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Definition of "Mystery Genre": Fiction in which a detective resolves a crime or series of crimes.  This genre can also be referred to as detective or crime novels.  The plot of a mystery ebook focuses on the crime that needs to be solved, and the detective that will solve it.  Typical elements include the detective being in danger, a host of suspects with their own motives, and clues, motives and alibis.  The genre can vary greatly dependent on the time in which the mystery is set, as that will drive what tools the detective has at his/her disposal.


Some examples of the best mysteries of all-time include Dashiell Hammett (The Maltese Falcon), Agatha Christie (Murder on the Orient Express), Caleb Carr (The Alienist), Lyndsay Faye (Dust and Shadow), James Cain (The Postman Always Rings Twice).  Of course, many of these are the best mystery ebooks of all time, as well as classics.  We try to bring you free and discounted mystery ebooks on their way to being the tops in their genre.

Assassin: A Novel (Alexander Hawke Book 2)

by Ted Bell

In this explosive, jaw-tightening thriller, and second in the bestselling Alex Hawke series
, fearless intelligence operative Lord Alexander Hawke matches wits with a cunning and bloodthirsty psychopath in a desperate race to avert an American Armageddon.

A shadowy figure known as the Dog is believed to be the ruthless terrorist who is systematically and savagely assassinating American diplomats and their families around the globe. As the deadly toll mounts inexorably, Alex Hawke, along with former NYPD cop and Navy SEAL Stokely Jones, is called upon by the U.S. government to launch a search for the assassin behind the murders.

Hawke, who makes James Bond look like a "slovenly, dull-witted clockpuncher" (
Kirkus Reviews), is soon following a trail that leads back to London in the go-go nineties, when Arab oil money fueled lavish, and sometimes fiendish, lifestyles. Other murky clues point to the Florida Keys, where a vicious killer hides behind the gates of a fabled museum. And to a remote Indonesian island where a madman tinkers with strains of a deadly virus and slyly bides his time.

Hawke must call upon resources deep within himself and race against time to stop a cataclysmic attack on America's most populous cities and avenge the inexplicable and horrific crime that has left him devastated.

Brimming with relentless action and stylish detail, and featuring a hero that readers will stand up and cheer for, 
Assassin is a gripping adventure. And definitely not recommended for the faint of heart.


EMP Patriots: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset

by J.S. Donovan

In the heart of darkness, a family's unity shines brightest.

When the grid goes dark, Emily Thatcher finds herself caught in a dangerous game with a stranger who knows too much, forcing her to question everything she thought she knew about survival and trust.

In the desolate Rocky Mountains, survivalist Emily Thatcher's solitary world is chaotic when an EMP attack cripples the nation. As society unravels, an enigmatic stranger named Jackson Hunter stumbles into her haven, harboring uncanny knowledge of her past and igniting an undercurrent of mistrust and dark secrets. With time running out and danger escalating, Emily must discern whether Jackson is an ally in this new, perilous world or a harbinger of betrayal amidst humanity's darkest hour. In this gripping EMP thriller, alliances are tested, and secrets are unveiled, forcing Emily to navigate a web of deceit with survival in a fragile balance.

I Know Your Secret: a psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming

by J.M. O'Rourke

Amanda has built her whole life on a lie. It’s about to become undone.

As Dr Amanda Jackson moves through her seemingly perfect life in a plush Galway suburb, she knows that a secret she’s buried deep can never be revealed. Not to her husband of over two decades, not to her friends, and especially not to her two beloved children.

When she finds an ominous note pinned to the windscreen of her car, Amanda realises her worst nightmare has come true: someone out there knows her secret. The question is, who?
And why are they contacting her now?

As Amanda desperately searches for answers, her life starts to spin out of control. One inexplicable, frightening incident follows another, and Amanda’s terror escalates. When even her closest friend rejects her plea for help, she no longer knows who she can trust.

What Amanda doesn’t realise is that even she hasn’t understood the terrible truth behind her long-held secret, that the trauma buried deep in her past is darker and more painful than she could possibly have imagined.

I Know Your Secret – the gripping psychological thriller perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Daniel Hurst, and K L Slater.


Brew City Blues Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Army veteran Michael Collins is looking for a new start after a personal tragedy.

Now a recruit officer fresh out of the police academy, Michael has taken his first step in becoming a Milwaukee Police Officer.

His next hurdle is passing twelve weeks of field training in the most dangerous part of town.

Welcome to the Brew City Blues. Grab this four-book boxed set to dive into this series today!


Gangsters, sex workers, murderers, and thieves are just the external elements he will have to deal with to make it through field training. Michael is thrown into the fast-moving pace of a rookie’s life that takes him inside the lives of cops, criminals, victims, and their families.

Twenty-hour workdays and the department’s internal affairs unit making him feel like he has a bullseye on his back adds to the pressure.

Can this army vet with a troubled past survive the toughest part of his training in the Milwaukee Police Department and come to terms with the heartbreak from his past?

Note: This book contains profanities and situations not for the faint of heart. There is also dark, or what some call ‘gallows humor’ that police officers, and most other first responders use to deal with the ugliness that is thrown their way on a regular basis. This book is as realistic as it gets. Unless you are riding around in a squad car, now that’s real.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Field Training
  2. Probation
  3. Choir Practice
  4. Honor and Valor

Get your copy of this gritty, action-packed real-life police drama to get your fill of blood, heartache, and cop humor!



A Long Time Dead (A Joe Turner Mystery)

by T.L. Bequette

"Fast pacing, clever plot twists, and intercontinental flavor make A Long Time Dead difficult not to finish in one sitting. 5/5 Stars." -Chanticleer Book Reviews

A decade ago, it had been unthinkable when Joe Turner's life-long friend, Owen Prescott, was charged with a grisly murder. Then Owen disappeared, leaving behind a brilliant career and budding romance to live as a fugitive from justice.

Now, haunted by the memory and clinging to a belief in Owen's innocence, Joe dives in to solve the cold case as the FBI closes in on his friend.

The award-winning Joe Turner Mystery series returns with a haunting, serpentine tale that pushes the snarky defense attorney to the brink.

Bequette has penned another riveting thriller that rewards the reader with a signature twist at the finale. Unlock the mystery to the latest Joe Turner thriller today.



Micro: A Novel

by Richard Preston

In the vein of Jurassic Park, this high-concept thriller follows a group of graduate students lured to Hawaii to work for a mysterious biotech company—only to find themselves cast out into the rain forest, with nothing but their scientific expertise and wits to protect them.

In the lush forests of Oahu, groundbreaking technology has ushered in a revolutionary era of biological prospecting, feeding a search for priceless drugs and applications on a scale beyond anything previously imagined. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, seven graduate students at the forefront of their fields are recruited by a pioneering microbiology start-up, Nanigen MicroTechnologies, which dispatches the group to a mysterious lab in Hawaii. But once in the rainforest, the scientists are thrust into a hostile wilderness that reveals surprising dangers at every turn. Armed only with their knowledge of the natural world, they find themselves prey to a technology of radical and unbridled power

An instant classic, Micro pits nature against technology in vintage Michael Crichton fashion. Completed by visionary science writer Richard Preston, this boundary-pushing thriller melds scientific fact with pulse-pounding fiction to create yet another masterpiece of sophisticated, cutting-edge entertainment.


To Have and to Hold, to Love and to Kill: An Agreement of Souls

by Amy S. Cutler

"A fast-moving, character-driven tale of spiritual reincarnation." –Dan C. Gunderman, author of Synod, former journalist

A terrible accident. Two deaths. A soul who refuses to move on.

In her past life, after causing the death of a little boy, Nikki was so devastated that her soul mate promised to murder her in their next life, to make her pay for what she had done. With no knowledge of this, Nikki lives for years as an addict, down on her luck, until she is rescued by Ken, who helps her with all aspects of her recovery. With the help of a few new friends and a cat named Destiny, Nikki turns her life around. What she doesn't know is that someone out there is destined to kill her, and he is watching, his passion for killing her growing stronger each day.

The question is: Can an agreement made between two souls be broken, and how far will one soul go to keep a promise made in a desperate attempt to save the other?



The Trigger Man

by Aiden Bailey

CIA operative Mark Pierce is a trained killer with a strict moral code - he only targets those who truly deserve to die. So he has no qualms about taking out Victor Vautrin, an international arms dealer supplying fanatical terrorists in West Africa who may soon trigger a brutal civil war.

But when he is tasked with other objectives – rescue kidnapped tourists, recover eleven million dollars of stolen CIA money - it quickly becomes clear to Pierce that someone doesn’t want him to succeed in his primary mission.

Pierce makes a decision – if the game is rigged, he won’t play by the rules. He goes rogue, crossing the hellish Sahara in relentless pursuit of his target, Vautrin.

And comes face to face with a terrifying conspiracy - not to stop the war, but to start it. Powerful players are behind this chilling plan which will cost thousands of lives – and now only Pierce can stop them.

Unless they kill him first.

The Trigger Man – the first in the stunning Trigger Man action thriller series. Perfect for fans of Jason Kasper, Mark Greaney, and Vince Flynn.


Leizar: A Heartbreaking and gripping Jewish Family Saga

by David Gelernter

In 1843, amidst the squalor of a small shtetl in Russian-occupied Poland, a baby cries his first breath while his mother draws her last. Thus begins the extraordinary tale of Leizar Domansky, whose life and lineage span a century, witnessing seismic shifts in history and humanity.

From the pogrom-shadowed villages of Eastern Europe in the 19th century to post-WW2 suburban London, Leizar's journey is one of tenacity and resilience. An advocate for democracy, this writer confronts the darkest forms of persecution—pogroms, prison, and rampant antisemitism—alongside the harrowing challenges of two world wars. Facing Cossack cruelty, a violated wedding in Poland, rigged trials, and punishing captivity, Leizar's story is emblematic of the struggles of an entire people.

But amid the chaos and devastation, his heart beats with love and hope. Alongside his steadfast wife, Chaya, Leizar carves moments of tenderness and connection, building a family legacy that withstands the test of time and turmoil.

Dive into this evocative five-generation saga that captures the essence of survival, love, and the indomitable spirit of a family.

Historical Fiction readers are RAVING about this captivating Jewish Family Saga:

“The amazing and heart-rending story of a Jewish family through the generations from the 1800s to the end of WWII” –Netgalley Reviewer

“This is a tremendous, impossible to put down odyssey of the Domansky family, a poor Polish family living in the shtetl of Kawetchka…The story includes so many details about many of its characters, their voices are very clear and memorableThe historical accuracy of the story’s timeline and settings makes the book read as nonfiction. As Leizar moves from his tiny shtetl to Warsaw, then Berlin and finally the UK, the continual horrific threats to Jewish survival are profound. Galernter’s writing is as smooth as silk. Over 400 pages effortlessly melt into the reader’s heart and mind.” –Netgalley Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading this book very much…This is truly an unforgettable story of all four generations of the Domansky family…” –Netgalley Reviewer

 “This is such a powerful read about life for those who lived and died through the time Russia controlled Poland. He was born as his mother died and this book follows him as he grows up. An emotional roller coaster of a book but well worth it.” –Netgalley Reviewer

“Following this family’s story from Russia to England, is incredible! Heartfelt and beautifully written, this is a MUST READ, especially in today’s times! It can happen again! As LEIZAR says, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!” –Netgalley Reviewer


Special Access (Duncan Hunter Thriller Book 1)

by Mark A. Hewitt


Approved by the CIA Publication Review Board.

“Duncan Hunter is a great character… an excellent read.” –A Good Thriller

Basking in the glory of killing Osama bin Laden, the President revealed that US Navy SEALs carried out the mission. His constant heralding of their heroism and capabilities damaged the SEAL's operational security, revealed tricks of their trade, and endangered them and their families. As some in the Special Operations community expected and feared, a number of SEALs are systematically killed across the country. The Navy's legendary SEAL commander, Captain Bill McGee, believes he is the next target of a sniper and seeks help from a close friend with unusual contacts and capabilities.

Duncan Hunter, a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot, flies a top-secret airplane with his mentor, Greg Lynche, the sometimes über-liberal retired CIA Chief of Air Branch. Together, in their quiet airplane, they execute some of the CIA's most sensitive airborne counterterrorism missions under a Special Access Program. Saving McGee from a sniper's bullet comes at a price as Duncan Hunter finds himself at the crossroads - either remain a contract pilot and betray a friend or become a patriot and risk exposure as a traitor. His decision pulls him into one intrigue after another, finally revealing the truth behind several conspiracies hidden behind the firewalls of top-secret security clearances, CIA files, and Special Access Programs.



A Shot of Irish (Ray Irish Occult Mystery Book 1)

by Gordon Brewer

A corrupt city ran by a political machine.
Racketeers and gangsters fight for control of the waterfront.
Mysterious, bloody murders occur throughout the city.
Black-robed figures are offering blood sacrifices to an unknown demon.

Ray Irish has found his home.

In the months following World War II, Ray Irish travels from town to town trying to drown the memories of pain and carnage with bottles of whiskey. He is a tramp, and his mode of transportation is the inside of railroad cattle cars. When Irish drifts into Oyster City, a struggling town nestled along the Chesapeake Bay, a chance encounter in a back alley gives him an unanticipated job and a couple of new suits. Working for the corrupt man he saves, Irish quickly discovers his new home has a polished veneer that barely conceals layers of deception and treachery.

Paired with a conniving woman photographer named Cat, Irish descends into a world of grifters, racketeers, and cops on the take. Something more ominous lies behind the tranquil image that is projected by the town elders. The grisly murders of a chauffeur and a policeman are only part of a web of odd occurrences involving strange people wearing the masks of tarot card characters. While Irish battles with thugs who have him in their sights, the ex-Seabee follows a chain of unusual events which might lead to a murderer or his death.

He will need the luck of the Irish to survive in a city that hates outsiders.


Dark and Deadly: A Completely Gripping Psychological Thriller Box Set

by Sarah A. Denzil

Discover Sarah A. Denzil's page-turning domestic thrillers and psychological fiction. From secrets to lies to murder, you'll find an emotional rollercoaster of suspenseful drama within these pages.


When I was six months old, my mother left to work as a maid at Highwood Hall. She never came back for me.

I retrace her steps, lying my way into the same job she held over twenty years ago.

I slip through the old corridors of this stately home—uncovering secret tunnels and peepholes hidden behind the gloomy portraits—I'm desperate to uncover the truth. But it won't be easy. No one knows why I'm really here.


It's Christmas Day at Wilder House, and three magical winter weddings are set to begin. But as the tables are arranged, and the food is prepared, a perfect storm hits, cutting every guest from the rest of the world.

A bride stumbles alone into the snow, her silk train dragging through dirt, her hands bloody from the murder she just committed…


Hannah Abbott is afraid of the world. She rarely leaves her house, but when the Mason family moves in across the street, Hannah's quiet life is changed forever.

They seem like the perfect family until one day, Hannah sees April place an unsettling sign in the window and has to make a choice.


Fran finds a little girl, Esther, no older than seven years old, by herself in the dead of night, her pretty but old-fashioned yellow dress covered in grass stains and her hair dishevelled.

After Esther is reunited with her family, Fran can't stop thinking about this pious child whose imaginary friend is God. Fran's instincts tell her something is very wrong. But her husband warns her not to get too close.


"You will know me." The hoarse whisper comes from a room in the house during the dead of the night. A stranger's voice is recorded by equipment Sophie set up because Sophie is paranoid that someone is out to get her.

With few people in her life, Sophie spends all of her time either teaching at a primary school or caring for her ailing mother. Suffering from early-onset Alzheimer's disease, Sophie's mother is a difficult patient, leaving her little time to herself.

Strange things begin to happen. She finds a discarded button in the garden. A handprint on the outside of the window. Her confused mother blames new bruises on a 'shadow.' Who is following her and why?


When Cath receives her invitation to The Event, a monetised retreat for social media influencers, she can't believe her luck. Irene Jobert is the most famous influencer in the world, and now Cath will be one of the five participants chosen to stay with Irene in a renovated Transylvanian monastery.

Their every move will be live-streamed to millions of people around the world. Patrons pay for constant access to their favourite social media stars.

Nestled halfway up a mountain, the five are isolated, with nothing but the internet to connect them to the world. Until eagle-eyed livestream followers all around the globe notice a sixth participant...



Defending Our Land: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset

by Robert J. Walker

In a world blacked out by an EMP, witness Emily's race against time across the wild Alaskan frontier.

When an EMP strike devastates North America's technological backbone, Emily Croswell urgently sleds through the Alaskan wilderness, knowing her survivalist friend Lionel is prepared for such catastrophes. Simultaneously, the reckless celebrity Duke Redpath jeopardizes the safety of his girlfriend Lex and survival guide Harry during their rugged journey. As the world descends into chaos with raging wildfires and society's descent into anarchy, Emily faces dire threats in her quest to save her ailing friend Vivian from a trapped skyscraper. Amidst this treacherous backdrop, will Emily, Lionel, and Harry navigate their group to sanctuary? And can civilization rebuild after such devastation? Dive into "Protecting Our Land", a riveting saga of endurance and hope in a ruleless, unforgiving world.

Surviving the Collapse

Captain Kate Holloway moved her family to New York to start over, and break the barriers that her work had created. But when an EMP brings New York to its knees, Kate must fight to survive amid the terror descending upon the city and rescue her family.


The Secret of Seaside (Paige Comber Mystery Book 1)

by Agatha Ball

Welcome to Seaside! A sleepy, island village filled with sweet summer romance, sandy beaches, colorful characters... AND MURDER!

Paige Comber dreams of running off to Paris to train at the Cordon Bleu, but fresh out of college, she is stuck running her granny's coffee shop in the small town of Seaside. It looks like a lousy summer until a handsome stranger named Nate arrives.

He's here to help his Uncle Byron with his affairs, but when his uncle's body washes up on the beach and he is accused, it is up to Paige to find out who might have been crazy enough to do it.



Way Down on the High Lonely (The Neal Carey Mysteries Book 3)

by Don Winslow

30th Anniversary Edition with a new introduction by the author

From domestic war to barroom brawls, grad-student-turned-PI Neal Carey’s got more than studying on his plate.

Neal Carey’s three-year confinement in a Chinese monastery is finally over, but his troubles are just beginning. The elusive financial benefactors who have bought his freedom expect a return on their investment. They want him to find Cody McCall, a two-year-old boy recently abducted by his father in a bitter Hollywood custody battle, a task that will propel Neal from the glittering Hollywood hills to the remote wilds of Nevada.

To find Cody, Neal has to turn outlaw in a land of two-bit casinos and roadside cathouses to infiltrate a vicious white supremacist group spouting hatred and dealing in terror. But the deeper undercover he goes, the deadlier the game becomes. Now Neal must force a showdown with the group’s crazed leader and find Cody before the missing toddler ends up lost in a world of unspeakable evil.


Crosswind: The WWII Adventures of MI6 Agent Katrin Nissen

by Karen K. Brees

"Fasten your seatbelt for an edge-of-your-seat ride for nonstop action as MI6 agent Katrin Nissen navigates the deadly waters of Nazi Germany on the hunt for a missing agent." –M.G. Chapman, author of the Covert Ops series

A desperate search for a missing MI6 colleague and the microfilm he possesses leads Professor Katrin Nissen deep into the maelstrom of Nazi-controlled Berlin. Impulsive and reckless, Dieter Weiss may have pushed his luck too far and taken one chance too many. Against all odds, Katrin has just one week to find him.

Posing as a research scientist sympathetic to the Nazis, Katrin attends a conference organized by Heinrich Himmler. The conference will showcase the Nazis' dark plans to redesign nature and will become the birthing ground of the Holocaust - a cost far greater than Katrin is willing to accept.

Weiss's sister, Kristine Trautmann, a staff photographer for Himmler, is also at the conference. While Kristine may provide the key to Dieter's whereabouts, she has her own secrets, and should Himmler discover the truth, it will cost her life.

Against a backdrop of a political agenda so bizarre as to seem impossible, Katrin discovers that the Nazis aren't the only ones to fear. A serial killer stalks the university halls. Armed with her wits and her trusty stiletto, Katrin finds herself in the crosshairs of danger in the fight of her life.



Dangerous Deeds: Lizzie and Riley (The Westport Romantic Mysteries Book 1)

by Beth Prentice

From USA Today bestselling author Beth Prentice comes an irresistible series full of romance, mystery, laughter, and just a bit of danger...

When one door closes, another opens… or falls off its hinges!

They say love is blind. Of course, they weren't discussing dilapidated houses, but I'm sticking to this storyline rather than the one where I suspect I'm losing my marbles.

I knew that purchasing a fixer-upper, I would be diving headfirst into the abyss of demolition, dust storms, and a bottomless pit of expenses. What I didn't foresee was the unexpected discovery of an engagement ring and a treasure trove of forbidden love letters hidden beneath the attic floorboards. Not to mention the cat with an undying love for naps and a handyman who looks like he just walked off a magazine cover. Oh, and a stalker? He definitely wasn't on my vision board.

As the house slowly returns to its former glory, those letters persist in haunting my dreams. Who could be the mysterious author, and why was their love forbidden? And who's putting in so much effort to keep me from learning the truth?

Working alongside Riley, the hunky handyman, is like trying to read a book in the midst of a fireworks display – delightfully distracting, but I'm determined to solve this heartstring-tugging puzzle.

Only can I restore the house to its former splendor and unveil the mystery before my relentless stalker catches up with me? Or will I lose everything, including life?

'Dangerous Deeds' introduces you to The Westport Mysteries, a hilarious romantic mystery series that will keep you glued to your seat. If you're a fan of quirky families, thrilling and engaging reads, and a dose of sweet romance served with a twist of danger, this is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure you won't want to miss!


Cowboys and Chaos: Magical Mystery Book Club Book 3

by Elizabeth Pantley

2023 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards Finalist

This is no ordinary book club! When the group chooses a book, they are whisked away from reality to find themselves immersed in the story. The characters, the setting, and the murder all come to life. In order to exit the book, they’ll need to solve the mystery and reach The End.

This time, the club chooses a mystery that takes place in a quaint western town – in the old Wild West. That sounds like fun, until they arrive in the dusty old town in the Arizona desert, among cowboys and saloons. They discover that the outhouse isn’t the worse thing about this trip.

The good news is that Paige, Glo, Zell, Frank, and the other members of the club discover plenty of surprises, and they have a great time visiting a piece of history. They’ll get to live through many exciting moments as they unravel this cozy mystery story.


Sister Morphine: A Marceau Mystery

by Raoul Michelle

Fresh from their last harrowing escapade, their friend still in coma, Maurice and Madeleine are thrust into a new web of intrigue. As Maurice Marceau and his resilient daughter try to solve a gruesome murder, one that’s baffled two of New York’s finest detectives, they’re thrust into a world filled with secrets and conspiracies.

Madeleine is determined to bring the killer to justice. She and her father must go beyond an underworld art scene that hides its own dark secrets and travel between DC, New York, Paris, Switzerland, and Venice. And as they delve deeper into the case, the lines between vengeance and justice blur, and the sins of the past intertwine with the present.

Can this father-daughter duo uncover the truth and dispense justice before two ruthless powers get away with murder?

Prepare for an unforgettable ride through a world of art, deception, and danger. Sister Morphine will keep you riveted as you navigate the thrilling labyrinth of this masterfully crafted detective thriller.

Iron Crow: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (The Crawling Girl Book 1)

by Kim Petersen

From the bowels of Seattle's ruins to the depths of a dark secret.

Rayna knew the rules…

And everybody was supposed to follow them.

Would she?

Within the sprawling ruins of Seattle, the Nest looms high above as a stronghold of the aristocratic Crow class, ruled with an iron fist by Lord Corvus. Rayna and her resilient Hydrans have long toiled at the depths of Lake Union, crawling for valuable scrap metal to trade with the Crows. Everything changes when a mysterious boy shows up, burdening Rayna with a haunting secret that leaves her with the perilous choice between standing up for the truth, even if it means sacrificing everything or succumbing to a world on the brink of chaos. Will Rayna become the catalyst for a rebellion that redefines their destinies? Or will the Iron Crow prevail?

Discover a world on the brink, where the truth is the ultimate weapon, and one woman's courage could alter the course of destiny. From USA Today Bestselling Author Kim Petersen comes Iron Crow, the first book in The Crawling Girl series, a dystopian thriller featuring complex characters and high-powered action adventure. Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Road.



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