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Definition of the "LGBT Genre": The ebooks in this category range all of the genres that we promote at eBookHounds, but their characters are from one (or more) of the LGBT communities.  Therefore, one could find a Contemporary Romance ebook in this genre, or a Horror novel.  These ebooks also address topics that are more germane to the LGBT community than other communities.  


Some examples of highly-rated ebooks in the LGBT genre are Sharon M. Draper (Out of My Mind), Catherine Ryan Hyder (The Language of Hoofbeats), and Alexa Land (Against the Wall).

Heart Trouble (Hearts and Health Book 1)

by DJ Jamison

When Gage Evans gets a look at his hot nurse, he's smitten immediately. Too bad he's given the nurse the impression he's some kind of daredevil. It couldn't be further from the truth. Gage is a college journalism instructor writing a series of guest columns that require him to jump into new experiences -- a fun bucket list, but one that does nothing to convince Ben he's not an adrenaline junkie.

Fresh off his latest heartbreak, nurse Ben Griggs is wary when one of his patients shows an interest in him -- especially when that patient showed up in the ER after a motorcycle accident. Ben's ex was a biker, a friend with benefits, and he dropped Ben cold when someone more interesting came along. Ben isn't the kind of guy who can hold the interest of an adrenaline junkie like Gage Evans for long. The last thing he wants is to lose his heart to the wrong man again.

The more Ben gets to know Gage, the harder he is to resist. He can only hold on for the ride and keep his guard up as much as he can. But Ben's lack of trust seriously gets in the way of building a relationship, and Gage will only be patient so long. Can he trust Gage enough to give his heart, or are they destined to have a fling that goes nowhere?

This is a spin-off from the Ashe Sentinel Connections series, where Ben appears briefly in the book "Hard Press." It can be read as a standalone.


Altered Reality: A Lesbian Love Story

by Darcy Campbell

When Jodi and Ralph started their married life together she didn’t think she could ever have been happier. She had the man of her dreams, a good job and a future which promised everything.

But a devastating miscarriage meant that Jodi was unable to get pregnant again, resulting in her husband becoming withdrawn and detached.

Starved of affection, Jodi strikes up a friendship with Christine, her new next-door neighbor, and it isn’t long before she starts to have confused feelings for her.

But when she is involved in a car accident, Jodi wakes up in hospital to a life that is very different. Ralph is nowhere to be found and she learns that she has been in a relationship with Christine for over 7 years. On top of that, they have a successful business together.

Just as Jodi slowly begins to come to terms with her new life, fate steps in once more. But what will a second car wreck do to the state of her fragile mind? And which life is the real one?


Praline Goes To Washington

by Marshall Thornton

In the long-awaited sequel to The Perils of Praline, TV reality star Helmut Dump is unexpectedly and illogically elected to the presidency causing an epidemic of politically induced impotence. When Praline’s boyfriend Jason falls victim to the malicious malady, our hero must find a way to cure it. Meanwhile, Jason’s mother, actress Yolanda Grimes, has been invited to perform at Dump’s Inauguration. After she invites Jason and Praline to attend with her, Praline sees the opportunity he’s been looking for—all he needs to do is get to the new president and convince him to start being nice to people and stop scaring them. Along the way, Praline encounters a collection of bizarre and sometimes sexy characters, some old and some new. Will Praline meet the new president and convince him to turn over a new leaf, or will he find another way to rescue his sex life?


Possession 1

by Yamila Abraham

The demon possessed man Jonah has fallen under the dark authority of Priest Sabaste, patron of the four gods of Rainor. Sabaste crosses boundaries that no priest should, forcing Jonah to confront the vulnerability of his condition. He's thrust into the intrigue of the Rainor court, while at the mercy of its diabolical priest.

The start of a dark sensual slow-burn series by the author of Maelstrom!


Ride of Your Life

by Noah Harris

Drake is an omega wolf who just wants to be left alone, which becomes difficult when the Alpha of his pack decides he wants him as a mate. Rather than accept, Drake decides to run, and he’s been running ever since. He relishes in the thrill of the wild and the easiness of freedom. When he runs low on cash, however, he makes a snap decision to head down south to participate in an amateur rodeo to earn the prize money. His only problem? He’s never ridden a bull in his life. Luckily, a friendly trucker points him in the direction of a local dude ranch where he can find a teacher.

Gabe has dealt with a lot in his lifetime and lost many he held dear. It left him hardened and with little tolerance for his own kind. Luckily, he’s spent the last decade in a peaceful life on his ranch, with work to keep him busy and his ranch hands to keep him company. He was prepared to live out the rest of his days like this until a storm in the form of a young Omega came hurtling into his life, single-handedly awakening desires that had long been dormant.

Now the two of them have to decide to keep going on the paths they’ve paved for themselves or to take a chance and blaze a new trail.

Disclaimer: Ride of Your Life is a passionate long novel with over 400 pages packed of lovely man on male action. Very steamy M/M eBook for a mature audience ONLY.



by E.M. Lindsey

Two men, shaped by the demons of their past, find their lives inexplicably intertwined.

Nicolas Michaud, the prodigy composer and pianist, grew up apart from the world. Consumed by his desire to find the perfect musician for his Magnum Opus, he rejects human relationships, and it turns him cold.

Until, he meets Cedric Blum, a young chemical engineering student with a secret talent for music like Nicolas has never seen. But Cedric has his own past to overcome. With the help of an old friend and new relationships, the pair begin their journey toward love, life, and their personal Magnum Opus.


Breakers of the Code (The Anders' Quest Series Book 1)

by CB Archer

A virtual world perverted.
An ancient threat ignored.
A spunky elf pantsless.

Industry giant Tornado Tech Games has just released their latest masterpiece, the massively multi-player online role playing game Annals of Gentalia. Anders, the plucky elf Night Ranger is pumped to explore its most secret depths.

But things are not always how they seem in the virtual world. When the elf accidently breaks into the hidden code of the game, his play experience is forever altered. Everyone has to adapt to a game world where the once normal monsters are now charged with sexual energy. Anders ends up setting off on an epic journey to save his own ass.

As the world quickly plummets into chaos around him, a vital question lingers. What kind of video game would willingly release a horde of sex crazed monsters into the world? More importantly to Anders, where can an elf get some pants around here!?

Warning: Contains m/m content and vigorous monster banging.


In the Ring (BOXER Book 1)

by Rie Warren

The biggest fight of his life isn’t . . . In the Ring.

The bright lights. The roaring crowd. The chance at a championship belt. The not-so-little secret Liam Shaughnessy—the Bonny Bruiser—is fighting to keep tucked far away.

Liam got the pussy pounded out of him on the mean streets of Cin-city—the other Sin City. The oldest in a Catholic clan where his da never pulled any punches, he went from geek boy to the golden boy of the boxing world care of his fists. Liam’s on the fast track to having it all . . . all except the one man he wants.

Michael Fairweather makes pretending to be hetero goddamn difficult for Liam. The man is blond and beautiful and just so happens to be Liam’s trainer. With a penchant for doing shirtless yoga, giving midnight massages to loosen Liam’s muscles, and sometimes even taking it out in the ring with him. To say Liam has porn-style fantasies about Michael is an understatement.

Michael’s out and proud. Liam’s only proud of what he can do in the ring. He can’t risk his career, least of all for someone unavailable. Michael has a lover. Liam has the lies he lives every day. And when his money-grubbing manager gets involved as the title win approaches, Liam doesn’t know what hit him.

Fight to win. Fight with honor. It won’t be easy, but that’s okay. Nothing worth fighting for ever is.


Man & Beast (The Savage Land Book 1)

by Michael Jensen

What is the line that separates man from beast?

The year is 1797, and 24-year-old John Chapman is lost on the American frontier with winter falling fast. Near death, he stumbles upon a lone cabin, and the owner, a rugged but sexy frontiersman named Daniel McQuay, agrees to let John winter over.

John and Daniel quickly find themselves drawn to each other, the sex between them unlike anything John has ever known. But as the weeks turn into snowbound months, Daniel begins to change into someone brutish, and the line between man and beast disappears.

With the arrival of spring, John flees, eventually finding refuge in the company of a group of frontier outcasts, including a brash young settler named Palmer. But in the wilds of this savage land, love is not so easily tamed, and John soon finds himself calling upon the raging animal within him to save the man he loves.

Man & Beast, which The Advocate calls “equal parts romance novel and history lesson, heaped with sex and violence,” is the first book in the Savage Lands, a series that celebrates the untold gay history of the American frontier. Man & Beast is for fans of Harper Fox, Jerry Cole, K.J. Charles, and Mary Renault, as well as anyone who enjoys pulse-pounding suspense and romance.

(Man & Beast was previously published under the title Frontiers.)


Love at First Sight: Home Collection, Book 4

by Cardeno C.

The moment naïve, optimistic Jonathan Doyle glimpses a gorgeous blue-eyed stranger from afar, he believes in love at first sight. Unfortunately, he loses sight of the man before they meet and then spends years desperately trying to find him. Just as he is about to give up, Jonathan gets a break and finally encounters David Miller face to face.

Successful, confident David turns Jonathan's previously lonely life into a fairy tale, giving him more than he ever imagined. But the years spent searching were hard on Jonathan, and he's terrified his young son and scandalous past will destroy his blossoming relationship. For David and Jonathan to build a future together, they'll both have to dig deep: David for the courage to share himself in a way he's never considered and Jonathan for the strength to tell the truth.


Josy's Bar: The Initiation: Series VOL 1 Kindle

by Gorgidas

A young business executive is quite uncertain about his sexuality. He visits a bar on one corner of New York known for it’s gay and lesbian scenes, where a lot of revelations stared in his face. Read his enthralling journey into the interestingly amazing New York elite gay club. He learns how very powerful the gay community of New York might be and he ultimately discovered his true sexuality.


Sacramento Dirtier (Dirty)

by Susan Ward

Meet Colin Rand, California’s new governor. He’s hot. He’s dirty mouthed. He’s hotter and dirtier in bed. A new sizzling M/M romance release from Amazon #1 Bestselling Gay Fiction author Susan Ward.

When Hollywood leading man Colin Rand runs for governor hoping the publicity will revive his dwindling career, he surprises the world—and most of all himself—by winning. Why he’s surprised is anyone’s guess, though, since things work differently in the golden state and if an actor can make it to the top in politics anywhere, California is the place.

Now this pretty boy from the Southland is landlocked in the capital, trapped between warring political factions and a press watching his every move, just waiting for him to fail. Worse, he has to keep his sexual predilections under wraps if he hopes to run the state instead of having the press run him.

He is an expert at keeping his private affairs private from his adoring movie fans.

What he doesn’t expect is for Sacramento to be even more of a hotbed of lust, lies, jealousy, and revenge than the film industry.
And he certainly doesn’t expect to catch the eye of Miles James.

His political enemy.

His toughest fight in bed.

Sacramento Dirtier is a humorous, flirty novel about one man’s quest to change the direction of his career, and a series of unexpected turns that change the direction of his life.

Gay Romance Standalone


The Country Omega (The Downing Cycle Book 1)

by Penelope Peters


Omega Ethan Downing doesn’t want a mate. He wants to play his piano and travel the world. But with his acceptance to a prestigious musical conservatory hanging in the balance – and an ex who won’t take “no” for a hint – Ethan’s father arranges a bonding with an alpha neither of them have ever met.

Alpha Antonio Valdez’s life is perfect. He has the career, the money, the looks. In fact, he’d be perfectly happy never to bond at all. When his overbearing father arranges a bonding for him, he’s ready to find every excuse in the world not to go through with it.

One meeting changes both Ethan’s and Antonio's minds.

Too bad their fathers have also changed theirs.

Now Ethan and Antonio have to fight for something they never even dreamed they wanted: each other.


A Call to Arms: Book One of the Chronicles of Arden

by Shiriluna Nott

Gibben Nemesio is in trouble. His parents are dead, his sister is missing, and he’s been left the sole provider for his two younger brothers. With a war brewing in the east and no guarantee of surviving another brutal winter, Gib’s life is plagued with uncertainty. To make matters worse, he suddenly finds himself uprooted from his home and drafted into the army. Forced to leave his siblings behind, Gib reports to Silver City, where he enrolls in the legendary Academy of Arden. An outsider and misfit, Gib struggles to fit in among the highborn city folk. His charming candor eventually wins him a handful of friends—an enigmatic mage trainee with a secret, a young girl who has defied tradition by joining the military, and a prince looking to escape his stifling, royal life. But his new-found comrades may not be able to help when Gib alone overhears a traitorous plot—a scheme so horrible that if seen to fruition, all of Arden will suffer for it. It's up to Gib to convince the High Council of Arden to act, before it's too late.



by E.M. Lindsey

Humanity is on the brink of war—a war which threatens to destroy human kind, and yet they remain blissfully unaware.

However, the Shifters know it—the ones who turn with the waxing and waning of the full moon. Those from the Underworld know it—the ones who spread chaos and murder. And the Hunters know it—the mortals cursed with the burden of knowledge, and the responsibility of protecting the human race.

War is coming. One which doesn’t belong to Jack, a Hunter bred with a gift, a weapon against the Supernatural kind, who is single-minded, and hell-bent on revenge against those who murdered his lover. And it’s a war which doesn’t belong to Kieran, a Werewolf sworn to no pack by choice, living a life of peace and quiet, away from the Supernatural community.

When the pair are suddenly thrown together, forced to take sides against those who would destroy everything they hold dear, they must quickly re-learn what it means to be loyal. What it means to protect those they love. Working together, the pair must eliminate the greatest threat to their community either of them have ever known.


Bad Reputation (Queen City Boys Book 2)

by Ajax Bell

Does Seattle give a damn about his past reputation?
After being caught in a backseat tryst with the mayor's son, twenty-one-year-old Shane Fontaine is exiled from his small hometown. Now, alone in the city, he seeks solace in punk show mosh pits and bathhouse saunas.
But the music scene and gay community in 1982 recession-era Seattle aren’t always safe. Rescued from a brutal beating, Shane forms a friendship with a Russian engineering student that launches a confounding set of traumatic and ecstatic encounters.
Shane’s quest for human connection sends him down dark, dangerous streets. To survive, he must become the man who chooses to persist, to do the right thing and stand up for others.

This close-up portrait of pre-AIDS Seattle illuminates dark corners, where homeless kids cluster for safety near the revitalized Pike Place Market. Bad Reputation contrasts the deeply personal need for friendship with the universal dilemma: people aren’t always what they seem.

The Queen City Boys books are a linked novel sequence that needs not be read in any particular order. Spanning four decades in Seattle, Queen City Boys tells the explicit adventures of an eclectic group of gay friends as they find their way through the ends and beginnings of their most important relationships.


Fated Date Agency: The Box Set

by Abraham Steele

The Fated Date Agency matches alphas and omegas to their mates... but fate won't let these shifters find their happy endings without a few twists, a little adventure, and a whole lot of heat!

At nearly 2000 pages, these bestselling gay paranormal novels will keep you turning the pages for hours.

This box set includes:

Fated Dates
When Bryant is matched to his straight best friend, he'll do anything to keep Cade from finding out the truth.

Illicit Mates
A college freshman and his professor attempt to deny their fated connection.

Mail Order Husbands
The pack alpha's mate is pulled out of prison and delivered to his door.

Greater than Fate
Jarvis and Ford slowly build a relationship, even though Ford has already written to the agency.

Mating Addiction
Diago searches for love while Raymond only wants sex. An unexpected pregnancy complicates matters.

Omega Groupie
Bailey's irrational obsession with a rock star leads him to realize that they're mates.

Hidden Shifter
After Samuel is told his mate is dead, he finds out the omega is actually alive and in his town.

Destiny’s Passion
Stefan seeks out his alpha, only to find out he's already in a passionless marriage.

The Fated Date Agency has closed, and one alpha will go to any lengths to find his mate.

This box set contains nine full-length, steamy romance novels with themes of homosexuality and male pregnancy. Each stands alone with a unique couple and its own HEA ending.


Southern Whiskey

by Morgan Shaw

When two gay country stars tug on each others' heartstrings, it's time to face the music...

“I need to tell someone what happened.”

Shy musician Eli Clay's problems are piling up. He's part of a musical duo with his best friend Jessie - the only person who knows he's actually gay. He can't come out to his parents, and his manager is out of the question, too. He could lose his contract if he admitted he likes guys. But that's not the only problem... Eli slept with someone, and that someone might just be Jessie's ex-boyfriend. The regret is eating him alive, and he doesn't know who to confide in. That is, until he meets his musical idol, Austin Moon.

“I want to get over him...”

Sexy, talented and the perfect catch. Austin Moon has everything going for him... Except for his messed up love life. He keeps his love close to his heart - always wearing the dog tags of his once-lover, Miles, who died in combat. Austin's music career is going places, and he knows he can make it big, but his manager Ajax thinks he needs someone else on his team. Enter Eli Clay.

“I can make it all better.”

When the two young musicians are thrown together in a hot summer of love, they can't resist temptation and the strong pull they feel towards each other. They'll have to go up against a homophobic manager, an angry best friend, and a love that could break both of their hearts... But in the end, it will all be worth it.

Southern Whiskey is a steamy, standalone gay romance novel with no cliffhanger. There is a guaranteed happy ending.


Desert Run

by Marshall Thornton

Palm Springs, 1973. On the lam after killing a mobster’s son in a bar fight, Don Harris hides out as a piano player in a Palm Springs restaurant until he’s accidentally found out. Broke and desperate, he walks into an unfamiliar bar where he meets...

Harlan, the secret lover of a well-known movie star. Stashed away in the sleepy resort, Harlan is bored and often alone which is why he’s spending the afternoon in his favorite gay bar.

When the two meet, Don thinks he’s using Harlan for a place to hide out but slowly realizes he’s falling for the kid. Don knows he shouldn’t get involved but can’t help but step in when Harlan gets into trouble. To save himself, Don’s got to save Harlan.

A straight-to-gay romantic thriller from the Lambda-Award Winning author of The Boystown Mysteries.

Rainbow Awards - Honorable Mention Mystery/Thriller
Rainbow Awards - Honorable Mention Bisexual Novel


Taken Back: A Steamy M/M Romance (Taken Series Book 1)


Sometimes you need to go back to your past, in order to move on to your future.

Jax Hunter has spent the last ten years trying to forget his first love Nathan Steele—and the brutal betrayal that derailed everything he’d worked so hard for. Jax has finally gotten his life back together, when Nathan returns to deliver another blow – his company is set to bulldoze the bar he’s built from nothing.

Ever since that summer in high school, Nathan has been denying his feelings for Jax—the only person he’s ever loved. Nathan knows Jax might never forgive him, but when Nathan’s uncle is murdered and Nathan might be next on the hit-list, Jax is the only one he can turn to.

Jax still doesn’t trust Nathan—not with his bar, and for damn sure, not with his heart. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is to resist the undeniable passion between them. Can they overcome their past hurts and learn to trust each other again? Or will another betrayal tear them apart forever?

***This is a steamy M/M romance that can be read as a stand alone story.***



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