Shadowglade (Gem Powers Series Book 2)

Shadowglade (Gem Powers Series Book 2)

by Kay L. Ling

BEWARE of sentient spell books!

Lana's plan to create a better life for the gnomes meets a deadly setback. The gnomes' defeated queen has a sentient spell book with a bad attitude and instructions for revenge. Outsmarting the castle's wards and booby traps turns into a daily challenge, and Lana and her companions hope that's the worst they face. Unfortunately, the imprisoned queen would sooner die than let the gnomes rule themselves, and unless Lana and her allies can stop the disasters the spell book has set in motion, the gnomes may not survive long enough to enjoy their freedom.

In this unique portal story, readers travel to the gnome world where gemstones have amazing powers and wonders and perils await. Sequel to Beyond the Forest, praised as: "A bright fantasy for readers who are tired of exaggerated violence and slippery morals." -- Kirkus Reviews

Book 3, Runes and Relics, coming Fall 2017.



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