Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Ketogenic Diet: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

by James Houck

EAT FAT TO LOSE WEIGHT. Are you tired of staying hungry all day to lose weight? What if I tell you that you can lose weight by eating FAT. Sounds impossible? In a Ketogenic Diet, this is exactly what you will do.

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You’re about to discover how to kick-start your Ketogenic journey on all the right notes by knowing what a Ketogenic Diet is and why you should go on this diet. This book will clear all your doubts around the Ketogenic Diet in the very beginning and will tell you clearly the mistakes that you should avoid while on this diet.

Most importantly, you will receive a 30 days diet plan with total calories count of each day in this book to meet your daily nutrition requirements. Each of the recipes in this book has nutrition information for you to be sure of what you are eating.


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  • Introduction to a Ketogenic Diet
  • Why You Should Go on a Ketogenic Diet
  • 15 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet
  • Top 15 Common Myths of a Ketogenic Diet
  • Calories Calculator
  • Top 15 Mistakes that You Should Avoid
  • Top 15 Side Effects to Expect
  • 30 Days Ketogenic Meal Plan with Nutrition Information
  • Delicious Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Recipes with Nutrition Information
  • Much, much more!

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    I am pretty confident that after getting used to a new lifestyle and diet, the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet will be quite visible to you and, trust me, you will be quite happy and satisfied with your decision to change your lifestyle. I encourage you to download this book and take charge of your life!!

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