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My Perfect Daughter

by Sarah A. Denzil

Most mothers hope their little girl turns out like their dad, but not Zoe. She hopes the apple falls far from the tree.

Zoe didn't meet her daughter the way most mothers do. She finds five-year-old Maddie alone and dirty on a countryside road. Frightened for Maddie's safety, she picks her up and takes her back to her father, not knowing what she's about to step into. Because Maddie wasn't just lost, she was there to lure her serial killer dad's new victim.

escaping from the clutches of Maddie's dangerous father, she bonds with the little girl. Only Maddie knows what it was like to be at that house. And when no family members come forward to claim Maddie, Zoe decides to adopt her. They move away to a safe house on the Cornish coast and become a family of their own. Zoe gets married and has another child, a baby brother for Maddie.

But Maddie is still traumatised by what she experienced. Diagnosed with callous and unemotional traits, Zoe has a tough job to ensure Maddie has the love and support she needs. Zoe truly loves her daughter—she wouldn't change a thing about her. But there is a part of her that always stays alert. 
A part of her is afraid of Maddie.

And now, eleven years later, 
Maddie's school bully is found dead, and another girl is missing.

Zoe can't help but wonder... 
like father, like daughter?

What readers are saying about My Perfect Daughter:

"What a 
whirlwind of a ride that was!" -- Goodreads reviewer

"In conclusion a dark, intricate web of relationships, emotional trauma with a bit of serial killer action thrown in too. 
I LOVED IT. HIGHLY recommend!" -- Morbid Mama Reads

"This book had me 
freaked out in my own house!" -- Goodreads reviewer

Wow! Just wow! I really don't know what to say! I picked this book up this morning & I just put it down so 11 & a half hours later I have finished it!" -- The Page Ladies

"This book is a 
corker!!!"-- Goodreads reviewer


Shifting Magic: Shifter & Mages, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance

by Maria Vickers

I’m home alone in my favorite chair, just about to snuggle in for the night with Shifting Magic when I hear someone whisper my name.

I turn left. I turn right. No one is there.

It’s just my imagination running away with anticipation— a whole weekend to myself.

I download the collection from the Paragons of Paranormal, and the back of my neck tingles. Someone is watching me.

I read, “There is a physical plane—the one where you’re reading a book in your favorite chair. There are also unseen realms, magical realms where wondrous, fantastical things occur. These realms brush the one where you’re sitting. All you have to do is open your device and let yourself go.”

Discover enchanted worlds, powerful shifters & mages, hidden secrets, and steamy romantic trysts await …

Shifting Magic is a collection of Shifters & Mages, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance stories with NYT, WSJ, USA Today Bestselling authors.

Enjoy the adventure!


Protecting His Finch: A Bodyguard/Mafia Princess Romance

by Adora Crooks

When I first met Archer, he was covered in my father's blood.

"How sexy can one book be!? I loved it all. Knowing you can’t trust him only makes you love him more. Total page turner and you’ll read it in one sitting." - 5-Star Amazon Review

I'm the ward of the most dangerous mafia family in New York. Archer has made it his duty to protect me.

He's their bodyguard, a loyal soldier. But when I'm forced into marrying the Don's vicious son...will Archer remain dutiful to The Family?

Or will he risk everything for me?

I’m Finley “Finch” Larkin. This is my story.

Author's note: This title was originally published in the USA Today bestselling anthology, Killing Me Softly.


Rune of Secrets (An epic fantasy adventure): Enchanted Shadows Book 1

by Kelly N. Jane

She craves vengeance. He requires justice. Fate demands both.

Struck with a curse and without enchanted powers, Princess Rowena could not prevent her family’s murder or save herself from the fallout.

Vulnerable but determined, she dares to conquer her enemies and free her people. But secret deals force her into a betrothal, tempting her into a bold decision that could cost her life.

Rowena has nothing left but to avenge her family before she dies. Until the most terrifying, yet hauntingly handsome fae arrives, demanding she follows her destiny.

Rowena has the power to lead her people or destroy them.

Discover action like Throne of Glass and Graceling, with a twisted fairytale like Maleficent in this epic fantasy adventure. Delve into a slow-burn romance, blended with fae magic and warrior shieldmaidens, that will keep you reading all night long.

Scroll up and Preorder your copy today to see if Rowena will risk her freedom to save her kingdom…or risk her destiny to destroy her enemies.


One Wish

by Linda Lael Miller

New York Times
 bestselling author Linda Lael Miller gave readers "a gift to treasure" (Romantic Times) with her acclaimed Springwater Seasons novels. Now, once again capturing the spirit of early America, she delivers a marvelous tale of love, family loyalty, and passionate desire on the Western frontier -- where fairy tales sometimes do come true.

She was the only child of a rich and powerful rancher. He was the son of a drunken ne'er-do-well. But when eleven-year-old Luke Shardlow rescued eight-year-old Charity Barnham from drowning, she promised him one wish...any wish his heart might desire.

Fifteen years later, Charity and Luke meet once more, but the gulf between them seems as wide as ever. Charity is engaged to a neighboring rancher her father has chosen for her. Luke still seems to be a Shardlow to the core -- a drifter, maybe even an outlaw, on a road to nowhere. But things are not always what they appear, for Luke has a few secrets to hide. And as a sweet, sensual passion begins to grow between them, Luke and Charity discover that the only wish either of them long to fulfill is to spend a sweet eternity in each other's arms -- no matter the cost.


Protected by the Lumberjack: A Brother's Best Friend Romance

by Annie J. Rose

Vivian’s abusive ex tracked her to her brother’s house.
So I did my best friend a favor, let his sister stay with me.

She’s hiding out, trying to build a new life.
I’m used to being alone.
Ever since my fiancée died, I’ve sworn I’d never fall in love again.

Turns out we need each other.
She’s beautifully broken and she brings me back to life.
I’m her protector, and I’m falling for her.

Our love is too good to be true.
My grief comes rushing back, and I push her away.
When her ex puts her in the hospital,
I realize I could’ve lost her.

I confess my love to Vivian
Just in time to see the ultrasound picture
For our surprise baby…


Fate of Wizardoms Epic Fantasy Saga: The Complete Series Book Set

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

Misfit heroes caught between the schemes of mighty wizards and a contest of gods.

At stake: The fate of the world.
“Wonderful worldbuilding, an ingenious magic system, beautifully crafted characters, & fun filled adventure.” ★★★★★ The Magic Book Corner

For a limited time, you can purchase the bestselling Fate of Wizardoms saga in a COMPLETE series bundle, including books consisting of:

  • 2,000+ Kindle Pages
  • 4.5+ Star Average Review Score
  • 2,000+ 5-Star Amazon Reviews
  • 100K Individual Books Sold
  • 25M Kindle Unlimited Pages Read

Download and discover why readers rave about Fate of Wizardoms.


Power. The ambitious thirst for it.

But when a power-hungry wizard lord seeks to expand his rule, he triggers events unforeseen. The balance of magic is altered, races of old return, and beasts of legend stalk the land.

Unlikely heroes armed with magical objects are drawn into the conflict:

  • Jerrell "Jace" - A snarky, clever thief whose outrageous exploits force him to hide his identity.
  • Narine - A daring wizardess caught between her mad wizard lord father and jealous brother.
  • Rhoa - A determined acrobat, armed with enchanted blades and a thirst for revenge.
  • Rawk - Exiled for urges he cannot control; this dwarf possesses unique magic abilities.
  • Brogan - A disgraced warrior who labors beneath the weight of his regrets.

These characters lead a compelling and memorable cast including ruthless wizards who vie for thrones able to grant the power of a god. How do you defeat a god?

Fate of Wizardoms is a fast-paced fantasy saga filled with compelling characters and beloved genre tropes, perfect for fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Witcher, or Wheel of Time.

Download and discover why readers rave about Fate of Wizardoms.


Deceived by Ornament: A Kim Brady Novel (Kim Brady Mysteries Book 2)

by Edward J. Leahy

"Deceived by Ornament is a thoroughly New Yorkie novel authored by a proud New Yorker on a creative roll." –Gillespie Lamb, The Junkyard Dick

Detective Kim Brady must find the killer of Mariano Avila, beloved community activist and immigration lawyer in Brooklyn. The only eyewitness, Amara, a fifteen-year-old undocumented escapee from a human trafficking ring, has described the killer as wearing a police uniform. Kim discovers the details of the murder match those of a cold case from several months earlier.

Saddled with a partner who is an unqualified rookie cop forced on her unit by a local state senator with mayoral aspirations, Kim's investigation is micromanaged from above. She soon finds herself in a maelstrom of competing jurisdictions and interests as she struggles to determine if the killer is a cop or an imposter, whether he is a serial killer or part of a larger domestic terrorist plot.

When she discovers that a close friend of the victim in the cold case, Rafer Harwood, is part of an anti-immigrant militia suspected of planning a major terror event, she can explain the second murder but not the first. She must protect Amara and find both the killer and the real leader of the militia.

Deceived By Ornament, A Kim Brady Mystery. An engrossing crime thriller by Edward J. Leahy.



Unlikely Bounty Hunters Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

*Warning: Graphic bro-humor, and much stupidity from guys who don’t know any better.

It was supposed to be two bros on a lark to find jailed outer-space aliens.

They honestly didn’t think it could be real.

Now, one of them has busted a foxy blue alien female out of jail, stolen a UFO, and decided to start a non-profit to ‘Save the Aliens.’

The only problem?

One of them might be falling in love.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Code Blue: Alien Jail Break
  2. Anal Probes Suck Ass
  3. That SHIP Has A Phat Ass
  4. Eat Lasers and Die, Human
  5. It's HIm or Us
  6. Kdackan Vengeance

Go up, click the Buy Now or Read for Free button and grab this complete series boxed set and sit back and chillax. This is a book that will not hurt your intellect.




Space Station Noir: Book 1

by Arthur Mayor

As the Galactic Empire crumbles, Station Noir is not a safe place for humans, it’s just the safest place left.

Gunny has done better than most on The Station. He commits enough crime to keep credits in his pocket, he’s not a slave anymore, and his alien partner has his back.

Then a simple job goes wrong, and Gunny is given an “opportunity” he can’t refuse. But it's worse than it seems, and thrusts him into the deadly world of interstellar politics.

Now Gunny doesn’t know what to trust except his partner and the fact that humans always lose.

But losing this time might mean the end of Station Noir, death… or a return to slavery.

If you enjoy non-stop action, interstellar intrigue, and galactic crime you will love Gunny’’s thrilling adventures in Space Station Noir, the 1st book of Space Station Noir. Get your copy today!



Tales from Thac: A Collection of Short Stories and Novellas

by Jeffrey L. Price

Grand Choosing: Kortiama longs to prove herself at the Day of Choosing. Yet that day will hold more for her than she ever bargained for, if she manages to survive.
Price of Honor: Seishin never expected to fall in love, nor that his love would hold a dark secret. The Pirate Coast is a dangerous place, one which might hold the key to his future, if it doesn’t kill him first.
Art of the Steal: Where did the enigmatic Donatello come from? Where did he learn to be a thief, artist, and swordsman? Who is the mysterious woman who broke his heart?
Fortune Tellers: Fran was not always blind, nor was she always a druid. It all came down to a fateful day and a run in with a certain blonde-haired, violet-eyed fortune teller.
Battle of Fish Eye Cove: Outnumbered two to one, Ves and Ruka engage in a desperate battle with a flight of evil dragons. Can the two dragon girls escape their deadly fate?

These and other thrilling tales are included here in this fantastic anthology from the world of Thac…


The Resentment: An Emotional Thriller With a Shocking Twist

by T. O. Paine

You’re only as sick as your secrets . . .

Lauren Kaine has everything she ever wanted — a fabulous home, a shiny Lexus, a bright sixteen-year-old son, and a loving husband with a lucrative internet career. Tonight, she walks hand-in-hand with William beneath the lustrous Seattle sky, celebrating twenty-two years of marriage.

But they’re not alone.

A mysterious black Audi comes out of nowhere and chases William onto a bridge. He shouts, “They’re here for the card,” and falls to his death. Enraged, Lauren attacks the car, but the tinted windows hide the driver’s face, and it speeds away.

Still mourning, she sets out to find her husband’s killer when a stranger calls and demands the card. William never mentioned a card, and she doesn’t know where it is. The stranger follows her. He torments her. He threatens to kidnap her son and throw him into the same river that killed William.

And it’s not just the stranger.

Black cars lurk around every corner. William’s co-workers refuse to talk to her. Her brother-in-law resurfaces after years of silence, and he knows something, but she’s running out of time. She searches for the card, and the past pulls her back to the first time someone kidnapped her son. Back to her resentment. Back to the truth.


Magic Claimed (Cursed Shifters Book 1)

by Charmaine Ross

A prophesy that rules me.
A curse that ruins me.
A wolf shifter pack who claim I am theirs.

It wasn’t my choice to be sold to a powerful psychopath by my mother when I was a baby. It wasn’t my choice to be tortured for magic I don’t possess but on-one says no to Esoti and lives.

Except me.

There are worse things than death. Not dying for one.

In a world ruled by The Six, anyone magical is put to death, shifters are slaves and I am the lowest of the low. Until alpha wolves Alerick, Jarom and Eike capture me. The thing is, I don’t want to be anyone’s mate, or toy, or plaything.

They insist I’m anything but human, mastering my body and unleashing ancient magic hidden deep inside me.

The magic is untameable. Unpredictable. But it just might give me the one thing I’ve always dreamed about — revenge.

Magic Claimed is the first book in a dystopian romance series. This action-packed, heart-wrenching ride gives you a kickass heroine, three irresistible shifters, a steamy romance with no choosing required, and evil enemies like you've never seen it before in each book.


Cupboards Full of Skeletons (The Abandoned Wives and Widows Club Book 1)

by Dorothy M. Fletcher

Lydia Thompson's husband of over forty years has died. Her first thoughts are thank goodness he's gone at last, but whoops – did I help him on his way? As she discovers the terrible secrets he's kept from her, any remorse she has for her actions crumbles.

On the plus side, for the first time in her adult life she has made some friends. They indulge in coffee and cake in a local cafe, and generally misbehaved.

Then, when the father of her gorgeous great grandson dies and the police say it was suicide, she knows it was nothing of the sort. Naturally she persuades the group to investigate.

That's when the real trouble starts.

Cupboards Full of Skeletons is the first novel in the Abandoned Wives and Widows Club series of thrilling, heart-warming, sometimes laugh out loud, and sometimes dark, mystery novels. They relate the mad antics of a group of retired New Zealand women as they delve into the gritty underbelly of life and murder.



Leave It All (Saint Lakes #1): A Dragon Shifter MM Romance

by April Kelley


Lucas wanted to be a normal human being, but 
normal isn't possible when balls of light come out of his hands and he's fated to mate a dragon shifter.

Lucas Speck had been a guy who worked at an office supply store and house-sat for his snowbird parents. He was nobody special. Or that’s what he thought until the headaches and other weird things begin to happen. When people start chasing him his whole life gets turned upside down.

Bennett Somerset is a dragon shifter who likes his quiet life in his quiet town. He isn’t looking for complications. He already has a family that defines the words weird and crazy to perfection. Good thing they live in a small town where nothing ever happens. That is until he smells the most delicious thing in the world and realizes it’s his mate. His little witch of a mate complicates things in ways no one is prepared for, least of all Bennett.

Leave it All is the first book in the Saint Lakes. An Action & Adventure Paranormal Romance with dragon shifter and witch fated mates.


Her Photographer Phoenix: A Paranormal Romance (Lone Dragons Book 2)

by Alice Summerfield

Phoenix shifter and photographer Benton Hwong has traveled the world in search of two things: memorable moments and his fated soul mate. When he takes an assignment to film the firebirds’ breeding season on Lake Keris, Benton expects to find adventure, not the love of his every life. Sparks fly, and soon the firebirds aren't the only ones dancing the opening steps of a fiery romance on the banks of Lake Keris. But can Benton persuade her that she's his soul mate?

Renowned for its beauty and deadly dangers - especially to dragons - Keris Island is the last place that a dragon shifter like Dr. Ellis Hale should be and the only place that she can conduct her research into the secret lives of the firebirds that she loves. Ellis is willing to risk everything – even her life – in pursuit of her dreams, but curiosity may very well kill the dragon. Permanently. Can Ellis avoid a grisly end?


Dragon Mage (Dragon Point Book 7)

by Eve Langlais

He's returned to save the world.

"The end is nigh!" according to the media, which is fascinated by the four cloaked figures riding out of the desert. A headline that's about as believable as the existence of dragons.

Truth or hoax?

Daphne isn't paying much attention because she's busy geeking out over the awesome relics that just came into her museum. She's giddy at the prospect of getting to see them up close, until she drops one. In her defense, she was a guy made of smoke.

Things might have turned out really bad if she'd not been rescued by a stranger. A man who is also a dragon.

Yup. Dragon. It turns out they are real and super hot. Azrael is also domineering and dangerous with the most toe-curling embrace.

But passion will have to wait.

Azrael needs Daphne to help him save the world. With two of the seven seals broken, they will have to work
fast before a monster is released from its prison.


Secret of the Broken King (The Poseidon Trials Book 1)

by Eliza Raine

He married me, exiled me, and now he’s the only thing stopping me from saving my sister.

My sister is turning to stone. She's been asleep for eight years – the same amount of time I’ve been the secret, exiled wife of the King of the Ocean.
Poseidon is fierce, unforgiving, and terrifyingly powerful.
I’m just a broken sea nymph whose magic never surfaced.
But the only way to save my sister lies in his underwater palace, and I’ve got nothing else to lose.

I expected escaping exile and getting to the palace to be tough. What I didn’t anticipate was battling a torrent of unexpected desire for Poseidon when he catches me.
The devastatingly beautiful ocean god has secrets. Wild waves crash through his eyes when he looks at me, and I soon realize he might be just as broken as I am.

But when a god has secrets, the consequences are deadly.

Secret of the Broken King is the first book in the Poseidon Trials trilogy. Expect magic, mythology, and a searing slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance that will leave you desperate for more.
One-click to dive into your next fantasy romance obsession now...


Who is the Most Important Person in the World?

by John I. Rigoli

"You are the most important person in the world!"

What if we said this to children every day?

Yin Yin comes from a faraway land. Everything around her feels strange and foreign. She sits by herself and watches other kids play, feeling like she doesn't belong.

But, what if someone said to her: "You are perfect the way you are"?

"Who is the most important person in the world?" touches on diversity, self-love, and belonging. It encourages children to embrace themselves as they are - and happiness will follow. With the addition of lovely new illustrations, you and your kids will read this sweet story over and over again.


Dead Loss: a novel of boats, bygones, and bad behavior

by T.A. Clark

A cool November evening heats up when a 170 foot megayacht catches fire at the Fort Lauderdale boat show.

Left behind are a multi-million dollar crime scene, a dead body, and a lot of questions.

Detective Adria Hill was tired of dressing up for prostitution stings, but complaining hadn’t gotten her anywhere. Not until she was forced to make a politically embarrassing arrest did her superiors decide that maybe this was a good time for a change.

Freshly reassigned to Homicide, and over the objections of her new captain, she is put on the high-profile case of the boat show fire. With no experience and no support from her co-workers, she has to deal with a lack of evidence, a sick mother, and a suspended Sheriff’s deputy who is pursuing his own special revenge fantasy. She eventually finds an ally in Luc, a fraud investigator sent by the French insurance company. Together, they work to unravel the mystery of the fire, the murder, and Adria’s own enigmatic family history.

The story continues the author’s exploration of the sometimes seamy and always bizarre underside of South Florida. As in his previous mystery, Bean Counter, he mixes action, suspense, and humor in this new entry in the South Florida mystery thriller genre.



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