Non-Fiction New Releases

Non-Fiction New Releases

Do You Love Me?: Experiencing and Extending Tremendous Love

by Aaron Taylor

Jesus loves you unconditionally! Do you love Him the way He loves you?

Perhaps you want that to be true, but you doubt that it is.

You may want to know how to love Jesus, yet are unsure if you have the capacity or ability to truly love the way Jesus loves you.

No matter how inadequate or unworthy you feel, God is inviting you to partake of His unending reservoir of love.

And the truth is that through God’s agape (unconditional love), you can find true transformation.

In Do You Love Me?, you’ll learn:

  • What agape means and how it looks when manifested in our lives
  • The secret to accessing and giving agape to God and others
  • The meaning of the Love Triangle and how it changes everything
  • Why love needs the potential of failure to be agape
  • The power of forgiveness to provide agape for you and the world
  • How to sow and reap agape in every sphere of life

You’ll also find helpful workbook sections after each chapter that provide questions and prompts focused on posturing you to let God’s powerful love transform your life.

Come as you are, and drink deeply of the love of God as you begin your own transformative journey.

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Trauma Recovery for Women: A 30-Day Christian Journey for Emotional Healing

by Darlyne and Victoria DuBonnet

★ What if you could experience DEEP EMOTIONAL just 30 days? ★

The problems you’re facing today might be secretly rooted in wounds inflicted upon you long, long ago. That explains why you keep repeating the same negative patterns. And you’re likely to stay stuck until you finally let God heal you.

Using a simple 5-step system, you’ll discover how to recover from trauma:

  • Uncover the real source of your emotional pain…so you can finally deal with what’s actually going on.
  • Allow God to heal the innermost part of you…so you can stop being controlled by your emotions.
  • Let go of any false beliefs that are holding you back…so you can step into the bright future God has already prepared for you.
  • Become a blessing to yourself and everyone around you…so waking up every day is something to look forward to.

Start your journey today, expecting God to move in your life. At the end of thirty days, you might not recognize the woman in the mirror. That’s because Trauma Recovery for Women has the power to instantly “pull out the thorn” left by old injuries.

Many women have already found depression and anxiety relief with this easy-to-follow system. But the amazing part is this: When you finally recover from trauma, you can expect to see dramatic improvements in your physical health as well.

That’s no coincidence. It’s because the co-authors, Darlyne & Victoria, both began their careers focusing on physical healing. (Darlyne has been an RN for almost 40 years; Victoria is a Registered Medical Herbalist But when they saw the level of mental anguish among their Christian clients, they knew it was time to look deeper.

Drawing upon their combined decades of experience, Darlyne & Victoria share a simple yet powerful solution to total well-being in body and soul.

Includes a 30-Day Emotional Recovery Journal with guided journaling exercises to accelerate your recovery.

Also, inside the book, you'll find information on the FREE companion 30-Day Recovery Journal and their free online support group.

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Do you ever feel like you’ve experienced more than your fair share of brokenness and heartache? Do you wonder if you can ever be made whole?

I can totally relate.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve made more than one attempt at recovery. Maybe you’ve worked through a 12-step program or two…or three or ten. But somehow, there’s still a place deep inside that just won’t seem to heal.

Darlyne and Victoria have devoted their lives to the emotional healing and physical well-being of God’s children. Through decades of combined experience, they’ve developed a unique 5-step process that’s yielded miraculous results for the many people who’ve visited their clinic.

Finally, God has prompted them to share their wisdom with those of us who may never be able to journey to their idyllic Canadian homestead to meet with them in person. In a world where anxiety has become an epidemic, I’m confident that Christian women seeking Christ-centered answers for depression and anxiety relief will find the help and hope they need.

If you will prayerfully ponder what’s presented on these pages, then give God thirty days to do a work in your life, I think you’ll be amazed at the inner transformation you’ll enjoy.

You now hold in your hand a powerful, yet practical tool to help you recover from trauma, so you can finally experience emotional healing God’s way.

Donna Partow
Bestselling author
Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be




by Dylan Jones

Eliminate procrastination for once and for all.


Dust off all those goals and plans that you’ve been pining for, and get ready for a rocket ride into a productive future and legacy.

Do you often find yourself far behind on all the things you want to accomplish?


Boost your potential with insightful changes to your routine and goals.


Create daily habits that fuel self-motivation and momentum.

Get things done, while setting yourself up for success.


Discover what boosts self-motivation and make these principles work for you.


In this book, you will discover how to make the BEST use of your time each day when it comes to your goals.

Set yourself up now for ONGOING crazy-awesome forward momentum.


Intuitive Motivation takes you for a quick but deep dive through science-backed evidence that points to how to maximize motivation both at work and in your personal life.


  • The 10 Self Motivation Tips walk you through solid foundations upon which to create and build lasting self-motivation success.


  • Practical exercises launch you into action straight from the start. Accomplish your goals faster than you thought possible.


  • Savvy step-by-step routines like the Daily Crunch and the 5 Day Motivation Cycle bring the power of achievements into your life.


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Learn More Lovemore - Toddler To Teen: Discover Practical Boundaries for Modern Parenting

by Christina Lovemore

How to master the art of raising children… from the very first cry until the moment they fly the nest.

Are you afraid you won’t immediately bond with your newborn baby?

Do you worry that your parenting style might permanently traumatise your child?

Are you scared that you’ll never be good enough as a parent, no matter how hard you try?

If you’re nervous about stepping into the crazy world of parenting, you’re not alone.

According to the UN, over 385,000 newborn babies are brought into this world on a daily basis. Which means life completely changes overnight for thousands of new parents every single day.

Before you were a parent, you probably thought that having a child would be a blissful milestone in your life.

And even though there’s nothing quite as extraordinary as staring into the curious eyes of your child for the first time, the reality is that parenting may be the hardest thing you ever do in your life.

Between struggling to change nappies, soothing your baby’s nonstop crying, and sleeping for only minutes at a time, learning the new skills of raising a child can feel like a steep uphill battle... with no end in sight.

Because even once you become an expert at dressing your baby… your child will continue to grow and develop from a toddler into a teen. And that brings along a whole new set of unexpected challenges.

But parenting doesn’t have to feel exhausting and impossible. In fact, with the right parenting advice, you can easily overcome any obstacle that comes your way… and find joy in moulding your child into a happy, healthy human being.

In Learn More Lovemore, you’ll discover:

  • The 4 main categories of parenting styles (plus which ones you should avoid)
  • How to teach your baby to communicate from the moment they’re born
  • Over 9 possible causes of aggressive behaviour in children -- and what you can do when your child starts acting up
  • The most effective skills for coping with each of the 5 stages of childhood development
  • The biggest mistakes that parents make when listening to their children -- do this instead if you want to boost your child’s communication skills
  • 5 proven techniques for helping your kid manage conflicts at school
  • Key life lessons that every child needs to learn before they become teenagers
  • The 10 fundamental principles of good parenting -- and how to apply them to everyday situations
  • Why technology could be putting your child at risk of depression: the truth about kids and smartphones
  • 3 essential criteria to keep in mind when setting boundaries for your child

And so much more!

You can stop worrying about whether or not you’re parenting the “right” way. In Learn More Lovemore, you’ll find everything you need to know about raising a happy and healthy child... from their early years all the way into young adulthood.

Even if you’ve got years of experience teaching and playing with children, the unique insights in this book will make sure you’re fully prepared to become a wonderful parent.

You can keep spending hours of your time scouring the internet for reliable resources on parenting… or you can instantly calm your anxiety, and discover all the tried and tested steps for raising a child you’re proud of.

If you’re ready to feel confident on your parenting journey, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


Teach, Train, Play: The Ultimate 7 Step Survival Guide For First Time Dog Owners

by Nicholas Wise

Are you a 
first-time dog owner? Want to raise a healthy, well-behaved pup? Then you need to keep reading …

You just got your new dog!

You have the cute doggie bed, the latest toys, and a month’s supply of delicious kibble. But … now that she’s here, your mind is whirling! Where does she sleep? Where does she pee? Why is she biting us?

Don’t panic! All the answers are at your fingertips!

Being a first-time puppy parent is not an easy job but it can be a smooth experience once you learn the essential tips and tricks for successfully raising your new dog.

You don’t want to have a pup that pees all over the house and chews up your shoes everyday!

Raising a new pup can be incredibly challenging! Studies show that 61% of first-time dog owners report that their dog struggles with some sort of behavioral issue.

But don’t worry! With reliable strategies based on expert research, you can be a confident pup parent and you won’t have to worry about chewed-up socks and stepping in pee puddles all over the house!

In Teach, Train, Play: The Ultimate 7 Step Survival Guide For First Time Dog Owners, you will discover:

  • How to successfully prepare your home for your new family member
  • The best secrets for potty training success without going insane!
  • To Crate or not to Crate
  • How to address chewing and biting before it gets out of hand!
  • Walking on a leash, developing food manners, and socializing like a champ!
  • Must know obedience commands
  • How to create a thriving environment for your new pup

And much more!

Even if you have never owned a dog before, you can become a capable, content new pup parent and raise a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog!

So if you want to ensure you don’t raise a destructive, out-of-control, furry monster, then click the buy now button with one click to get your book instantly!


In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom

by Maryanne Vollers

“I am most grateful for two things: that I was born in North Korea, and that I escaped from North Korea.” - Yeonmi Park

"One of the most harrowing stories I have ever heard - and one of the most inspiring." - The Bookseller

“Park's remarkable and inspiring story shines a light on a country whose inhabitants live in misery beyond comprehension. Park's important memoir showcases the strength of the human spirit and one young woman's incredible determination to never be hungry again.” —Publishers Weekly

In In Order to Live, Yeonmi Park shines a light not just into the darkest corners of life in North Korea, describing the deprivation and deception she endured and which millions of North Korean people continue to endure to this day, but also onto her own most painful and difficult memories. She tells with bravery and dignity for the first time the story of how she and her mother were betrayed and sold into sexual slavery in China and forced to suffer terrible psychological and physical hardship before they finally made their way to Seoul, South Korea—and to freedom.

Park confronts her past with a startling resilience. In spite of everything, she has never stopped being proud of where she is from, and never stopped striving for a better life. Indeed, today she is a human rights activist working determinedly to bring attention to the oppression taking place in her home country. Park’s testimony is heartbreaking and unimaginable, but never without hope. This is the human spirit at its most indomitable.


Beware False Tigers: Strategies and Antidotes for an Age of Stress

by Frank Forencich

The world is full of tigers, but only some of them are real. Learn their ways and you’ll become stronger, wiser, and more resilient.

Our world is in turmoil, bearing down on our minds and bodies with increasing pressure, acute crises, and wicked problems. Our aboriginal bodies—sculpted for success in wild, outdoor environments—have no idea how to adapt. Cortisol surges through our tissue, driving us toward impatience, distress, dysfunctional behavior, and declining health.

The standard narrative tells us that stress is an individual problem with individual solutions. It’s a lifestyle issue, a medical condition, and a challenge to our personal well-being. But the standard narrative gets it wrong. In fact, stress is a systemic, psychosocial problem and a global health issue. It’s a shared predicament that demands collective action. The good news is that stress can actually be the key to unlocking a more functional and fulfilling future for all of us.

Beware False Tigers is a book about focus. It’s about responding appropriately, to the right tigers, in the right proportion, at the right time. As you’ll discover, our encounter with stress can be fascinating, powerful, and incredibly meaningful.



The Liberated Witch : 13 Mystical Secrets (for baby witches)

by Mona Moon

✨If you want to live intuitively alongside the manifestation of your aligned and abundant life, then keep reading…✨

you can.


There is a profound sense and feeling of magick in this world and this book is my invitation for you to bathe in it.

You are about to witness the unfoldment of your own magick and contribute to a life of aligned manifestations, prosperity and wealth.

The only thing you have to do is read the first word… then the second… then the third… and so on This book is filled with tools and techniques and journal prompts and practices that my mentors and teachers, my witchy peers, my students, and I have all been using for years.


This is a direct invocation to creating and nurturing an abundant life. It’s so fruitful. You’ll see.

This journey is exactly what is going to push us towards that delicious feeling of divine liberation. And it’s even more yummy when we do it all together.

Even though we may not see each other, we are a global tribe of witches, supporters, and unconditional lovers.

As you read this book, you will notice that your entire tribe, human and non-human, are all kindly by your side


With love, gratitude, and sweet vibrations,

Mona Moon ❤️


"This book is a masterpiece. It's a combination of mysticism, mindset and manifestation with the most relatable human experiences that will guide you to your own authentic magic and witchcraft to manifest your wildest dreams."- Sarah D'Angelo


In this book, you will discover:

  • ❤️Three(ish) magickal secrets to seduce and penetrate the existence of prosperity and wealth in your life, so you can start crafting your dreams into reality, right now.
  • ❤️One single mystical block stopping you from living the life of prosperity your Soul desires, and how to shed yourself free from it.
  • ❤️An enchanted ethos for casting prosperous and abundant manifestation spells, and the five practices to align your mind with your Spirit.
  • ❤️The intrinsic vessel every witch must open and always remember; otherwise, our manifestations won’t work.
  • ❤️Profoundly potent witchcraft spells for manifesting abundance and prosperity, so you can embrace your dreams as reality.
  • ❤️An insightful benevolence we must grant ourselves after manifesting because and the importance of keeping this at the forefront of our minds and hearts.
  • ❤️That everything you could possibly need to be a witch, you already have


If you’re here,
I believe you attracted this moment.
You are just here for some undeniable reason.
Maybe you want more of something in your life... or less of something.
I'm not sure what you did before these moments, but somehow you ended up here and manifested this.


✨ If you are still reading and feel a warming sense inside of you asking you to dive into this journey, then click "Add to Cart" and see where this takes you. �� Wishing you joy for these moments of unfoldment



Apotheosis Now: Rabbit Hole to the Beyond

by Yanhao Huang

Resolve all your confusion in life!

A mind that is fragmented and sees the world in terms of what is me and not me, good and bad, will be caught in endless conflict. Because externally, we are always trying to control what is “not me,” and internally, we always get perplexed trying to figure out whether our actions came from our “higher” or “lower” self. As Albert Einstein said: “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

This book will help you to understand:

  • Why we have internal conflicts
  • How does our ego trap us in undesirable circumstances
  • How do our beliefs limit us
  • Why thought-based teachings (Law of Attraction), or self-improvement advice don’t work
  • How do we really get what we want
  • Why is happiness so rare for us
  • Who we are really
  • What is the nature of existence
  • What is the meaning of life
  • How do we know if there is a God
  • What is the process of spiritual enlightenment

Many of us are starting to become tired of this game of life. We have been comparing and striving all our life. But no matter how much success we have achieved—we are still hollow and still have found nothing fulfilling. We don’t even know if happiness exists because it is no longer a living thing in our experience—it has become dead, as we only know it as a concept or memory.

We have sought self-help advice, philosophies, and religious teachings to transform ourselves but have not gotten anywhere. We have made some superficial improvements—like adopting a new mindset—but our core remains the same. We are still competitive, still fearful, and we get disturbed all the time.

The problem with all attempts at self-improvement is that we do not address the fundamental problem, which is: who is the “you” who needs to be improved? We do not see that the one who is making the improvement is the same one who needs to be improved. The more we try to improve, the more conflict we introduce, within and without. The more knowledge we stuff in our heads, the more we become trapped in a conceptual prison of reality. Inevitably, the more confused we get in life.

The book guides the reader out of their distorted beliefs to experience reality beyond the mind. When the deeper intelligence is allowed to flourish without our mind's interference, then the game of life becomes effortless.


Breaking Bad Eating Habits

by Nick Swettenham

Tired of traditional diets that leave you feeling frustrated and stuck? Ready to embrace a new perspective on your nutrition? Keep reading…

When you hear the word diet, what comes to mind?

Your thoughts probably jump to the latest fad that celebrities are raving about or your own experiences with diets that felt restrictive and unrealistic.

But at its core, a diet is very different from dieting. One encompasses the foods that you eat, while the other tries to control those foods.

For most people, nutrition is a bit of a mystery. With hundreds of sources of information that often conflict with one another, it can be totally overwhelming to even know where to begin.

You might have been led to believe that to truly understand your nutrition, you need to work with expensive dieticians or personal trainers -- but this couldn't be further from the truth.

The reality is that anyone, including you, can start to make changes in their diet that will immediately start having positive effects both mentally and physically.

But how do you do that?

By understanding your dietary habits and the tendencies you have around food, you 'll discover exactly how much your subconscious is impacting your health and wellness.

Once you recognize the power of your thoughts and mindset, you can harness that power to start creating real, lasting change in your life.

In Breaking Bad Eating Habits, here is just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • Practical advice for managing mindset, stress, and attitude while developing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle
  • How nutrition affects your development even before birth -- and why childhood influences are so powerful
  • 8 principles that form the basis of mindfulness with a 6-step process to help you become a more mindful eater
  • Why diets don't work -- and the reasons why people fail even when they're highly motivated
  • The effect of stress on cognitive function, weight gain, and your digestive system -- and what you can do to help reduce its impact
  • Tips and tricks for adapting meals and recipes to immediately start improving your nutrition
  • 9 foods older adults need to cut back on -- and what you should be eating instead to promote healthy aging
  • How to identify the mental habits and triggers that have become a part of your life over the years, without judgment or anger
  • 10 types of hunger and how to keep each kind in check with simple solutions
  • 15+ recipes designed to keep you feeling full and satisfied while balancing your nutrition

And much more.

Now is your chance to take the time limit off of fixing your nutrition. Say goodbye to diets that promise to transform your health in just 15 days or give results that won't last more than a few weeks.

Instead, make the choice to truly invest in your health -- take an approach that considers every aspect of living healthfully and doesn't just give you a meal plan and a few useless dieting "hacks."

If you're ready to make changes in your nutrition that will actually stick, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


International Online Teaching

by Nervana Elkhadragy

Discover the freedom and flexibility you’ve always wanted by making the most out of your teaching skills.

Over the last few years, the demand for online teachers has been steadily growing

But now it’s exploded. 

The problem is -- there are not enough teachers out there.

Math, English, Science… Whatever your expertise, there are tons of students everywhere who are looking for you right now!

How do you reach them?

What curriculum should you teach?

Do you need to be business-savvy to succeed?

If you’re thinking of starting your own online teaching business, these questions are something you seriously need to think about. 

Typically, when you think of digital learning, you might imagine private, one-on-one classes.

Of course, it’s possible to earn some sort of income like that.

But one-on-one means that there is a limit to how much you can earn as a teacher.

With International Online Teaching, you could go bigger! 

All you need is the right mindset, tools, and knowledge to help you reach thousands of students worldwide while earning a lucrative income.

In International Online Teaching, here’s just a fraction of what you will discover:

  • The simple steps to take your teaching skills online, impact an unlimited number of students, and earn a fantastic income
  • Clever tactics to build an online presence without a website, grow your reputation, and expand your student class size
  • Straightforward strategies for teaching curriculums that line up with the needs of international students
  • Handy hints to guide you in using digital tools like Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom, PayPal and more to your advantage 
  • Innovative ways you can create passive income streams outside of your teaching hours
  • How to communicate with parents in virtual spaces and manage large classes -- make sure that the students and the parents are happy
  • The necessary tools to prepare your online teaching mindset, best practices for the online classroom, and how to keep your lessons personalized in group classes 

And much more.

Whether you’re looking to break free from your current job or you want to discover a rewarding way to supplement your teacher’s income, this is the book for you. 

Now, you can find out exactly how to leverage your teaching gifts, make the most of your time, and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

If teaching is your calling, it’s time you make the most of it!

If you are ready for a flexible, profitable, and rewarding career doing what you love then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


241 Real-World Brain Teasers

by Invent and Discover

Challenge yourself to figure out creative solutions to real-world problems that have led to important inventions, discoveries, and innovations throughout history!

Do you love trivia quizzes... but wish these didn't rely so much on useless facts that you simply either know or you don’t, leaving no room for actual thinking?
Do you enjoy mental puzzles... but want to come away with something more valuable than just getting the right answer to abstract, theoretical problems? Something more practicalperhaps?

This book aims to change the game.

Experience walking in the footsteps of discoverers, inventors, and innovators through taking on real-world problems that challenge you to tap into lateral thinking and creativity.
Part knowledge question and part logic puzzle, each of these 241 real-world brain teasers will challenge you to think of things in a new light and solve problems creatively.

Our unique questions are specially designed to lead you through solving actual challenges that people have faced in the real world — no trivia knowledge necessary! Everything you need for brainstorming your way to a solution is baked right into each carefully crafted question and helpful hint.

In this book of brain teasers, you’ll find:

  • 241 engaging problems across 12 fascinating topics including Ingenious Inventions, Business Innovations, Nature & Science, Historical Happenings, Folk Wisdom from different cultures around the world, and many more.
  • Specially designed easy-to-navigate format that eliminates the need to flip back and forth between sections, helping you keep the fun going and avoid accidentally stumbling upon answers.
  • Chapters, arranged by difficulty and subject so you have complete control over how you play.
  • Answers that go beyond fun facts, giving you a bit more insight into how the world works and what makes people tick.
  • Family-friendly puzzles that anyone and everyone can brainstorm and enjoy, regardless of age, education, or background.
  • A variety of ways to play and train your brain, getting in that mental workout whether solo, with family and friends or even in a professional setting.
  • See inside for a link to download your FREE Bonus eBook.

Sharpen your logic, improve your analytical abilities, enhance your creativity, and develop your lateral thinking skills… all while having fun and learning more about the world around you. From kids to the elderly, students to CEOs, whether for professional development or just for fun, this book can be a useful tool for keeping the mind in top shape.

Give your brain a good workout with these unique real-world brain teasers!




by Vivien J. White

Anti-aging skincare solutions that get you real results, revive your skin, and leave you looking healthier and happier

The one universal truth we all know is that nothing is permanent.

The same goes for the quality of your skin.

You may want to prolong your good looks…

Or want to know how to take care of wrinkles and fine lines that arrived way too early, not to mention, uninvited.

But anti-aging skincare has a lot more to do with health than it does looks.

The problem is that there is a lot of conflicting information out there about what you should and shouldn't be doing.

You start listening to widespread myths like “let your skin breathe”, “the skin gets used to products”, “buy only the expensive lotions”…

And end up neglecting your skincare completely.

The reality is, if you don’t know how to pair the products you use, what ingredients work for your skin type, and which ones will make you break out in a rash...

You can end up feeling frustrated, making your skin look worse than it did before.

That’s why it’s so important to find what really works for you.

When you make time to take care of your skin, you are allowing for crucial self-care among your day-to-day activities.

And when you know how to choose a routine suitable for the needs of your skin, you can actually start to reverse the effects of aging.

As a result, you can look younger, but most importantly feel better!

In Skincare & Other Anti-Aging Tips, you will discover:

  • Honest skincare advice, widespread myths debunked, and guidance on what ingredients to look for in skin products
  • A simple guide to find out your skin type, know how skin ages, and what purpose skincare plays in your entire health
  • Tried (and scientifically tested) techniques and ingredients that will revive your skin to look healthier and younger -- know exactly what to apply to your skincare routine!
  • Skincare advice you won’t hear in department stores -- what works for someone else may make your skin worse!
  • How to choose your anti-aging skincare products without spending a fortune on unnecessary amounts of creams, serums, and toners
  • The habits that are detrimental to your skin health -- and therapies to reverse their harmful effects without invasive surgeries
  • Practical tips to help you choose skincare brands, products, and create a personalized skincare routine

And much more.

Even if you think your skin looks fine now, a skincare routine is about maintaining the beauty you already have.

And it’s never too early (or too late!) to start taking care of yourself and your skin!

Skincare isn’t just a short-term beauty treatment -- it’s a way for you to look younger, feel better, and prevent early aging.

If you want to revive your youthful looks and rejuvenate your skin without surgeries or breaking the bank, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.


The Book of Barbell Training: Strength Training for beginners

by Milo Kemp

Have you struggled to make progress lifting weights? do you want to feel stronger and build some muscle in a sustainable way? it seems simple enough but only with the right training.

The style of training I am going to lay out for you has been around since ancient Greece, it is tried and tested method of building strength and developing your body all you must do is follow this book.


The best thing is that this training is for everyone, As you age you lose muscle naturally and it becomes harder to build it so strength training becomes a key part of your regimen to help slow that process and even reverse it.

As a young to middle-aged adult building muscle becomes important to increase your base metabolism to help keep weight off as you age and to develop a muscular physique so that as you age you will be able to maintain it.


I’ll take you through each exercise holding your hand from form to reps and sets and if you don’t know what these mean don’t worry I’ll go through that too,

you’ll also find out:


·      The mindset you need to succeed in your training

·      The common mistakes that everyone makes but you won’t

·      3 secrets to level up your training

·      The best assistance exercises to squeeze out extra progress

·      The training regimen that will get you going within 60 days


These are tried and tested methods that have worked for people I have coached, so if you are ready to start this journey scroll up and add to cart.



Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Data Science Using Python

by Daneyal Anis

*Start your Data Science career using Python today!*
Want to begin a new lucrative career as a Data Scientist? Learn to solve real world problems using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning skills – with step-by-step instructions and downloadable code samples!

Are you interested in becoming a Data Scientist but overwhelmed by the complexity and don’t know where to start?
Then let this breezy and fun little book on Python and machine learning models make you a data scientist in 7 days!
This book is for beginners who would like to master predictive analytics and obtain a job in fast growing field of data science! Let experienced Data Scientist and Best-Selling Author, Daneyal Anis, share with you the most common real-world analytics problems and how he solved them in his 10+ years in this field.

In this book Daneyal shares common time saving and automation use cases like:

  • Web-scrapping
  • File Processing
  • Image Processing for Pattern Detection
  • Automating Sending and Receiving Campaign Emails

And in-demand and popular data science use cases like:

  • Fraud Analysis
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Speech Analytics Using Dynamic Time Warping
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Creating Recommender Systems and Client Segmentation.

All the examples come with downloadable Python code that you can use today!

You also get to see foundational and well-known Python libraries in action such as NumPy, Scikit-Learn, Seaborn and more advanced libraries like BeautifulSoup, FastDTW, Facebook Prophet and Folium!

By the end of this book the readers will be able to design, train and validate their very own artificial intelligence models – with real world applicability from day 1!

If you are on the fence about making the leap to a new and lucrative career as a Data Scientist, this is the book for you!

What sets this book apart from other books on the topic of Python and Machine learning?

  • Step by step code examples and explanations
  • Complex concepts explained visually
  • Real world applicability of the machine learning models
  • Bonus free code samples that you can try yourself without any prior experience in Python!

What do I need to get started?

You will have a step by step action plan in place once you finish this book and finally feel that you, can master data science and machine learning and start lucrative and rewarding career!

Ready to dive in to the exciting world of Python and Machine Learning?

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A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Plant-Based Weight-Loss

by Shane Corbitt

Those extra pounds can be stubborn -- but now’s the time to beat them to the curb!

Are you sick and tired of trying diet after diet… only to be disappointed every time you get on the scale?

Do you feel drained and lazy throughout the day because you’re not getting the nutrients you need?

Have you read tons of other diet guides, but they just seem too complicated to understand?

Let’s get one thing straight: losing weight doesn’t happen with the push of a button.

There are tons of diets out there that promise you will lose 10 pounds in a week.

Whether it’s a keto diet or not, most of these won’t work -- why else would you be here?

This is your chance to change your lifestyle and live a healthy life with a plant-based diet!

Research has proven that plant-based diets can turn your life the right way around...

A study from The Permanente Journal reveals that plant-based diets have gained popularity because of the many health benefits revolving around them -- countless healthcare practitioners constantly recommend this form of diet from the rest!

With the help of this simple diet, you can finally take in the nutrients your body needs to thrive… all while losing weight in the process.

In A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Plant-Based Weight Loss, you will discover:

  • A straightforward guide to following a plant-based diet that will enrich your life and put you down the path of a healthy lifestyle
  • 20+ plant-based recipes that are incredibly easy to make -- even if you have no experience in meal prepping
  • The numerous benefits to plant-based diets that explain why this lifestyles has gained worldwide recognition
  • Tips and tricks to help you prepare for this life-changing diet and make sure the transition is smooth-sailing
  • The main difference between plant-based diets, veganism, and vegetarianism that will help you understand what kind of lifestyle you are following
  • The science behind how plant-based diets can truly help your weight loss journey -- no gimmicks here!

And much more.

Plant-based diets have become such a trend because of their incredible advantages. Not only do they help you, but they also help the environment!

You may feel overwhelmed about changing your lifestyle, but A Beginners Guide to Sustainable Plant-Based Weight Loss will make the shift incredibly easy for you.

Follow in the footsteps of countless others who are taking action, and see yourself thrive in a whole new light!

What are you waiting for? This is your moment to change your life for the better!

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Armor Your Mind

by Carl Prox

Being Unhappy Is A Choice: Discover How To Stop Sabotaging Yourself and Build Mental Resilience.

Do you often feel like you’ve been dealt a bad hand in life?

You crave peaceand wish you could get up when the world wants you to give up, but you don’t know how to do it?

If this happens frequently, you might be one step away from sinking deep into misery and self-loathing.

Or perhaps, you’re already there.

Here’s the thing though: there’s no such thing as perpetual unhappiness.

Being unhappy is a frame of mind, and your mind is something you have complete control over.

No matter what you do, the world will keep throwing challenges at you: difficult co-workers, hard decisions, devastating personal tragedies… You cannot change that.

But what you can change is how you respond to it.

It’s up to you whether you feel frustrated, depressed, angry, and helpless, or meet those challenges head-on and stop the world from overpowering you.

To be able to deal with life on your own terms, you need to know how to protect yourself from enemies of happiness: negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and victim mentality, to name a few.

In other words, you need to build an impenetrable mind-armor that will shield you from any negativity, insecurity, and emotional distress.

Are you ready to train your mental toughness to perfection?

In Armor Your Mind, you will discover:

  • How to utilize the extraordinary power of positive thinking, and the bulletproof strategies for eliminating negative thoughts
  • How to build self-confidence, identify your strengths, and deal with failure without frustration and anxiety
  • How to detect your bad habit triggers, and use them to escape a dangerous, destructive habit loop
  • Techniques for escaping the victim mentality that blocks happiness, poisons self-acceptance, and hinders personal growth
  • Why your fear of being vulnerable is preventing you from being happy, and how to get rid of it for good
  • Techniques for developing tunnel vision focus to help you stay focused on your goals no matter what
  • How to deal with discomforts and conflicts while preserving your emotional health and maintaining clarity

And much more.

Armoring your mind doesn’t mean you’ll never feel unhappy or frustrated again. You will, because you’re human.

But what you will not do is let those frustrations and negative thoughts take control over your life.

With your mind-armor, you’ll be able to stay calm and centered in the face of a challenge, and prevent both mental and emotional havoc from the experience.

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Live Tiny & Be Free: Everything You Need To Know About Tiny House Basics, Living, Ideas, and Design

by Jordan Liberata

Considering a tiny house but aren’t exactly sure how to get there? If so, then keep reading...

There are a lot of fascinating stories out there about tiny houses.

A young woman builds a tiny cabin in the woods to live a simpler and more eco-conscious life...

An older couple buys a tiny house so they can retire without financial stress...

A family of four has a tiny house on wheels built so they can find adventure and pursue minimalism...

These stories are no doubt inspiring, yet when it comes to turning our own realities into tiny house success, the journey toward the tiny house life can feel a bit overwhelming.

Maybe you have already spent time scouring the internet, looking at pictures, reading blogs, and watching videos, yet it seems like your tiny house isn’t any closer to becoming a reality.

There are just so many questions to be answered. We’ve all been there.

Because of these challenges, Jordan Liberata wrote Live Tiny & Be Free as a way to help people take the steps needed to find their own personal form of tiny house freedom.

As an author with extensive experience in off-grid living, minimalism, and tiny houses, he has a love for the tiny house movement and the way it can activate change in people’s lives.

Through hundreds of hours of research, hearing the stories of others, and spending time living tiny, he has created a book that seeks to answer many of those questions that can be so tricky.

In this book, you will discover:

  • The most important question most people fail to ask when going tiny
  • How to determine what type of tiny house you need (hint: it’s probably not what you think)
  • Transformative ways to kickstart your tiny house journey...before you even start the process of buying or building
  • Why most people screw up their tiny house budget and how to learn from those mistakes
  • How to protect your tiny life from unforeseen risks
  • How to turn 400 square feet into a home by following design secrets
  • How to design plumbing and electricity without breaking the bank or putting yourself in danger
  • Why you can DIY construction even if you’ve never built a thing in your life
  • The most frequently forgotten tiny house design feature and why it is so important to incorporate from the start
  • The single biggest barrier to beginning your tiny life and how to overcome it

and much more…

The tiny house movement is growing globally for a reason. According to Money Crashers, 68% of people that live in tiny houses are mortgage-free.

Beyond savings, tiny houses produce over 5000 pounds less CO2 compared to traditional houses, according to a study done at the College of St. Benedict.

While these stats are quite enticing, the idea of going tiny can still be a bit scary. You may be wondering: is this really for me? What if I have kids? Am I too old for this?

The truth is, the tiny house movement suits all people in all walks of life. In fact, tiny house owners are spread pretty evenly among all ages. Moreover, tiny houses are often built for individuals and large families, and everything in between.

The tiny life is yours if you want it, it’s just a matter of making a plan and putting it into motion. This book is here to help you do just that.


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My Strength Is Her Strength: The Beautiful Art of Positive Practical Parenting for Girls With ADHD

by Leslie K. Brown

Your daughter's ADHD should never hold her back: discover how you can use your own parenting power to feed her inner strength.

Did you know that Emma Watson was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD while she was filming for Harry Potter?

Idolized as Hermione by children and respected by teens for her activism and advocacy, Emma Watson is an inspiration to girls of all ages… and everything she’s achieved, she’s managed alongside her ADHD.

She’s the perfect role model for girls with ADHD -- a group who often find themselves marginalized and misunderstood. And if you’re a parent to one of these girls, the chances are, you face many struggles you never expected to face as a parent.

How many times have you looked for help, only to find that resources are targeting externalized symptoms like hyperactivity and acting out?

But your daughter’s ADHD manifests differently. Her symptoms are more internalized. Perhaps she’s anxious and withdrawn, she has trouble focusing, or she appears not to be listening.

All too often, these girls are overlooked.

So how can you help them fit into a world that seems to not be designed for them?

The answer starts with yourself: through arming yourself with knowledge about ADHD in girls, you can help your daughter navigate the world and let her brightest qualities shine.

Because all those quirks her ADHD gives her can be advantages if she’s guided and taught to harness their power.

It’s not about forcing her to fit into a neurotypical mold: it’s about teaching her how to use her strengths and skills to find her own place within the world.

By strengthening your own understanding of how ADHD affects your daughter through each stage of development, you can fortify her with the skills she needs to be a brilliant and inspirational young woman.

In My Strength Is Her Strength, you’ll find a complete guide to parenting girls with ADHD and building your own strength in order to feed hers. You’ll discover:

  • A fundamental understanding of ADHD and how it manifests differently in girls and boys
  • Why early intervention is crucial for girls with ADHD -- and how you can spot the signs early
  • The underlooked strengths ADHD can give children -- and how you can help your daughter identify hers
  • A closer look at the challenges your daughter will face at each stage of development -- and how you can support her from preschool straight to her high school graduation
  • How positive parenting can be your superpower (and exactly how you can make sure it is)
  • How to use the ‘Fix You First’ strategy for parenting children with ADHD
  • Puberty, sexuality, and social media -- a clear guide to navigating the sensitive side of parenting teenage girls with ADHD
  • Common coexisting conditions in girls with ADHD (because knowledge is power)
  • A comprehensive guide to seeking help and support at any stage of your parenting journey
  • 3 fundamental areas where a routine is essential -- and how you can establish lifelong healthy habits from a young age

And much more.

If you’re worrying about your daughter’s future, you can rest assured that she has the same chance of success as her neurotypical peers -- and she even has some unique character traits that can put her one step ahead of the game… if she knows how to use them.

By learning how to build a strong, positive approach to parenting, you can nurture your daughter and watch her flourish every step of the way.

ADHD isn’t a disability. It’s simply a different operating system… and together, you and your daughter can learn to harness its power.

If you want to feed your daughter’s inner strength and help her excel in all areas of life, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” right now.


Build Consciousness by Expanding Awareness

by Ruth Ford Elward

Build Consciousness by Expanding Awareness was borne from a heart-to-heart conversation between a loving grandmother and her adult grandson. It quickly grew into powerful lessons about the human experience, society’s collective consciousness, and incredibly powerful anecdotes about the search for meaning.

The lessons, in-depth discussions, and life-changing essays serve as a guide for all who want to build their consciousness to live a more fulfilled and well-rounded life. Each chapter speaks to finding inner wisdom, breaking free from distortions of the ego, connecting with consciousness through expanding awareness so that we may transcend negative patterns, letting go of bad habits, relinquish limiting beliefs, and expand our potential.

Filled with insights, unique perspectives, inspiration, philosophy, science, mysticism, and quotes from prominent figures from all ages, around the globe, this book highlights mindful practices and methodologies that serve as a roadmap for your personal development and journey to expanding your awareness and creating a strong foundation for your personal consciousness.

No matter who you are or what line of work you’re in, you will find value in this journey. Not only will it expand your awareness and build your consciousness, but it will increase your ability to focus on your physical energies, relationships, business environment and abilities, thoughts, and activities. This will help you discover new levels of surrender and openness.

Read the stories and essays. Let the magnitude of what you’re absorbing push you to dig deeper, adapt, and live the happy life you’ve always craved!



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