Christian Fiction

Christian Fiction

Do you want your stories to be wholesome and focused on your faith?  Do you prefer if serious issues are tackled within the confines of Christian principles?  Ebooks in our Christian Fiction genre are what you are looking for, then.  Authors who promote their Christian Fiction ebooks here at eBookHounds are always going to deliver you their excellent, highly-rated stories for free or a discounted price.


Definition of the "Christian Fiction Genre": In general, ebooks in the Christian Fiction genre have little or no violence, sex or swearing.  They focus very heavily on good and evil, and the demarcations between the two are set forth clearly.  Christian values are also a strong aspect of these ebooks, which may tend to be slower in their pace because they typically do not include the features set forth above.  The "godfather" of this genre of ebooks is C.S. Lewis. 


Some examples of bestselling Christian Fiction ebooks are Allison Pataki (The Traitor's Wife), Leah Atwood (After the Rain), Anita Diamant (The Red Tent), Dee Henderson (Undetected) and William P. Young (The Shack).

Small Town Roads

by L. B. Johnson


From the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of "Saving Grace - A Story of Adoption" and "The Book of Barkley - Love and Life Through the Eyes of a Labrador Retriever" - a Christian Coming-of-Age story in small town America.
Let go of the life you wanted to get the one that you were meant for.
With a recent college degree in Criminal Justice and big future dreams, rookie Law Enforcement Officer Rachel Raines is looking for a temporary place to hide a heart full of loss and a quieter police patrol than Chicago. The bequest of her late aunt's house out in rural Illinois seems like the perfect opportunity for both if she can survive the gigantic spiders, creaky plumbing, and inevitable challenges of being the rookie on a small town force.  It's a place unlike any she has lived in - a tiny town with no coffee baristas, no night life, and one single restaurant that has a giant cow perched on the roof. It was not the life she had expected.
Sometimes God has other plans for us.
Down the street, her aunt's best friend, Evelyn Ahlgren, marks the passing of seasons and neighbors, long mired in her loneliness as a widow. When the young woman with scars of her own befriends her, they strike up an unlikely friendship across generations that just might help them both heal with a little help from heaven above.
Written in both third person (Evelyn's view of life) and first person (Rachel keeping an online journal to track the events of each new day), words both humorous and breathtakingly lyrical, as these two vastly different generations bond, Small Town Roads is a beautifully told, heartwarming story.  It is not just a story of life in rural America, it is finding the best in people, including ourselves, in the most unlikely of places.



Deep Focus (The Dumont Chronicles Book 2)

by Gloria Repp

A scheming woman.
A man she can’t fathom.
A mystery that endangers her career.
Is this how God answers Lindsey’s prayers?

Lindsey Dumont, photographer, travels to the rugged coast of Washington's Olympic Peninsula to finish her photo essay on a rare breed of Makah dogs.But disaster looms for her project, and she decides to fight back. Now she must confront the man who deceived her and unravel a threatening mystery.

The Dumont family, French Huguenots, settled in New Jersey during Colonial days. Since then, certain Dumont women have led lives marked by adventure. Although they differed in personality and circumstances, these women held in common the gifts of artistry, courage, and a growing faith in God.

In this book, Lindsey Dumont faces a test of courage far from her home in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, and the Dumont family history, yet undiscovered, awaits her return.


Abandon Ship: Faith and Love In Acerton 7

by Barbara Howard

Squalls ahead!

Nicole Crawley’s life is all mapped out—graduate from college, a career at her father’s construction office, and Steve, a boyfriend who is totally marriage material.

Is this all there is? Why can’t she be happy with such a blessed life? Why does she look upon her advantages as obstacles? Her life is mapped out alright. And she’s choking on it. Her career becomes drudgery, her office a prison, her father the warden, and Steve is her… her what?

Is she a spoiled rich kid? Or is it something else? This pre-planned life is all set out for her is so arid. Where’s adventure? Where’s challenge? Is this all there is?

When Dad explodes at her, Nicole reaches a breaking point.

She’s always loved the water. Through a stroke of luck or God’s hand she lands a job as an apprentice deckhand on the Acerton Ferry. Rain or shine, day and night that ship serves the people on the island across the bay. Now she’ll spend her days with the wind and spray in her face, not at a desk.

This is the right thing to do. What can go wrong?

Trouble right from the start. One stubborn crewman, Brandon, hates the fact that she is there. She’s just a rich girl playing; and her dalliance has stolen opportunity from people who really need the job.

And there’s Glen...he’s more than happy to fill the void in her life that the break-up with Steve has created.

Not to mention the challenges of the job itself. There’s a lot more to working on a ferry than she ever imagined; what looked like an easy job is actually demanding.

Her choices are boomeranging back, knocking the wind from her sails. She’s ready to abandon ship.

But sometimes fate and choices can bring unexpected rewards. If you have the faith to hold fast.

Does Nicole?
A touching story of faith in faithless times.



Past Suspicion (Christian Romantic Suspense)

by Therese Heckenkamp

"Don't trust anyone..." So whispers Robin's mother just moments before she dies. 

Uprooted from all she's ever known, Robin Finley is on the verge of turning 18 when she is forced to her mother's old hometown to live with an uncle she's never met. The town is small, but it shelters big secrets. Robin encounters two mysterious young men, a tragic mansion, and disturbing questions about the past. While unraveling the threads of her mother's shrouded life, Robin meets more confusion. Her soul longs for peace and her heart yearns for love--yet she's consumed by suspicion and fear. Why did her mother flee this town so many years ago and never return? Robin's determination to discover the truth ensnares her in a tangled web that spans the years and threatens to destroy her future.
Clean Inspirational Romantic Suspense for ages 13 and up

Set in a Wisconsin small town, this intriguing spring romance is particularly ideal for spring or summer reading. From young adult to new adult and beyond, this Christian romantic suspense novel is an inspirational read for all fans of sweet romance and wholesome clean suspense and mystery fiction.

Forbidden Heritage

by Misty Griffin


This novel depicts how and why the Amish banned the use of cars, electricity and other modern conveniences in the early 1900s. Written by a former Amish woman. 
1897-1906-The stunning news of her mother's capture by Indians 18 years prior slowly reveals that Esther Stoltz is half Cheyenne Indian. This startling revelation leaves her wondering about the heritage she is forbidden to explore.

Esther begins to question the strict ban on modern conveniences such as the telephone, automobile, and electricity. How do church leaders know that these things are evil? Slowly the Amish church and the world around them are growing farther apart....

Books in this Series
1. On the Winds of Change
2. Forbidden Heritage



Wrecked and Yours (A Second Chance Romance Book 1)

by CeeCee James

What happens when two broken people fall in love?

Miranda has always run--from every problem and every confrontation--only relying on herself. Until a car accident nearly destroys her life.

Jason becomes her unexpected rock she can trust.

Miranda thought she knew everything about him. Then came the day she discovered he was running too. His love may save her, but will his secret destroy her?


Frozen Footprints (Christian Suspense Thriller)

by Therese Heckenkamp

"Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror of the night."
Eighteen-year-old twins Charlene and Max Perigard have grown up under the wealthy but tyrannical rule of their oil-tycoon grandfather. When Max disappears and a ransom note shows up, Charlene's world is shattered. Fearing the worst, she determines to find her brother before it's too late. Her quest hurls her into a twisted, frigid world of snow and ice . . . and leads to terror in an isolated cabin. Together the twins struggle for survival while enduring fierce trials of mind, body, and spirit. Devoid of all worldly comfort and consolation, will faith and hope be enough to get them through this chilling nightmare? And where is Charlene's hero when she needs one the most?

Christian suspense thriller for ages 16 and up.


The Purple Robe

by David Dean

Rumors rising out of the Yucatan jungle report healings and miracles attributed to a holy relic. Father Pablo Diego Corellas discovers that even his own parishioners are making secret pilgrimages to the decrepit plantation where it is held. There, Doña Josefa, a mysterious woman who is either mystic or mad, possesses an artifact that she claims is a fragment of the robe worn by Christ at his trial. Guarded by armed Mayan farmers, she holds sway over an ever-growing number of pilgrims desperate for the healing power of the Purple Robe. Much against his own wishes, young Father Pablo is dispatched to the interior to investigate, while a police captain and a vacationing American couple make plans of their own for the robe. But when the relic is stolen, they soon discover that miracles have unforeseen consequences, and that no one is beyond their reach.


Nova Fannum

by D. Brian Shafer

Welcome to the Trout and Truffles--the most delightful inn you ll find in the land of Humus. It s proudly owned and operated by the Jeffords family. But there is more than hospitality at the inn these days...something dark is stirring and young Jefferey is about to find out that being the ordinary son of an ordinary innkeeper can take an extraordinary turn of events!

When his father disappears while on a quest, Jefferey Jeffords sets out to find him. His search takes an unexpected turn when he meets Thaniel, a priest in hiding with a tale of a holy armor, mysterious coins, a returning king and a gathering evil that could mean the end of all that they know...


Until My Name Is Known (Tell of My Kingdom's Glory)

by Sonya Contreras

The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt is a love story between God and His people. God woos His people to Himself as He prepares them to leave.

Before leaving, God must fight Pharaoh for possession of His people.See how God changes all people: some for the better, others not. None stay the same.
How will He change you? Can you trust a God Who destroyed a nation before your eyes?Would you want Him as your Friend?
See God free His people from Egypt's bonds before a watching world.
Trace His Finger in the lives He touches.
The Time: 2450 BC
The Place: Old Kingdom of Egypt
Pharaoh is god.His people worship him.
Israel's God arrives.He challenges Pharaoh.
His power touches all people.They must change.
Some do not concede. They suffer.
Others yield. They find freedom.
Until My Name Is Known brings all to see the one true God.
Read it to see Him.
Today's historians and archaeologists puzzle over the fall of the Old Kingdom of Egypt,But the world at that time heard of God.The world knew that He is the Lord.His Name was proclaimed in all the earth.Book One of the series Tell of My Kingdom' s Glory

Becoming a Family (Cutter's Creek Book 6)


Special launch price of 99 cents! Price will increase to $2.99 soon!

Jemma Braithewaite is dealing with tragedy, injury, and a desire for a different life. She's forced to make a heartbreaking journey to The Idaho Territory to bring her orphaned niece and nephew home. Just when she needs a friend the most, God puts Janine Hewitt in her life. The two women bond on their train ride from Chicago to Cutter's Creek, Montana.

An unexpected invitation to stop and visit the Hewitt family in Cutter's Creek gives Jemma some time to ease herself and the children into life in Chicago. The time in Cutter's Creek also opens her eyes to the possibility of leaving the big city for a small, friendly town and new friends.

A job offer and a handsome man named Nick Jansen lure Jemma to Montana permanently. The children are happy and so is Jemma until things heat up with Nick. Just when Jemma thinks she's found everything she's waited for, she realizes that family must come first.

Just as she's finding the right balance, a misunderstanding throws her into another terrible situation. Had it been a mistake to try to reinvent her life in Cutter's Creek?


Evidence Not Seen (Love Is Book 9)

by Carlene Havel

Although attorney Jeff Galloway’s career is in high gear, his personal life is a mess. Just before his father returns home from a 27-year stretch in prison, his girlfriend dumps him. When a chance encounter begins to blossom into new romance, soft-hearted Melanie Clark encourages Jeff to find a way to forgive his father’s long absence.


Second Chance Love: A Christian Romance Novel (The Grand Bay Series Book 1)

by Kelsey MacBride

The story begins with Tracy Moore’s dilemma of how to survive her sister’s wedding while maintaining her distance from her ex-fiancé Paul Myers. To complicate matters further, she has been chosen as the maid of honor and Paul is the best man. Toss the two reluctant ex’s together on a private jetliner, a small tropical island, and see how a tragic accident puts their past love for each other to the test. This story highlights Tracy’s journey to resolve her fears of commitment, her ability to share her deepest feelings with her ex-fiancé, her life and death accident, and her ability to trust God with her deepest fears of failure.

Tracy Moore comes to grips with the dreadful news that she must face her ex-fiancé Paul at her sister Crystal’s wedding. But going through the motions of her sister’s wedding puts her willpower to the test as awkward feelings from her disastrous wedding ceremony four years prior come back to haunt her. Stuck with Paul for several days on a beautiful tropical island 1200 miles from the southeast coast of the African continent, Tracy struggles to come to terms with her old feelings for her ex-fiancé while doubts about her current relationship with her boyfriend Joseph creep to the surface. But fate puts her current relationship to the test when she and Paul are injured in a disastrous car accident and Paul must abandon Tracy with her critical injuries and find help.

Paul Myers is the best man for his brother Kenneth’s wedding. And even though he parted ways with Tracy four years ago, he still suffers from the sting of rejection after Tracy walked from their wedding ceremony. But when he discovers he must interact with his ex-fiancé in an intimate tropical trip, he’s not sure he can suppress his strong feelings of love for her. When an unfortunate accident causes them to become stranded on a deserted part of the island, Paul’s love for Tracy is put to the test. Can he find life-saving help for Tracy in time so they can have a second chance at love? Can he convince Tracy to set aside her fears of commitment? Or will Paul fail to find a rescue team and lose the love of his life? Find out what happens in this exciting inspirational story of extreme courage and commitment.



Baxter Road Miracle

by Carlene Havel

Can faith move mountains? The Youngbloods are about to find out.

Henry Youngblood is determined to plant a new church in Buffalo Creek, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Meanwhile, his pregnant wife worries about paying the bills. One daughter dreams of a college education she cannot afford, and the other wants nothing more than popularity. It will take a miracle for the Youngblood family’s dreams to come true.


The River Girl's Song: Texas Women of Spirit, Book 1

by Angela Castillo

Zillia Bright never dreamed she’d be orphaned at sixteen and left to care for her baby brother and Papa’s farm. With only a mule and a hundred-year-old shotgun, she must fight to protect what’s hers. Countless dangers lurk on the Bastrop Texas riverside. Zillia must rely on the help of her best friends, Soonie and Wylder, to hold her world together. With Zillia’s struggles come unexpected miracles, and proof that God might just listen to the prayers of a river girl.
Clean, Christian fiction with a hint of romance.


When A Man Loves A Woman (Seven Brides Seven Brothers Book 7)

by Belle Calhoune

Seven Brides, Seven Brothers series
Seven boys adopted from the foster care system by Alec and Maggie Donahue, a loving Irish couple living in Breeze Point, Cape Cod. Now grown men, the brothers are making their way in the world in their chosen professions, each hoping to find a love to last a lifetime. Faith. Family. Honor. And an abundance of love.

The Quiet One: The last single Donahue brother, Mac Donahue, is quiet and reserved. His brawny physique hides a kind heart and a wounded soul. Haunted by the tragic disappearance of his sister and scarred by childhood abuse, Mac has done his best to survive and thrive, in large part due to his adoptive family, the Donahues. A woodworker with a new business in Breeze Point called Woodworks, Mac is determined to move ahead with finding his sister, Callie, and discovering what happened to her all those years ago. Tired of being the object of matchmaking by his family members, Mac is stunned when he develops a bond with Delilah Dalton, the beautiful sister of his own sister-in- law, Sarah. When love blossoms between them, can they both put away the hurts of the past in order to forge a new future?

Delilah Dalton is a social worker who finds fulfillment in her profession. Jaded by numerous romantic relationships that have crashed and burned, Delilah has steered clear of love. When she connects with Mac Donahue over his missing sister, she finds a warm, tender-hearted man who has every reason to be bitter yet exudes positivity. As the two begin a relationship and pursue leads to the whereabouts of Mac’s sister, they find a special kinship in each other. Can Delilah put away her doubts long enough to accept Mac’s open arms?


Caroline's Promise: Sweet & Clean Romance Book Club (Valentine Mail Order Bride Series 5)


Orphaned at the age of fourteen, Caroline Akiko Holt found refuge in a factory job painting toys – a job that satisfies her artistic side while still putting food on the table. All she wants is to live the American dream, just as her immigrant British father encouraged her to do.

But the exotic looks she inherited from her Okinawan grandmother mark her as a foreigner, no matter how hard she works or how perfectly she speaks. It's only at her bible study group that she feels accepted.

As Caroline's bible study friends begin to find husbands of their own as mail-order brides, Caroline fears she will never find a man who loves her for who she is. So when Maxwell Kaspar writes to her through the mail-order bride catalogue, The Matrimonial Times, Caroline is delighted that Max seems to love her for who she is.

But Max has troubles of his own – troubles so big, they threaten to destroy everything he’s built, including his ranch. Has Caroline finally found a place where she’s accepted as she is – just in time to see it destroyed?


The Falling Away: Christian End Times Novel (Perilous Times Book 1)

by Cliff Ball

The Falling Away, a Christian end times novel, is the first novel in the Perilous Times Series. This is the second end times series by Cliff Ball, the first being The End Times Saga.

Doctor Neal Kirkland works at an advanced hospital in the Dallas area. One day, he comes across a patient and his family, the Carson's, who are Christians, which is rare in this novel's universe since very few people go to church. After seeing their faith, and they talk to him about Christ, he accepts Christ as his Savior.

Meanwhile, a race war might be bubbling up in the United States and an altered form of the Ebola virus spreads across the globe, with the powers-that-be blaming Christians for all of it. Doctor Kirkland finds out the real story behind the Ebola virus and decides to do something about it. However, Christians are being hunted down and killed, will Kirkland be able to let the world know what's really happening?



by Sally Bradley

Life has taught Miska Tomlinson that there are no honorable men. Her womanizing brothers, her absentee father, and Mark, the married baseball player who claims to love her—all have proven undependable. But Miska has life under control. She runs her editing business from her luxury condo, stays fit with daily jogs along Chicago's lakefront, and in her free time blogs anonymously about life as a kept woman.

Enter new neighbor Dillan Foster. Between his unexpected friendship and her father's sudden reappearance, Miska loses control of her orderly life. Her relationship with Mark deteriorates, and Miska can't help comparing him to Dillan. His religious views are so foreign, yet the way he treats her is something she's longed for. But Dillan discovers exactly who she is and what she has done. Too late she finds herself longing for a man who is determined to never look her way again.

When her blog receives unexpected national press, Miska realizes that her anonymity was an illusion. Caught in a scandal about to break across the nation, Miska wonders if the God Dillan talks about would bother with a woman like her—a woman who's gone too far and done too much.


CROSSROADS (A Miller's Creek Novel Book 6)

by Cathy Bryant

Christian Contemporary Texas Romance

A soldier battles for a prodigal's soul...
After a devastating divorce, a bitter single mom and atheist starts her own real estate company in the nostalgic and picturesque town of Miller’s Creek, Texas. Then her young daughter’s disturbing symptoms lead doctors to discover that her leukemia has relapsed. With her new life now turned upside down, Mara Hedwig struggles to keep her business afloat. And her daughter’s worsening condition forces her to rethink her beliefs about Carter Callahan and his God. Will Mara make the return to Christian faith in the face of life’s greatest challenge?

An ex-military operative struggles with the return to civilian life while coping with his rebellious teen-aged daughter. During a house-search, Carter meets Mara, a headstrong Realtor who wants nothing to do with his God. But when Mara’s little girl is diagnosed with leukemia, the clock begins ticking for him to convince Mara to return to a life of faith. Just as he seems to be making headway, circumstances beyond his control throw his efforts into a tailspin. Can Carter learn to rest in the sovereignty of God?

If you enjoy Christian contemporary romance set in Texas and with an inspirational message of winning back defectors from the faith, CROSSROADS is a book you'll love.



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