Diamonds in the Ruff

Diamonds in the Ruff

Are you the type of person that appreciates searching for and finding excellent deals on excellent products?  Do you believe that everyone, from the big dogs to the small dogs, deserve a shot at success?  The Diamonds in the Ruff genre is another place for you to search for ebooks, then.  We highlight ebooks that are very good in many regards, and may just need a little bit of shining to make them excellent.


Definition of the "Diamonds in the Ruff Genre": Sometimes an ebook has a phenomenal story to tell, but an author was not able to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an book cover.  Sometimes an ebook goes through a rut early in its life where it gets some bad reviews, but then starts to pull out of that.  Finally, sometimes authors can't control the price of their ebook, and so can't determine when it gets discounted.  At eBookHounds, we believe that these authors should get exposure to you, our tremendous reader too.  We want to give as many author as possible a chance to succeeed with their ebooks, and we know that is a feeling you share with us!

Sped-Bot: DroidMesh Trilogy Book 1

by Billy DeCarlo

All work and no play makes an android a dull toy.

The remnants of human civilization create their own utopia on an alien planet. A brilliant robotic scientist breaks the rules in an attempt to make his impaired son whole. Meshing android and human minds is considered impossible, a societal taboo, and illegal.

Can the sorrow of a father, the challenge of a feat never accomplished, and the promise of normalcy for a son who has never known it motivate a man beyond his ethical boundaries?

What happens when it all goes wrong?


Vigilante Angels Book I: The Priest

by Billy DeCarlo

If you were going to die, who would you kill?

Tommy is a retired cop and former Marine, with a lot of regret and little time left. In an effort to become a better person, he tries to purge himself of his prejudices while battling his late-stage cancer diagnosis.

He befriends Moses, a fellow patient also seeking redemption for past misdeeds. They share their distaste for those who perpetrate evil upon others, and decide to team up and do something about it.

Their target is a priest who's been accused of child abuse - but Tommy's fight against evil may come closer to home than he imagines.



by P.D.R. Lindsay

There's no slavery in the Yorkshire Dales, not in 1887, not ever. But loving families use artful schemes to enslave the innocent. Twenty nine year-old Tizzie is such an innocent. She has worked herself down to skin and bones as a dairymaid on the farm of her dear brother, Jack, his gracious wife, Maggie, their three boys and one girl, Agnes. Expert at many things, though not in spotting conniving entrapment, Tizzie longs to see that young Agnes will not suffer her spinster fate. In trying to help Agnes find an education and avoid a life of drudgery in their male-dominated world, Tizzie begins to suspect and then uncover Jack and Maggie's treachery, and the family's plots to enslave and use up Agnes too. With only her wits to guide her, Tizzie tries to right years of wrongs and set Agnes free.


Stoicism: A Detailed Guide to Stoic Wisdom and Philosophy (The Art of Happiness Book 1)

by Scott Vincent

Increased Happiness and Decreased Stress with the Stoic Philosophy

Imagine leading a life that is better, stress-free, and virtuous. Do you think this isn’t achievable? Well, think again. Or perhaps you think your life is OK as it is. Then answer the following questions:

  • Do you sometimes feel as if your work pressure is too much?

  • Do you want to build a successful business?

  • Do you want to be financially successful?

  • Do you want to try alternative parenting advice?

  • Do you want to lead a more virtuous life?

    If your answer is ‘yes’ to some of these questions, then this ebook is for you!

    While Stoicism is an ancient philosophy, it has tons of practical applications for our modern day lives. As you read through this detailed guidebook, you will learn:

  • How not to be a slave to money

  • How to stick to a financial plan

  • How to fight your ego

  • How to focus only on things within your control

  • How to focus on the present

  • How to reduce procrastinating at work and home

  • How to value peace of mind

  • How to prepare for business success and failure

  • How to invest in yourself

  • BONUS: How to manage your anger

  • BONUS: How to bring up your kids and deal with spoilt brats

Out of the Pocket

by Fiona J.R. Titchenell

For over a century, the town of Green Beach has frightened its children with the tragic legend of Joshua Thorne. He’s the reason it not only locks its doors at night but nails its windows shut. Steeped in romance and revenge, his is the kind of story Angela Ironwright lives for.

When the specter of Joshua appears to her, insisting she’s the only one who can help him piece together the fragments of his own murder, she follows him without a second thought into a place he calls the Pocket, a beautiful hidden world of jumbled memory and imagination. But the Pocket holds more than magic and mystery. Before long, its other reclusive inhabitants begin to call out to Angela, warning her not to trust Joshua and begging for her help to escape his dark power.

Angela’s sure there must be some misunderstanding, and she’s determined to set it straight. Otherwise, finding justice will mean betraying the only boy who’s ever liked her.

Smart and genre-savvy, Out of the Pocket is a dark, honest, subversive take on the modern paranormal love story.


Triple Jeopardy

by Rowanna Green

A tight red skirt. A smutty remark. A nice girl’s undoing.
Lexie thought engineers were pretty chaste – they certainly never chased her. Until Stark’s sleazy attention well and truly pressed her buttons.

Three compelling tales featuring girls in trouble in the 80s when men were men and girls did as they were told (or pretended to!) These naughty teasers are hot and whimsical with addictive twists. They flirt around the edges of suspense and saucy fantasy, heading towards a HFN hint of romance.

Lexie’s Awakening: Lexie’s breakup with her boyfriend puts her back on the market; a natural target for her fellow engineers, who’d previously treated her like cut glass. The office Christmas party dress code says wear red, but her tight skirt attracts a powerful response from an an unexpected source, leading to a whole new adventure.

No Gentleman: Ten tipsy executives. One naïve student. A foregone conclusion?
When Sandy took the waitressing job in an isolated country mansion, she never imagined the wealthy businessmen wanted more than serving food and drink. Until she saw the uniform.

The Dark Knights: A lonely road. A flat tyre. A girl’s worst nightmare
Lexie’s exploration of her secret desires leads to unexpected adventures as she seeks to understand and fulfil her dark yearnings.

Warning: Although generally light-hearted, these steamy, office-based shorts with a twist in the tail are not for the faint of heart. Or under-18s. Or people who don’t like their heroines in too much trouble.

***For mature audiences only***





The Heart of Gold is a gripping romance thriller that explores not only the dangerous territory of love and marriage, but also the changing culture of modern Indian city life. Mukesh and Nithya are caught between time-honored traditions and the new, fast-paced global lifestyle.


Mukesh, a successful business man on a steady rise in the corporate world, is hesitant when his mother urges him to find a wife. But when she introduces him to the bride she’s chosen for him, Mukesh is surprised by his luck: Nithya is beautiful, smart, cultured, and from a good family. It seems like a perfect match, and he finds himself falling in love.

But before he can settle into his new married life, Nithya tells him the horrible truth: her parents blackmailed her into the marriage. Instead of love and companionship, it’s longing and agony for Mukesh while Nithya feels only anger and resentment towards him and her parents.

To make matters worse, Giridhar, a flame from Nithya’s past, unexpectedly makes his way back into her life. At first, Nithya is wary of her ex, but as she grows more and more distant from her husband and her parents, she finds herself letting him in. Giridhar convinces her to go away with him on vacation, where events take a dangerous turn. When she awakens, locked inside a lodge alone in the dead of night, to a strange noise at the door, she realizes that perhaps she shouldn’t have trusted him so blindly.

Meanwhile, Mukesh struggles to come to terms with his failed marriage and his wife’s abandonment. With no one else to turn to, Nithya calls him in her desperation, but will he be willing to help her despite his anger and wounded pride? Can they put the past behind them to disentangle her from the peril she put herself in?






Invaders of Tomorrow's Sky

by Gentry Race

Time Travel.

Oliver Hawke, a boy genius tormented by seizures and his self-centered hot rodder uncle Leon, find themselves front and center in an alien conspiracy. When the town’s flight school is attacked, it’s up to them and their ragtag band of friends to uncover the truth. But what good is a bunch of kids against alien tech and god-like powers?

Filled to the brim with zany characters and pulse-pounding peril, this genre-bending sci-fi series will take your money, punch you in the face, and leave you with flowers.


Born This Way

by Tammy Ferebee

Being yourself should never come at this price.

Joseph is the son anyone would wish to have—anyone except his pastor father, that is. Joseph is gay, and where he comes from, his sexual orientation makes him a pariah. Tormented by the incorrigible denizens of his unprogressive Southern town, Joseph finds himself desperate for support from other members of the LGBT community. He turns to the internet with the hope of finding it, and, unexpectedly, Joseph finds more. Bruce.

An unlikely virtual friendship between Joseph and Bruce grows into something more, leading to a seemingly fated meeting. Joseph’s future suddenly looks brighter than ever, but no one could’ve ever predicted what would transpire after the two finally meet.


The Zeta Grey War: The Event

by D F Capps

They’re already here.
They’ve been here for decades.
They’re slowly turning us into them.
And they have a plan for the total control of humanity:

The Event

But we have some friends.
And some advanced ideas of our own.


Enter the shadowy world of alien abductions, secret space programs, antigravity spacecraft, and alien medical technology.

Join the battle alongside Diane and Charlie to save the planet from the Zeta Greys.


Chasing Trouble (In Ashwood Book 3)

by Kinney Scott

Rick fears two things, the holidays and losing Linnea.

Too many lights on the taproom Christmas tree? Impossible. Linnea layers on lavish holiday abundance. Yet, every decoration she hangs darkens Rick’s mood and expands the divide between them.

When orange and black Halloween decorations shift to holiday red and green, Rick waits for that call. It always comes, and he always responds. Grace won’t survive another winter on the streets of Portland without his help. Yet, his stubborn sister refuses to accept more. Rick gives what she will receive - a blanket, food, a tarp, and money.

Accustomed to hiding this broken holiday tradition, Rick manages on his own, avoiding pity and pain.
Linnea could help if Rick shared the truth. Pushing away the woman he loves protects his pride, but she craves all of this man, even the broken pieces of his heart.


Dust Of Autumn

by Jerry Travis

"Dust of Autumn, set in western New York, mostly in a high school in the Buffalo area, involves a young woman and her fixation with her English teacher. Jennifer Davis is a nice, unusually intelligent young woman who happens to have an alter ego she calls Maleeva, and Maleeva is not nice. Maleeva acts as Jennifer’s protector whenever Jennifer is threatened by anyone, threats that are real or imagined. Jennifer is haunted by violent dreamscapes from her past.

Bob Mitchell teaches English at Roosevelt High and discovers on the opening day of school that Jennifer Davis in enrolled in two of his classes. Jennifer imagines a romantic connection between the two of them and when she feels rejected by Bob, Maleeva appears and seeks vengeance. Thus the central conflict in the story.


Brother's Best Friend for Christmas: A Bad Boy Second Chance Romance

by Amy Brent


He was my first. My everything. My brother’s best friend.
Filthy-mouthed, tattooed, arrogant, womanizer.
Tyler knew how to melt my panties... and my heart.
But he disappeared when I needed him.

Now years later, he's back for Christmas as my brother’s friend and business partner.

Sitting at my parents dining room table,
Undressing me with his eyes.
I can’t forget the night he took my V-card.
And I wonder what harm would it be to replay that scene now...

It’ll be just one more night. 


I'll finally get over him and move on with my life - once and for all, right? 

Now that Santa’s making my wish come true, 

I can see my whole world turning upside down. 

Turns out this is the hottest mistake of my life.

And screwed has never felt so good!

*** This is a full length novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of steam. Bonus content included. ***


Down & Dirty: Jag (Dirty Angels MC Book 2)

by Jeanne St. James

Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Jag’s story…

The only thing Jag, DAMC Road Captain, loves more than his custom bike is Ivy. He’s wanted her ever since he could remember. However, through the years, he’s had to watch her date anyone but him. Even though she was raised in the club, she avoids dating bikers like the plague. Instead, she gravitates toward the complete opposite: geeks and nerds. Something Jag will never be.

Smart and always independent, Ivy wants to be the property of no man. Growing up in the club, she knows firsthand how they treat women. She regrets the mistake she made by dragging Jag upstairs to his room at the club one drunken night. Ever since then, she’s been doing her best to keep him at arm’s length, though it’s proven difficult. Especially when she finds out his secret, which only endears her to him even more.

Between secrets, lies, and a violent tangle with a rival club, can the passionate, but headstrong pair find the love and solace they’re looking for in each other’s arms? Or will everything just tumble down around them?

Note: This book can be read as a standalone. It includes lots of steamy scenes, biker slang, cursing, some violence and, of course, an HEA. If you like alpha males who like to take charge, this book is for you.


Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies and Hugs: Veterinary Tales

by PJ Miller

Dr. P. J. Miller's story is unique. Growing up in New York City, who would have thought that he’d complete his veterinary degree at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland? In Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies & Hugs, Dr. Miller has assembled a "greatest hits" of veterinary tales—stories that include colorful clients, wisecracking hospital staff, and pets that aren't always friendly.

Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies & Hugs provides a humorous look at what Dr. Miller went through to become a veterinarian and his daily life as a doctor, told only as a typical New Yorker could. Underneath the humor, Dr. Miller gives a glimpse of how strong and emotional the human-animal bond can be, becoming an instant must-read for any aspiring veterinary professional or animal lover that wants to know what it is really like to be a veterinarian.

See his website for further information about the book and for more veterinary tales


Child of Evil (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 2)

by J Drew Brumbaugh

A stand alone novel that continues the epic fantasy begun in Fall of the Western Kings. The stalemate continues between the men of the east and the demons who control the lands in the west. But now a prophecy says a child will be born that will unite the evil forces and bring ruin to those living east of the mountains. Gant and his friends have to do something to stop the coming disaster. Can they kill the child? To solve this moral dilemma will result in an adventure that puts the world at risk.


The Last Oracle: A Climate Fiction Thriller (Sam Jardine Crime Thrillers Book 3)

by Christopher Hepworth

This is not a book that one can put down once started; Hepworth is enthralling and unexpected. His clever plot twists are flawless and his understanding of human nature is frighteningly accurate. One cannot read this and walk away from it unscathed, you will be haunted by it!
~ Charla White
As a series of bizarre climate-related events occur across our planet, it seems the world is edging towards a catastrophic tipping point.
Rex Daingerfield is the owner of a giant fracking company that seeks to exploit a rich seam of gas in the environmentally sensitive Greenland ice shelf. But Daingerfield has a nemesis – his daughter. Born to an Egyptian mother, she is inducted as the Oracle of the Temple of Sekhmet. Her role is to protect the earth from the likes of her father.
The Oracle recruits the world’s greatest negotiator, Sam Jardine, to convince her father to change his destructive business model. But a secret society of the rich and powerful stands to profit from the chaos that has gripped the world. Led by an errant priest from the Temple of Sekhmet, he will do anything to stop Jardine.
As the planet edges closer to disaster, Jardine is confronted by politicians, lobbyists, vested interests – even his own radicalised half-brother – all of whom stand to gain from the mayhem about to be unleashed.


Trouble Brewing (In Ashwood Book 2)

by Kinney Scott

Tempted by one woman, obsessed with another - Wade must decide if trust outweighs lust in pursuit of his dream.
Brewery owner Wade Michaels discovers two alluring women who are more than willing to help him expand his popular brewery. Chaos and sabotage could derail his dream of bringing his popular beer to a wider audience.
Iris, the tall slender owner of Northside Grill, has always been a supportive friend. Now she craves more.
Ravenna, a stunning petite executive, holds power over Wade’s dream to expand Mosquito Creek Brewing. Wade doesn’t willingly give control to anyone, especially woman he’d like to possess.


Fractured Vows

by Desiree Day

Paislee Crowder is torn between loyalty and love.

Thirty-nine-year-old Paislee Crowder’s life is dismal. If she had a chance for a do-over, she’d snatch it in a hot New York minute, not that she would ever admit it to anyone. Someone in her situation should, never, ever complain…never. When she married Jerry, a man who is old enough to be her father, she didn’t imagine that, ten years later, she would be standing helplessly by as Alzheimer’s ravage his brain.

Paislee’s world suddenly goes topsy-turvy when she meets sexy Sebastian Martinez. And her life takes an even bigger twist when Paislee does something so shocking, that when she does it, she wishes she could stuff the words back in her mouth. Paislee asks Sebastian out to lunch. The spontaneous question puts Paislee and Bash on the path to a secretive and tumultuous love affair.

Paislee is torn. Does she follow her desires and pursue twenty-five-year-old Sebastian? With his young firm body and youthful energy, he makes her feel things and do things she hadn’t done in years. Or does she remain loyal to her sixty-four-year-old husband, Jerry, who is slowly but surely deteriorating?

But an unexpected life-altering event occurs which forces Paislee to make several hard decisions.

Does Paislee choose love or loyalty?


Paradox: The Alien Genome

by H S Rivney

Captain Thomas Jackson, a level headed adventurer with a dry sense of humor, commands the Science Ship Linus Pauling as his science crew searches for special DNA that could cure children on Earth who are the victims of genetic engineering gone horribly wrong. It's 2160, and they've been in space for nearly two years, twenty four light years from home when their ship breaks apart in orbit. Surviving with escape pods, they soon discover the backwards fourth planet of Beta Hydri might kill them with inedible food and vicious predators. Although the planet offers up the molecules they need, survival is far from certain.

Captain Thomas Jackson has to hold his shipwrecked crew together as they struggle with survival. He finally reaches out to a thriving humanoid population that gives them tools to survive, but also a whole new set of problems to contend with. Jackson falls hard for Rianya, the alien woman who helped them the most. Except for the ship's doctor, the crew find his affection for her nothing but positive, even when their love unexpectedly results in a baby. Her people, however, are far from enamored by their union and xenophobia erupts when a series of natural phenomenon begin to wreck their primitive village. A flood, an earthquake, and a triple lunar eclipse force the humans to retreat and abandon their friendships with the natives.

Geological and biological forces beyond Jackson's control threaten the crew of fifteen while they wait for a rescue that may never come. Captain Jackson, stricken with increasingly debilitating headaches, is diagnosed with brain tumor that threatens his life, and his doctor's jealousy of Rianya only gets worse with time. Most notably, their unusual, precocious daughter holds a secret in her genome that could cure millions of children on Earth, will challenge their core beliefs, and put lives in danger, including her very own.



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