Do you watch shows like Chopped and wish you could cook at even a fraction of that level?  Or, do you watch shows like that and know that you are just a few tips and techniques away from being a great chef yourself? Maybe you watch those shows just because they work up your appetite for something delicious.  In any case, we have bestselling ebooks in the Cooking genre for you, and they will be free or discounted.  That's what we do!


Definition of the "Cooking Genre": Ebooks in this genre range from actual cookbooks themselves, to ebooks which detail the lives of famous chefs, to ebooks that can help you master your cooking techniques.  Some of the most popular ebooks in the Cooking genre right now center around specific diets, such as the "Paleo" diet.


Some examples of bestselling ebooks in the Cooking genre are Ina Garten (Make it Ahead), Danielle Walker (Against All Grain), Thug Kitchen (Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook), and Anthony Bourdain (Kitchen Confidential).

Sweet Revenge: Passive-Aggressive Desserts for Your Exes & Enemies (Switch Press:)

by Heather Kim

50+ killer cakes, cookies, and candies for your exes and enemies. Dumped by your beefcake boyfriend? BFF steal your one-and-only? Lab partner a more-than-periodic no-show?  Don’t take these battles online. (Seriously, don’t do that, okay?). Get out your heaviest rolling pins, sharpest cleavers, and most blistering torches, and kill your enemies and exes . . . with kindness. That’s right – bake that loser ex a pan of Go Fudge Yourself. Gift your former friend a You’re the Devil Cake. And give that annoying admirer a Donut Call Me Again. Let them taste your over-them happiness and see what comes next . . . Pastry chef and tattoo artist Heather Kim serves up sinfully delicious recipes and bittersweet advice.


Delicious Crockpot Recipes

by Katie Banks

Delicious Crockpot Recipes: A Full Color Crockpot Cookbook for your Slow Cooker

Delicious Crockpot Recipes



A Full Colour Crockpot Cookbook for your Slow Cooker

Do you love delicious, mouth-watering professionally designed crockpot recipes?

Would you like seeing the recipes you are about to cooked in full colour?


You are probably tired of books with hundred of recipes, difficult to follow, with no pictures at all or low quality images?

Annoyed by the poor quality of the recipes some of the recent slow cooker books are offering?

Are you after something genially new, something that make you wish you would be in your kitchen to start cooking right away?

>>Delicious crockpot recipes is offering what almost no other books in the market are displaying<<

  • A full page colour 8.5x11 picture for every recipe.

  • Perfectly cooked recipes purposely made to get the highest quality picture result to help you achieve the most beautifully made dishes.

  • Completely new recipes, designed form scratch by full-time experienced chefs.

  • Full description of numbers of serves per recipe, amount of calories per serve and difficulty.

  • An introduction for every recipe that will make you long for the day you finally cook it.

  • A step by step, detailed and as long as required description (not just cut and dump style)

  • The best cooking tips at the end of each recipe to allow you find the best tricks to finalize it successfully


Welcome to a wonderfully presented variety of Crockpot Recipes:

  • Beef Crockpot Recipes

  • Chicken Slow Cooker Recipes

  • Fish and Seafood Crock pot Recipes

  • Pork Slow Cooker Cookbook

  • Soup Slow Cooker Best Sellers

  • Stews Crockpot Recipes

  • Turkey Slow Cooker Recipes

  • Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

  • Chili Crock Pot Recipes

  • Desserts Crockpot Cookbook

How Slow Cooking and Crockpot Recipes will improve your Cooking Life


Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

by James Houck

EAT FAT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Are you tired of staying hungry all day to lose weight? What if I tell you that you can lose weight by eating FAT. Sounds impossible? In a Ketogenic Diet, this is exactly what you will do.

Today only, get this Amazon bestseller for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or Kindle device.

You’re about to discover how to kick-start your Ketogenic journey on all the right notes by knowing what a Ketogenic Diet is and why you should go on this diet. This book will clear all your doubts around the Ketogenic Diet in the very beginning and will tell you clearly the mistakes that you should avoid while on this diet.

Most importantly, you will receive a 30 days diet plan with total calories count of each day in this book to meet your daily nutrition requirements. Each of the recipes in this book has nutrition information for you to be sure of what you are eating.


Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...



Download your copy today!

  • Introduction to a Ketogenic Diet
  • Why You Should Go on a Ketogenic Diet
  • 15 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet
  • Top 15 Common Myths of a Ketogenic Diet
  • Calories Calculator
  • Top 15 Mistakes that You Should Avoid
  • Top 15 Side Effects to Expect
  • 30 Days Ketogenic Meal Plan with Nutrition Information
  • Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes with Nutrition Information
  • Much, much more!

  • Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $0.99!

    I am pretty confident that after getting used to a new lifestyle and diet, the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet will be quite visible to you and, trust me, you will be quite happy and satisfied with your decision to change your lifestyle. I encourage you to download this book and take charge of your life!!

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Vegan Diet: Vegan Diet Cookbook

by Jason Clint

Vegan Diet has always been something superb. Whatever your reasons are for integrating vegan food to your life, Love Vegan will inspire you to cook beautiful authentic and traditional Mexican meals for all occasions, every night of the week.

All recipes are designed to take no longer than 30 minutes preparation time.  No ‘artificial vegan meat’ or hard to find ingredients. All recipes are made up of ingredients that you would commonly have in your pantry or can easily find at your local supermarket.

Authentic and traditional dishes which have been carefully refined to not include animal products yet still retain the taste, texture and flavour of your favorites.


Heavenly Thai Recipes: Thai Cooking Made Simple

by Alvina Ng

Preparing and cooking a wide assortment of Thai cuisine doesn't have to be difficult. Here's the key in making authentic and heavenly Thai food at home today.

People love Thai cuisine, but not many cook it themselves. Heavenly Thai Recipes provides the basic techniques and recipes that unlock your ability to prepare delicious, authentic Thai meals to enjoy with family and friends at home – without going to an expensive Thai restaurant.

Heavenly Thai Recipes contains many straightforward, authentic Thai recipes with ingredients you can find in your local supermarket. Tom Yam Prawn Soup and Pad Thai Red Curry Duck, and even the best food in the world – the Massaman Curry Chicken - will become part of your dinner. Easy-to-follow illustrations and instructions will have you preparing Pad Thai Red and Green Curry, including the Masaman Curry, with ease. Beautiful and colorful photos will help you put a heavenly, authentic Thai dish on your dining table tonight.


Chai Street - Indian Street Food Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians (Curry Dinner Recipes Book 3)

by Pragati Bidkar

From the acclaimed author of the best selling Dinner Ideas Cookbook series -

Chai Street: Indian Street Food Recipes for Vegans and Vegetarians celebrates the street food of India. 30 recipes from the different regions are explained step by step for global readers, augmented with highly illustrative and beautiful food photos. Street food equals fun, and the book takes a playful look at favorites such as Bhel Puri, Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji from the streets of Mumbai, Bread Pakora and Aloo Chaat from Delhi, Chura Matar of Benaras, Idli from the South, Momos from the North and North East and of course, Chai Latte or Masala Chai, the fuel India runs on.

Chai Street makes exotic Indian food is easily accessible to culinary adventurers and home cooks across the world. The recipes in the book are Bold, saucy, spicy, tangy, loaded with a variety of flavors and textures that explode in your mouth, teasing your taste buds. Just the way Indian Street Food should be!


Quick Easy Paleo Diet Breakfast Cookbook: The 30 BEST Real Food Breakfast Recipes

by Gray Hayes

Get the Body You Deserve and Feel Incredible with the Paleo Diet!

30 DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS & Fantastic recipes that will make you fall in love with breakfast again!

This book delivers 30 real food Breakfast Recipes that are gluten-free and paleo approved to help you eliminate the endless cycle of grab & go processed fast foods that are not good for you. Eating real food is how you can begin to Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy Levels to get the body that you want and deserve.

Download The Quick & Easy Paleo Diet Breakfast Cookbook you’ll discover amazing nutritious recipes that will start your day off right.

Easy Pancakes
Breakfast Salad
Chia Berry Parfait
No Grain Granola
Breakfast Casserole
Fig Energy Balls
...and many more


Order Your Copy of The Quick & Easy Paleo Diet Breakfast Cookbook and you'll be glad that you took this healthy step!


Rice Bowl: Vegetarian Rice Recipes from India and the World (Dinner Ideas Book 2)

by Pragati Bidkar

Rice Bowl is the second book in the path breaking Dinner Ideas Series. Rice Bowl features vegetarian rice recipes from the various regions of India. Rice recipes to note are the iconic Biryani and Vegetable Pulav of the North, Masale Bhat of Maharashtra, Lemon Rice and Tamarind Rice of the South and the ever popular rice pudding. Many recipes like the Tomato Rice and Curd Rice are very quick and easy to make.

Rice Bowl also features popular global rice recipes like Vegetable Fried Rice, Thai Pineapple Rice, Basil Rice, a simple rice stew and many more. Many of the rice dishes are also vegan recipes, such as the vegan Jambalaya.

60 bright, appetizing pictures of the recipes inspire you to start cooking.

Rice recipes can be served as a side dish, or the main meal. Pair these with any delicious daal from 30 Days of Daal, and you have a healthy vegetarian meal on your table.


Low Carb Paleo Diet: 30 The Most Amazing Low Carb Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes

by Lisa Brown

30 The Most Amazing Low Carb Paleo Slow Cooker Recipes For Healthy Eating And Weight Loss The Delicious Way



Forever Young Herbal Recipes: Natural Herbs Diet for Anti-Aging, Beauty and Weight Loss

by Alvina Ng

Tired of the boring wheat-free or Paleo diets but still want to lose weight?
What if there were another diet that can help you to lose weight, stay young and maintain your beauty?

For centuries, the Chinese have used herbal remedies; some of which may be used to retain beauty and to lose weight naturally.

Imagine the fragrant aroma of a double-boiled herbal soup, followed by Flossed Chicken with Goji Berries. No, you do not need to go to a fine Chinese restaurant - these healthy low-carb dishes can be prepared right at home!

Written by a Chinese Herbalist, this book is filled with unusual but traditional Chinese recipes carefully chosen to include herbs that will help you slim down, look younger and feel more appealing.

So forget about costly cosmetic surgery or expensive supplements.

Instead, order this book today and WOW your taste buds with herbal recipes that could be the answer to your quest for eternal beauty and natural weight loss.


Eat & Greet: Unforgettable party menus from your kitchen

by Vineeth Subramanyam

The ultimate resource for home entertaining - this book presents twelve complete party menus with about 100 recipes including hors d'oeuvres, entrées, desserts and drinks. Each menu is based on a central theme around a specific cuisine or season. Impress your guests with a different spread each time from twelve delicious possibilities: Indian Feast, Ragin' Cajun, Winter Warmer, European Bistro, Brunch Spread, Summer Delight, Asian Kitchen, Tex-Mex, Mediterranean Table, Spring Fest, Autumn Fever or the Small Plates menu. While each menu is designed to be standalone, recipes can be mixed and matched from different menus to create entirely new themes. There's enough here for an entire year of monthly entertaining or to turn everyday meals into special occasions. Happy cooking!


Eat like a Real Man: Paleo Diet Recipes for Guys Who Want to Be Big and Lean

by Markus A. Kassel

The Ultimate High-Protein Paleo Cookbook for Realizing Your Full Potential !

Reaching one’s physical peak requires a certain amount of training as well as adhering to a proper diet. If you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat or simply be as healthy as possible, you will need to follow recipes that were designed specifically with those goals in mind.

But that’s not all. Ideally, you would also want recipes that make you feel full and content. Following a “diet” does not necessarily mean that you ought to tighten your belt or eat food that tastes as bland as sand!

You can have your (paleo) cake and eat it too!

You need to read this book if:

  • You’re already following the paleo lifestyle and need more delicious recipes to add to your list to keep the flame alive;

  • You’re only just beginning and would like to learn a few easy meals to prepare that will get you started on the right foot and ensure your body gets every nutrient it requires to thrive;

  • You’d like to strike the perfect balance between gustatory pleasure and efficiency.


Stop Fooling Around – Get Results Today!

If you’re serious about achieving your fitness goals and be as fit and energetic as can be, don’t waste another minute. Your new life is only one click away.


Beauty Recipes for Anti Aging (Boxed Set)

by Speedy Publishing

Beauty has less to do with natural inheritance than it does with work and effort, and they more you learn about beauty products, the more you grow to realize that you are better off making them yourself! In the first place, beauty recipes allow you to make beauty products for far less money than it would cost to purchase the products themselves. You can make many beauty products simply by raiding your kitchen! Also remember that beauty products made by home recipes are also free of most of the harmful chemicals that occur in regular products.


Cooking Recipes Volume 1 - Superfoods, Raw Food Diet and Detox Diet

by Speedy Publishing

Cooking is a craft that everyone cannot grasp after having a few lessons in the kitchen with family members and friends. Some learners need additional tools to further enhance their knowledge of the trade and perfect their talent in the industry; this is where cook books come in. Culinary reading material gives the student a clear picture of what he is preparing along with a scope of what the finished product should look like. It is much easier for a young chef to prepare fried chicken when he is not guessing about how much flour to put into the bag or the amount of time it takes for the coated skin to brown. Cook books are essential tools that help culinary students and amateurs progress in the trade.


Mediterranean Diet: Ultimate Boxed Set with Hundreds of Mediterranean Diet Recipes

by Speedy Publishing

This boxed set covers everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet. You will cover how the diet works, foods used on the diet, eating out while on the Mediterranean Diet and recipes.


Low Carb Meals And The Shred Diet How To Lose Those Pounds

by Speedy Publishing

At Speedy Publishing, we envision our company and publishing arm as being a premier publisher of quick-reference materials, useful reference books, fiction books in all sub-genres and creative non-fiction to both entertain and assist readers worldwide in reading a fun and exciting books and also accomplishing their educational and professional goals. We continually update our products, ensuring accuracy of information, making sure they are fun and entertaining. Our products are always available in whatever format our readers need.


Low Carb and Low Cholesterol Guide and Cookbooks (Boxed Set)

by Speedy Publishing

Low carb meals are beneficial for a number of reasons. For one, low carb meals help to stem hunger and cravings when dieting while also ensuring the dieter is getting enough nutrients. Another benefit of low carb meals for dieters is that it will help reduce fat in specific areas, namely the stomach region. Low carb meals also have the benefit of reducing blood pressure and helping maintain a balanced blood sugar by reducing the level of glucose in blood.


Barbecue Recipes Over 200+ Awesome Barbecue Recipes (Boxed Set)

by Speedy Publishing

This boxed set contains barbecue recipes that will make your mouth water! Barbecue tips and ideas also included.


Cooking Light Volume 1 (Complete Boxed Set)

by Speedy Publishing

The "Cooking Light: Volume 1" Boxed Set contains three (3) titles, all geared towards helping the reader to live a healthy and productive life.

Upon reading this Boxed Set, the reader will become an expert at preparing quick and easy, yet healthy and tasty meals for him/herself, friends or family. This Boxed Set includes information on preparing seafood and poultry freezer recipes, preparing vegetarian freezer meal recipes, thawing freezer meals safely, the green juice diet, tips for dieting success, tasty green juice recipes, smoothie recipes for detox, smoothie recipes for vitality and health and many more.

Book 1: 50 Quick and Easy Freezer Recipes: How To Prepare Healthy Weekly Recipes For The Family.

Book 2: Light Cooking: Tasty Quinoa Recipes and Green Juicing.

Book 3: Smoothies Are like You - Smoothie Food Poetry for the Smoothie Lifestyle.


Sugar Detox, Detox Cleanse and Detox Recipes Made Easy: Beat Sugar Cravings and Sugar Addiction

by Speedy Publishing

Sugar is a fantastic substance. It is something that is naturally tasty to most humans, and it adds a whole range of flavor even to savory and salty dishes. However, sugar is slightly addictive, and if you are used to having sugar, you will continue to expect more sugar! Sugar detox allows you to flush all of the sugar out of your body, giving you a chance to start fresh. Instead of craving sugar, you will be able to look at it objectively and to decide if it is something you really want.



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