Play Dumb & Sabotage

Play Dumb & Sabotage

by Jeaneen Tang

Do you find yourself grappling with uncertainty when it comes to nurturing language skills in young children?

Navigate the intricate terrain of nurturing language skills in both typically developing children and those facing unique challenges, from late talkers to those with special needs. This book equips you with essential tools and proven strategies, eliminating the guesswork and empowering you to foster language proficiency with confidence.

Caregiving and teaching young children language would be easier if we were given the tools and strategies instead of having to figure it out on our own. This book will help you with developing language in young children, whether they are normal developing, late talkers, or children with special needs.

In this book, you will learn:

  • How to identify areas where you over-anticipate a child's needs.
  • How we are doing children a disservice by doing so.
  • How to mindfully under-anticipate a child's needs.
  • How to create opportunities to practice language in functional ways.
  • Strategies to apply to everyday activities to help develop effective communicators.

Discover some insights, practical tips, and evidence-based techniques that empower you to create an enriching linguistic environment. Get a copy now!




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