Children's and Middle Grade

Children's and Middle Grade

Getting your kids to read--a perpetual battle, right?  Your goal, then, is to always find the next excellent ebook in a genre they will love to read. And, what is better than finding ebooks for them that they can read on their electronic devices, such as their phones, Kindles or Nooks?  Authors in our Children's and Middle Grade genre want to help you with your kids, and they want to help you with your budget, too.  They will always offer their ebooks to you for free or discounted.


Definition of the "Children's and Middle Grade Genre": Children who are reading these ebooks are still at the stage of their life where they are focused inward.  They are figuring themselves out (a process that shouldn't stop just because we grow older), and so they focus what they want to read on that stage of their lives.  While characters in the Children's and Middle Grade genre grow during the stories, the growth is internal by nature. Ebooks in this genre typically focus on friendship, as children are working out what it makes to be a responsible friend to others, and what they look for in friends themselves.


Some bestselling ebooks in the Children's and Middle Grade genre are Katherine Applegate (The One and Only Ivan), R.J. Palacio (Wonder), Jacqueline Woodson (Brown Girl Dreaming), and Sharon Draper (Out of My Mind).

Phoebe's Heron

by Winnie Anderson

PHOEBE’S HERON, the story of 12-year-old Phoebe Greer, is set in Colorado in 1900. Her first-person narrative begins when Phoebe, her family, and Nurse Daisy arrive at their new cliff-top cabin in the foothills of the Rockies. They have moved from Denver hoping that the fresh air will heal Phoebe’s mother’s tuberculosis.

While Phoebe wants nothing more than for her mother to get well, she misses city life in Denver and her best friend Lisbeth, whose parents own Denver’s finest millinery store, where the two girls have spent hours in front of the looking-glass parading with fancy feathered hats on their heads.

Phoebe loves to draw. Her father gives her a sketchbook, and she soon meets Jed, a local boy. However, young Jed is a plume hunter, a commercial hunter of birds. He desperately wants to find a great blue heron, whose feathers were in great demand for women’s hats.

Gradually, the two youngsters become friends. Jed shows Phoebe the delights of the natural world in the Colorado Rockies, and their friendship deepens.
On her own one day, Phoebe sees a magnificent great blue heron in the creek, which she sketches in her book. But she does not tell Jed about seeing this bird. Then, Phoebe’s mother grows worse, and soon, all will change.

This is a lovely, lyrical story about discovery and friendship, and ultimately the courage to take a stand for something greater than oneself.

WINNIE ANDERSON holds an MA in Writing from Johns Hopkins University, and has had stories published in 
various children’s magazines. This is her first novel. She lives in Baltimore, MD, and Evergreen, CO. Her website is


The Bridge of the Golden Wood: A Parable on How to Earn a Living

by Karl Beckstrand

(Entrepreneurship, business) “Masterful … An immensely appealing book because of its readable style … and its realistic but soft Asian-style illustrations.” – Crystie Cook, poet. A child with a knack for solving problems helps some hungry fish and finds a treasure. Illustrated folk tale teaches how to spot opportunities to help others and make money; comes with ideas for businesses; money-making activities; and online resources on finding customers, managing money, job ideas and moving up in an organization (for ages 5 and up). Young children will be captivated by the story; older ones will want to apply the things they learn.


Kitty Born at Sea: A Kitty Adventure

by Donna Mae Smith

Ages 9-12: Kitty grows up at sea and learns to understand humans. Kitty lives a funny and adventurous youth and even learns a little geography and history on the way. This middle grade book is descriptive, informative, and heartwarming.

Kitty learns to protect the big boat, Betty, and travels from the Gulf of Mexico to the Chesapeake Bay with Captain, Momma, and Rod. Kitty also longs for adventures he will one day find on land. That one day comes on the Mobjack Bay. Find out how Kitty's decisions shape his life changing adventure! Let Kitty warm your home and heart!


Ryan to the Rescue


Ryan the Corgi was a happy dog -- until his family moved. The dogs at his new school aren't as nice as his old friends were. Some of them are even downright mean to him. Can Ryan learn how to turn the tables on the bullies?


Frostborn (Thrones and Bones Book 1)

by Lou Anders

Fantasy fans of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and John Flanagan’s Ranger’s Apprentice series will embrace this first novel in an adventure-filled, Viking-inspired series by a debut author.
Meet Karn. He is destined to take over the family farm in Norrøngard. His only problem? He’d rather be playing the board game Thrones and Bones.
Enter Thianna. Half human, half frost giantess. She’s too tall to blend in with other humans but too short to be taken seriously as a giant.
When family intrigues force Karn and Thianna to flee into the wilderness, they have to keep their sense of humor and their wits about them. But survival can be challenging when you’re being chased by a 1,500-year-old dragon, Helltoppr the undead warrior and his undead minions, an evil uncle, wyverns, and an assortment of trolls and giants.
Readers will embark on a sweeping epic fantasy as they join Karn and Thianna on a voyage of discovery. Antics and hair-raising escapades abound in this fantasy adventure as the two forge a friendship and journey to unknown territory. Their plan: to save their families from harm.
Debut novelist Lou Anders has created a rich world of over twenty-five countries inhabited by Karn, Thianna, and an array of fantastical creatures, as well as the Thrones and Bones board game.

Praise for Frostborn:
"A fun, fast-paced, and highly enjoyable tale." -Garth Nix, bestselling author of the Abhorsen trilogy

"The most delightful fantasy I have read in ages. . . . Put me on the waiting list for book 2!" -Amy Plum, international bestselling author of the Die For Me series

*"...a powerful, fast-paced tale... The setting is rich, the characters well-defined, and the danger ever-paramount." -Publishers Weekly, starred

"Future fans of Tolkien and George R.R. Martin can happily cut their serial-fantasy teeth on this first book of an eventual series." -Kirkus Reviews

" excellent choice for readers new to the genre. The themes of staying true to oneself, teamwork, and individuality will resonate with readers." -School Library Journal

"...this accessible fantasy brings together two very different children bound by common goals." -Booklist

From the Hardcover edition.


Halloween Writing Prompts: 13 Spooky Activities For Kids (Aspiring Author Series)

by WJ Scott

13 Spooky Writing Prompts to ignite your imagination.
Bats and cats, owls and howls, trick-or-treat, hosts and ghosts.
Kids, have fun this Halloween by creating spooky stories to scare your family and friends.


Island of Monsters: The Adventures of Fawkes Malone Book 2

by Jehoshapaht Shalom

An island where shape-shifting wraiths terrorize and sea monsters prowl in abandoned caverns--- Fawkes, Suzana, and Chaz are faced with new perils when they are hired to investigate an abandoned isle. Quickly, the mysteries multiply as they discover the hidden base of a missing scientist, but his science has been turned upside down. All paths suggest that dark things await at the island's center. But will the threat of the monsters that lurk in their midst prove to be too great? And will their investigation leave them trapped on the island forever . . ?


The Yellow Hoods Boxset (Books 1-3): Steampunk meets fairy tale

by Adam Dreece

Steampunk meets Fairy tale!
Brilliant adventure, inventions, and fairy tales made real

The first steam engine is about to be invented and adventure is around the corner. A secret society, long led by butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers is losing its grip and the world as we know it is about to plunge into an era of darkness and despair, unless new heroes rise up.

Join Tee, Elly, and Richy along with a wonderful cast as they go from their small mountain town to becoming legends. As kingdoms fall, conspiracies exposed, and airships cloud the skies, you'll fall in love with this world of steampunk meets grounded fairy tales.

Loved by those 9-15 and adults because of its great characters and layered story telling. Contains no graphic language or foul language, and has strong female characters and is LGBT-friendly.
"...intriguing contraptions, appealing characters, snide villains, humor, and an exciting story." — Kirkus Reviews
"Dreece has crafted a tale with elements to delight the child in all of us, and intrigue the most creative adult mind." — Author J.K.Norry

This boxset collects the first 3 of 5 books (and the bonus mini-book 2.5 - Snappy and Dashing) of the best-selling and multi-award finalist series:
- Book 1 - Finalist for IAN's Book of the Year 2015 in Young Adult
- Book 1 - Honorable Mention by Reader's Favorite for their 2016 award for grades 4-6
- Book 1 - WishingShelf finalist for YA book of the year 2017
- Book 2 - Finalist for IAN's Book of the Year 2015 in Fantasy
- Book 1 & 2 - Calgary Herald best-sellers '14, '15

Has been #1 Amazon Best-seller in Steampunk and in Fairy Tale


The Adventures of Fawkes Malone: Ghosts in the Graveyard

by Jehoshaphat Shalom

The walking dead, mysterious moving labyrinths, attacking ghosts, and baffling mysteries --- that becomes Chaz Robbins' life once he meets Fawkes Malone who lives in secrecy below the foundations of his Middle School. Living off school funds, Fawkes spends his days investigating the supernatural. From puzzling riddles, to barbaric attacks, to beautiful girls, Chaz finds himself in a world of nightmarish intrigue that will test his mind and draw him closer to a menacing danger he is destined to face.


Katie Mouse and the Perfect Wedding

by Anne L. Watson

Katie Mouse’s Cousin Matilda is getting married! A big wedding has been planned in Mouse Town’s public park, and everyone in town is invited. Best of all, Katie will be Matilda’s flower mouse, and her little brother Dylan will be the ring bearer.

There’s just one problem: The Games Day at Katie’s school has been changed to the same day as the wedding! And Katie’s the captain of her class’s relay race team! Will she really have to miss it?

As Katie struggles with her feelings, a mix-up with the wedding rings threatens to ruin the entire wedding. It’s then that Katie discovers that only she knows how to save the day and make the wedding perfect after all.


Anne L. Watson is the author/illustrator of the Katie Mouse series, which features photo compositions with felted mice and other animals. She also writes novels and how-to books for grown-ups.


The Legend of Lightning Larry

by Aaron Shepard


********#1 KINDLE (US) BESTSELLER FOR AGES 4-8 (JUNE 2013)*********
"One of the books every boy should have on his bookshelf." -- San Francisco Examiner
No outlaw could draw as fast as Lightning Larry. But what really terrified those bad men was that peculiar gun of his. It didn't shoot bullets. It shot light. And Larry always aimed for the heart. 
Can Larry save the town of Brimstone from Evil-Eye McNeevil's outlaw gang? Find out in this rip-roaring original tale of a gunfighter with a huge smile and a hankering for lemonade.
Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of "The Baker's Dozen," "The Sea King's Daughter," "The Monkey King," and many more children's books. His stories have appeared often in Cricket magazine, while his Web site is known internationally as a prime resource for folktales, storytelling, and reader's theater. Once a professional storyteller, Aaron specializes in lively retellings of folktales and other traditional literature, which have won him honors from the American Library Association, the New York Public Library, the Bank Street College of Education, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the American Folklore Society.
Toni Goffe is the British illustrator of numerous well-loved children's books and is a winner of the 1993 Gold Medallion Book Award. He is also illustrator of Aaron's "The Legend of Slappy Hooper."

Angels Club Box Set - Books 1-3


All three books in the diverse, award-winning Angels Club Series are together for the first time in one bundle of sugary goodness. Jacinda Gonzalez and her diverse group of friends confront challenges, clashing personalities, frisky horses, and bullies as they strive to make their dreams come true and make the world a better place with their own good deeds club.
Angels Club ~ Jacinda Gonzalez draws insults rather than friends in her new school, but she finds escape from bullies at the therapeutic riding farm where she volunteers. When a malnourished horse shows up as a rescue, she takes it on as a project horse, and the horse’s sweet nature inspires her to make a positive difference in the world.
Angels Club 2: The Trouble with Boys ~ After discovering an old, buried map, Kat and River, two frenemies in junior high, must learn to get along as they hunt for treasure in Kat’s back yard while dealing with bullies, competing clubs, farm duties, frisky horses, and ferocious beasts that can claw your heart out.
Angels Club 3: The Fight to Save Mustangs ~ Emily, a girl with cerebral palsy, strives to overcome her disadvantage and make her competitive horse jumping dream come true, despite the haters and doubters around her, while aiming to save some wild mustangs from their plight.

Moonbeam Children’s Book Award ~ Silver Medal for Best Series - Chapter Books


Roary Rex's Noisy Day

by Celia Kettle

Roary Rex is a small T Rex with a very big roar, who especially loves to be naughty. However on this particular day it's not until his own naughtiness gets him lost that he finds his full potential.

In this book we meet Roary and his family, Mummy, Daddy and baby sister Rex. As well as his other dinosaur friends, Edmonto and Gorgo Saurus, who don't mind his jokes as much as their very serious neighbour Tetchy Triceratops.

The inspiration for this book comes from a mountanous area of Valencia, where we go every summer. I have based a lot of the illustrations on paintings I did of the scenery there. The dramatic landscape, of huge rocks, underwater pools and hidden caves, have always made me think of prehistoric times. At bedtime when we didn't have good light to read by, my children asked me to make up stories, and Roary Rex was one of them.


Trouble with Zee (Tales of Friendship Bog Book 6)

by Gloria Repp

A hateful Captain . . .
A chance for freedom, and a daring escape . . .
But what should Pibbin do about Leeper, his pal? Leave him behind?


Wilhelmina and the Willamette Wig Factory (The Willy and Tommy Adventures Book 1)

by Whitney Dineen

Wilhelmina Snodgrass and her family move to the Willamette Valley, Oregon, against her express wishes. Not only is she sure her life is over, but she's convinced she won't make any friends. That is until she meet her eccentric blue-haired neighbor, Thomasina Andretti.

Willy and Tommy become involved in a conspiracy to reopen The Willamette Wig Factory, with their unsuspecting friend, Georgianna Carbunkle. The plot, however, is orchestrated by three of Willy's ancestors, from beyond the grave.

Scrapes, mishaps and the unforeseen occur; including becoming sworn enemies with Tiffany Peterson, the most popular girl in the seventh grade, a crush on super-stud, Jamie Armstrong and a mysterious carousel. Willy and Tommy have it all-mystery, revenge and romance. Monteith, Oregon, becomes the stage for adventures beyond their wildest dreams!


Tip of the Toes (A Ballerina Story) + 5 Bonus Stories (Fun Rhyming Children's Books)

by Lily Lexington

The New Bestseller.

Updated: Now with 5 Bonus Stories (with 150 pages of pure fun)


Are You a Princess?
Pizza Palace
Krystal Kitten and
The Cleverest Princess.

If your child enjoys stories from authors like Kate DiCamillo, Cynthia Rylant,
Mem Fox or Gary Paulson then your child will love this beautiful ballerina story told by Lily Lexington.

This is a tale about a young ballerina as she prepares for her big concert. Follow her as she attempts to conquer her fears about performing in front of an audience in this heart warming tale.

-Beautiful, color illustrations that will captivate your young child.
-Rhyming lines help engage your child and sustain interest

Your younger children will enjoy the illustrations and sing-song tone of the story while your older children will particularly like the rhyming story format.

Pick up your copy today!


Bucket of Fish (George Bailey Series Book 1)

by Mike Hershman

One day, after fishing on the pier at Hamilton Island in 1934, 13 year-old Walt Jenkins saw two men load a body into the back of a Model-T Ice Truck. He ran away, but left behind his Bucket of Fish. When he returned later, the Bucket of Fish was gone! Walt and his friend George Bailey (GB) set out to solve the mystery. The boys soon find themselves tracking down bootleggers, a crooked policeman and a hired killer. Their detective work involves Walt pedaling hard with GB on the handlebars, George Bailey shining a killer’s shoes for 5 cents and his girlfriend Sharon disguised as a 7 year-old taking notes in the next booth while crooks plan another murder. Her pencil is hidden in a doll named Alice.

Bucket of Fish is the first in a four book series. The other three are available on Amazon. They involve a stolen diving suit, a shipwreck, the murder of a paddleboard racer, and a missing Black Mamba named Margie

The books are fun and fast-paced with short chapters. The kids solve mysteries with the aid of a homemade boat trailer and in the last book, GB's Model T.


Even Ninjas Have Nightmares

by J.C. Roussos

When a young ninja is confronted by a monster that hides under his bed, the boy must battle his own fears in order to understand that even the strongest people can get scared sometimes.

Ready to face your fears? This humorous picture book teaches children that it's okay to be afraid of the dark...after all, EVEN NINJAS HAVE NIGHTMARES.


Children's Book: Kara's Christmas Smile

by A. M. Marcus

Raise a smiling, caring, and kind child who truly cares for the people around them. Being kind and attentive to others is your child’s passport to a lifetime of mental health and success. This charming, festive story highlights the true meaning of Christmas, the power of kindness, and how a simple gesture or a smile can bring positivity and happiness to an entire town.

This inspiring story occurs on a Christmas evening and tells the story of a young girl named Kara. During a Christmas eve shopping spree with her mother, young Kara offers her kindness and charming smile to a little boy who later pays the act of kindness forward to a stranger in need. This soon triggers a domino effect of positivity.

This Christmas, join Kara on her adventure to spread positivity and happiness with a single smile and a wonderful act of kindness and see how it brings joy to those around her.

  • Will this festive circle of good deeds continue forever?
  • How many people will benefit from Kara's good deed?
  • Will the circle of good deeds come back to find Kara just in time for Christmas

This book will help your children see the endless power that they hold in their very own hands while also being attentive to their environment. This book will encourage your children to offer their kindness and compassion to the people around them, especially in their time of need while also understanding that this is Christmas spirit in its best!

This book also demonstrates what goes around, does in fact, come back around in very unique and unpredictable ways, as the saying goes: “Smile to the world and the world will smile back to you”.

Kara's Christmas Smile is the perfect book for Christmas and will help you teach your children how to be kind and caring people while also showcasing the possible positive outcomes of their own good deeds.

Kara's Christmas Smile is a charming, festive story to read before bedtime, with the whole family, or as self reading for older children. Additionally, the book is a wonderful resource for teachers and counselors to share with individual students or with an entire class, this Christmas.

The lesson of this book is best expressed in this inspirational quote by Leo Buscaglia.
“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

*** This children's book features Kindle Text Pop-Up for reading text over vivid, full-color images (double tap on the text).

Scroll up and grab your copy of Kara's Christmas Smile today!



Now I Am Paper

by Uvi Poznansky

Written in rhyme, this is a children book for all ages, telling the story of longing for a child who has gone on her way and left the old tree behind. The tree gives voice to love and loss, fear and hope, death and rebirth in a new form, as it is transformed first to pulp and then to paper, the very paper from which the child reads this story. Sensually told, it brings forth the sounds and smells of the forest.

I remember: a gentler sound,
The forest rustling in the rain
Leaves were swirling all around
I heard soft footsteps up the lane...

The paintings for the cover and interior pages are watercolor on paper, done by the author. She drew the text for each verse by hand, in a ‘Gothic’ font that is as flowery as the tree used to be in its prime. Children would love the highly decorative style of the writing, and the sudden long strokes that express the emotions in this story.

Each verse appears on a paper leaf that floats over transparent paper in the shape of an ellipse, which symbolizes a puddle of tears at the foot of the tree.



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