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Definition of "Mystery Genre": Fiction in which a detective resolves a crime or series of crimes.  This genre can also be referred to as detective or crime novels.  The plot of a mystery ebook focuses on the crime that needs to be solved, and the detective that will solve it.  Typical elements include the detective being in danger, a host of suspects with their own motives, and clues, motives and alibis.  The genre can vary greatly dependent on the time in which the mystery is set, as that will drive what tools the detective has at his/her disposal.


Some examples of the best mysteries of all-time include Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon), Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express), Caleb Carr (The Alienist), Lyndsay Faye (Dust and Shadow), James Cain (The Postman Always Rings Twice).  Of course, many of these are the best mystery ebooks of all time, as well as classics.  We try to bring you free and discounted mystery ebooks on their way to being the tops in their genre.

The Hard Blokes Of Sparta - The Relic In The Dungeon (Tales from the Storystream Book 1)

by Jamie Brindle

Why do wizards always want you to go into the dungeon first? Dave and his friends are having a bad day. Not only are they having to come to terms with the fact they’re in a weird (and very un-Spartan) magical world, but if no one hires them soon, then it won’t be long before they have to embark on a short and boring career in death by starvation. But when a wizard, an elf, and a dwarf finally agree to hire the Spartans for a spot of monster-infested-dungeon-clearing, it soon becomes evident that the Spartans are going to have to deal with things much more magical and annoying than even they had anticipated. Funny and fast paced, strange and fantastical, join the Hard Blokes as they find out why the hell anyone would go to the trouble of keeping an ancient and mysterious relic in a dungeon, anyway…


Magpie Lane: the utterly chilling and twisty read of the year

by Lucy Atkins

'Riveting, twisty, page-turning stuff
'The page turner you've been looking for. Sly, witty and gripping . . . I devoured it' Naomi Alderman
'An utter joy . . . wonderfully skilled' Sarah Perry
'Beguilingbrilliantly creepy, and an utterly compelling read' Claire Fuller
'Tender, creepy and gripping' Sunday Times

When the eight-year-old daughter of an Oxford College Master vanishes in the middle of the night, police turn to the Scottish nanny, Dee, for answers.

As Dee looks back over her time in the Master's Lodging - an eerie and ancient house - a picture of a high achieving but dysfunctional family emerges: Nick, the fiercely intelligent and powerful father; his beautiful Danish wife Mariah, pregnant with their child; and the lost little girl, Felicity, almost mute, seeing ghosts, grieving her dead mother.

But is Dee telling the whole story? Is her growing friendship with the eccentric house historian, Linklater, any cause for concern? And most of all, why is Felicity silent?

Roaming Oxford's secret passages and hidden graveyards, Magpie Lane explores the true meaning of family - and what it is to be denied one.

A Book of the Year pick for BBC Radio 4 Open Bookthe Guardian, the Telegraph and Good Housekeeping


No Way Out (Detective Ray Collins Book 1)

by David Silver

'Absolutely breathtaking. This book blew me away - words can't describe how good it is!' 
NetGalley review

The clock is ticking.

When Amanda Reeves, a beautiful young student, is kidnapped on the streets of Los Angeles, LAPD Detective Ray Collins knows that every second counts. Because the kidnapping is clearly the latest work of the serial killer known as the "Night Shade Killer," who has terrified the city for the past twelve years.

Each year, the killer kidnaps a victim to torture and eventually kill them after a thoroughly planned ritual. Each time, there are exactly nine days between the abduction and the victim's death. The murderer has never been caught.
And this time, too, all traces lead nowhere. Until Ray, whose reputation as a loner makes him more enemies than friends at the LAPD, investigates on his own and makes an incredible discovery. A discovery that brings back his insomnia as much as the flashbacks from his past.

It soon becomes clear that this case is not only the biggest case of Ray's career, but also the most personal... can he catch the killer before another victim loses their life?

Don't miss this utterly gripping crime thriller with twists and turns you won't see coming. The perfect read for fans of Michael Conelly, Lisa Regan and A.J. Rivers!

What readers are saying about No Way Out:

'A story like no other. I read this in one sitting because 
I just could not put it down!NetGalley review

'Just WOW! 
A total rollercoaster of emotions. I was shocked by every twist and all the secrets!' NetGalley review

Highly addictive from start to finish - a bloody good read you should not miss!' NetGalley review

'I was hooked from page one - 
my heart was pounding like crazy!NetGalley review

' Don't miss this book - 
the suspense just keeps mounting ending with a stunning conclusion you don't see coming!' NetGalley review


XOR AX, AX (Zox Book 1)

by Andrei Saygo

From the author of the bestseller A drive through time comes a high-tech thriller with a hint of Sci-Fi à la Stargate. Fans of Mr. Robot and Jack Reacher shouldn't miss this. Hacking. Secret agents. Alien AI. This book has it all.

A trio of diverse people comprised of Axel Anderson, a brilliant hacker with anxiety problems, Yasmine Karam, a jaded international thief with trust issues, and Jack Mitchell, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces colonel haunted by the loss of his squad, are hired by an inconspicuous mining company. They join a secretive ex-CIA operative, Ming Wen, in a globetrotting adventure to retrieve four precious artifacts from private collections.

Nothing goes according to plan, and soon they find themselves hunted by the London police, Turkish human traffickers, and rogue US government agents. Only with the help of an alien AI can the team stay out of the clutches of their pursuers.

The stakes sky-rocket when they find out the truth about the artifacts they were hired to steal. It's a revelation that goes far beyond anything they could have imagined. Access to advanced alien technology is on the wishlist of the most cunning and ruthless secret agencies from all over the world, and the team becomes their primary target.

Would the alien AI and a battered old spaceship that crash-landed on Earth be enough to help them survive?



Meowing for Murder (A Clever Cat Detective Series Novel Book 1)

by Sandra Baublitz

“Murder!” he meowed.

Elderly amateur sleuth Lillian Hardcastle and her clever cat, Saber, are visiting Lillian’s sister to help her after an accident. It’s what sisters do.

Lillian knew they’d argue like they always did. But murder?

She’s shocked to find a dead neighbor in the middle of her sister’s living room. Why did the woman break in? And who killed her?

It’s time for Lillian to pick up her spyglass and Saber to prowl for clues. A killer is on the loose.

It will take one clever cat and one canny older woman to solve the purr-fect murder.


Meowing for Murder is the first novel in A Clever Cat Detective Series. Saber and Lillian first appeared in Bassets and Blackmail (A Dog Detective Series Novel.)

If you like an adorable and smart furry detective with a bit of attitude, you'll love this cozy mystery whodunnit.

Scroll up and buy Meowing for Murder and solve the mystery with Saber.


The Ivy Tree

by Mary Stewart

Mary Stewart, one of the great British storytellers of the 20th century, transports her readers to rural Northumberland for this tale of romance, ambition, and deceit - a perfect fit for fans of Agatha Christie and Barbara Pym.

There are few to equal Mary Stewart' Daily Telegraph

'Mary Stewart is magic.' New York Times

Whitescar is a beautiful old house and farm situated in Roman Wall country. It will make a rich inheritance for its heirs, but in order to secure it, they enlist the help of a young woman named Mary who bears remarkable resemblance to missing Whitescar heiress, Annabel Winslow. Their deception will spark a powder-keg of ambition, obsession and long-dead love.

The ivy had reached for the tree and only the tree's upper branches managed to thrust the young gold leaves of early summer through the strangling curtain. Eventually the ivy would kill it . . .

One of the great British storytellers of the 20th centuryIndependent

The Ivy Tree has the ideal thriller blend of plot, suspense, character drawing and good writingDaily Express


Pineapple Gingerbread Men: A Cozy Christmas Mystery (Pineapple Port Mysteries Book 7)

by Amy Vansant

A Christmas mystery where Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY Best-Selling author Amy Vansant has Pineapple Port's "Santa" found dead...wearing a gingerbread man costume...with a shelf-elf stuffed in his mouth... Just another day in Pineapple Port!

Sheriff Frank asks newly-minted private detective Charlotte to help him crack the case, but she has no idea those darn gingerbread men will start showing up everywhere. What did Santa do that made them so angry? And what's the secret in his colorful Christmas-themed bureau?

"LOL Funny! I loved this book. Charlotte gets to help Frank on a case. Let's just say Gingerbread Men Reindeer and a whole lot of crazy. Oh I forgot the possum!! Read this book Janet Evanovich fan's will love this book." ~ Deborah Kesner ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Charlotte is forced to split her time between searching for Santa's killer and helping Declan's crazy ex-Stephanie stop a corrupt district attorney in exchange for a book that could help solve more crimes in the future. She never thought she'd help calculating Stephanie with anything...but as this story comes to it's shocking ending, you'll find it could be Stephanie who's finally bitten off more cookie than she can chew...

If Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum and the Golden Girls had a baby, it would be the Pineapple Port series! Fans of Lilian Jackson Braun, Jana DeLeon and Rita Mae Brown won’t be able to get enough of this wild, funny, thrilling corner of Florida!

(There is no cliffhanger for the Christmas mystery in this book. There are ongoing story sub-plots that run through the entire series, but all books in the series can be enjoyed as standalone.)

"This is such a witty episode. I actually laughed aloud at the opossum scene. The Christmas theme is an added plus that features heavily in the plot. I loved that the plot held 2 mysteries. Declan's psycho ex draws Charlotte into one of her court cases, and a dead body turns up. By the end of the book, that thread is left open, but doesn't detract from the read. As usual, this is a clean read with no sex and few curse words. It's also well-edited. Highly recommended." ~ Author Felicia Mires ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Oh my, so funny. So mysterious, angsty and funny. I love these mysteries and how all the pieces fall together. Add in a sweet love story (and a serial killer) and it doesn't get any better than this." ~ Marsha Jeanne Thalleen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Such a FUN Series! I have read all of the books in this series and enjoyed each story along the way. However, I have to say this has GOT to be my all time FAVORITE! I actually did LOL! If you're new to the series, start at book one!" ~ Gayle ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Vansant's books are pure delight from the wonderful characters to the witty dialogue to her terrific plots. Treat yourself!" ~ Margie ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Behind the Mask: Sterling Quinn FBI Series Book 1


Wealth, fame, mistress, he had it all… only to be destroyed in a split second…

Is it fate? Is it karma?
Young Olivia’s car was fished out of the lake… How did it end up there?
Was it an accident, as most, including Sterling Quinn believed, or was it cold-blooded murder?
Armed with the most crucial forensic evidence, Sterling and her partner set out on the quest for truth.
Frustrated with the lack of progress, Olivia’s father takes matters into his own hands… regardless of the law…
That’s when things go seriously wrong…

Who’s the lady behind the mask? Who’s the man?
What’s their relationship with Harrison?
After Harrison’s favorite Maserati has been covered in the garage for weeks, his wife, Renee, discovers a shocking secret.

Everyone is keeping secrets, so dark and so many…
Sterling must get to the bottom of them all, FAST if justice is to be served.


Yellow Wife: A Novel

by Sadeqa Johnson

A Best Book of the Year by NPR and 
Christian Science Monitor

Called “wholly engrossing” by New York Times bestselling author Kathleen Grissom, this “fully immersive” (Lisa Wingate, #1 bestselling author of Before We Were Yours) story follows an enslaved woman forced to barter love and freedom while living in the most infamous slave jail in Virginia.

Born on a plantation in Charles City, Virginia, Pheby Delores Brown has lived a relatively sheltered life. Shielded by her mother’s position as the estate’s medicine woman and cherished by the Master’s sister, she is set apart from the others on the plantation, belonging to neither world.

She’d been promised freedom on her eighteenth birthday, but instead of the idyllic life she imagined with her true love, Essex Henry, Pheby is forced to leave the only home she has ever known. She unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the bowels of slavery at the infamous Devil’s Half Acre, a jail in Richmond, Virginia, where the enslaved are broken, tortured, and sold every day. There, Pheby is exposed not just to her Jailer’s cruelty but also to his contradictions. To survive, Pheby will have to outwit him, and she soon faces the ultimate sacrifice.


Half Notes From Berlin

by B. V. Glants

"...[a] beautifully written historical debut explores themes of identity and resistance...their gripping stories will stick with readers long after the last page." 
–BookLife Reviews - Editors Choice

"A mesmerizing novel, moving and intelligent.”–Kirkus Reviews

Berlin, 1933.
Hans believes he and his family are safe from persecution.

Then, he discovers his family's dirty secret: his maternal grandparents were Jews who converted to Christianity.

Driven by the desire to understand who he is and whether his mother's blood is tainted, Hans befriends Rebecca, the only Jewish girl he knows. Perhaps if Jewish blood isn't evil, his mother will be ok.

To be a Jew in Hitler's Germany is dangerous.
But to fall in love with one is unthinkable.

Desperate to keep both his family's true heritage and his love for Rebecca a secret, Hans attempts to navigate this terrifying new world. He's disconsolate when his Jewish mother is kicked out of the Berlin Conservatory. He's disgusted by his Aryan father's aims to acquire Jewish business on the cheap.

Worst, he must watch helplessly as his classmates target Rebecca with increasing violence and malice.

But when his school announces it will expel Jewish students, Hans is determined to fight for Rebecca — and the lives and souls of his family.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A beautifully written and moving historical fiction novel about a young boy coming of age during the beginning of the Nazi regime." -Reader's Choice


The early reader reviews are in - see what fans of Boris Glants' epic WW2 tale have to say:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A wonderful story of bravery, love, and the power of the human spirit. Highly recommend." –B. Evens, Netgalley Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A well-plotted and paced narrative with emotional themes and unrequited love during war time." –CE Williams, RosePoint Publishing

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "The characters felt like people that belonged in that time, I was so invested in their development. It was a respectful and beautifully done historical novel." –K. McLeer, Netgalley Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Hans is a tragic figure caught in a changing world. B.V. Glants provides great insight into the struggles faced by German youth." –D.Viscosi, Goodreads



Where Fools Dare to Tread: A Monk Buttman Mystery

by David William Pearce

It’s easy to be a nobody when you’ve got nothing to lose, but with his life and potential redemption on the line, can Monk be a somebody people will remember?

A dead man’s money is just waiting to be had. A band of fools and a nobody named Monk Buttman unwittingly find themselves caught in a web of murder and revenge between two unseen factions using them as bait. After a good day ends in murder, Monk is tasked with finding the killer. Why him? He’s a nobody! Stuck between powerful forces he can neither control or understand, Monk must survive both the fools and those pulling the strings while also dealing with the affections of two very different women, the troubled Agnes and the disaffected Judith, not to mention the irritation of his erstwhile partner, Mr. Jones. A beating forces Monk to question his own motives and to confront the past that led him to hide in LA. With love and life on the line, Monk must use his wits and guile for all of them to survive.


Dogs Don't Lie: A Kallie Collins Cozy Mystery (A Pet Communicator Cozy Mystery Book 1)

by Lisa Shay

An animal communicator, a dead body, and furry witnesses with a story to tell...
 I’m Dr. Kallie Collins, a veterinarian who can communicate with animals. No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Yes, it has landed me smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation. It all starts with a bone. A dog digs up the bone. A detective wants the bone. The dog wants to keep the bone. That’s where I come in. Instead of tranquilizing the dog as the skeptical detective suggests, I use an animal-communication technique and Voila! Tail wagging, the dog drops the bone, then leads me to the location of a complete human skeleton. Sheesh! Now I’m up to my ears in four-legged witnesses and trying to figure out who the killer is before it’s too late and another person disappears. I’m just hoping it won’t be me.


Half-Told Truths (Colorado Skies Book 2)

by Amy O. Lewis

Book two of the critically acclaimed Colorado Skies series, Half-Told Truths weaves multiple mysteries into one seamless plot.

Kim Jackson is starting to get used to life on the run. In Durango, Colorado, she has found work as a part-time bookkeeper and as a live-in housekeeper for Lena Fallon, an ex-cop paralyzed in the line of duty. Kim’s old life as a corporate accountant—when she was framed for murder and forced to go on the run—feels far away until someone from her past spots her in the tourist town. Too soon, danger comes to her doorstep, reminding her that she can’t be safe while the man who set her up remains free.

Kim’s housemate and boss, Lena, is no stranger to the dark side of humanity. Lena is still reeling from the unsolved crime that ended her law enforcement career. She doesn’t give a damn about her latest housekeeper, until she senses Kim is hiding something. When Lena tries to pry out the truth, Kim demands to know why Lena isn’t solving the mystery in her own life: Who shot her, and why?

While Kim and Lena forge an uneasy alliance to investigate Lena’s case, a new face in town is playing a cat-and-mouse game with a dangerous man. As Kim and Lena come closer to finding answers, their paths cross with the newcomer, and they are left to wonder if the price of uncovering the truth is too high.



XO: A Kathryn Dance Novel

by Jeffery Deaver

International #1 bestseller Jeffery Deaver delivers a sensational thriller in which a beautiful young country-pop singer is stalked by an obsessive fan who thinks her big hit song was written just for him, featuring Deaver's popular character California Bureau of Investigation agent Kathryn Dance.

Kayleigh Towne’s music career is just reaching new heights with her huge hit single “Your Shadow”—but increased fame is also bringing unwanted attention. An innocent exchange with one of her fans, signed with an “XO,” leads Kayleigh into the dangerous and terrifying realm of obsession.

Edwin Sharp thinks Kayleigh’s songs contain messages that speak directly to him. Despite her clear rejection and threats from lawyers and law enforcers, he remains convinced that “Your Shadow” was written just for him, and he announces he’s coming for Kayleigh. Then a potentially fatal accident occurs at the concert hall where Kayleigh is rehearsing for a triumphant hometown performance, and she is convinced that someone—maybe Edwin—was there watching her from the darkness.

Speeding along over just three short days, this nail-biting thriller is filled with terrifying twists that will hold readers in rapt suspense until the final shocking revelation.


Shifting and Shenanigans: Magical Mystery Book Club Book 1

by Elizabeth Pantley

Paige and her adventurous Aunt Glo inherit a country inn from eccentric GeeGee. They pack up and hit the road, arriving at the charming place they both loved since childhood. Finally! They can get into the secret room in the basement that GeeGee kept locked! They discover it’s a wonderful library filled to the brim with mystery books. But more than the room was a secret – it’s a magical place that houses enchanted books. Paige and Glo find themselves smack-dab in the middle of a murder mystery, along with a motley group of book club friends. The club will need to work together to solve the case in order to get out of the book and back to their home.


The Girl Who Lost Him: Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller

by Amy Vansant

Shee McQueen lives in her father’s hotel for ex-military mercenaries. Life is never easy...and never boring.

Bounty hunter Shee and her second-chance love / ex-Navy SEAL, Mason Connolly, are sent to the middle of Florida to protect the family of a retiring small-town drug lord, only to find the man’s dead wife on her way out on a gurney. When the “accident” feels more like murder and the husband is implicated, Shee and Mason remain to protect the man’s teenage son and daughter, neither of whom has any interest in making their job easier.

When a rival gang’s psychotic son kidnaps their client’s daughter, Mason’s expert extraction skills are put to the test as the danger level in tiny Kinache, Florida notches to the boiling point.

It seems their client has more family secrets than Shee and Mason counted on...

"Think Stephanie Plum goes to Florida. With Jack Reacher. Highly recommended.” — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carmen Amato, bestselling author of the Detective Emilia Cruz police series and 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Meanwhile, on the other side of Florida in Miami, Naval Academy graduate and Loggerhead Inn receptionist, Croix, has muscled her way into an FBI-backed art theft case alongside resident con artist, retired Army Captain, Ollie.

Secret family histories and dark obsessions twist both missions until they reach their explosive, gripping conclusions.

Not everyone will survive.


Immortals' Requiem

by Vincent Bobbe

There are beings that live a shadow's breadth from our reality. They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition.

These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever... and they are fading.

When a horror two thousand years dead returns to contemporary England, creatures long thought lost to myth and legend collide in a scramble for survival that could tumble civilisation back into the dark ages of blood and death.

If you like urban fantasy, ravening zombies, terrifying shapeshifters, scheming vampires, and vast supernatural worlds, you’ll love Immortals' Requiem!


Immortals' Requiem is a dark urban fantasy in a contemporary setting. The story is a fast paced adventure with strong characters in a vast world and has already won awards. Though there has been a recent trend within the genre towards young adult fiction, Immortals’ Requiem is written for adult audiences (due to scenes of violence, NOT erotica).

Please note, this book is written in the 3rd person from the point of view of various different characters. If your preference is for stories that follow a single character on their adventure then you might want to pass. However, if you are comfortable with multiple character timelines running in parallel that clash together with huge momentum... then you are in the right place!

Content Advisory: This book is intended for mature audiences and contains graphic violence.


Winner Of The Readers Favorite 5* Award Editors Pick Winner

OnlineBookClub.Org 4/4 Winner


The Shaman's Gift

by Peggy Overbeck

Emily Henderson walks out of the West End Steak House and begins a journey that destroys her marriage, leaves her teetering on the brink of insanity, and may well cost her life.

Three days after Police Officers James Hunter and Philip Barnes kidnap, shoot, and leave Emily for dead, they are brutally murdered. Emily is charged with the crimes.

Coulter McBride has gained the reputation of being the guy to hire if your life is on the line. He swore to never again engage in the courtroom battles he once loved so much, but he agrees to take on the most important battle of his career.

Coulter's investigation brings to light four women, each with a strong motive for the murders. He moves through the labyrinth of the shadow side of these suspects to uncover the truth. The answer to the question which eludes him is why Emily was singled out by the policemen—who obviously meant to kill her.

A witness comes forward whose testimony destroys Emily's defense. Though all the evidence points to her guilt, Coulter still believes in her. Now all he has to do is trap a murderer.


Mystic Pieces: A small town paranormal cozy (Shady Grove Psychic Mystery Book 1)

by Ada Bell

Aly doesn't believe in psychics. Too bad she just had a vision.

Aly’s got enough on her plate, with finishing her degree and taking care of her nephew and starting her new job at the antique store while drooling over the owner's gorgeous son. No time for visions.

Alas, the universe doesn't care what Aly believes. When she turns 21, she starts to feel psychic impressions left on objects. A disorienting power for someone surrounded by antiques. Then cranky customer Earl is killed, and Aly's new boss Olive is the prime suspect—not to mention the only person who understands Aly’s gifts. Who hated Earl enough to kill? Police would rather make a quick arrest than investigate, so it's up to Aly to clear Olive's name.

Shady Grove is reeling from the first murder in decades. If Aly can get her hands on the right object, she'll know what happened. Can she learn to control her visions before the killer sets their sights on her?




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