Historical Romance

Historical Romance

Does the love of yesteryear tug at your heart strings? When you’re looking to download free and discounted historical romance ebooks, this is the place to go. Satisfy your inner passion for bestselling historical romance in this category, and never pay more than what you should. We routinely feature the best authors of historical romance ebooks, and they always promote their ebooks to you--for free or for a discount. 


Definition of "Historical Romance Genre": This is a very popular subgenre in the massive Romance category.  As with other subgenres of the Romance category, these books typically include the common elements of a romance ebook.  So, the love and relationship between two people is central to the story, they have to overcome sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles to fall in love, but they do end up in love at the end of the stories.  Authors in the historical romance subgenre have another task in their writing, however, in that they need to set their stories not in contemporary times, but in times that typically are over a century in the past.  Thus, if you appreciate history and the details specific to other times in our world as well as a love story this is a fantastic subgenre for you. 


Some examples of bestselling ebooks in the Historical Romance genre are Diana Gabaldon (Outlander), Petra Durst-Benning (The Glassblower), Tracy Brogan (Highland Surrender), and Danielle Steele (Pegasus).

It Happened Under the Mistletoe and other Yuletide Tales: A Regency Christmas Romance Anthology

by Jenna Jaxon

A heart-warming collection of Christmas tales set during the Regency period from best-selling author Jenna Jaxon.

Hearts Beneath the Mistletoe: When Jenny Crowley discovers she’s been secretly betrothed to the boy next door, she takes her future happiness into her own hands and sets out to find her true love during a country Christmas house party.

A Match Made at Christmas: Leonardo, Lord Ashurst accepts an invitation to a neighbor’s Christmas party and is introduced to Lady Sophia Constantine, for whom he experiences an immediate attraction. With the lady’s betrothal on the brink of being announced, can Leo win her heart by posing as her betrothed or will his deception ruin any chance they have of a happily ever after?

Married by Christmas: After two miserable Seasons, Miss Marianne Covington is determined not to have a third and enlists the help of longtime friend William Stanley to assist her. Will wagers he can find her a husband before Christmas. But when none of the suitors suit, he is ready to do something drastic for the woman who's become more than just a friend.

It Happened at Christmas: Exiled to Bath for Christmas, Miss Portia Willingham writes to her uncle to cheer her up. The letter lands in the lap of a stranger, Nicholas, Lord Daventry, who travels to Bath in hopes of meeting the spirited young woman he only knows by the name of “Pence.” But protocol demands they be introduced, and as they don’t know each other by sight, and Portia is prohibited from attending the dances at the Assembly Rooms, they must find a more ingenious way of turning their forbidden correspondence into a Christmas romance neither one will ever forget.

It Happened Under the Mistletoe: Roger, Lord Daventry is contemplating a quiet Christmas at his home in Bath—until he literally falls at the feet of beautiful Lady Sylvia Montgomery. He and Lady Sylvia have an immediate attraction, but everyone is leaving London for their country homes for the holidays. Roger says his goodbyes, hoping to meet Sylvia again in the spring.

Lady Sylvia, however, has other plans.

Cajoling her parents into spending Christmas in Bath, Lady Sylvia is thrilled to meet Lord Daventry once more at the city’s Assembly Rooms. She and Roger manage a tryst under the mistletoe and Roger is ready to make a declaration for Sylvia’s hand. But when her father is called away on business, and her brother, Lord Chumleigh, arrives to chaperone Sylvia, Roger recognizes a man from his past who can sabotage his hopes of marriage to Sylvia.


A Stolen Kiss (Victorian Love Book 1)

by M.A. Nichols

A mistaken kiss. A forced engagement. Can it become something more?

Lily Kingsley accepts that she is destined to be a spinster—but not until she gets her first kiss. And she knows the perfect gentleman to enlist. Unfortunately, she kisses the wrong one and ends up in the arms of an overbearing and exceptionally frustrating merchant.

When busybodies catch them in their illicit embrace, an engagement is the only solution, but Lily doesn’t want a fiancé who’s only doing his duty. And she certainly doesn’t want a gentleman far too used to getting his own way. She simply must make him see how ill-suited they are.

But why is the fellow so determined to see their engagement through?

Jack Hatcher hates surprises, but when a beguiling lady mistakes him for someone else and launches herself into his arms, he discovers not all surprises are bad. Marriage was not in Jack’s plans, but Lily stirs something inside him he never expected to feel.

But with his fiancé desperate to break with him and a new enemy working to woo Lily away, Jack discovers force of will won’t keep her by his side. Can he find a way to win her heart before it’s lost forever?

The Victorian Love series is a spin-off series that follows the children of the heroes and heroines of the Regency Love Series. Each book in both series is a standalone sweet historical romance and can be read in any order.


The Duke's Christmas: A Sweet Victorian Holiday Tale (Noble Holidays Book 4)

by Anthea Lawson

Escape into the warmth of a Victorian Christmas, where the scent of fresh-baked gingerbread and the festivity of the season conspire to mend an old family feud and bring together a couple perfect for one another (if only they could see it), in this newest sweet tale from 
USA Today bestselling author Anthea Lawson.

Turned out of their home just before Christmas, Miss Mena Clarke and her mother have no other option than to accept an invitation from Andrew Harrington, the 5th Duke of Beckford, to spend the holidays at his country estate. Mena wants nothing to do with the boy who teased her so terribly in their youth, not to mention the bitter quarrel between their parents that has kept the families apart for a decade. Yet as the snow blankets Yorkshire in white, fresh beginnings don't seem quite so impossible, after all...

In the mood for even more Christmas romance? Don't miss Noble Holidays, the first collection of award-winning sweet holiday tales from Anthea Lawson.


Path of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 14)

by Katy Baker

Sometimes what you need the most is found in the unlikeliest of places.

Sienna Campbell feels alone. Her work as a physiotherapist keeps her busy but it can’t fill the emptiness in her heart since she lost her grandfather, the only family she’s ever known.

But when a chance meeting with an eccentric old woman leads her to step through an archway and into fifteenth century Scotland, she realizes she had no idea how truly alone she could be. Captured by a ruthless warrior, Sienna is desperate to find a way home. But there is only one person who can help her—and he’s the very man who’s taken her captive.

Cian ‘Red’ Sutherland has a dark reputation. Rightly feared throughout the Highlands, he’s built a wall around his heart, keeping everyone out. So when a strange woman falls into his custody, he wants nothing to do with her beyond the ransom she is worth. But as Sienna and Cian are drawn closer, he begins to realize she may hold the key to the desperate mission he has kept secret— and also the key to unlocking his heart.

Sienna and Cian must learn to trust each other if they are to succeed. But are the walls they’ve built around themselves too strong to breach? Or will they find love in the most unlikeliest of places?

Path of a Highlander is the fourteenth book in the Arch Through Time romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. If you love gorgeous, loyal highlanders, strong-minded heroines and burning passion you’ll love this tale of intrigue, second chances and true love in the Highlands of Scotland. Grab a copy now!


Not Quite a Baroness: A Sweet Victorian Gothic Historical Romance (The Boston Heiresses Book 2)

by Ava Rose

The second book in this tantalizing new series about feisty and independent heroines forging a new path for women in 1890s America.

A Baroness who will stop at nothing to protect her family's reputation

Her Royal Highness, Princess Elizabeth Armstrong-Leeds, Baroness Esk, is a suspect in the murder of her kidnapper. Not only does she risk a ruined reputation in the eyes of Boston's elite, Libby may also have to risk her life to solve this heinous crime. When the lead detective on the case doesn't believe in her innocence, what choice does she have but to take matters into her own hands?

A Viscount whose reputation for detecting is about to be challenged like never before

The Right Honorable The Viscount DeHavillend has put his family heritage aside to pursue a career as a private detective. Henry has already made a name among Boston's elite as the go-to investigator when things go awry. But when he meets Libby Armstrong-Leeds, his growing feelings for the baroness make finding the person who is trying to set her up, all the more difficult. Especially when her actions seem to court danger rather than shy from it.

This unlikely pair must team up and enter the underbelly of Boston to find a kidnapper and murderer before Libby's reputation is completely ruined and her sister's chance of ever entering society is a dim and distant dream. Or worse, before lives are lost and hearts broken.

The Boston Heiresses suggested reading order:
1 - Not Quite a Duchess
2 - Not Quite a Baroness
3 - Not Quite a Lady

If you enjoy Gothic Victorian historical romantic suspense stories, such as those made popular by Victoria Holt, Deanna Raybourn, Anna Lee Huber, Christi Caldwell or Dorothy Eden, you'll love this new series by debut historical romance author, Ava Rose.


The Taming of a Wicked Rogue (The Lords of Scandal Row Book 1)

by Samantha Holt

Forced to leave friends, family, and a life of privilege and fun, Rebecca Fortescue’s world changed overnight nearly ten years ago. Now, with the tightening of a noose, it’s changed again, but she needs to make amends for what her father did.

Which means returning, secretly, to the place where he did the most damage.

And to the residence of one Lord Leonard Moncrieff—the only man she’s ever loved.

She’s certain she won’t see him again, though. Nicknamed a Lord of Scandal Row, it’s clear to her, he’s no longer the boy she knew, and never returns home. The last thing she needs it to be distracted by a man deemed one of the most attractive men in London.

Unfortunately for Rebecca, Leo has been practically banished from London under the orders of his mother thanks to a scandal that, for once, had nothing to do with him. Now he has to spend his days playing the country gent and trying to avoid the female of the species.

It will be harder than he expected, given a sudden influx of young ladies to the area. He might be a rogue, but he has no desire to upset his delicate mother and will, albeit begrudgingly, play the dutiful son. He can avoid a few pretty faces, surely?

At least, until he discovers the beautiful Rebecca hiding in the stables. She’s in need of help, and he cannot resist, despite the fact she once shattered his young heart. The pull between them is as strong as ever but anything between them is impossible.

Or is it?

The Taming of a Wicked Rake is the a steamy novella length story that can be read as a standalone. If you love second chance romances, rogues with a heart of gold, and a heroine determined to do the right thing, be sure to grab your copy!



Tides of Desire: A Christmas Romance (Garrett Brothers: Caleb Book 3)

by Tracy Sumner

An irresistible affair that started with a kiss. TIDES OF DESIRE, the steamy Christmas sequel to TIDES OF PASSION!

The feisty beauty who imagined a solitary life…

Spirited physician Macy Dallas is fervently committed to medicine, but a troubled past has kept her from committing to love. She’s never experienced ardent yearning for a man until she kisses Caleb Garrett…and her awakening passion is impossible to resist.

The jaded man who vowed to protect his heart…

A gifted boatbuilder who is dedicated only to the sea, Caleb doesn’t believe in the power of love. A wretched childhood has governed his life until he doesn’t believe he has anything to offer. A beguiling puzzle, Macy challenges his fears, and he considers giving in to their explosive passion. Even though he knows he’s not the man she deserves.

An irresistible affair that started with a kiss…

As they match wits in a tempestuous dance, their fortifications begin to crumble, revealing not only a fiery attraction but a deepening love. Soon, what should have been a simple seduction becomes deliciously complicated…as they must open their hearts or lose the one person they are desperate to possess.

Praise for Tracy Sumner's novels

"The immediate, sizzling attraction between Zach and Savannah was very hot! 
I don’t know what I enjoyed more: their fierce disagreements or their passionate love-making."

—When Pen Met Paper

“The dialogue is witty and hilarious!”
—The Reading Haven

"It has been awhile since I came across a full-length historical that just popped…this one had just a little something extra that made it special. Witty, sweet, well-written. I was knocked off my rocker more than once. You bet I’m going to be reading from this author soon."
—Seriously Reviewed

“Terrific dialogue…and hot loves scenes. If you haven’t read 
Tracy Sumner before, Tides of Passion is a good place to start.”

—All About Romance

Also available on Amazon:

TIDES OF Love, Book One in the Seaswept Seduction Series (NOAH)
TIDES OF PASSION, Book Two in the Seaswept Seduction Series, (ZACH)



Abigail's Journey (The Catskills Saga Book 1)

by Michael Magness

It’s 1786, Colonial America.

Abigail Chesney has it all; a husband more loving than she could have dreamt, three healthy children, and a house on thriving farmland. She’s happy in her little world until it crashes down around her.

Losing almost everything tests Abby in ways she never expected. Can she learn to accept what she can’t change and trust those she loves? Relying on help from the people of Fitch’s Eddy, a tiny Catskill logging town, Abby discovers her own strength. Will Fate’s cruel blows crush her? Or will love give her a new reason to go on?

Abigail’s Journey -- a heartfelt, sweet, historical romance, where the flavor of the past leaps off the page.


A Raven's Heart (Secrets & Spies Book 2)

by Kate Bateman

When a bookish codebreaker and a dashing spy are reunited in this steamy historical romance from the author of To Steal a Heart, their lives depend on their ability to resist temptation. But fate is a mistress who cannot be denied. . .

England, 1815.

In the war against France, Heloise Hampden is a high-value asset to the Crown. When she cracks the enemy’s most recent communication, French agents are sent to silence her. But it’s the agent assigned to protect Heloise who poses the greatest threat to her heart: William de l’Isle, Viscount Ravenwood. Heloise has quarreled with the man they call Raven since childhood, yet always maintained a chaste distance. She’s sure nothing will change, thanks to the disfiguring scar on her face.

Nothing has changed. Raven still wonders how Hell-cat Hampden’s lithe body would feel pressed against his, but for the mission he must remind himself that the woman takes more pleasure in ancient languages than she does in seduction.

His imprisonment six years ago broke him in a way that makes the prospect of love impossible—he’s a shadowed Hades pining for sun-kissed Persephone. Still, his heart beats like mad whenever he’s within ten paces of Heloise, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe—even if that means taking her to Spain as an unwilling hostage.

Protecting her from danger will be a challenge; protecting her from desire will be pure agony.

Praise for K. C. Bateman’s books:

“(To Steal A Heart) is rich with espionage and suspense. Multidimensional believable characters and fast-paced plotting propel the story to its moving conclusion.”— Publisher’s Weekly

“The writing and characterization are superb, the romance is hot, snarky and tender and the hero is delicious. I couldn’t ask for much more in an historical romance and I’m eagerly awaiting whatever Ms. Bateman comes up with next.” – All About Romance.

"Delicious, witty, and ripping good fun! Kate Bateman's writing sparkles." -- USA Today bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke

"Dashing, daring, and deliciously romantic!" -- USA Today bestselling author Caroline Linden

"Bateman's scintillating first Bow Street Bachelors Regency is full of intense emotions and dramatic twists. Intelligent, affable characters make this fast-paced novel shine, especially for fans of clever women and the men who sincerely admire them. Future installments will be eagerly anticipated by Regency readers." -- Publishers Weekly (Starred Review for This Earl Of Mine)

"A riveting new voice for Regency readers! Kate Bateman is now on my auto-buy list." -- Janna MacGregor, author of The Good, the Bad, and the Duke


Bears of Burden Complete Series: Shifter Romance Collection

by Candace Ayers

Six bestselling novellas in the Bears of Burden series!

Six Buddies. Six bears. Six Mates.

In the southwestern town of Burden, Texas, good ol’ bears Hawthorne, Wyatt, Hutch, Sterling, and Sam, and Matt are livin’ easy.

Beer flows freely, and pretty women are abundant.

The last thing the shifters of Burden are thinking about is finding a mate or settling down. But, fate has its own plan…


Bears of Burden is an adult bear shifter romance series that will appeal to lovers of paranormal, urban fantasy, shapeshifters, contemporary, and, of course, spicy, sizzling, hot romance.

This is a steamy paranormal shifter fantasy romance series with an HEA and no cliffhangers. Fans of Zoe Chant, Terry Bolryder, Harmony Raines and T.S. Joyce may like this shapeshifter series.


A Love Divided: A Scottish Historical Romance (Mary's Ladies Book 1)

by Belle McInnes

Mary Queen of Scots is on the throne, and the frontier between England and Scotland is a powder-keg.

A feisty English heiress...
More interested in raiding into Scotland with the rest of her clan than womanly pursuits like embroidery or finding a husband, Alexandra Graham is a strong-minded English heiress who rides and fights as well as any man. But when a daring rescue goes wrong, she ends up in the dungeons of Scotland's most forbidding castle, prisoner of the notorious Earl of Bothwell and at the mercy of the queen's justice.

A brawny Scottish laird...
As deputy warden responsible for keeping the law on the queen's borderland, Michael Cranstoun is a Scottish laird with a reputation for fair-mindedness and the looks of a viking warrior. But when he meets the beguiling Alexandra, both his life and his honour are at risk - not to mention his affections.

A love divided...
With more than just the border separating them, Alex and Michael are on opposite sides of an ancient divide, and destined for different paths. But a shared love for horses draws them together and kindles a passion that respects no boundaries, endangering more than just their hearts...

:: Set in Mary Queen of Scots' lawless Borderlands, A Love Divided is a stand-alone Scottish historical romance with a HEA. If you like strong heroines, brawny lairds and sweet romance, you'll love the first book in the Mary's Ladies series. Pick up your copy today!


Montana Mail Order Bride Box Set (Westward Series) - Books 4 - 6

by Linda Bridey

How far would you go for true happiness? These three brides must find the strength to hold onto newfound love in the face of adversity.

The first time Luke sees Jamie, he finds himself thunderstruck. Whoever he was expecting pales in comparison to the auburn-haired beauty with emerald eyes. Initially, Jamie wonders how they will build a relationship together, and her attempts to deepen their bond starts a game of cat and mouse that keeps them both on their toes. Despite the mutual attraction, Luke has built a wall around him that won't be easy to break. But why? And will Jamie's efforts alone be enough to get through to him?

Desperate to escape her abusive father, Lacey Reagan finds her chance for freedom in the form of a mail-order bride advertisement. In comes Joe Dwyer, who is a gentleman as much as he is a playboy. As they grow more familiar, Joe and Lacey find themselves magnetically attracted to each other, but when faced with trouble, will the couple be able to stay true to their new feelings? Or will they be forced to keep things "strictly business" between them?

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Mitch Taylor. Stepping into his new job as the sheriff in Dawson, Mitch isn't just ready for a career change--he's ready for a wife. To Sammi Jameson, the confident lawman is everything she's been looking for in a husband, but they find themselves faced with more than the usual problems of newlyweds. Will they weather the storm by each other's side, or will they be two more victims of lost love?

In Montana Mail Order Brides Box Set: Books 4-6, you'll find three tender, touching, and thrilling tales following heroines who won't compromise in their quests for love. Join them as they navigate the trials of life and love in the Wild West.

To step into three worlds of passion, strife, and devotion, scroll up and click “Add to Cart”.


Winn's Fall: Common Elements Romance Project

by Clair Brett

After her mother’s death, Miss Zoe Chase returns to England to find an ideal husband.

Practical considerations include:


  • Must be responsible.
  • Must have adequate connections.
  • All teeth would be a plus.

    A secret part of Zoe yearns for love, but she can’t afford to let her heart decide. With the help of an old friend, Zoe should have the business done, post haste.

    If not for Winn...

    No plan included a devilishly handsome earl cursed to die.

    A family curse left Lord Winthrop Burton fatherless at age five. Now condemned to die by age thirty, Winn is determined to do it on his own terms.

    Practical considerations include:


  • No marriage.
  • No children.
  • No falling in love.

    Winn will leave no one behind to mourn him.

    If not for Miss Zoe Chase...

    When plans fight passion, everything falls.

    As desire flares, both careen towards the curse’s end. Because the accidents that once plagued Winn are now happening to Zoe.

    To save Zoe, Winn must push her away. Except Zoe has fallen in love with him.

    And love does not yield to practical considerations.

    Can Winn discover the truth of his curse before it ends them both?



The Duke's Dangerous Kiss (On His Majesty's Secret Service Book 2)

by Patricia Barletta

Jillian St. Clare’s first mistake is taking off her shoes at a society ball. Her second mistake is hiding the note that flies through the window into her empty shoe. Her third mistake is dancing the scandalous waltz with the devastatingly handsome stranger who wants the note. A secret message. Meant for a spy. So many mistakes. Jillian can’t keep track. Caught up in the dangerous world of espionage, whom can she trust? Certainly not her cold and callous guardian. What about the handsome spy, who is none other than Adrian Bennett, the Duke of Dunbary himself? Can she trust Adrian? Or will she lose herself to the Duke’s dangerous kiss?


Wild Dreams

by Lynn Landes

Julietta isn't like most young women. She sees it in the stares and hears it in the whispers of those around her, but the Lord gave her a heart for horses. Specifically, racehorses.

The owners sell the losing horses for meat and Julietta sees an opportunity. She hatches a plan to open Wild Dreams Sanctuary, but to fund it she will have to bet more than she ever thought possible, including her heart.


Taking the Spinster (The Kidnap Club Book 3)

by Samantha Holt

The Earl of Henleigh has no time or desire for women. Well, that’s a lie. He has the desire but since his disastrous engagement, he’s avoided the opposite sex at all costs.

It’s a shame Miss Haversham has not received the message, though.

The determined reporter refuses to leave Guy alone, convinced he’s the key to a story. He might well be, but he’ll be damned if she gets anywhere near his kidnap club.

Or his bed…

No woman has ever wanted that from him, and she'll be no different.

Freya Haversham wants one thing from the dark, wickedly handsome Earl of Henleigh.


But the blasted man refuses to play nice. The story of these disappearing noble women could make her career and mean she doesn’t have to write insipid gossip columns anymore, not to mention she might earn enough money to look after her elderly parents.

She’s convinced he knows something, but he evades her at every turn.

That is, until he’s kissing her until she’s breathless. And rescuing her dog. Oh yes and looking after her mother. Could this heroic earl really be involved in something so awful as kidnapping and killing rich women?

Very well, perhaps he’s playing too nice.

She can’t let herself be distracted from this story, no matter how tempted she might be to give into the pull between them.

Taking the Spinster is a spicy Regency romance read with a hero who can't help but play rescuer and a heroine who despises everything the rich earl stands for. Be sure to pick up The Kidnap Club series that can also be read as a standalone.



A True Gentleman (Regency Love Book 2)

by M.A. Nichols

They say reformed rakes make the best husbands. They were wrong.

Ten years ago, Tabby Russell married the man of her dreams. Or so she thought. The reformed rake had seemed vastly appealing when she was younger, but as life marched on and his old habits returned, Tabby realized too late that she should have chosen wiser when facing the marriage altar.

But there is no undoing the decisions of the past or avoiding the ensuing consequences. Even if Tabby wishes otherwise.

Overwhelmed by her husband’s irresponsible lifestyle and suffocating debt, Tabby’s life unravels around her until she is forced to relinquish her home and privileged life to become a lowly servant to a most irritating and demanding sailor.

Captain Graham Ashbrook loves the sea and the navy, but between one breath and the next, that life is ripped away from him when a French cannonball strikes his ship. Crippled and desperate, Graham finds himself trapped at his sister’s estate as he struggles to heal his broken body and reclaim what he lost—at any cost.

But when his sister hires an intriguing and far too beguiling nurse to watch over him, Graham finds himself wondering if a life on land might not be such an awful thing. Even if the lady in question is determined to keep him at arm’s length…

Set in Regency era England, A True Gentleman is a sweet romance about choice and accountability, duty and honor, and the joy that can be found even in the darkest of moments.

Though part of the Regency Love Series, it is a standalone story, and the entire series can be read in any order.

Buy your copy today and escape into a world of romance!



The Choosing (The Pruxnae Book 2)

by Lucy Varna

Ziri Mokuru has lived her entire life in the rural village of Arden Hollow on the planet Tersi. While her parents are off having adventures and being Very Important People, she’s struggled simply to find a place where she belongs. One night, she investigates a disturbance in her home and discovers an armor-clad man sorting through her belongings. Her first thought is for her parents’ safety, not to question why this man is in her home late at night without even the courtesy of knocking. After all, no one among the trusting Tersii breaks into someone else’s home without a good reason.

Ryn abid Alna has an excellent reason for sneaking into Ziri’s home. After years spent scraping together enough vud for the bride price, he’s finally ready to steal a wife. One look at Ziri’s sweet smile and Ryn decides no other woman will do. She can fix anything she touches, so why not the loneliness he’s lived with since he was enslaved as a young boy?

Though Ziri longs for love, she’s not so sure she’s ready to settle down with the man who kidnapped her, especially after he jumps her into a nest of Sweepers, a sinister alien race bent on mayhem and destruction. As the day draws near when she faces Ryn’s family on the Choosing field, Ziri ponders the hardest decision of her life: Fight for Ryn and the place he’s made for her in his heart or choose another man as a life mate and risk never knowing love.


Once Upon a Rake

by Samantha Holt

Ellie Browning had a few simple goals in mind. Marry someone respectable, be a dutiful wife, have children…if it happened to be with Lucian, that would make her all the more happy.

She never counted on the man she adored so much ruining her, however. Especially when it meant her being married off to a man old enough to be her father.

But after years of travelling by her husband’s side, she is back. And she is different. The widowed countess is determined to make her mark on the world by taking control of her late-husband’s business. She did not count on it bringing her back into Lucian’s path, though.

Ellie isn’t the only one who has changed. After a devastating accident, Lucian is no longer the rake she used to know, and he has little time for women playing at business. Even if he does find this Countess Eleanor distracting indeed…

If you love a tale of ugly ducklings, reformed rakes, a little suspense and lots of heat, snatch up this Victorian read today.


Soul of a Highlander: A Scottish Time Travel Romance (Arch Through Time Book 13)

by Katy Baker

A modern woman trying to discover her past. A Highland warrior on a desperate mission. Only together can they safeguard the future.

Sophie MacCullough feels like she doesn’t belong.
 Having grown up in the care system, she’s spent her life wondering why her parents abandoned her and who she really is. So, when a strange old woman appears out of nowhere and tells her the answers might lie in the Highlands of Scotland, she decides to follow the trail.

But when she stumbles through an archway in an abandoned graveyard Sophie finds herself catapulted into the fifteenth century – and onto a collision course with a brooding Highland warrior and a centuries old struggle that might hold the key to unlocking her past.

Callum Sutherland’s duty weighs heavily on him. As the head of an order that has vowed to protect the dark secrets of the Fae, he knows enemies are closing in on all sides. So, when a beautiful woman claiming to be from the future is suddenly thrown into his path, he doesn’t know whether she is friend or foe. But he’s sure of one thing: he must protect her with his life. The fate of all the Highlands – and Callum’s heart – depends on it.

Soul of a Highlander is the thirteenth book in the Arch Through Time romance series and can be read as a standalone novel. If you love sexy highlanders, feisty heroines and sizzling passion you’ll love this tale of danger, passion and true love in the Highlands of Scotland. Grab a copy now!



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