Erotic Romance

Erotic Romance

The steam in the shower.  The chocolate melted and a fresh strawberry dragged through it.  Rose petals splashed across a cold, granite floor.  Are those the things you need to up the ante in your romance?  That's what our excellent authors in the Erotic Romance category do in their ebooks. Consider it romance with a dash of spice and sexiness.  And, no, you'll never have to pay more than free or discounted to get access to the wild imaginations of these authors.


Definition of the "Erotic Romance Genre": Where ebooks in the Contemporary Romance genre generally "cut scene" when things start getting hot and heavy, ebooks in the Erotic Romance genre take you into those places.  You get all the way into the bedroom, so to speak, not left standing out in the hallway.  A key differentiator for ebooks in the Erotic Romance genre is sex, and how sex is used to drive the story and the growth of characters within the story.  It is an essential part of an Erotic Romance ebook, but should not be confused with pornography.  While the sex can get steamy, there is still a plot that gets driven fowward by that sex.


Some examples of bestselling ebooks in the Erotic Romance genre are EL James (Fifty Shades of Grey), Sylvia Day (Captivated by You), and R.L. Mathewson (Playing for Keeps).

Love in a Small Town Box Set 1

by Tawdra Kandle

Editorial Reviews


The familiarity of home, the warmth of family ties, the sweet sensation of being wrapped in the arms of THE ONE love that meant everything. . .each story is a remarkable package of all this and more.

--Olivia Hardin
USA Today Best-Selling Romance Author
"I've just discovered a new author, tore through all three books in this series, and I still feel as though I can't get enough.
I swear I feel as though they may have just called "last call"at the book bar and for me the party is just getting started. Not too many authors have ever caught my attention like this."  
--Aunt Bee, Amazon Reviewer
"Tawdra Kandle knows how to weave a story that is both steamy and heartfelt. I cannot even tell you how many times I was brought to tears while I read The First One. I've been waiting for Ali's story ever since I finished reading The Last One, and I was not disappointed"
--Melissa at Reading It All.

From the Author

The One Trilogy begins with Sam and Meghan's story in The Last One . . .
Nobody ever said love was simple.
It continues with Flynn and Ali's re-discovered love in The First One . . .
Can first love last forever?
And it concludes with Mason and Rilla's surprising romance in The Only One.
Sometimes love isn't the easy choice. Sometimes it's the only one.
***Special Box Set Only Feature!!!***
The Perfect One is the long-awaited story of Alex and Cal's romance. You can only read it here!
Writing these books was an amazing experience. For nearly a year, part of me lived in the small Georgia town of Burton. I've loved watching this community: embracing their sorrows, celebrating their joys and exulting in their love stories. 
I hope you'll spend some time in Burton, too. One warning: you may not want to leave.

From the Inside Flap

How do all the Burton and Crystal Cove books fit together? In what order should you read them?
All of these books stand alone, but you will definitely find your reading experience enriched by following this time line:
  1. The Posse (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  2. The Last One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  3. The First One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  4. The Only One (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  5. The Plan (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  6. The Perfect One (A Burton/Crystal Cove Short, ONLY in THE ONE Trilogy Box Set)
  7. The Path (A Crystal Cove Romance)
  8. Always For You (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  9. Underneath My Christmas Tree (A Burton/Crystal Cove Short)
  10. Always My Own (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  11. My One and Always (A Small Town Georgia Romance)
  12. Always Our Love (A Small Town Georgia Romance)

About the Author

Tawdra Kandle writes romance, in just about all its forms. She loves unlikely pairings, strong women, sexy guys, hot love scenes and just enough conflict to make it interesting. Her books include young adult and new adult paranormal romance, new adult and adult contemporary romance and adult paramystery romance. She lives in central Florida with a husband, kids, sweet pup and too many cats. And yeah, she rocks purple hair. 

You can FOLLOW Tawdra here on Amazon to receive updates on her releases. You can also visit her website at for more information, and subscribe to her newsletter for sales announcement, special exclusive content and promotions!

Kiss Me Slow (Top Shelf Romance Book 1)

by Top Shelf Romance

Some men know how to kiss. ⁣

Some men know how to love.⁣

Sometimes you get those butterflies in the pit of your stomach instantly. Other times… well sometimes other feelings come first. ⁣

In this collection, you get it all. Right down to those fluttering feelings at the end of the book that make reading romance worth every single page. ⁣

Kiss Me Slow is a collection of four best-selling novels, including: ⁣

Ryan’s Bed by Tijan
We Own Tonight by Corinne Michaels ⁣
Irresistible Attraction (a complete trilogy) by Willow Winters
King of Wall Street by Louise Bay

Top Shelf Romance represents the best of the best in romance. There are no cliffhangers. These are simply must-read novels for readers looking for the best in happily ever afters.


A Study in Stone: A British Mystery (The Devonshire Mysteries Book 1)

by Michael Campling

Dan Corrigan wants to disappear.

Burnt out by the pressures of corporate life, he escapes to the countryside. But when he least expects it, a chance discovery draws him into a compelling mystery.

An ancient legend, a coded message on a stone slab, and a secret concealed in a country manor house: these are the clues that take Dan on a journey into the past, delving deeper into a hidden history.
But reputations are on the line, and there are those who want the mystery to remain unsolved.
Uncovering the truth might give Dan the confidence to rebuild his life, but if he fails, there’s no going back.

Can you solve this very British mystery?

Find out when you join Dan as he chases down the clues in A Study in Stone.

The Devonshire Mysteries are traditional British mysteries in a modern-day setting.

These are cosy mysteries (or ‘cozy mysteries’ for Dan Corrigan’s trans-Atlantic fans). There’s a touch of dry humour and the stories pay homage to the legacies of Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle. You’ll always find a mixed bag of suspects, plenty of clues and a few red herrings, so that you could have solved the mystery if only you’d put two and two together.

Amateur Sleuth Dan Corrigan is quick-witted, driven and far too clever for his own good. Fortunately, his friend and neighbour, Alan Hargreaves, is the perfect foil for Dan's intellect. Loyal, dependable and with a knack for detailed research, Alan keeps Dan on track, and together, they make an effective team.

Recommended Reading Order

A Study in Stone
Valley of Lies
Mystery at The Hall
Murder Between the Tides.

Praise for A Study in Stone (All from Amazon reviewers):

A tightly written, fascinating mystery. The protagonists are mysterious in their own ways. Their interactions are interesting and realistic. It held my interest and I look forward to more in this series.

How refreshing to find! What’s not to love? The pace is faster; the male sleuths are quick-witted, modern, and multidimensional. The setting is English. More please.

It's the characters that really made it work. Dan and Alan are an unlikely pair, having very different personalities, but a shared inability to leave a puzzle unsolved sparks a friendship. I liked their refusal to give up until the mystery was solved.

This was just fun to read from start to finish! I had no idea where it was going, didn't guess the end either.

A quick and light story just right for my mood. I hope for more!

The interaction between Dan and Alan reminded me of the Odd Couple. Their relationship may seem to grate on each other, but they learn that they do indeed make a good detective team! For this alone, I loved the book!

This was a very different story, and well worth reading.


SEAL It With A Kiss

by Rogenna Brewer

To become the first female SEAL, she’ll have to match wits with the best…

Lieutenant Tabitha Chapel is determined to join the Teams. She’s not about to let a little thing like gender get in her way. She’ll use every wile–feminine or otherwise–and her considerable strength of will to win this battle of the sexes. But the limits of her determination are tested by the only Navy SEAL capable of commanding her heart.

Commander Marc Miller is equally determined to keep her out of his program. As the newly appointed CO of BUD/S, he’s been tasked with cleaning up SEAL Training. He doesn’t need a red-hot redhead compounding the problem. For him Hell Week begins when one well-connected junior officer walks into his office.

The last thing he wants is to be her commanding officer when the only thing he wants is her. The only way to have her––and the surest way to lose her––is to see that she fails.

Will love conquer all or tear them apart?


Teaching Abby (Surrender Book 2)

by Becca Jameson

It’s a summer internship.

Never mind that the owners are hot.

Never mind that there are three of them.

Never mind that they are twice her age.

Never mind that they have a secret “play" room in the basement.

Never mind that she’s never been more intrigued in her life.

She only has three months.

No matter how deeply she gets involved, she can’t stay…


Admit You Love Me: A Secret Baby Romance (Irresistible Billionaires Book 2)

by Ajme Williams

When a rich aristocrat wins you in a card game for one night, there’s one thing you do not do….

You don’t get pregnant.

But I did.

And now… I’m screwed.

When I ended up in this billionaire’s suite all those years ago, I knew that my life couldn’t get any worse.

It was my husband’s stupidity that put me there. The man literally bet me in a game and lost.

He slowly squandered all of our money and left me with absolutely nothing.

But the encounter that was supposed to destroy my soul… changed my life.
My one-night billionaire made me feel beautiful with all my curves.
And he gave me a child.
A secret baby that he knows nothing about.
Now years later, I keep running into him.
Fate is playing this sick game with me.
It’s making it hard to keep our child from him.
I know that trouble is right around the corner.
So is heartbreak.

And did I mention that I could lose everything I care about?
Including my own kid?


Shifter Fever Complete Series (Books 1-5): A Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Selena Scott


This steamy 5 book shifter series will hook you from start to finish, and export you into a world of love, lust, loyalty, and ultimately freedom.

Book 1: Ansel's Game
Ruby didn't need a man, let alone an alpha bear shifter. That was until Ansel Keto appeared in her life. Half of her, the half that had spent the last year almost entirely alone, wanted him. The other half needed him to get on his way. It didn‘t do much to keep her heart rate down, though, which always seemed to beat out of control whenever Ansel was around. Something about him just had her on high alert.

And little did Ansel know that by claiming his true mate he would be opening the gates to a whole new world. A world of passion, of love, and ultimately survival.

Book 2: Alec's Game
Milla Keto - Uncommonly beautiful, curvy, and naturally confident. She would stop at nothing to protect those she cared for. Her mission was not to find love or a true mate. Her sole quest was to find Ruby's brother who had disappeared through the waterfall.

John Alec - The Warrior or the poet. Milla didn't care for either. But she needed him. His battle was for the lives of shifters, stolen from their own world, and now enslaved in this new land.

Book 3: Matt's Game
Inka Keto - Sexy, curvy and full of vigor, she's a bear shifter from a very close family of shifters. As open, kind, and as whimsical as she is, she's also tight as a steel trap. Her family has been trying to save shifter slaves from the powerful, yet evil regime, on Herta for some time.

Matt Woods - With his dark scruff, light blue eyes, and Mediterranean coloring, Matt has moves when he wants to use them. His time has been taken with investigating a strange metaphysical phenomenon that has intrigued him for many years.

When they both realize that the very phenomenon Matt has been researching is actually a tool to open more gates between Earth and Herta, the opportunity to save even more shifter slaves become clear. But such an attraction doesn't deepen without its own perils. Has Matt uncovered something that could potentially stop him from protecting his true mate?

Book 4: Kain's Game
Valentina - Sexy, confident and a true warrior. It wasn't that she didn't like Kain Keto. He just annoyed her. The way he lazily lay around just put her teeth on edge. And she And she happened to think that freeing enslaved shifters from Herta was very serious business.

Kain - He loved attractive women. Actually, he liked all women of all kinds. And he had the Tinder history to prove it. He wasn't exactly what one might call picky. But something about this sassy warrior had him captivated. Underneath her tough exterior, he could see a vulnerability and a softness that definitely made her true mate material.

When Valentina falls victim to one of the shifter hunters, will Kain seize his opportunity and be able to save her? From two different worlds, could there really be a future together or is Kain just deluded in his quest?

Book 5: Griff's Game
Alanya - Extremely beautiful, confident, and regal. She wore the garments with the grace of a Supermodel. No wonder Griff was head over heels for this woman. She loved him too, but she was convinced that it was was her secret that had drawn him to her.

Torn between her feelings for Griff, was this gift really a curse to drive them apart? Together they were a force, but apart, the final mission to free the captives could fail. What would this mean for all those shifters on Herta they needed to protect and set free?

This complete box set contains strong sexual themes/language. Not intended for under 18’s. HEA’s guaranteed



Brendan's Baby (SEAL Daddies)

by Annie J. Rose

I don't scare easily.
But she's haunting my dreams.
Haunting all my fantasies.
And I'll gladly let her.

Although I could have any woman I want,
I’m not a hit it and quit it kinda guy.
I want something more, something lasting and real.
I don’t make a habit of sleeping with the tourists,
But when Elise walks into O’Shea’s Pub, I forget my mantra.
Her fiery red hair, emerald green eyes, and curves for days,
All leave me breathless and a bit off kilter.
I’m an O’Shea. A businessman, an ex-Navy SEAL.
When I start a mission, I complete it; just like I was trained to do.
I will sweep the independent beauty off her feet,
I will convince her to stay with me forever.
And when her creep boss shows up on my island to try and stake his claim,
I will show him that no one messes with what is mine.

Elise is mine to claim.
And so is the precious gift she’s carrying.


Ridorkulous (Dorky Duet Book 1)

by Mary Frame

Awkwardland. It's where I live. And I'm the president, mayor, and sole citizen.

Reese Jackson is living her safest life. This polymath is tired of trying to fit in with a small town that never knows what to do with her. Her absentee family may have forced her into dorm life for her own good, but she goes from her classes to her room and back—no parties, no dates, and no drawing attention.

Until one noisy night, when Reese gets kicked out of her dorm.

Fitz Moreland is living his okayest life. He’s on his own to pay for college, but he’s scraping by with an athletic scholarship and free rent with a friend. If he can keep it together, he’s on track to graduate with a useful degree, especially now that he’s finally said goodbye to his drama-loving ex-girlfriend.

Until one night, when she gets him kicked out of his house.

What happens when there’s one single room left for rent in the entire town and two people who desperately need it? A merrymaking, money-seeking landlord arrives and throws them into a series of ridorkulous challenges to compete for it, of course. It’s the dorky duckling versus the BMOC.

The winner will get a place to live—but the loser may just forfeit their heart.


Irresistible Billionaires Boxed Set: Books 1-4

by Ashley Bostock

Meet the five irresistible billionaires that readers everywhere are in love with!

These confirmed bachelors aren't looking for love, but sometimes life has other plans. Find out what happens when these powerful men are brought to their knees by the right women.

Available for the very first time in a box set with the first 4 books in the series.
Nothing But Trouble
All Shook Up
The Snow Ball
Work For It


Husband Material: A Passionate Contemporary Romance (A Summer for Scandal)

by Brenda Jackson

A renowned Hollywood director will fight for the love of his life in this classic, must-read novel from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson!

Husband Material

Matthew Birmingham is used to getting what he wants…and what he wants his ex-wife. When she returns to their Hamptons estate for the summer, he vows to win her back. But Carmen Akins is hiding a tragic secret from their past that will put their reconciliation to the ultimate test.



by Jerica MacMillan

She’s strictly off limits

Chris has wanted Megan all summer. And while they’ve flirted, nothing’s ever come of it.

Now she’s living in his house. Her sass and pinup curves right under his nose 24/7.

He doesn’t do relationships, though. And while a hookup might feel good, it’s not worth ruining a good roommate situation. Not in the middle of the football season. He doesn’t have time for that kind of distraction.

But no one else appeals to him as long as she’s around. And the way she responds to him is intoxicating.

When he finally gets a taste, he knows once won’t be enough.

But will she give him a chance despite his reputation?

Or will she go running for the hills?

If you love sexy football players, feisty heroines, and the fun that comes with roommate romances, get Close Quarters today!


Irresistible Billionaires Boxed Set: Books 1-4

by Ashley Bostock

Meet the five irresistible billionaires that readers everywhere are in love with!

These confirmed bachelors aren't looking for love, but sometimes life has other plans. Find out what happens when these powerful men are brought to their knees by the right women.

Available for the very first time in a box set with the first 4 books in the series.
Nothing But Trouble
All Shook Up
The Snow Ball
Work For It


Dead Souls MC: The Complete Collection

by Savannah Rylan


Motorcycle Romance best selling author, Savannah Rylan, brings you her hottest series to date! The Dead Souls Complete Collection features ten interconnected stories, with hot biker boys and the feisty women who try to tame them.

Kidnapping, murders, money laundering, you name it and these guys have had to handle it. But can they handle the heat when it comes to the women who steal their hearts?




Just Friends: A Best Friends to Lovers Hockey Romance (Dallas Devils Book 5)

by June Winters

Who says guys and girls can't be friends?

Sure, everyone thinks Jax and Piper are secretly in love -- but he's a handsome hockey player who can't be tied down, and she's a bright-eyed entrepreneur who doesn't do hookups. The two roommates know they're better off staying just friendsBest friends.

When Piper needs help promoting her latest business venture, a dating app called Soulmate, "The Big Rig" is happy to loan his hockey fame. The lucky gal who matches with Jax will spend one steamy night with the tall athlete at a luxury spa resort. Just don't get attached.

But months of hard work are ruined when the dating app insists that, out of millions of eligible girls, Jax's best shot at true love is none other than Piper herself. Her followers are outraged, and Soulmate debuts as a dud.

And to make matters worse, one ill-advised but scorching hot kiss has her wondering what the last five years were really about.

Can their friendship ever go back to normal? Do they even want it to?
And are they still on for that romantic night at the spa?

Just Friends is 90,000 words of slow-burnin', best-friend-bonin' hockey romance. This standalone novel is the fifth book in the Dallas Devils series. No cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA always guaranteed


Her Irish Daddy: A Dark Mafia Romance (New York Mafia Doms)

by Bianca Cole

He may be dangerous, but I can’t resist the urge to call him daddy.

A secret kink I’ve never explored draws me to an underground club. My new friend and colleague is a regular member and convinces me to join her.What I didn’t know is the place is run by an Irish crime gang. Even worse, the leader of the gang takes an interest in me. Something tells me he’s not used to taking no for an answer. Devlin Murphy is six foot four of pure muscle, plastered in tattoos. He has dark eyes you could lose yourself in and an accent to die for. It seems he has a specific kink, one which strikes a chord with me. He wants me to call him daddy, and I don’t think I can deny him. He will demand my obedience and punish me without mercy. Risking my heart with the devil might get me burned, but will it be worth it?

Her Irish Daddy is the first book in The New York Mafia Doms series by Bianca Cole. This book is a safe story with no cliffhangers and a happily ever after ending. This story has dark themes, hot scenes and bad language. It features an over the top possessive Irish crime boss who loves to dominate.



Career Soldier: Fort Lee Tour of Duty Box Set One

by Tawdra Kandle

The first three books in the sizzling Career Soldier: Fort Lee Tour of Duty series, now in one set!

These are the men of the 94th ID. They fight with honor, they defend their nation and their brothers fiercely, and when they love, they do it with single-minded passion.

Maximum Force
Max Remington has never been anything but a soldier. The oldest son in a family that served our nation for generations, he’d never considered any other path. The army is his life, his home and his one true love.
 Until he meets Samantha Crewe.

Temporary Duty
Kade Braggs grew up wild and free, surfing on a California beach without much ambition, until an impulsive decision led him into joining the Army. What started out as a joke turned into a career, and now he’s a company commander, leading several platoons of soldiers. Still, Kade does it all on his own terms; he plays as hard as he works, and having a good time is non-negotiable.
 Until he meets Leah Samson.

Hitting the Silk
Once upon a time, Delia Rollins was an Army wife, until the unthinkable happened. Now as a young widow and school teacher, she’s vigilant about protecting her heart. Her number one rule for the future? No more military men in her life. She can’t handle the risk. Until she meets Shaw Kincaid.


Crystal Rose

by Leah Rhoades

A life plagued by tragedy.

I'd lived in the shadow of my childhood infamy. Orphaned, my parents killed in an accident and my something unnatural. I did not let my past control me.

Except for the obsession.

No one understood my chosen career path in the study of crytozoology, because I'd never explained it to anyone. I couldn't even explain it myself.

And then I met him. He got me.

Luke was like a breath of fresh air, until the tainted scent of my shadowed past cast doubt on him, too. Despite my conviction, my belief in the preternatural, and the physical evidence in front of me, I faced a fate I could not reconcile as my own. How could I accept a truth so outlandish even I failed to believe?

But my life - with Luke and overall - depended on my ability to overcome the odds, to embrace the outcome in front of me, and to become engulfed in the supernatural world I'd been chasing all along.


The Babe Magnet Memoirs: Small Town Romance Box Set

by Violet Paige

Hot, dirty and delicious. These mouth-watering alphas are available in one collection. From billionaires to athletes, find love in a small town and a perfect happily ever after. The Babe Magnet Memoirs from USAT best-selling author, Violet Paige, available now.

The Dirtiest Deal

The Hottest Deal

Cold As Puck

Ranger’s Baby Surprise

Cold As Ice

Delta’s Baby Surprise

Dirty Summer

Sweet Satisfaction


Working Stiff: Runaway Billionaires #1

by Blair Babylon

Here’s the problem: when Rox was hired, she told her smoking-hot boss Cash that she was married, but she’s not. Now, three years later, she’s kind of accidentally living with him, and he’s being a perfect gentleman, dang it.

Everybody in the office said that Cash was a heartbreaker, that he’d bump her and dump her, so Rox decided not to become a statistic. She went out and bought herself some rings of the finest cubic zirconia so that she could work with Cash, who was several inches over six feet tall, emerald-eyed, ripped, gorgeous, his tailored suit clinging to his athletic body, sporting a British accent, and loaded.

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time.

But now, three years later, she and Cash have become friends. They travel together for work often, and they’re the best of buddies. When Rox gets thrown out of her apartment, Cash insists that she come live with him until they can find her a place because that’s what friends do.

Now, even though everyone insists that Cash never goes after married women, something about him has changed. There are little touches, little slips, and Rox is more and more tempted to tell hunky, gorgeous Cash that she never was married.

And then he’ll take her and break her, and then he’ll walk away, and then she’ll lose her job, and she still hasn’t found a place to live.

And yet, every time he looks at her with mischief in his dark green eyes, every time they’re teasing and it somehow turns into tickling, every time she swats at him and somehow ends up in his arms, she wants so much to risk everything.

What’s a working stiff to do when she falls in love with her friend, the boss?

Includes special sneak peek of Stiff Drink (Runaway Billionaires #2: Arthur).



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