Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher (Scaredy Bat: A Vampire Detective Series Book 2)

Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher (Scaredy Bat: A Vampire Detective Series Book 2)

by Marina J. Bowman

Solving crime, one fear at a time

Ellie “Scaredy Bat” Spark is a 12 year old vampire that loves solving mysteries, but is afraid of...everything. She's afraid of spiders, lakes, and loud noises -- just to name a few. And her pesky sister Penny never lets her forget it. But with a little courage and help from her friends, Ellie just might achieve her dream of becoming a real detective.

When Ellie finds out about a class trip to her role model’s favorite getaway, she can’t believe her luck. But soon Ellie discovers her special sunscreen is missing, and she feels like someone is out to get her. Ellie must overcome her fear of clowns (and disgust with garlic) to solve the mystery of the missing sunscreen...before she ends up with permanent blue dots all over. Or worse, misses out on the biggest class trip of the year.

Get this book and join Ellie on her mystery-solving adventure!

Scaredy Bat and the Sunscreen Snatcher is an imaginative chapter book for kids with themes of bravery, teamwork, and problem-solving. If you like supernatural intrigue, batty humor, and interactive crime solving, then you'll love Marina Bowman's fast-paced mystery.



Bonus Features

- Detective Quiz Assessment
- Clown Fear Facts
- Suspect List Template
- Hidden Observation Details Sheet
- Discussion Questions



What People Are Saying

"As a homeschooling mom and a former certified teacher, I am always looking for delightful stories. This story didn't disappoint. I liked the fun way the book tests reading comprehension. There are quizzes and answers in the back, but it's done so the child considers himself to be a detective who notices the story "clues." Very well done. I look forward to the next story in the series." - EC Mama

For Fans of:
- A to Z Mysteries
- Nancy Drew
- The Hardy Boys
- Nate the Great
- Encyclopedia Brown
- Scooby Doo
- Legend of the Star Runner
- My Sister the Vampire
- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Picture Book
- Hotel Transylvania



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