Seductive Sands (Unveiling Desires Book 1)

Seductive Sands (Unveiling Desires Book 1)

by Cary Anne

Escape to paradise where love and destiny collide.

Devon Cartwright's life is on the rise, her career flourishing, until the sudden loss of her parents leaves her reeling. Just when she needs it most, her longtime friend Margarette offers her a six-month stay at an oceanfront Villa in the Dominican Republic, promising to help her get back on track.

But Margarette has more in mind than just business recovery. She's set Devon up with the enigmatic and devilishly handsome Amadeus who lives nearby. Amadeus has secretly admired Devon for years, and now he finally has a chance to win her heart. Devon, torn between the desire to escape and the allure of his intense attentions, finds herself at a crossroads.

With her friend's own troubles to navigate, Devon must decide whether to embrace this unexpected romance or retreat from it. Will Devon summon the courage to seize the love that beckons her, or will she let it slip away as she seeks solace in this tropical paradise?

Set against the lush backdrop of the Dominican Republic, Seductive Sands is a spicy romance that will keep you turning the pages.



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