Going All In (Betting on Love Book 1)

Going All In (Betting on Love Book 1)

by Kate Campfield

She’s going to lose a bet… or I’m going to lose her heart.

I’m about to lose my future wife, and we aren’t even married yet. But despite me being sure she’s the one I’m meant to marry, Holly’s convinced we’re not meant to be. That may have something to do with my mom being engaged to Holly’s dad, but we didn’t know about that until 
after the hottest night of our lives. That means nothing to Holly now, though; she wouldn’t be caught dead dating a stepbrother.

Maybe I should be offended, but I’m not really her stepbrother 
yet, and I see no problem with our relationship moving forward. But she’s determined to find a date for the upcoming wedding—anyone but me.

Holly’s about to learn that when I set my sights on something I really want, I go all in. I’m offering her a bet: if she can meet Mr. Right and show up to the wedding with someone she’s really in love with, I’ll pay up. But if not? She’s mine.

I just hope I haven’t underestimated how much she hates to lose… because there are some things that are more important than winning.

Fans of Meghan Quinn and Pippa Grant will love this steamy, opposites attract Christmas romantic comedy!

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