Castro Jack: Gay 1970s San Francisco

Castro Jack: Gay 1970s San Francisco

by Mark Cartwright

San Francisco, 1976. British busker bum Jack is searching to be liberated by the time he hits 30.

With his straight friends in London settling in the suburbs, Jack is left lost and lonely until he decides to adventure to San Francisco. Growing up Catholic, being homosexual has always been a thorn in his side and he vows that now is the time to break the curse. Roaming the streets, Jack explores the gay community and plays guitar at Aladdin's Furniture Barn and makes a living as a nude cleaner. But will the city be the gay paradise he has heard about? And will he go back with what he came for?

Castro Jack is a story that captures the abundant love of 70s San Francisco, with its gritty open heart and learning to be comfortable with yourself. Expect to be charmed, curious and aroused by Jack's adventures and be left with sunny nostalgia that makes you wish you'd been there yourself.

(Contain explicit gay erotica and adult themes)



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