Amish Love Be Kind (Peace Valley Amish Series Book 4)

Amish Love Be Kind (Peace Valley Amish Series Book 4)

by Rachel Stoltzfus


Pushed too far, an Amish woman must stand up for herself to save her marriage.

When Hannah married Abram, she imagined a happy home full of beautiful children, and a marriage she and her husband would treasure into their old age. But her husband has a secret that he hides from himself and a temper but he can't control. Hannah wants to be a good wife, but to do that, she needs Abram to be a good husband. When he pushes Hannah one step too far, will she have the strength to stand up for herself and their unborn child?

Find out in Amish Love Be Kind, Book 4 of the Peace Valley Amish series. Amish Peace Valley is an uplifting Christian series about the saving grace of faith, community, and love.

If you love a book about two lost souls weathering their own failings to save themselves and their marriage, start reading Amish Love Be Kind today.




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