The 30 Day Whole Food Weight Loss Challenge

The 30 Day Whole Food Weight Loss Challenge

by Katie Banks

>> DISCLAIMER: This Book is not related to Whole 30 Trademark. This is a Whole Food Healthy Eating Weight Loss Program Separate to it <<

The 30 Day Whole Food Weight Loss Challenge

30 Day Whole Food: Three Whole Recipes Cooked in Less than 30 Minutes Every Day: 30 Day Weight Loss Exercise Plan Included

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard losing weight? Most of the times people think that the reason we cannot achieve our weight goals is lack of will, not doing enough exercise or even not having the taste for healthy foods. Is this the real reason behind not achieving our goals? 

No Excuses to eating healthy

However, the truth is that having a busy life does not allow much time for shopping, let alone cooking whole foods! Time is gold and we really need to juggle things to get our daily tasks done.

But the sad truth is that this should not be an excuse: We must have a healthier life, because the alternative not only means putting on weight but also taking a toll on our health. 

The Cooking fast and healthy solution: Cook whole foods quick and easy

That is why in World Good Foods we offer you the solution: We have compiled 30 whole food days, with 3 recipes each day: 3 whole meals meals a day, spending less than 30 minutes cooking.

You will love these 90 whole foods recipes. Yes that´s right, less than 10 minutes per recipe in average! Now you will not have the excuse of not having enough time. Not only that, but you will not even have to think what to cook because you will be provided with a daily meals schedule.

A quick and easy exercise schedule to perform at home Also, to provide you with healthier habits, we have given you a 4-week exercise schedule that you can perform at ease at home. It should take less than 30 minutes every day. This all means that in less than 1 hour a day, you can cook the three meals for the next day plus exercising.

This way you will feel healthy and fresh! 

An overview of the recipes you will taste

  • Oat Fritters with Mint

  • Sweet Spinach Power Cocktail

  • Avocado Paste and Poached Egg Bruschetta’s

  • Smoked Salmon & Guacamole Crostini

  • Fried Chili & Garlic Shrimp

  • Peanut Butter & Banana Oatmeal

  • White Vegetables Chowder

  • Chicken Goulash

  • Quinoa & Fried Cheese Salad

  • Grilled Eggplant & Couscous Salad

What are you waiting for?

Here is your opportunity to start eating healthy and get rid of all excuses that prevented you from taking on the healthy diet you always wished for. 

Only for 99c in a limited offer that you cannot miss! 

Healthy Eating!



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