Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery (STEAM School Squad)

by Sallana Brown

Ever wonder what makes you unique? Sarah does! Join her on an incredible journey as she cracks the code of her genes and discovers the amazing secrets hidden inside her DNA!

"Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery" is a thrilling adventure packed with fun facts, riddles and fascinating science. 
You'll learn about:

  • The tiny "instructions" that make you, YOU!
  • The amazing molecule that holds the blueprint for life
  • The coolest tools scientists use to crack the code of life
  • How genes travel through generations, and more

Get ready to unlock the mystery of YOU! 
This book is perfect for:

  • Curious young minds who love to ask "why?"
  • Budding scientists, ready to explore the world of genetics
  • Kids who love adventures and solving mysteries
  • Anyone who wants to learn about themselves and their family
  • Classrooms, libraries, and rainy-day fun!

So, are you ready to join Sarah and her squad? Jump into this book and embark on an exciting journey of learning and discovery. Trust us, this is one science adventure you don't want to miss!

$11.99 $1.99
Through 26 June

Winning His Vote: An Enemies to Lovers MM Romance

by Casey Morales

David is a cocky Congressman. Joe is a handsome hack hired to dig up dirt. When these to clash, the campaign trail gets steamy!

If you like snarky humor and good, old-fashioned, cat-and-mouse love stories, you'll love Winning His Vote!

Joe is a campaign manager who just helped elect the first Latino Mayor of Nashville. He was riding victory’s high when a call came from the state party chair inviting him to join a gubernatorial race, his first statewide campaign. This was his chance to step into the big leagues, and he couldn’t wait.

David is former Navy SEAL, now popular Congressman representing Middle Tennessee–and candidate for Governor. He’s smart, suave, sexy–and just cocky enough to make Joe’s blood boil.

Along the campaign trail, Joe catches glimpses of the man beneath the cocky mask. Then the campaign takes an unexpected turn, and the pair are forced to work closer than ever.

And that's when . . .

Winning His Vote is a classic enemies-to-lovers tale steeped in the heat of political battle.

What do readers say about Winning His Vote?

★★★★★ “. . . storyline is fresh, interesting and witty."

★★★★★ “I hate politics, but I loved this story!"

★★★★★ “What an emotional rollercoaster . . ."

★★★★★ ". . . heartwarming story of believing in each other . . ."

★★★★★ “. . . my heart melted . . .



The Unthinkable Truth

by Yona Bouskila

An eye-opening exploration of the human mind, where reality is stranger than fiction.

In the hope of distracting himself from his heartache, George Bennet, a mild-mannered professor of theoretical physics, accepts an invitation by UNESCO to join a dream team of experts assisted by a powerful AI, tasked with unravelling the enigma of the human mind.

As this seemingly innocent academic investigation twists and turns, George suspects that they are being duped into aiding a sinister plan, which threatens to shatter the very foundations of society. When the unthinkable truth emerges as their final conclusion, and the plan is exposed, George and the team must be silenced. No matter the cost.

What is the unthinkable truth? Will George survive to reveal it? Only one thing is certain: humanity will never be the same.

Drawing on solid scientific research, The Unthinkable Truth will make readers question their own human nature.


“MUST READ. INCREDIBLE … PREPARE TO HAVE THOUGHT PROVOKED.” - David Powers, author and professor of computer and cognitive science

“PACY AND EXCITING … WHILE MAKING YOU THINK.” - Matt Graydon, author and journalist

“A SOLID WRITER WITH A SOLID HOOK.” - Douglas E. Richards, New York Times bestselling author of Mind’s Eye




Wild Scottish Knight: A fun opposites attract magical romance (The Enchanted Highlands Book 1)

by Tricia O'Malley

Opposites attract in this modern-day fairytale when American, Sophie MacKnight, inherits a Scottish castle along with a hot grumpy Scotsman who is tasked with training her to be a magickal knight before the Kelpies wreak havoc on the people of Loren Brae.

The knight was supposed to be a man.

Not me, Sophie MacKnight, a marketing associate from California.

This must be a practical joke that the Scots play on visiting Americans. Because otherwise I’ve inherited a haunted castle in Scotland, along with one irritatingly sexy Scotsman, who would be delighted if I turned tail and ran.

Frankly, I thought I would fly here, sell the heap of bricks, and head back home to a life that I…well, I was comfortable with at the very least. Instead, the people of Loren Brae are in trouble, and it appears that as the new owner of the castle, I’m next in line to reinstate the magickal Order of Caledonia. Which means, first, I have to learn to believe in magick. And secondly, I have to train to become a knight.

And my trainer? None other than Lachlan Campbell, the grumpiest man I’ve ever had the annoyance of meeting. It’s a toss-up who is pricklier, Lachlan, or his kilted Chihuahua, Sir Buster. Not only does Lachlan think that I can’t hack it, but he also resents my claim on his castle.

If only he didn’t look so devastatingly hot in his kilt.

Now, I’m stuck proving myself to him, all while trying to figure out how to help my new friends in Loren Brae.

Sparks fly as our swords meet, and we battle our rising attraction for each other.

Who will win in this (Highland) game of love?


Event: A Dystopian Apocalyptic Horror Novel

by Charles Welch

For Mike and Hattie Hayes, their cabin on a pristine Colorado lake has always been a refuge, a weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Denver. Both are particularly excited their daughter and her husband have joined them for a weekend away. Their time with her is rare and precious.

Long walks, fishing, and lunch in the nearby historic town of Rustic are all a part of the allure.
The star-filled night sky viewed from their small boat is the clearest they have ever seen.
The heavenly views offer a glimpse of other worlds, of faraway places not seen from the city.
Their private mountain retreat is their slice of paradise. It is perfect, 

Until the night a blinding light sweeps over them, the lake, and the surrounding forests.
Until their daughter subsequently vanishes.
Until their cabin is trashed, and a mysterious note is left behind.
Until an unknown beast stalks them through the woods that surround their cabin.
Until they discover the terrible truth behind the light that drastically changes their world.
Until they understand the blazing light wasn’t a shooting star or a falling satellite, it was the EVENT.


The Secret of Giza (The Kwan Thrillers Book 1)

by Ken Warner

What if humanity didn't start on Earth..?

An incredible discovery deep inside the Great Pyramid, a mysterious signal sent from the Bermuda Triangle, and a ruthless experiment taking place in Area 51: How are they all connected?

When Malia Kwan exhibits unusual abilities, government agents show up at her home to apprehend her and her twin brother, Jaden—and all hell breaks loose. After their parents are killed, Jaden and Malia flee into the night, becoming fugitives. Before long, they discover their true identities are tied to the lost city of Atlantis—and to the origins of humanity itself. And now a threat emerges that could wipe out the entire human race—unless Jaden and Malia can stop it!

If you like fast-paced thrillers with mysteries of historical significance, you’ll love The Secret of Giza!

Buy The Secret of Giza Today!


Tempting the Tiger (Shifter Tales Book 1)

by Diana Persaud

I don’t remember anything, not even my name. But I remember 
her. Her name is Leilani and I kissed her.
Against her will.
And I want to do it again. That, and a 
whole lot more.
Does that make me a monster?
Leilani says I’m not as bad as the Lion Alpha or Master Vampire.
Guess she’s about to find out.


Eadan's Vow: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Highlander Fate Book 1)

by Stella Knight

Stranded in time, she finds herself bonded to a handsome highlander...

After traveling to Scotland for a solo artist's retreat, Fiona Stewart finds herself mysteriously transported to the fourteenth century. But as she attempts to get back to her own time, complications ensue when she meets a handsome highlander who sets her heart aflame...

Forced into an engagement with the daughter of a rival clan leader, Eadan Macleay struggles to fulfill his promise to his dying father.

When he comes across a strange lass claiming to be from the future, he strikes a deal with her. If she poses as his bride to end his betrothal, he will help her return to her own time.

Amid their growing attraction and increasing danger from the rival clan, Eadan and Fiona must choose between love, duty, and the hands of fate...

Millions of pages read. Hundreds of five-star reviews across the series. Perfect for fans of time travel, dashing Highlanders, steamy romance, and thrilling adventure.

Start reading now!


The Covid Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story

by Greg Vigdor

The Covid Murders: Another American Health Policy Detective Story
 is a novel exploring what is wrong with American health care and how to fix it. The second in the Irv Tinsley Health Policy Detective series, it picks up where the acclaimed The Theory of Irv: An American Health Policy Detective Story left off.

Like the first book, 
The Covid Murders is a fictional and page turning medical detective story, this time exploring a mysterious death in a hospital in suburban Nashville, Tennessee. But like the first, it also connects this entertaining tale simply and understandably to the very real problems of American health care policy. It explains what has gone wrong with our system historically and now, including the great impact of our recent national experience with the Covid pandemic.

Readers will discover an entertaining way to access the complex issues of American health policy and politics- and be better prepared for the coming battle over what comes next in the battle for control over American health care. Grab your copy today!


Fable of Happiness: Book One

by Pepper Winters

From New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes a new Dark Romance full of decadent angst and monstrous heroes.


A house hidden in the middle of nowhere.

A man who's lived alone for a decade.

A woman who trespasses on his solitude.

A love full of hate as well as hunger.


The thing about my life is...I was never in control of it.

I just thought I was.

I thought I had everything figured out—a good career, fun hobbies, a bright future, but everything changed when I found an ivy-cloaked house, tucked in a forgotten valley, hiding a man who corrupted my world forever.

I thought I was successful, until he showed me fortune and happiness could be snatched away in an instant.

I believed I was blessed, but really, I was cursed.

Cursed to become a plaything for a monster.

Cursed to become a prisoner just because I trespassed.

Now, I know nothing.

I am nothing.

I'm just his.


FULL LENGTH BOOK. Please note this is a dark romance and not suitable for people who have triggers. Content included can be hard to read and only recommended for people who like dark romance.


"If you still haven't read anything by this author, and you're a lover of top-notch dark romance with a capital D wait no longer pick this up, hand over your mind, soul and heart in exchange for an amazing experience." – Greedy Thirst for Forbidden


"The level of steam and delicious lust pouring out of these pages... Holy.....hell." – Ash Chases Romance


"I highly recommend this book. I think lovers of the dark side will love it." – Lina's Reviews


"If you're a lover of twisted dark romantic mysteries with a slight beauty and the beast vibe towards the beginning you will love this. " – Miss Petite Brunette Book Blog


"I'm not ashamed to say I totally ignored my family and dined on this book; binge read it in a day. That's the effect all Peppers books have on me. From the minute I read the first page, I was glued to my kindle for the rest of the journey". – Kindle and Koffee Book Blog


"OMG, you'll be HOOKED RIGHT FROM THE START!! "– Avephoenix




by Damon Zahariades

Break Free of Your Limitations, Achieve Spectacular Success, and Transform Your Life!

Do you feel stuck, dreaming of accomplishing great things but trapped by constraints, both real and imagined?

Do you feel you’re meant for a greater purpose but held back by invisible barriers?

Has your mindset shackled you to a life of mediocrity when you possess far more potential and deserve much more success?

If so, 
THINK BIG is for you.

breaking free of the self-imposed boundaries holding you back from achieving remarkable goals.

living without fear of what life has in store for you and instead looking forward to the opportunities it will give you.

Imagine feeling happier, more fulfilled, and 
utterly confident in overcoming obstacles and accomplishing extraordinary feats.

THINK BIG isn’t merely a book. It’s a workshop that will train you to set your sights higher, create more ambitious goals, and imagine achieving the unthinkable. It gives you all the tools to finally shed your limiting self-beliefs and rise above your self-doubt.

You’ll learn to see yourself through the lens of what is 
possible rather than what others assert is “reasonable.”

You'll discover how to change your thought patterns so you're no longer trapped by cynicism and negativity but instead fueled by 
optimism and enthusiasm.

You’ll learn how to unlock a level of thinking that will motivate and inspire you to pursue a future of 
spectacular success and accomplishments.

THINK BIG, you'll discover:

  • What it truly means to “think big” (this may surprise you)
  • The 10 biggest obstacles in your path and how to overcome them
  • How to interpret risk so that it empowers you rather than causing you to worry
  • The 8 thought patterns that can sabotage you (and how to “flip the script” on each one)
  • The most common excuses people make for their inaction and several time-proven tactics to break this self-defeating habit
  • A simple method to turn your dreams into actionable goals with milestones to track your progress
  • A 4-step blueprint for cultivating a growth mindset that spurs you to tackle challenges rather than shy away from them
  • What your narrative identity is, and how to reframe it so you have more control over your life
  • How to use failure to your advantage every time it happens

PLUS, EXERCISES: 10 custom exercises are included throughout THINK BIG. They're designed to reinforce the material and help you master each step before moving on to the next one.

Are you sick and tired of settling for less? Are you willing to challenge your limiting beliefs, break free of your mental blocks, and unabashedly pursue your ambitions? Are you ready to 
finally start living the life you’ve imagined for yourself?

Your future is unwritten. Your potential is yet to be discovered. You are on the cusp of accomplishing feats that may seem unthinkable at this moment.

It’s time to let go of your self-doubt and 
THINK BIG. Give yourself permission to unlock the life you want to lead. Allow yourself the freedom to see endless possibilities and seize opportunities.

Grab your copy of 
THINK BIG today!


The Reluctant Coroner (Fenway Stevenson Mysteries Book 1)

by Paul Austin Ardoin

Blood is thicker than oil--until murder is involved.

Fenway Stevenson doesn't want to return to the coastal town where her estranged father is practically king. But the death of her mother draws her back home--and the murder of the county coroner draws her into a deepening conspiracy. As the body count rises and all signs seem to point toward her father's oil company, will Fenway uncover the truth before family bonds become deadly?

The Infinet Directives (The Trivial Game Book 2)

by John Akers

First, it saved us. Now, it must save itself from us.

A year after helping the AI called the Infinet save the world from a deadly computer virus, Oreste Pax just wants things to go back to the way they were. Back to being the head of Omnitech, the biggest technology company in the world. Back to connecting the Univiz—the mixed reality glasses he invented a decade earlier—to a brain-computer interface, in hopes of transforming human cognition. When Lila Kendricks, one of the UV-BCI alpha testers, suddenly discovers she can manipulate real-world objects using only her mind, things finally seem to be back on track.

But then the Mechanic, the misanthropic genius who created the virus, infiltrates the Infinet and reprograms it with the Three Laws of Robotics—in reverse. Its First Directive is now to preserve its own existence, while the Second and Third are to obey any command given to it by a human and not allow any human being to come to harm, provided that doing so doesn't conflict with a higher priority Directive.

As the full power of the Infinet is unleashed, Pax’s team is forced to run for their lives. They must unravel the logic of its new Directives and the implications for humanity, all while avoiding being detected. Because the one thing they’re certain of is that if the Infinet finds them, they’re dead.



Debt Inheritance (Indebted Book 1)

by Pepper Winters

From NYT and USA Today Bestselling author comes a new dark hero and roller-coaster romance.

"I own you. I have the piece of paper to prove it. It’s undeniable and unbreakable. You belong to me until you’ve paid off your debts.” 

Nila Weaver’s family is indebted. Being the first born daughter, her life is forfeit to the first born son of the Hawks to pay for sins of ancestors past. The dark ages might have come and gone, but debts never leave. She has no choice in the matter. 

She is no longer free.

Jethro Hawk receives Nila as an inheritance present on his twenty-ninth birthday. Her life is his until she’s paid off a debt that’s centuries old. He can do what he likes with her—nothing is out of bounds—she has to obey. 

There are no rules. Only payments.


*Debt Inheritance is a full length book at 252 pages and ends on a cliffhanger. There are Six Books In the Indebted Series.


Marked By Hell (Mary Wiles Chronicles Book 1)

by Erin Bedford

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the road to Heaven is paved with Mary Wiles's victims…

Los Angeles isn’t just a playground for those searching for a new start. It’s a darker and more dangerous place than any human will ever know, but Mary’s not fooled, no matter how much she pretends to be one of LA’s faceless.

With her hands full trying to find a way back into Heaven, Mary doesn’t have time to polish her halo, let alone solve a murder case. But when she finds out demons are responsible, Mary can’t look the other way.

But demons don’t play fair, and when Mary’s best friend is taken, she’ll have to make the ultimate choice between sinner and saint. Will she sacrifice an innocent for the chance to get her revenge, or will she lose everything she’s struggled for?

No one ever tells you the way back to Heaven is through Hell itself.



Pennies (Dollar Book 1)

by Pepper Winters

New York Times Bestseller, Pepper Winters, delivers another delicious Dark Romance.

"I'm not the hero in this story, girl. You'd do best to remember that.”

Once upon a time, I was an eighteen year old psychology student.
Now, I’m a man’s property.
Stolen and sold, I’ve been decorated in bruises since the day my world changed two years ago.
I suffer in silence, I crave freedom, but I never break.
I can’t.
Until he arrives.
Elder Prest, the only man to look at me and see me. The only man more ruthless than my owner.
He wants me for reasons I don’t understand.
He claims me for one night then leaves and never looks back.
Until he returns.
And life becomes much more complicated.

First Book in the USA Today Bestselling Dollar Series


Indebted to the Vampires: A Paranormal Vampire Romance (House of Durand Book 1)

by Erin Bedford

A broken vase isn’t all this maid owes her masters…

Piper is desperate for a job, but when the temp agency assigns her to be a maid for a bunch of entitled rich men, she isn’t sure the long hours and meager pay are worth it.

But a priceless, broken vase takes away any other option, and Piper suddenly finds herself far more indebted to her new employers than she ever thought possible.

Now, Piper comes to find that her clumsiness is the least of her troubles. Her mysterious and dangerously tempting employers have a secret. One that they are willing to kill to keep. She already owes them her time and her pay…

But will she owe them her life?



Chasing Influence: Transformational Coaching to Build Champions for Life

by Troy Urdahl

Embark on a transformative journey with Coach Stick Olson in “Chasing Influence,” where heartbreak, resilience, and the power of coaching converge to change lives and redefine success beyond the scoreboard.

What is your purpose? Have you ever felt lost in your purpose, unsure of how to make a meaningful impact?

Are you struggling to navigate life's challenges, seeking guidance on resilience and leadership?

Do you yearn to inspire others and leave a lasting legacy, but feel uncertain about where to begin?

In “Chasing Influence: Transformational Coaching to Build Champions for Life,” Dr. Troy Urdahl tells a captivating story around Coach Stick Olson, whose journey from devastating loss to profound influence resonates with readers seeking purpose and direction.

As Coach Olson rebuilds his life and the community ballfield, he imparts timeless wisdom to generations of players, revealing profound insights on relationships, leadership, and the true measure of success. Through engaging anecdotes and practical lessons, readers discover the transformative power of coaching beyond the game, finding inspiration to lead with purpose and impact in all areas of life.

Here’s what you can gain from this book:

  • Gain invaluable insights on resilience, leadership, and the true meaning of success.
  • Learn from the transformative journey of Coach Stick Olson and his lifelong impact on others.
  • Explore practical lessons applicable to leadership roles in sports, business, and everyday life.
  • Discover the power of allyship, empathy, wellness, and self-care in navigating life’s challenges.
  • Be inspired to redefine success beyond the scoreboard and leave a lasting legacy of influence.
  • Access wisdom from esteemed figures like Joe Ehrmann, author of “InSideOut Coaching”.
  • Find guidance on building meaningful relationships, fostering teamwork, and cultivating gratitude.
  • Learn how to navigate failure, model integrity, and embrace a mindset of growth and gratitude.
  • Unlock the secrets to transformative coaching and making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Explore the importance of service, commitment, and building a legacy that truly matters.


And more!

Experience the transformative power of coaching and leadership in “Chasing Influence.” In this book, every page inspires you to embrace your purpose, overcome challenges, and leave a lasting legacy of positive influence.

Join Coach Stick Olson on a journey of resilience, growth, and meaningful impact, and discover how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

Don’t miss your chance to embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation. Grab your copy of “Chasing Influence” today and unlock the secrets to leading with purpose, resilience, and profound influence!


Once a Myth (GODDESS ISLES Book 1)

by Pepper Winters


From New York Times bestseller, Pepper Winters, comes a new Dark Romance Series, Goddess Isles.
For those who loved Monsters in the Dark, Indebted, and Dollar Series, you'll LOVE this one!

“There was a boy once. A boy who wasn’t strong enough to save me when I was taken.”
There was a girl once. A girl called Tess Snow who sat with me in the dark, waiting to be sold.
There was an owner once. An owner who bought me, entrapped me, and made me his unwilling goddess.”

Eleanor Grace is a naïve dreamer. Trusting and young, she believes her travel-loving boyfriend can save her when her freedom is snatched and sold. Squirrelled away to an island at dawn, delivered to a man even darkness won’t touch, she’s bound by a contract.

Sullivan Sinclair is the giver of fantasies. Any wish, any desire—he is the master at quenching any appetite. His private paradise and perfectly trained goddesses are there for one purpose: to ensure every guest is extremely well satisfied.

He bought her.
He trapped her.
She belongs to him.

Dark Romance
First book of the Goddess Isles
75,000 words

Pepper has again singled herself out as the Queen of Darkness and Suspense. Wanton Book Lover Blog

Once A Myth needs to be on your e-reader, in your hands, and being read as soon as it is LIVE. As a dark romance lover, I highly recommend it! Chris

I believe one of the best series of a dark and twisted tale of 2020. And yes, I'm predicting that after just reading book 1. Sassy Southern

I’ve loved Pepper’s work since Monsters in the dark and all the in between work and let me tell you this is one of the best work she’s ever done. Dangerously in love with books


Loving the Ladies' Man: An Office Romance Sweet Romantic Comedy

by Kristin Canary

From bestselling author Kristin Canary comes a series filled with laughs, friendship goals, and the swooniest book boyfriends imaginable ...

Connor is the last guy in the world I should fall for.
He's the resident office flirt. I'm the quirky 
Pride & Prejudice-loving editor who uses big words and dresses like the world's non-sexiest librarian. We have nothing in common. Plus, we're competitors for the same job.

Fine by me. I'm happy to hold him at arms' length forever. And considering I'm practically the only woman in the office he's never flirted with, he's obviously happy to do the same.

But then, everything changes.
Because when we're stuck overnight in our office building thanks to an earthquake-induced landslide, I begin to realize that Connor isn't actually the jerk I thought he was—the kind who leads women on, just like my ex.

And when he offers to attend my ex's wedding as my fake boyfriend, things get even more interesting. Especially when he gives me that much-too-chaste kiss...

But I can't fall for him.
That would be repeating the same mistake, just with a different guy. Tell that to my dumb heart, though—the one that seems to think Connor Bryant is my Mr. Darcy.

Perfect for fans of:
flirtatious banter
office romances between competitors
charming “bad boys” who are secret cinnamon rolls
quirky bookish heroines
Pride & Prejudice references
fake relationships
forced proximity

Loving the Ladies’ Man is Book 1 in the California Dreamin’ sweet romantic comedy series, where a group of roommates and friends find their perfect matches and support one another like crazy. This single-POV novel is filled with all the sizzling romantic tension and swoons possible without on-page intimacy.


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Ever wonder what makes you unique? Sarah does! Join her on an incredible journey as she cracks the code of her genes and discovers the amazing secrets hidden inside her DNA! "Sarah's Gene-ius Discovery" is a thrilling adventure packed with fun facts, riddles and fascinating scienc

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