life as you begin your journey to the life you truly want.

What’s waiting for you on the other side?
You will see yourself - acknowledge the part of yourself that has a deep knowing of who you truly are. You will feel the desire to get to know that part of yourself, to champion yourself, to live and love from that part of yourself. To quiet the reflexive nature of humanity - the part of us that seeks approval from others rather than from ourselves.”

I wish you a beautiful journey, as you celebrate the most important relationship you have, for a life of intention and alignment.


Living While Dying: My Cancer Journey

by Thom Barrett

How do you react when your entire world changes?

"Living While Dying" by Thom Barrett is a poignant memoir detailing his experiences and insights from battling stage IV prostate cancer. Eight years ago, Thom's life took an unexpected turn with a prostate cancer diagnosis. Initially, he believed a surgery to remove his prostate would cure him, but the cancer had already advanced to stage III, spreading beyond the gland.

The book chronicles Thom's journey since 2015, starting from the initial signs of rising PSA levels to the life-altering biopsy in 2016. After a period of remission, where Thom embraced travel and active living, the cancer returned in 2019, necessitating further treatments like external beam radiation and androgen deprivation therapy.

Despite these challenges, Thom has continued to lead a fulfilling life, traveling and volunteering, even as recent tests in early 2023 showed the cancer's progression to his lymph nodes and chest. Now 67, he faces the realities of stage IV cancer with determination and hope, aiming to surpass survival expectations and maintain a quality life.

This book isn't a step-by-step guide on battling cancer but a deeply personal narrative about living fully in the face of illness. Thom's story emphasizes the power of positivity and the significance of cherishing each moment, offering inspiration to others with cancer and their supporters. It's a testament to facing life's hardest challenges with unwavering strength and optimism. Grab your copy today!




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