Leizar: A Heartbreaking and gripping Jewish Family Saga

Leizar: A Heartbreaking and gripping Jewish Family Saga

by David Gelernter

In 1843, amidst the squalor of a small shtetl in Russian-occupied Poland, a baby cries his first breath while his mother draws her last. Thus begins the extraordinary tale of Leizar Domansky, whose life and lineage span a century, witnessing seismic shifts in history and humanity.

From the pogrom-shadowed villages of Eastern Europe in the 19th century to post-WW2 suburban London, Leizar's journey is one of tenacity and resilience. An advocate for democracy, this writer confronts the darkest forms of persecution—pogroms, prison, and rampant antisemitism—alongside the harrowing challenges of two world wars. Facing Cossack cruelty, a violated wedding in Poland, rigged trials, and punishing captivity, Leizar's story is emblematic of the struggles of an entire people.

But amid the chaos and devastation, his heart beats with love and hope. Alongside his steadfast wife, Chaya, Leizar carves moments of tenderness and connection, building a family legacy that withstands the test of time and turmoil.

Dive into this evocative five-generation saga that captures the essence of survival, love, and the indomitable spirit of a family.

Historical Fiction readers are RAVING about this captivating Jewish Family Saga:

“The amazing and heart-rending story of a Jewish family through the generations from the 1800s to the end of WWII” –Netgalley Reviewer

“This is a tremendous, impossible to put down odyssey of the Domansky family, a poor Polish family living in the shtetl of Kawetchka…The story includes so many details about many of its characters, their voices are very clear and memorableThe historical accuracy of the story’s timeline and settings makes the book read as nonfiction. As Leizar moves from his tiny shtetl to Warsaw, then Berlin and finally the UK, the continual horrific threats to Jewish survival are profound. Galernter’s writing is as smooth as silk. Over 400 pages effortlessly melt into the reader’s heart and mind.” –Netgalley Reviewer

“I enjoyed reading this book very much…This is truly an unforgettable story of all four generations of the Domansky family…” –Netgalley Reviewer

 “This is such a powerful read about life for those who lived and died through the time Russia controlled Poland. He was born as his mother died and this book follows him as he grows up. An emotional roller coaster of a book but well worth it.” –Netgalley Reviewer

“Following this family’s story from Russia to England, is incredible! Heartfelt and beautifully written, this is a MUST READ, especially in today’s times! It can happen again! As LEIZAR says, NEVER EVER GIVE UP!” –Netgalley Reviewer



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