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Constellations for Kids

by Aniela Publications

Are you ready to impress your friends & family with amazing knowledge & exciting tales of the constellations?! If so, keep reading…

Have you ever looked up at the night sky & imagined what might be out there? You’re not alone! People have been wondering that for thousands of years.


Technology like telescopes & space shuttles are quite new, so before we could really investigate space, people would make up stories about what they thought was up there. Some people saw heroes & monsters made out of stars & would tell stories about them.

This book is going to tell you all about the wonderful things floating around above your head & teach you how to find some of the planets & special stars from your bedroom window. (It’s exploding with fun pictures to help you visualize them, too.)


It’s also packed with legendary tales about the constellations, like how the constellation of Hercules shows him wrestling the monster Hydra or how Pegasus–a magical flying horse with wings–was the only animal that could carry Zeus’s lightning bolts without getting hurt!


Discovering constellations doesn’t have to be difficult, even if you don’t own a telescope. You can even find them by using your hands!

Try this HANDY (pun fully intended) tip to help you find the stars:


  1. Straighten your arm out in front of you & make your hand into a fist. The distance from your first knuckle (don’t count the thumb) to your fourth knuckle is 10 degrees.
  2. Now spread out only your thumb & pinkie finger. The distance from tip to tip is 25 degrees. (If you hold up just your pinkie finger by itself, the width of it is 1 degree.)


This will help you navigate the night sky to find the constellations in this book!


Did You Know:

  • There are some stars you can see from Canada that will never be seen from Australia!
  • Or that Jupiter, the largest planet, has 80 moons!
  • Or that one day on Venus lasts as long as 6,000 hours! (That means 1 day of school would last over 8 months!)


You’ll discover:

  • Why the ancient Romans are responsible for our galaxy being named after a chocolate bar!
  • Why your parents might be receiving messages from space when traveling!
  • The incredible trick to see how far apart objects in space are just by using your own hand!
  • The amazing star that the dinosaurs would have been able to see millions of years ago
  • Why sticking a pencil through an orange can help you visualize how the earth spins
  • Incredible tales behind the constellations that your friends at school won’t believe!
  • How to master the constellations for any season!
  • The planet that’s not home to aliens—but robots!
  • What the Ancient Egyptians designed their pyramids to point to
  • Why you should get your camera ready for the year 2061
  • Why the moon’s gravity could be a surfer’s best friend!
  • The best time to see incredible events in the sky!
  • How to see a meteor shower every minute
  • Which fruit to shine a flashlight on to help you visualize moon phases
  • An in-depth glossary so you can quickly understand the cool words inside

& much more!


From the giant Virgo to the much smaller Corona Borealis, you will discover all the tips & tricks to finding the constellations, as well as some amazing facts that will make you sound like a professional astronomer. There are so many things in space to explore that not even scientists know exactly what is out there. Who knows what they (or you!) will discover in the future?


So, if you want to master the night skies & discover amazing knowledge & tales that will leave your friends scratching their heads, scroll up & click Add to Cart.



Summers Slain: A 1920s Historical Cozy Mystery (A Lady Gayle Summer Mystery Book 1)

by Cassie Rush

Lady Gayle Summer, a young war widow, is thrown into a world of intrigue and danger when she unexpectedly inherits Bethencourt Castle from her father.

When a dear friend is murdered in what may have been a case of mistaken identity, Lady Gayle embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth behind the recent deaths and bring the killer to justice. Can she solve the mystery before it's too late, or will she become the next victim in this historical cozy mystery?


The Martian Chronicles

by Ray Bradbury

Mars was a distant shore, and the men spread upon it in waves... Each wave different, and each wave stronger.

The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury is a storyteller without peer, a poet of the possible, and, indisputably, one of America's most beloved authors. In a much celebrated literary career that has spanned six decades, he has produced an astonishing body of work: unforgettable novels, including Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes; essays, theatrical works, screenplays and teleplays; The Illustrated Mein, Dandelion Wine, The October Country, and numerous other superb short story collections. But of all the dazzling stars in the vast Bradbury universe, none shines more luminous than these masterful chronicles of Earth's settlement of the fourth world from the sun.

Bradbury's Mars is a place of hope, dreams and metaphor-of crystal pillars and fossil seas-where a fine dust settles on the great, empty cities of a silently destroyed civilization. It is here the invaders have come to despoil and commercialize, to grow and to learn -first a trickle, then a torrent, rushing from a world with no future toward a promise of tomorrow. The Earthman conquers Mars ... and then is conquered by it, lulled by dangerous lies of comfort and familiarity, and enchanted by the lingering glamour of an ancient, mysterious native race.

Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles is a classic work of twentieth-century literature whose extraordinary power and imagination remain undimmed by time's passage. In connected, chronological stories, a true grandmaster once again enthralls, delights and challenges us with his vision and his heart-starkly and stunningly exposing in brilliant spacelight our strength, our weakness, our folly, and our poignant humanity on a strange and breathtaking world where humanity does not belong.


Hellcat Released Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

Earth died, but even in death she's still got a lot to offer.

She's not going to hand those gifts over easily, though.

Who would be crazy enough to abandon the comfort of the Atlantica Stations to go treasure hunting on a dying world?

Enter Dante Shale, professional Plunderer, and the very best at what he does.

Grab this complete series boxed set to join him on his adventures!


Cool, efficient, and able to outfight anything he can't outrun. If you need something from Earth, you need him.

Climbing to the top of this heap attracts enemies, lots of them. If you let your guard down, who will be there to watch your back?

Plunge into the far future of the Atlantica universe and discover that the adventure didn't stop just because Earth did.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Dauntless
  2. Defiant
  3. Destined
  4. Ferocious
  5. Fearless
  6. Famous

Scroll up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to grab your copy and join Dante as he runs and guns his way through danger and betrayal!



Tides of Mana: A fantasy retelling of Polynesian mythology (Heirs of Mana Book 1)

by Matt Larkin

She controls the seas. Her sister controls the flames.

Together, they rule as god-queens over their Polynesian island paradise. No mortal army can stand against their power. Power, matched only by their pride. But what happens when civil war erupts between these goddesses?

Namaka turns the fury of the sea on her sister, wreaking untold devastation on the land and under the sea, earning the ire of the mer kingdoms. Their answer: turn Namaka into one of them. Possessed by a mermaid spirit, she is drawn into battles in their alien world.


The Perfect Mail-Order Bride: A Sweet, Clean Western Romance (Frontier Matches Book 1)

by Regina Scott

Ada Williamson lived her whole life in the shadow of her charismatic, capricious sister. But when the beautiful Melinda decides to jilt her mail-order groom on the way to meet him in Seattle, Washington Territory, Ada’s conscience demands that she continue the journey and tell Thomas Rankin the truth. After all, she wrote most of the letters the couple exchanged, and she’s already halfway in love with the man herself. Yet somehow, one look at Thomas and the future he offers, and the truth never comes out. Suddenly, Ada finds herself not only out of the shadows, but living the life meant for her sister.

After making his fortune on the goldfields, Thomas “Scout” Rankin found he could buy almost anything he wanted, including the perfect mail-order bride in a territory where women are still few and far between. But past betrayals have left him wary, so he immediately notices that the woman who claims to be his mail-order bride doesn’t quite act the part. Still, someone wrote those letters that spoke to his heart. If getting to know Ada better will reveal the truth, he’s willing to try, even if he must protect his own secrets along the way.

But someone knows both their secrets and aims to use them to advantage. Can Thomas and Ada discover the truth, about their enemy, about their pasts, and about the love they both yearn to share?

If you like warm, witty historical romances, then you’ll love this frontier historical romance by an award-winning author that continues her popular Frontier Bachelors series.

“Regina Scott writes some of today’s best Historical Romance novels!” Huntress Reviews

Find your perfect frontier match, today.


Persuasions of an Earl's Daughter (The Duchess's Investigative Society Book 9)

by Samantha Holt

She's not about to let him steal anything else from her...least of all her heart...

Lady Lilly Musgrave is strong, capable, and utterly unconcerned with what society thinks of her. So, when her newly inherited horse is stolen, hunting down the culprits seems only natural. Her first suspect is obviously the man who wanted the horse more than she did—an arrogant, unfairly handsome rake with an even more scandalous reputation than her own...

Lord August Beresford is a great many things. But he's most certainly not a thief. He should let her go off on her fool's errand alone...but he can't. So, he'll do whatever is necessary to protect her while she's investigating the crime. He will not, however, do anything foolish along the fall for the prickly beauty...

It's not long before Lilly realizes there's more to August than meets the eye—and she likes everything she's seeing. Unfortunately, persuading him to trust her with his dark secrets won't be easy. Good thing she was never one to walk away from a challenge...or love...



The Rescued Bride's Savior: Historical Western Mail Order Bride Romance (Bear Creek Brides Book 1)

by Amelia Rose

He yearns for family. She’s desperate to escape hers. When the stagecoach delivers his wife-to-be, will he win her wounded heart?

Mathew Jenkins feels isolated on his remote, rural ranch. Though he longs for a family, women in mining country are scarcer than gold nuggets. So he’s delighted by the dapper response to his mail-order bride ad from a comely Virginian lady.

Jenny Phillips’ good name was ruined by her father’s stupidity. Forced into hiding with her ma, she’s desperate to put her pa’s stained reputation behind. But when her domineering uncle tries to sell her to the highest bidder, she flees by answering a lonely Montana man’s classified…

Upon meeting the Virginia rose, Mathew falls hard and offers to help her get settled. And though Jenny finds herself attracted to the kindhearted cattle farmer, she fears a marriage amid deadly conflict between miners and natives could spoil their chance at happiness.

Can the couple survive a bumpy trail to love and begin a new life together?

The Rescued Brides Savior is the first book in the charming Bear Creek Brides historical western romance series. If you like sweet relationships, frontier tensions, and action-packed pages, then you’ll adore Amelia Rose’s engaging tale.

Buy The Rescued Brides Savior to ride up to the altar today!


The Descendants War: The Complete Series Books 1-9 (John Walker Box Sets)

by John Walker

Commander Titus Barnes struggles to save his ship.

War brews on the horizon and the crew of the TCN Triton get caught in the middle. When they answer a distress call from one of their colonies on the edge of their space, they end up outmatched and outgunned by an unknown force. This conflict may well push humanity into a new age…or spell the beginning of the end for their race.

Meanwhile, two archaeologists work to uncover evidence of alien life on a far off planet. As they make what might be the biggest discovery of the human race, their activities trigger an alert, drawing dangerous forces to investigate. Cut off from any quick help and on their own, they must use every trick at their disposal to stay alive.

Includes all 9 books in "The Descendants War" series:

1. Triton
2. Treason
3. Clouds Of War
4. Hunting Season
5. True Cost
6. Prophecy
7. Revelation
8. Unleashed
9. Final Answer


Deliver Them From Evil: A Camille Delaney Mystery

by Amanda DuBois

 In book two of the Camille Delaney Mystery series, a mother turns to Camille for help investigating a top Seattle doctor after tragedy strikes the delivery room.

Seattle attorney Camille Delaney is cash-strapped and struggling to balance the demands of her new solo legal practice with raising her three daughters. But when an emergency C-section goes wrong and a baby dies in the delivery room, the mother, Helene Anderson, shows up at Camille’s office asking for help. Facing the challenge of a legal system where child-loss verdicts are limited by the dollar value placed on a child’s life, Camille considers a quick settlement for the family. But Helene insists: her child’s life had value, and Camille needs to prove it in court. 

Camille agrees to take the case to trial. The defendants are Dr. Jessica Kensington, one of Seattle’s top doctors and beloved volunteer and society hostess, and her medical practice partner, her father, the glad-handing, high-profile Dr. Kip Davenport. Dr. Kensington is respected in the community and stellar on the stand. But Camille and her friend PI Trish Seaholm begin to uncover what happened in the delivery room—and what lies behind Dr. Kensington’s seemingly flawless facade. Unstable behavior at work, flagrant breaches of care, and clues about a dark family past that lead to a high-security psychiatric facility are just some of what they unearth about Dr. Kensington. But pieces of the picture are missing: how could the doctor treat Helene and her baby so irresponsibly?  

As the case builds toward trial, and as she grapples with the deep inequities of the justice system, will Camille be able to uncover the evidence she needs to convince a jury of Dr. Kensington’s guilt? And can she offer some semblance of peace to a grieving mother?  



Chronicles of Zoey Grimm Complete Series Boxed Set

by Michael Anderle

My brother is taking over the family business…

It was something I’d trained for my entire life.

I was more suited for it than he was in almost every way.

Except for the most important one… the ability he’d inherited from our father.

Why wasn’t I born with the same powers?

I’m leaving the underworld. I don’t belong there anymore.

Of course, I only have one marketable skill:

Kicking ass and taking names.

How can I use that to start a new life for myself on Earth?

Unfortunately, vigilantism doesn’t pay the bills.

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Family Squabbles
  2. Revenge of the Scythe
  3. Reaper For Hire
  4. Deadly Beasts
  5. Angry Gods
  6. Olypmian Pursuits
  7. Soul Harvest

Go up and click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE to dive into the adventures of Zoey Grimm.

The Chronicles of Zoey Grimm is a fast-paced urban fantasy adventure featuring a slow-burn closed-door romance. This is not a reverse-harem.



Closer than Breath: How a near-death Experience Reset Rejection to Limitless, Unconditional Love

by Louise Coetzee

When a woman’s near-death experience results in her meeting Jesus, it contradicts her beliefs about God, the afterlife, and life on Earth. The encounter changes her forever and brings with it an unexpected surprise.

‘This must be it then. This is how I die.’ Maria tries to outrun the tree hurtling towards her, but the rough terrain makes it impossible to escape.

A devout Christian all her life, 58-year old Maria expects to meet Jesus as she dies, but her ongoing encounters with him do not match anything she has read or heard. Over the following few weeks, Maria defies every medical prediction as the near-death experience forever change her, her family, friends, and those who hear the story.

In this moving and inspirational testimony, Maria shares how God’s love and joy overwhelmed her and brought new freedom in her relationship with him.

If you would like to understand more of the afterlife, what is available to you right now and how it impacts your life on Earth, this book is for you.



Tales from Thac: A Collection of Short Stories and Novellas

by Jeffrey L. Price

Grand Choosing: Kortiama longs to prove herself at the Day of Choosing. Yet that day will hold more for her than she ever bargained for, if she manages to survive.
Price of Honor: Seishin never expected to fall in love, nor that his love would hold a dark secret. The Pirate Coast is a dangerous place, one which might hold the key to his future, if it doesn’t kill him first.
Art of the Steal: Where did the enigmatic Donatello come from? Where did he learn to be a thief, artist, and swordsman? Who is the mysterious woman who broke his heart?
Fortune Tellers: Fran was not always blind, nor was she always a druid. It all came down to a fateful day and a run in with a certain blonde-haired, violet-eyed fortune teller.
Battle of Fish Eye Cove: Outnumbered two to one, Ves and Ruka engage in a desperate battle with a flight of evil dragons. Can the two dragon girls escape their deadly fate?

These and other thrilling tales are included here in this fantastic anthology from the world of Thac…


Falling for My Fling: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance (Falling Hard Book 1)

by Dakota Davies

A small-town bad boy hiding a secret. A city girl with a brave goal. The pact that will ruin them both.

After a disastrous breakup, I decide this summer will be different. I’ll be that daring girl that has a summer fling without a care in the world. I’ll find a cute, outdoorsy guy who can show me what I’ve been missing. And when summer ends, I’ll blow him a kiss and walk into my big, bright future with my heart intact.

Enter dirty-talking raft guide Caleb Morgan, a perfect match for my wild streak. But one (incredible) night becomes two, then four...and pretty soon I’m falling. Hard.

Can I save myself before it’s too late?

If you love a bad boy brought to his knees by the woman of his dreams and a brave heroine embracing her independence, get ready to crush on Lori and Caleb in FALLING FOR MY FLING, the spicy small town romance perfect for fans of Corinne Michaels and Devney Perry.

This is book 1 of a duet in the addicting Falling Hard series featuring the fiercely loyal Morgan brothers.

Author’s note: Two soulmates unprepared for love, summertime adventures, and a mountain town founded by feuding families. Falling for My Fling is the Morgan family saga origin story. Feed your craving for powerful love stories, Cowboy cookies, reckless nights, and big feels with this wild band of unruly siblings. The Falling Hard series is meant to be read in order, and Caleb & Lori’s story concludes in book two, Falling for My Second Chance.



The Angelic Realm: Discovering The Spiritual World and Its Healing Powers

by Dennis Macy

Become inspired as this book reveals mystifying and unusual encounters outside the realm of normal existence. You will become fascinated by the way spirits try to make contact with their loved ones here on earth as I take you into the Angelic Realm with my visits, spiritual encounters, along with the messages and the signs that are being revealed to me to deliver to others. The stories and revelations are heartening and enlightening that will provide a sense of hope and healing of one's heart, mind and soul. As my journey takes me to seek out and understand my enhanced abilities in this uplifting and powerful book that will bring joy, peace and comfort to those who seek it. My hope is that my experiences can bring reassurances to those who are seeking answers and for those individuals who have had spiritual encounters along with visions that scientifically cannot be explained.


Dawn: The Enchanters Book One

by Mark Wylie

Don’t you just hate it when you lose your temper and wake up on another planet?

Christian Stone is having a bad day. It wasn’t enough that the global corporation he works for blamed his team for a data breach in the most important programme on Earth. Or that he had to travel halfway across the world to try and clear their name. But when tragedy strikes, and they accuse him of that as well, Chris loses it, with unexpected—and unexplainable—results.

He wakes on another world, at the Dawn Academy, where he is invited to train, to develop and to control what they call his Gift. There’s just one catch. You can’t leave until you pass the Grading.

Chris soon finds that there are dark forces determined to keep him on Dawn, to prevent him from returning to Earth to shape its destiny. He must do all he can to leave—before it is too late to save the world.

Dawn is the first book in the science fantasy series The Enchanters. If you like magic and alien worlds, a dystopian future and fantastic monsters, galactic prophecies and killer tech, then you’ll love Mark Wylie’s page-turning new novel.

Buy Dawn to start this fantastic galaxy-spanning series today!



Trans Galactic Insurance: Adventures of a Jump Space Accountant

by Andrew Moriarty

The Galactic Empire disappeared a lifetime ago. Jake Stewart doesn't care, he needs to earn a living.

He fled his station in the outer Belt, enrolled in the merchant academy, and snagged a scholarship. The future looks bright. But a crooked boss, some paperwork shenanigans, and a freeloading best friend put him in a bind.

When he's accused of a murder he didn't commit he goes on the run from the Planetary Militia. There's only his wits and a suspiciously helpful pretty girl between him and jail. Can he trust her to prove his innocence? Or does she have another agenda?

Tired of books where everything that moves gets shot? How about a book where people use their brains? If you like strategy over tactics, and thought before action, The Adventures of a Jump Space accountant series is for you.



Fast Track to Six Figures Online Using Simple Tech Tools

by Shannon Shibia

Discover How a Spirit-Led Coaching Business Can Help You Balance Family & Financial Freedom

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to work while your kids are sleeping or doing school…and still make a great income? Are you determined to escape the 9-to-5, so you can work less and earn more? It’s time to turn those dreams into reality!

Fast Track to Six-Figures Online Using Simple Tech Tools is your step-by-step blueprint for creating a flexible lifestyle and a profitable business. You’ll discover how to:

✓ Set yourself up for success by putting God first.

✓ Attract your dream clients—people you will enjoy serving.

✓ Create simple systems to start and scale your business.

✓ Outsource your weaknesses, so you can stay in your zone of genius.

✓ Make a massive impact doing what you love.

It’s time to discover how a Spirit-led coaching business can set you free to make the most of your gifts and talents without sacrificing your most important relationships. You can do it. With God’s help and a few simple tech tools!

Because life is too short to live someone else’s dream. Especially when you have the power to achieve every goal you’ve ever set for yourself…just by helping other people reach their goals.

And that's not all. On the book's pages, you can find out how to instantly access Shannon’s FREE 5-Day "Jumpstart Your Coaching Business" training.


★ Scroll up to Buy Your Copy Today ★



First Survivor: The Impossible Childhood Cancer Breakthrough

by Mark Unger

An inspirational real life cancer memoir of a family's journey and the impossible miracle that led to their son's becoming a childhood cancer survivor. This is a thriller about a family’s battle to save their toddler son from a “zero chance of survival” diagnosis. With the world’s best doctors and the advocacy of his parents, Louis Unger would fight a 5-year battle for his young life. His grit and incredible attitude led to a breakthrough that would change how cancer is treated today. This is not a medical journal or a how-to guide. It is a true page-turner that gives you a front row seat to a miraculous story of courage, inspiration and determination. All proceeds from this book will go to the Carrot Seed Foundation where they will be used to fund Neuroblastoma clinical trials and support the children and families who are stricken by this disease.


39: Your Last Birthday

by Timothy Gene Sojka

Stephen Detals played professional baseball before flaming out in whiskey-fueled catastrophe.

His father and grandfather killed themselves on their 39th birthdays. Stephen is 38. He battles alcoholism, abandonment, suicidal tendencies, and lethal family history to survive his impending birthday.

This novel chronicles the final eight days before Stephen Detals' 39th birthday. His relapse into addiction forces Stephen back to the Neches River and the Piney Woods of Southeast Texas. Detals returns home to face purported murderess and family matriarch, Rose Petal Detals, and unravel the secrets of the family and hometown he abandoned twenty years earlier.

Sojka's previous novels received glowing reviews and won awards. Still, those novels only paid the toll to guide him to this moment. The author nurtured his ability, to lay his soul bare, exposing his darkest secrets, raveled into the mysteries of 


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