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Definition of the "Humor Genre": Ebooks in the Humor genre are usually jam-packed with fun and excitement, although they can also be a darker form of humor.  These ebooks are typically shorter than works in other genres, as they hit on topics in more of a machine-gun style.  They address a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from the authors' personal lives to commentary on society.  They are typically very sarcastic and adeptly address a kaleidoscope of situations experienced by the authors.  


Examples of some bestselling ebooks in the Humor genre are David Sedaris (Me Talk Pretty One Day), Amy Poehler (Yes Please), Randall Monroe (What If?), and Tina Fey (Bossypants).

Over Easy: The Continental Breakfast Club, book 1

by Pamela Ford

"A delightful read ... a laugh out loud book ... part mystery, part chic lit, part suspense, part romance ... funny, sweet, and very engaging." (A Splendid Messy Life)

Allie Parker's had enough. Just because she's a dog groomer, her overachieving family of doctors and lawyers treats her like a child. She's convinced that a successful husband is all she needs to change their attitudes.

So when she and her friends come up with a brilliant new way to meet eligible men, Allie squeezes into her sister's stylish clothes and sneaks into continental breakfast at an upscale hotel to find herself the perfect guy. Before Allie has taken her last bite of syrup-laden waffle, she's met the man of her dreams. But what she doesn't know is that he's a jewel thief who mistakenly thinks she's his contact--and so does everyone else who's after his stash of diamonds.

Suddenly Allie's world is crazily upended. And as she scrambles to prove her innocence and get back to her old life, she discovers happily ever after sneaks up when you least expect it.


Soulmates: A Novel

by Jessica Grose


"For anyone who has ever suspected something sinister lurking behind the craze of new-age spirituality, Jessica Grose has crafted just the tale for you. With the delicious bite of satire and the page-turning satisfaction of a thriller, Soulmates is a deeply compelling, funny and sharply observed look at just how far we will go to achieve inner peace."—Lena Dunham

A clever, timely novel about a marriage, and infidelity, the meaning of true spirituality, perception and reality from the author of Sad Desk Salad, in which a scorned ex-wife tries to puzzle out the pieces of her husband’s mysterious death at a yoga retreat and their life together.

It’s been two years since the divorce, and Dana has moved on. She’s killing it at her law firm, she’s never looked better, thanks to all those healthy meals she cooks, and she’s thrown away Ethan’s ratty old plaid recliner. She hardly thinks about her husband—ex-husband—anymore, or about how the man she’d known since college ran away to the Southwest with a yoga instructor, spouting spiritual claptrap that Dana still can’t comprehend.

But when she sees Ethan’s picture splashed across the front page of the New York Post—"Nama-Slay: Yoga Couple Found Dead in New Mexico Cave"—Dana discovers she hasn’t fully let go of Ethan or the past. The article implies that it was a murder-suicide, and Ethan’s to blame. How could the man she once loved so deeply be a killer? Restless to find answers that might help her finally to let go, Dana begins to dig into the mystery surrounding Ethan’s death. Sifting through the clues of his life, Dana finds herself back in the last years of their marriage . . . and discovers that their relationship—like Ethan’s death—wasn’t what it appeared to be.

A novel of marriage, meditation, and all the spaces in between, Soulmates is a page-turning mystery, a delicious satire of our feel-good spiritual culture, and a nuanced look at contemporary relationships by one of the sharpest writers working today.




by Heidi Goody et al

Charged with gross incompetence, Satan is fired from his job as Prince of Hell and exiled to that most terrible of places: English suburbia. Forced to live as a human under the name of Jeremy Clovenhoof, the dark lord not only has to contend with the fact that no one recognises him or gives him the credit he deserves but also has to put up with the bookish wargamer next door and the voracious man-eater upstairs.

Heaven, Hell and the city of Birmingham collide in a story that features murder, heavy metal, cannibalism, armed robbers, devious old ladies, Satanists who live with their mums, gentlemen of limited stature, dead vicars, petty archangels, flamethrowers, sex dolls, a blood-soaked school assembly and way too much alcohol.

Clovenhoof is outrageous and irreverent (and laugh out loud funny!) but it is also filled with huge warmth and humanity. Written by first-time collaborators Heide Goody and Iain Grant, Clovenhoof will have you rooting for the bad guy like never before.

F. Paul Wilson: "Clovenhoof is a delight. A funny, often hilarious romp with a dethroned Satan as he tries to adjust to modern suburbia. The breezy, ironic prose sets a perfect tone. If you need some laughs, here's the remedy."

Voted "TBC Favourite Comedy 2015" by real readers.


Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies and Hugs: Veterinary Tales

by PJ Miller

Dr. P. J. Miller's story is unique. Growing up in New York City, who would have thought that he’d complete his veterinary degree at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland? In Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies & Hugs, Dr. Miller has assembled a "greatest hits" of veterinary tales—stories that include colorful clients, wisecracking hospital staff, and pets that aren't always friendly.

Cute Poodles, Sweet Old Ladies & Hugs provides a humorous look at what Dr. Miller went through to become a veterinarian and his daily life as a doctor, told only as a typical New Yorker could. Underneath the humor, Dr. Miller gives a glimpse of how strong and emotional the human-animal bond can be, becoming an instant must-read for any aspiring veterinary professional or animal lover that wants to know what it is really like to be a veterinarian.

See his website for further information about the book and for more veterinary tales


Punderful!: Dad Jokes, Bad Puns, and Terribly Funny Anecdotes

by Josh Kilen

This book is a celebration of puns, jokes, and humor that only Dads, and Dads-in-Training, can appreciate. From short and funny zingers to longer stories that will have your audience groaning with laughter, this book has everything you need to tell awfully funny jokes.

If you’re a Dad, you will love it. If you’re a child, you will grow wiser and more wonderful in your father’s eyes with each terrible but hilarious joke you tell him.

Do yourself a favor, get this book and become the life of the party, an instant wit, and possibly your father’s favorite child.


In the Glow of the Lavalamp: Stories of Bad Sex and Other Misfortunes

by Lily Wilson

As Lord Byron, who no doubt survived many an awkward situation himself, said, “Always laugh whenever you can. It is cheap medicine."

In the Glow of the Lavalamp delivers ten stories of sex gone hilariously wrong, set in the bathtubs, back seats, battlegrounds, and bedrooms of America. These tales confirm that bizarre is indeed the nature of the universe and humor may be the best path through it.


A grad student rappels down the side of a building on a bed sheet in an attempt to escape shame. An unlikely couple destroys a family heirloom when desire careens out of control. A bumbling lothario nearly beheads his lover when his seduction plans go awry. A middle-aged woman finds herself entwined in a passionate embrace at a Civil War battlefield. Earnest people, hell-bent on believing that reality lies at the surface of things, scramble toward acceptance of their humanity as they stumble over the unspoken and unacknowledged.


You'll laugh, grimace, maybe even shriek with recognition. Odd as it may seem, tales of bad sex and other misfortunes can restore your faith in humankind, in your ability to weather the chaos of life, and in the healing power of laughter. Light and redemption glitter among the catastrophes within these pages.





It’s the end of the world as we know it, but someone still needs to do the paperwork.
Incomprehensible horrors from beyond are going to devour our world but that’s no excuse to get all emotional about it. Morag Murray works for the secret government organisation responsible for making sure the apocalypse goes as smoothly and as quietly as possible.
In her first week on the job, Morag has to hunt down a man-eating starfish, solve a supernatural murder and, if she’s got time, prevent her own inevitable death.
The first book in a new comedy series by the creators of ‘Clovenhoof’, Oddjobs is a sideswipe at the world of work and a fantastical adventure featuring amphibian wannabe gangstas, mad old cat ladies, ancient gods, apocalyptic scrabble, fish porn, telepathic curry and, possibly, the end of the world before the weekend.


Labor Pains

by C.A. Huggins

Hilarious, Darkly Comedic Workplace Novel

Attaining the American Dream One Lie at a Time.


Kevin Taylor is a woefully mediocre man who finds himself at a crossroads in his mid-30's. Everyday his alarm clock wakes him up for the cold realization that he has to go to a job that he downright loathes. His cubicle is his own private cell for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.


All of his efforts to get a promotion or get another job over the past 10 years have been thwarted by his indifference towards hard work and overall incompetence. He feels destined to be stuck in the glut of the lower middle-class, living from check to check, never having the ability to do the things he wants to do, and going to a passionless job he hates in order to maintain his mediocre fate.

He is then proposed a scenario where he would be guaranteed a promotion at his job by getting all of his rival co-workers fired from their respective positions, thus leaving him as the only candidate for the lone vacancy. This strategy of office terrorism leads him into a string of hysterical occurrences as he quests to get what he thinks he rightfully deserves.


Language in the blood: Book 1

by Angela lockwood

Until the outbreak of the First World War, young Cameron Blair would have liked nothing better than to stay in Edinburgh and marry his childhood sweetheart. As the call to arms goes out, Cameron and his pals sign up to fight for their country. They are soon delivered into the nightmare of war, and there Cameron more than meets his maker.

The story follows Cameron as he comes to terms with his new ‘life’, from his first days as a hapless vampire in war-torn France to the glamorous modern day setting of the Côte d’Azur. Along the way, he develops a distinctive taste for the finer things in life: jewels, yachts, small dogs and champagne-infused human...

This is a dark comedy, not suitable for the faint-hearted. Cameron, our vampire, has an unusual diet.

follow language in the blood on:
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They Were The Best of Gnomes, They Were The Worst of Gnomes

by Robert P. Wills

Book 1: They were the Best of Gnomes, They were the Worst of Gnomes.

Two Gnomes -Grimbledung and Drimblerod- are just trying to get along in life when their worlds collide. Drimblerod runs a moderately reputable second-hand wand shop that does pretty well at moving inventory. Grimbledung runs a disreputable second-hand wand wagon that he moves regularly to avoid the authorities.

Drimblerod thinks he has found the perfect partner- someone he can trust (he's a fellow Gnome, after all) and one that will keep away pesky non-buying window shoppers. Little does he realize that his new-found partner suffers from Pixie Madness! Thanks to a ricochet to the head in the Great Pixie Uprising, Grimbledung experiences episodes of instability and uncontrolled fits of Pixie-anger!

As Grimbledung gets used to his new life of respectable shop ownership, the pair end up befriending Nulu Bentknees the Trolless across the street, Pozzuoli Consigliore the Dwarf next door, and even the town constable- Akita Finnish (a Werewolf who would rather bask in the sun than do anything else). Along with Big Julie, the headmistress of the school of magic down the road, this diverse group learns to deal with Grimbledung's antics as they try to refocus his outlandish get rich schemes and unpredictable outbursts into something more productive. Or at least more quiet!

Things start to look up until Grimbledung manages to annoy the entire Great Halfling Empire. Well, at least the Halfling soldiers in town. It takes until late in Book 2 for the ENTIRE empire to get annoyed with him. He is just one Gnome, after all. With an impending invasion, everyone is on their toes. It doesn't help that Grimbledung is stepping on them!

Book 6, "It's the Election, Stupid" is in the works. You're welcome.


Dan and Frankie Save the World

by Richard Langridge

So here's the deal.

That guy you bought the latte from this morning on your way to work? Yeah, turns out he wasn't human. I know, you're surprised. It's okay. That's normal. In fact, chances are the majority of people sitting around you right now aren't human, either. You're probably in danger. You might want to do something about that. Go ahead, get yourself someplace safe. No, I'll wait.

Are you there? Great. Now listen up, cause there's only time to say this once. YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. THEY are everywhere. They're your mailman and your accountant. They're the girl who works the register down at the grocery store. They're your boss and your friends and your parents. They're everyone, and they're EVERYWHERE.

Pretty scary, huh?

But don't worry. You know about them now. You have a chance. You can survive. But you'll have to be quick.

Now, tell me: do you have any salt?


Basically Good People

by Will Martin

Virgil Ray and Martha Mae Pickers are basically good people. Still, like most basically good people, they’re subject to the siren calls of fame, fortune and — not least — impressing their neighbors.

In this laugh-out-loud novel of linked stories reminiscent of the unforgettable characters and sense of place portrayed in stories by Fannie Flagg and Garrison Keillor, the Pickers and their Oakley County neighbors find themselves in outlandish predicaments, however well-intentioned. A faked resurrection, a return to high school at age 60, a visit by Elvis, helping the US Treasury bust a moonshiner, plus a hijinks-riddled cross-denominational Thanksgiving church service — through it all, Virgil Ray, Martha Mae and their hound dog Buddy have each other. Heaven help them!


After Church Mysteries: Rev. Richard Burgess, P.I.

by Will Martin

Armed with snacks and voted 'Most Likely to Succeed' by his fly-by-night private investigator school, Reverend Richard Burgess has left the pulpit behind to try his hand at helping people in a different way. After shedding his pastor duds for a newly acquired closetful of somewhat questionable disguises, Detective Burgess sets out to leverage his considerable people smarts to solve crimes and bring closure to his clients.

In this hilarious novel of linked short stories, the former minister busts a smuggling ring, solves a murder, launches a viral video on YouTube, tracks down a ghost, and after exposing a deadly real estate scam, finds CNN in his front yard. After church is over, staying out of trouble might just be Richard’s new full-time job.



by Alethea Robertson

Newly single mother, Nikki Estrella Jones, desperate to free herself from under her ex-husband’s cowboy grip and his straw-chewing bow lips, follows a washed-up has-been into a questionable home-based business venture after the final blow of getting canned from yet another job. But this new adventure has her doing things even her job would never have asked…

A lighthearted, humorous tale of a newly single mom and her struggles to overcome herself and become independent. And maybe even find a little love in the process...maybe...

Ten percent of all proceeds go to helping children and families in need.


Operation Cosmic Teapot

by Dylan Callens

"A virgin birth? A virgin? Her?" God shouted at Freud while recalling his one night stand with Mary. Freud snorted another line of cocaine in celebration, believing that this story would help Nietzsche in his quest to fire God from Heaven Inc. Nietzsche, however, has other problems: the Norse gods are running amok on Earth, his board of directors are in a constant state of chaos, and syphilis pushes him into a past life that he would rather forget. How will he prevail?

Operation Cosmic Teapot takes you on a wild, hilarious ride that explores the relationship between people and gods. Thought-provoking and humorous, the Teapot is sure to leave you wanting more.


Plan Bea

by Hilary Grossman

We live our entire lives thinking we know those closest to us. But do we ever really?

On the outside, Annabel O'Conner has it all - the perfect husband, two adorable children, an amazing job, and a mother from hell! Just when she gives up trying to regain her overbearing mother's love, an unexpected call turns her world around and makes Annabel question everything she believes about her life.

Could falling in love give a cold, stubborn, and selfish woman a second chance to open her heart back up to her family?

Beatrice Buchanan has spent more years than she can remember distancing herself from everyone close to her. She barely has a relationship with her grandchildren. The only time she manages to have a one way conversation with her daughter is during her weekly fifteen-minute commute to the nail salon. When Bea meets Walter on a cruise she realizes there may be more to life than designer clothes, killer handbags, and impressing the ladies at her posh country club.

As the mother and daughter duo team up to plan "Long Island's wedding of the year" they confront the secrets and lies that have defined them. This humorous emotionally honest women's contemporary fiction novel will tug at your heartstrings and the twist ending will shock you.

"Although a light read, the subject matter was very sad at times and I found myself choking back tears, but in a good way! It was so authentically heart wrenching yet often very funny too. The characters were so well fleshed out and three dimensional - no one was perfect and no one was fatally flawed - like real life. I thought the twist was genius!" - Meredith Schorr Best Selling Author


The Dog That Laid Eggs: Every Monster Comes From Somewhere

by Jonathan Maas

Something Strange is Happening in Bufkin County
Hitch saw his dog Salem’s golden frame collapsed and quivering on the ground, and he knew something was wrong. She’d been fine the day before, swimming in the creek just as careless as a dog swimming in a creek should be, but Salem was now moaning, fussing and generally acting as if a cat had just been elected governor.
Hitch knelt down in front of his dog and felt her fur, which was a little mangy. He also noticed how swollen Salem’s belly was. The ol' girl's giving birth! He thought. And her unborn offspring's roughly the size and shape of a gigantic egg!

What Will Happen When it Hatches?
If you think this is the end of the tale, then you don’t know Bufkin County. Come along with young Hitch, Constable Buford Bumford and Jethro as they discover that their dog Salem is going to launch something that will turn their lives upside down, and change the world in ways that no one could ever imagine.


Torn Trousers


What could possibly go wrong in paradise?

Tired of mortgage and car payments, thirty-something Andrew and Gwynn sold nearly everything they owned but their Siamese cat and escaped their humdrum nine-to-five existence for life in paradise—a tiny island accessible only by boat or air in one of the remotest spots on Earth: the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Woefully inexperienced, they took control of a luxury game lodge where the rich and famous went to sip G&Ts with lions and elephants.

Trouble soon followed.

Their lives were threatened daily by snakes, elephants, baboons, and a hyena with a plastic fetish. Not to mention the endless—and often insurmountable—challenge of keeping their five-star guests fed in a world where the closest supermarket was an air flight away.

Amongst others, their guests included a famous Hollywood director, some French aristocrats, a Mafia lawyer, world-famous singers, and the England cricket captain.

Light-hearted and humorous, this adventure—peppered with some drama and suspense—will enthrall you with its unique look at life as game lodge managers in wild Africa.


Jokes: Best Jokes 2016 Ultimate Collection

by Hudson Moore

“Get ready to get your giggle on!”

Everyone needs a good rib-tickling, belly-laughing session with family and friends. Lets be honest, it brings groups together and helps people form stronger connections. Not to mention it has amazing health benefits. :)

Giggling on a regular basis is proven to naturally help the overall wellbeing of the mind while putting a spark into your day. Having a good old chuckle also releases soothing euphoric endorphins that help decrease stress and anxiety.

Did you know that you're 30 times more likely to laugh if you're with somebody else than if you're alone? So next time you have a gathering with friends, why not share some of these absolute cracker jokes?

This book contains The Ultimate 2016 Collection of short jokes that will make you cry with laughter. You will be gasping for air with funny one-liners that you can share with all of your mates.

We have avoided smutty blonde jokes and predictable momma gags that may offend some people.

You are left with solid jokes that are clever, witty and hilariously funny!

Health Benefits of Laughter...

  • Produces a general sense of well-being
  • Fun ab workout
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Reduces stress hormone levels
  • Triggers the release of endorphins
  • Enhances cardiac health
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Help bring people together
  • Much, much

Imagine how good it will feel to use these jokes on your friends and family!


In Search of Lady Ayahuasca: An Ill-Conceived Quest Through the Peruvian Amazon

by Zach Zimmerman

Zach Zimmerman struggles with long-term commitment. After dropping out of the University of Southern California and moving to Peru for seven months, Zach ultimately discovers that, in every respect imaginable, he’s broke. No money. No plans. No purpose. Of course, if he were normal, this is the point when he’d beg his parents for a flight home. Instead, Zach decides this is the appropriate time to venture alone into one of the deadliest and most unpredictable regions of the planet: the Amazon rainforest.

See, according to some guy Zach met in the south of Peru—a guy with a distinct fondness for psychedelics—there exists a spirit of the jungle, and this spirit has a name: Lady Ayahuasca. Local legend holds that Lady Ayahuasca is a divine mother, an omnipotent presence that guides all those who seek her counsel to their true, enlightened paths. Zach, a devoted skeptic, puts little stock into the proposed existence of jungle spirits, yet is nevertheless intrigued by their growing popularity, particularly among New Age travelers, and expects at the very least to find some level of excitement in a land of such great unknown.

What Zach doesn’t expect to find is the tarantulas and alligators and shamans and native Amazonian tribes and pretty Chinese girls and eccentric characters that, chaotic and random and dangerous as they may appear, all seem to be leading him somewhere, until, in the end, Zach discovers (well, let’s not leave any spoilers here).

Though at its outset, In Search of Lady Ayahuasca is a humorous examination of the abstract, seemingly incredulous beliefs we humans are drawn to, at its heart it’s about a young man struggling to find his own way in a world of beaten-down paths. Zach Zimmerman’s guile and self-deprecatory humor make his journal hard to put down, and his insightful stream of consciousness regarding the nature of skepticism and spirituality will have you reflecting inward as you laugh outward.

Plus, it’s only like a hundred pages.



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