Religious and Inspirational

Religious and Inspirational

Some of the most beautiful and moving things in this world are words. There are authors who have either experienced circumstances that they then relay to us and move us, or who have seen others experience such things.  These types of ebooks can have a tremendously meaningful impact on our lives, so much so that some ebooks in this category can even change the course of our life and those around us.  Imagine getting all of that value for free or for a discount.  That's what eBookHounds brings you.


Definition of the "Religious and Inspirational Genre": Ebooks in the Religious and Inspirational genre are meant to capture real stories of people who have seen true, seemingly insurmountable struggle and persevered through that.  The ebooks do not have to be religious to be inspirational, but there oftentimes is included an aspect of spirituality that helped the main character overcome his or her challenge.  And, the challenge is oftentimes tied to change.  When a reader sees that the main character of one of these ebooks can change, or is forced to change due to circumstances, that can spill over into the reader's own life.  


Some examples of bestselling ebooks in the Religious and Inspirational Genre are Jack Canfield et al (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Yann Martel (Life of Pi), Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist), and Viktor Frankl (Man's Search for Meaning).


Healthy by Design: Weight Loss, God's Way

by Cathy Morenzie

DISCOVER what`s been keeping you from weight loss success

After almost 30 years of helping thousands of people, just like you, to get in shape, I realized there is a lot more to losing weight than merely ‘diet and workout’. While those are essential elements, for many, they only result in the classic yo-yo diet effect, if any effect at all.

The causes for this are many but in essence, the reason you can’t successful keep weight off is because you are still in spiritual and emotional bondage, that must be identified and broken before any weight loss will become permanent.

The type of bondage of which I speak can be emotional eating, a false sense of identity, or a deep seated need to stay the way you are (which you might not even consciously realize). You cannot overcome these obstacles alone! If you could, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now. But you are not alone! God can and will help if you bring him into this area of your life. And I too will assist you, if you let me, through this book and our free Facebook group - the Weight Loss, God’s Way Challenge!

While the book reveals the blockages that are stopping you and the biblical principles that will set you free, it’s in the Weight Loss, God's Way Challenge where the blessings occur as you work with others (and myself!) to put these principles into daily action in your life. We see people achieving amazing success and breakthroughs every month in the group and we look forward to helping you achieve your breakthrough as well.


In this Book You will Receive…



  • 21 Day Step-by-step Guide to help you understand why you keep spinning your wheels.

  • 21 Daily Confessions to strengthen your faith and focus your mind

  • 21 Daily Thoughts to encourage small changes in your life…

  • 21 Action Steps to help you achieve your goals…

  • 21 Biblical Character References to teach you that all of God's people experienced similar trials

PLUS FREE Access to our Facebook group; Weight Loss God’s Way Challenge. Where author and experienced Personal Coach Cathy Morenzie will guide you through the steps, day by day to keep you motivated, focused and creating the new habits you need to achieve a lasting breakthroughs.

Get a head start with our Quick Start Tool Kit - over $200 in value, FREE with the purchase of this book.

If you are convinced that there`s other factors preventing you from reaching your goal.
If you are frustrated with your lack of will-power and discipline to lose your excess weight…



‘Healthy by Design: Weight Loss, God’s Way’ Will Help you to…



  • Lose Weight Permanently by learning simple, practical, biblical action steps and solutions…

  • Discover Hidden Beliefs about yourself that have stood in the way of your weight loss efforts.

  • Increase Your Faith by learning what God's word says about your health, discipline, food, and other factors related to weight release…

  • Develop Better Habits by following the daily action steps…

Before you go on another diet or weight loss program, you need to address the real issues that have kept you losing weight and keeping it off. Weight Loss, God's Way is not another Christian diet book, but helps you to finally understand why you do what you do (emotional eating, snacking, lack of exercise, lack of motivation, etc.) and how to begin to overcome those limiting beliefs, and issues, through a bible-based Christian approach that will help you to achieve permanent and natural weight loss, grow spiritually as you learn to trust more in God in all areas of your life and begin to treat yourself with the same love and care that God desires for you in the area of your health and weight.


The Power of Positive Affirmations: Each Day a New Beginning

by Alex Uwajeh

Did you know that focusing on the negative aspects of things could actually make more negative things appear in your life?
If you’re serious about living a happy, healthy and abundant life, the key is to change your thoughts. Take control of those negative thoughts and emotions and turn them around. Find affirmations that help you stick to a positive frame of mind, and then repeat them until you feel more confident about them.
It makes no difference what aspect of your life you consider, there’s always something to be grateful for.
“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” - Hebrews 4:12 New King James Version.
God bless you!


God's Gonna Make You Laugh: Understanding God's Timing for Your Life

by Noel Jones

Everyone can relate to walking through very dark periods in life which seem will never end. Noel Jones is not speaking from a vantage point of one who has never suffered so his words of encouragement and promise carry weight and hope. Sorrow and adversity come, but they do not stay. This book conveys the message that suffering and endurance are preparations for the reward that will come to the one who holds on to and trusts in the faithfulness of God. That one will experience the laughter of triumph. Joy comes in the morning to those who endure.



Taking Your Life to the Next Level: 7 Keys to Living the God Kind of Life

by Jimi Akanbi

In "Taking Your Life to the Next Level", Jimi offers unique insights that will help readers live a fulfilled life on a daily basis.

In order to live the God-kind of life, you must possess divine wisdom and other Christian attitudes which will lead you to make wise decisions in life. This book will inspire and motivate you to live with more faith, divine love, discipline, peace, hope, and joy.

Jimi reveals seven simple yet crucial principles that, when understood, will help you become all that God has formed you to be. The author uses down-to-earth analogies which help you to easily understand his messages, and supports them with Biblical Scriptures. The text contains personal testimonies that will inspire and uplift you.

In "Taking Your Life to the Next Level", Jimi addresses topics such as depending on God and not on men, healthy eating, opening your spiritual eyes, the power of unconditional love, securing your God-given destiny, and the benefits of always thanking God for the good and bad times.

As you practice Jimi's easy-to-understand principles, you will be amazed at how colorful and stress-free your life will become.

Draw closer to God with this Christian devotion book. If you desire to change your life, read this piece now.





One Last Time: A Novel

by Jan Strnad

Grief counselor and skeptic Claire Devane finds her life turned upside down when the recently deceased begin to return from the hereafter to visit the living one last time. Secrets are revealed. Love and longing… betrayal, murder, guilt… the visitations bring them all out of the shadows and into the light. It's a strange new world, one that threatens to swallow her whole.

Imagine a world in which the recently deceased are able to visit one person... and only one person... "one last time" for a few minutes. They visit, not as a ghost, but as a real, substantial human being. They may visit with love in their hearts, or malice. They may visit to ask a question, or to give instruction, to apologize or to accuse.

If you were such a person, now deceased, who would you visit? Your children? But what if you have two and can only visit one--which would you visit? Who would your loved ones visit? What if they chose not to visit you, but someone else?

These are the questions explored in One Last Time through the experiences of Claire Devane and the clients she serves, while her own life is turned upside down by the new phenomenon.



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