Defending Our Land: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset

Defending Our Land: A Small Town Post Apocalypse EMP Thriller Boxset

by Robert J. Walker

In a world blacked out by an EMP, witness Emily's race against time across the wild Alaskan frontier.

When an EMP strike devastates North America's technological backbone, Emily Croswell urgently sleds through the Alaskan wilderness, knowing her survivalist friend Lionel is prepared for such catastrophes. Simultaneously, the reckless celebrity Duke Redpath jeopardizes the safety of his girlfriend Lex and survival guide Harry during their rugged journey. As the world descends into chaos with raging wildfires and society's descent into anarchy, Emily faces dire threats in her quest to save her ailing friend Vivian from a trapped skyscraper. Amidst this treacherous backdrop, will Emily, Lionel, and Harry navigate their group to sanctuary? And can civilization rebuild after such devastation? Dive into "Protecting Our Land", a riveting saga of endurance and hope in a ruleless, unforgiving world.

Surviving the Collapse

Captain Kate Holloway moved her family to New York to start over, and break the barriers that her work had created. But when an EMP brings New York to its knees, Kate must fight to survive amid the terror descending upon the city and rescue her family.



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