Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance

When you’re looking to download free and discounted contemporary romance ebooks, this is the place to go. Satisfy your inner passion for bestselling romance in this category, and never pay more than what you should. We routinely feature the best authors of contemporary romance ebooks, and they always promote their ebooks to you--for free or for a discount.


Definition of "Contemporary Romance": While technically a subgenre of the Romance category, that category is much too large to not be broken down. Contemporary Romance, by definition, is set in the time in which it was written.  The ebooks in this category are largely focused on the relationship and romantic love shared by two people.  Typically, ebooks in this category reward characters that are good people, punish those that are bad, and end with an upbeat, positive conclusion.  But, that "formula" is always being altered by excellent authors--which is why we read their ebooks, right?


Some examples of the best Contemporary Romance ebooks past and present include Nicholas Sparks (The Longest Ride), Tracy Brogan (Crazy Little Thing), Jojo Moyes (Me Before You), Nicholas Sparks (The Notebook), Lisa Kleypas (Blue-Eyed Devil).

Cocky Roomie: Jake Cocker (Cocker Brothers Book 1)

by Faleena Hopkins

This series is 18+

Welcome to Cocker Brothers, six brothers with family loyalty, each story building on the last, written to be enjoyed in any order.

Having Jake Cocker as my roommate is the worst idea ever. He's just introduced himself wearing only a damp towel and a smirk. Muscles glistening from the shower. Hair dripping. He mistakenly thought I was a boy because of my name, so now he won't rent to me. I can't stay where I've been - secrets are there I'm not even aware of. I'm imploring him to give me a shot. What other choice do I have? Leave Atlanta, my dreams, and give up?


My brothers and I come from old-money. Dad is Congressman Michael Cocker. Women throw themselves at us. It's boring. We're not into it. But Drew Charles is from a rural Georgia town. She doesn't know about us -- she's not impressed. I only rented to her out of pity, because I hate to see a woman cry. Then I braced myself for a nightmare... But she just hides in her room, studying. Why has that given her the starring role in all of my fantasies? And how can I convince her to make them real?




1: Cocky Roomie (Jake Cocker)

2: Cocky Biker (Jett Cocker)

3: Cocky Cowboy (Jaxson Cocker)

4: Cocky Romantic (Jason Cocker - twin)

5: Cocky Senator (Justin Cocker - twin)

6: Cocky Marine (Jeremy)

7: A Honey Badger Christmas (Jett's best friend from Book 2, holiday novella)

(Holiday Novellas are about friends of the Cocker family)

8: Cocky Senator's Daughter (Hannah Cocker, Justin's oldest, first of the Next Gen)

9: Cocky Genius (Ethan Cocker, son of Jake)

10: Cocky Rockstar (Gabriel Cocker, twin/son of Justin)

11: Cocky Love (Emma Cocker, daughter of Jake)

12: Cocky Quarterback (Eric Cocker, son of Jake)

13: Cocky Rebel (Sofia Sol Cocker, A Ciphers Novel, daughter of Jett)

14: Cocky By Association (Sean and Celia, A Ciphers Novel)

15: Cocky Director (Max Cocker, son of Jason)

16: Cocky And Out Of My League (Nicholas Cocker, son of Jeremy)

17: Bonus Scenes Compilation Book 1-16

18: Cocky Cardiologist (Caden Cocker, son of Jason)

19: Cocky Mother's Day (Tonk Jr., A Ciphers Novella)

20: Cocky Thanksgiving (Billy Cooper, A Friend Novella

21: Cocky Best Friend (Samantha Cocker, daughter of Jason)

22: Cocky Throuple (Marion, Jack & Troy, a side-character novella

23: Cocky Cop (Wyatt Cocker, son of Jeremy)

24: Cocky Origins (A 1944 Prequel novella of when the Patriarch & Matriarch met)

25: Cocky Rebound (Lexi Cocker, daughter of Jason, sister of Samantha, Max, and Caden Cocker)

26: Cocky Bonus Scenes Part 2: (compilation of Bonus Scenes from Books 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 25)



The Baker's Creek Brothers Collection II (Book 4-6) (The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers)

by Claudia Burgoa

The Baker’s Creek Billionaire Brothers series is a romantic comedy saga packed with the perfect mix of angst, tears, and laughs. If you like strong heroines & alpha males, steamy romances, and witty love stories, this series is for you!

Call You Mine

As We Are

Yours to Keep



Down to You

by Lauren Lieberman

How do you get through a three-day wedding in Mexico where the man who obliterated your heart is a groomsman?A young romantic encounters a second chance with her forbidden first love in this witty and irresistible coming-of-age romance.

Lila has been in love with Lucas for as long as she can remember—too bad growing up being her brother’s best friend made him completely off-limits. But that never stopped the undeniable chemistry between them, and as they got older the sparks got too hot for either of them to ignore. When they got caught together, an explosive fight followed and Lucas took off for college without looking back, leaving Lila devastated.

Years later Lila and Lucas reconnect as adults when they run into each other at a local bar, and the attraction is still palpable—all the old feelings are there and more intense than ever. This time they are determined not to let the past come between them as their sweet but spicy romance heats up again. But during a tumultuous weekend getaway to the beach, a misunderstanding snowballs and tears them apart a second time.

Four months and minimal contact later they are about to be reunited in Mexico for her brother’s nuptials. Will they be able to overcome the mistakes of the past, or will Lila’s happily-ever-after with the man she loves slip through her fingers once more?

Down to You is a sweet and sexy romance full of humor and charm that is sure to be everyone’s next favorite beach read. With notes of Sally Thorne’s 99 Percent Mine mixed with Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed (plus a margarita or two!), readers will enjoy this captivating love story about coming-of-age, first loves, and second chances.


Hunted By the Others (H&W Investigations Book 1)

by Jess Haines

In a town full of vampires, mages, and werewolves, detective work can be dangerous: “Dark and sexy . . . a paranormal treat” (Lara Adrian, 
New York Times–bestselling author).
Shiarra Waynest’s job was dangerous enough when her client base was strictly mortal. But ailing finances have forced her to accept a lucrative case that could save her firm—if it doesn’t kill her first. Shiarra has signed on to work for a high-level mage to recover an ancient artifact owned by one of New York’s most powerful vampires.
As soon as the detective meets the sexy, mesmerizing vampire Alec Royce, she knows her assignment is even more complicated than she thought. With a clandestine anti-Other group trying to recruit her and magi being eliminated, Shiarra needs backup. She enlists her ex-boyfriend—a werewolf whose non-furry form is disarmingly appealing—and a nerdy mage with surprising talents. But it may not be enough. In a city where the undead roam, magic rules, and even the Others aren’t always what they seem, Shiarra has just become the secret weapon in a battle between good and evil—whether she likes it or not.
This fast-moving urban fantasy is “a fun, high octane ride with a take charge heroine who will leave you wanting more” (Alexandra Ivy, 
New York Times–bestselling author).
“Take a sarcastic, likable heroine out of her depth with a mysterious, seductive vampire, add lots of scheming bad guys, and you’ve got a delightful romp of a book.” —Angela Knight, 
New York Times–bestselling author
“Full of litigious vampires, sexy shapeshifters and a mage sidekick akin to Bond’s Q, what more could you want?” —Mark Henry, author of 
Battle of the Network Zombies
“Fresh, hilarious,


Bad Luck Vampire: An Argeneau Novel

by Lynsay Sands

New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands returns in this latest chapter of the Argeneau series with an immortal who is having a bit of bad luck while trying to woo his life mate…

Alasdair MacKenzie has never once considered himself unlucky in all the centuries he’s been an immortal rogue enforcer. Not until he meets Sophie. Finding the beautiful, smart, and funny woman who is his life mate is great luck, actually. But meeting her at a wedding full of Argeneaus, not to mention his own busybody uncles determined to “help him claim his woman,” is bad luck. And the fact that Sophie is someone else’s date? Well that’s just the next level of unlucky.

From the way her gaze travels over his body like a caress to the electric zing whenever they innocently touch…he wants her for all eternity! He’ll keep his hands off Sophie until her date is over. After that all bets are off and he’ll pull out all the stops to win her. Great plan—until he gets hit by a car. And then he’s poisoned. Is his luck that bad, or is someone out to stop this immortal from claiming Sophie as his life mate? 


Wild Scottish Knight: A fun opposites attract magical romance (The Enchanted Highlands Book 1)

by Tricia O'Malley

Opposites attract in this modern-day fairytale when American, Sophie MacKnight, inherits a Scottish castle along with a hot grumpy Scotsman who is tasked with training her to be a magickal knight before the Kelpies wreak havoc on the people of Loren Brae.

The knight was supposed to be a man.

Not me, Sophie MacKnight, a marketing associate from California.

This must be a practical joke that the Scots play on visiting Americans. Because otherwise I’ve inherited a haunted castle in Scotland, along with one irritatingly sexy Scotsman, who would be delighted if I turned tail and ran.

Frankly, I thought I would fly here, sell the heap of bricks, and head back home to a life that I…well, I was comfortable with at the very least. Instead, the people of Loren Brae are in trouble, and it appears that as the new owner of the castle, I’m next in line to reinstate the magickal Order of Caledonia. Which means, first, I have to learn to believe in magick. And secondly, I have to train to become a knight.

And my trainer? None other than Lachlan Campbell, the grumpiest man I’ve ever had the annoyance of meeting. It’s a toss-up who is pricklier, Lachlan, or his kilted Chihuahua, Sir Buster. Not only does Lachlan think that I can’t hack it, but he also resents my claim on his castle.

If only he didn’t look so devastatingly hot in his kilt.

Now, I’m stuck proving myself to him, all while trying to figure out how to help my new friends in Loren Brae.

Sparks fly as our swords meet, and we battle our rising attraction for each other.

Who will win in this (Highland) game of love?


One True Mate 10: Shifter's Homecoming

by Lisa Ladew

Trent Burbank is a wolf shifter who has never shifted into a man. He’s on a mission—send the beast home. He’s given his word that the beast will be coming home, and Trent always keeps his word.

After a devastating trauma, his plans are interrupted. Trent is yanked away from the life he knows and charged with a critical task that only he can complete.

Now his vow has changed.

But when he discovers keeping his word could mean losing his mate, Trent prepares to fight...


Baby for my Dad's Best Friend: An Age Gap, Secret Baby Romance

by Annie J. Rose

Aiden Cross is my dad’s best friend
And he just became my boss.
He’s so off limits it isn’t even funny
But I’m not laughing.

I’ve been in love with him for as long as I can remember.
He’s always been my dad’s best friend,
And now he’s a handsome, hot shot marketing CEO.
Dominating a business I’m just starting out in,
And dominating my every thought.

I never thought I had a shot with him,
But the way he looks at me lately makes me wonder.
I know he thinks he’d be double crossing my dad,
But we can’t keep deceiving ourselves.
Even if giving in means we burn every bridge,
I want him and he wants me,
And we can’t deny it much longer.

I never should have let myself get this close to the fire,
But now that I’m here, I can’t help it.
I want to get burned.


Entwined Hearts: A Friends to Lovers Romance

by Dakota Davies

He almost ruined me once. And now, he’s back to try again.  

I’ve suffered through hell and back to keep the life I’ve built. Every single challenge, overcome. Every mountain, climbed. Being at the top of my game means not taking time to look back. There’s no time for regret.

At least, until an old flame returns, threatening to bring my life crashing down. His smile is almost as lethal as the way he crushed my heart into dust. No way am I letting him get close to me again, but he breaks down my barriers one by one, rekindling old feelings that never died.

Little do I know that he’s hiding a secret that has the power to ruin me once and for all. Will I find out what he’s keeping from me before I fall too far?

If you like the heat of Alessandra Torre and the heart of Abbi Glines, you will adore Dakota Davies’ steamy new trilogy.

Download this addictive second-chance romance today!

♥ Entwined Hearts is a slow-burn, intense romance wrapped up in a suspenseful, beautiful love story. It’s the first book in a new series and should be read first. ♥



Going All In (Betting on Love Book 1)

by Kate Campfield

She’s going to lose a bet… or I’m going to lose her heart.

I’m about to lose my future wife, and we aren’t even married yet. But despite me being sure she’s the one I’m meant to marry, Holly’s convinced we’re not meant to be. That may have something to do with my mom being engaged to Holly’s dad, but we didn’t know about that until 
after the hottest night of our lives. That means nothing to Holly now, though; she wouldn’t be caught dead dating a stepbrother.

Maybe I should be offended, but I’m not really her stepbrother 
yet, and I see no problem with our relationship moving forward. But she’s determined to find a date for the upcoming wedding—anyone but me.

Holly’s about to learn that when I set my sights on something I really want, I go all in. I’m offering her a bet: if she can meet Mr. Right and show up to the wedding with someone she’s really in love with, I’ll pay up. But if not? She’s mine.

I just hope I haven’t underestimated how much she hates to lose… because there are some things that are more important than winning.

Fans of Meghan Quinn and Pippa Grant will love this steamy, opposites attract Christmas romantic comedy!

Scroll up and One Click now to place your bets on love!


Steel Heretics MC: The Complete Series: Romance Boxset

by Hazel Parker

USA Today bestselling author Hazel Parker delivers a salacious 4 book romance bundle packed with all the MC alphas your heart desires.

You're in for the ride of your life.
Find yourself
caught in a whirlwind of corruption, backstabbing, and rivalry.
These bikers are intimidating, lawless, and rough around the edges...definitely not the boys you bring home to meet Ma & Pa.
Kidnapping, secret babies, revenge, and lust will keep you flipping pages all night long.

All books are full-length novels sure to get your blood pumping and steam up the sheets!

Series includes:


Love Under Contract: A totally perfect fake dating, grumpy x sunshine Christmas romance for 2023!

by Cassie Connor

When you can’t find the perfect date for the holidays you hire him!

Hotshot lawyer Rebecca Madison is dreading the annual family Thanksgiving break where the question on everyone’s lips will be ‘why are you still single?’.

When it comes to her career, she’s the best of the best, hired for her take-no-prisoners approach and sharp instincts. But when it comes to her love life…well, she hasn’t found the loophole for happy ever after yet.

So when she has a one night stand with a gorgeous stranger she meets in a bar, Becca decides to do what she does best: make a deal with Mr One Night to be her Mr Right (just for the holidays).

With an iron-clad contract setting out the terms for their fake relationship, Becca has one important point. Clause 1.a. No kissing, no sex (as mind-blowing as it was), and absolutely no emotional attachment!

But five thousand miles from home and spending every waking moment in the company of a man who makes her feel things she’s never felt before, just how easy will it be for Becca to stick to her own rules…

Readers are LOVING Cassie Connor:

‘Fake dating is one of my absolute favorite tropes but then ya throw in holiday romance and I'm completely sold…Freaking loved it and I look forward to reading many more books like it from this phenomenal, talented author!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘The perfect rom com with some funny moments and some amazing banter…Read if you like: The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa and The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Completely exceeded my expectations…loved the grumpy/sunshine aspect of it. I couldn't put it down!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Absolutely adored this fake dating holiday romance…Definitely a new holiday favorite!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I absolutely loved this book!…one of my favorite reads of the year’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Christmas Cherry Auction: 5 Reverse Harem Romances (Sylvie Haas Bundles)

by Sylvie Haas

If you love dirty-talking men who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman, you don’t want to miss the Christmas Cherry Auction! They're auctioning a lot more than Christmas Cheer!

Sparkles and Spankings
My sassy mouth has gotten me in trouble more than once. Then I’m bid on by 
three billionaires who understand how to handle it!

Presents and Praise
I barely had enough confidence to stand on stage and be auctioned. Now 
my stepbrothers are running the bid super high.

Tinsel and Teasing
I’ve been auctioned off to 
three burly lumberjacks who boast that their flannels need washing but I’d rather they give me a lesson in handling wood.

Holidays and Handcuffs
I just won three 
fire fighters in a charity auction…it must be time to heat things up!

Wishful and Wanton
I’m too shy to auction myself on stage, but my fantasy just might come true when I get 
sent to the principal’s office.

This is a bundle of independently released titles. None of the content has been changed.


The Belle of Belgrave Square (Belles of London Book 2)

by Mimi Matthews

"Shiveringly Gothic."
—New York Times Book Review

A PopSugar and BookBub Best Romance of 2022!

A London heiress rides out to the wilds of the English countryside to honor a marriage of convenience with a mysterious and reclusive stranger.

Tall, dark, and dour, the notorious Captain Jasper Blunt was once hailed a military hero, but tales abound of his bastard children and his haunted estate in Yorkshire. What he requires now is a rich wife to ornament his isolated ruin, and he has his sights set on the enchanting Julia Wychwood.

For Julia, an incurable romantic cursed with a crippling social anxiety, navigating a London ballroom is absolute torture. The only time Julia feels any degree of confidence is when she's on her horse. Unfortunately, a young lady can't spend the whole of her life in the saddle, so Julia makes an impetuous decision to take her future by the reins—she proposes to Captain Blunt.

In exchange for her dowry and her hand, Jasper must promise to grant her freedom to do as she pleases. To ride—and to read—as much as she likes without masculine interference. He readily agrees to her conditions, with one provision of his own: Julia is forbidden from going into the tower rooms of his estate and snooping around his affairs. But the more she learns of the beastly former hero, the more intrigued she becomes...


Yule Be Mine (The Welwyn Marriage Wager Book 3)

by Jenna Jaxon

‘Tis the season for love—no matter how much mistletoe it takes!

It’s Christmas time and Ulysses “Yule” Quartermain is unenthusiastically looking for a bride when Penelope St. Clare, the little sister of his boyhood friend, makes an appearance at a Christmas party. But it’s been ten years since he’s seen her. Penelope is no longer a child but a ravishing beauty, who’s turning heads everywhere she goes. And much to his discomfort, Yule is not immune to the charms of the little girl next door. But he’s working on it.

Penelope has wanted to marry Ulysses Quartermain for most of her life. Now she’s on the brink of her come out Season--a desirable young lady with wit and determination--and her happy ever after is within her grasp. If only she can make Yule see that she’s grown up and would make him the perfect wife, it’ll be the best present she’ll ever get.

Still, Penelope is not leaving anything to chance. Utilizing every ball of mistletoe she can find, she teases and tantalizes Yule, daring him to kiss her in hopes of breaking down his staunch resolve. As Christmas Day approaches, Penelope sets a final desperate plan in motion.

Before the holiday is over, Yule will know just how much of a woman she truly is!

Read Free in Kindle Unlimited!

The Welwyn Marriage Wager
Until I’m Safe in Your Arms
The Baron’s Halo
Yule Be Mine
No Rival for Your Love
Gem of My Heart
The Captain Takes a Wife


Stolen by the Barbarian Warlords: Barbarian Mates (Stolen Planet Book 2)

by Charmaine Ross

One minute I’m seducing the corrupt politician bribing my sister and the next I’m thrown onto an ice-packed mountain.

Giants with ice-blue skin, shoulders for days, thick thighs and huge…packages, rescue me from certain death. They say I’m theirs to do with as they please. To pleasure. To claim. To breed.

When I’m in – heat – I won’t stand a chance because I’m not human anymore. I’m something else. A rare omega according to them. Their…mate.

I don’t have time for this. I need to get home and save my sister.

She’s the one female who will complete our pack, but she rejects her nature.

Our omega wants to go back to her planet, but soon enough she’ll see her true home is with us. We’ll do everything within our power to bring on her heat no matter how much she protests.

She says she doesn’t know what an omega is, but she will submit.

She is ours.

This is the second in the Stolen Planets series. While each book contains a separate romance and HEA between a lucky human female and her alien mates, this series is best read in order.

What’s inside:

  • Steamy science fiction romance omegaverse
  • Three alpha alien warriors who are prepared to do anything to claim their mate
  • Smoking hot steamy scenes
  • Some out of this world biology
  • Nesting, knotting and other omega themes

A Small Town Christmas: Two Holiday Romances

by Melissa McClone

Experience the magic of Christmas with two enchanting romances set in small towns.

Sweet Yuletide

Desperate to escape her new stepfamily over the holidays, Sheridan DeMarco decides to housesit in a quaint coastal town. Her dream of spending Christmas alone, however, is shattered when she finds herself sharing the cozy beach cottage with a stranger, Michael "Mikey" Patterson. A kiss under the mistletoe thwarts their plan to keep their distance and draws them closer. But love might not be enough to conquer family complications.

His Christmas Wish

Spending the holidays in Hood Hamlet is the last thing Carly Bishop wants to do. Her hometown is full of painful memories of lost loved ones, but her family needs help. Jake Porter, her late brother’s best friend, is a mountain rescuer burdened by guilt. He believes he can help Carly find her lost Christmas spirit. As their growing closeness ignites a romance, Jake must convince her—and himself—that he's worthy of love.

Irresistible romance, heartwarming moments, and holiday spirit fill these small-town love stories by USA Today bestselling author Melissa McClone. If you enjoy Hallmark movies, you'll love A Small Town Christmas.


Falling for My Fling: A Small Town Friends to Lovers Romance (Falling Hard Book 1)

by Dakota Davies

A small-town bad boy hiding a secret. A city girl with a brave goal. The pact that will ruin them both.

After a disastrous breakup, I decide this summer will be different. I’ll be that daring girl that has a summer fling without a care in the world. I’ll find a cute, outdoorsy guy who can show me what I’ve been missing. And when summer ends, I’ll blow him a kiss and walk into my big, bright future with my heart intact.

Enter dirty-talking raft guide Caleb Morgan, a perfect match for my wild streak. But one (incredible) night becomes two, then four...and pretty soon I’m falling. Hard.

Can I save myself before it’s too late?

If you love a bad boy brought to his knees by the woman of his dreams and a brave heroine embracing her independence, get ready to crush on Lori and Caleb in FALLING FOR MY FLING, the spicy small town romance perfect for fans of Corinne Michaels and Devney Perry.

This is book 1 of a duet in the addicting Falling Hard series featuring the fiercely loyal Morgan brothers.

Author’s note: Two soulmates unprepared for love, summertime adventures, and a mountain town founded by feuding families. Falling for My Fling is the Morgan family saga origin story. Feed your craving for powerful love stories, Cowboy cookies, reckless nights, and big feels with this wild band of unruly siblings. The Falling Hard series is meant to be read in order, and Caleb & Lori’s story concludes in book two, Falling for My Second Chance.



Discovering Home

by Debbie Macomber

Rediscover two classic romantic stories about finding love and creating family, only from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

Father’s Day

Single mom Robin Masterson’s ten-year-old son, Jeff, thinks he needs a dog more than anything in the world. And there just happens to be one right next door! But the friendly black Lab belongs to Cole Camden, the unfriendliest man in the neighborhood. Robin can understand why Cole’s solitary life has made him cold—her own much-loved husband died when Jeff was just a baby. Still, Jeff persists…and soon his mom and Cole are looking at each other in a whole new way.

Lone Star Baby

Wade McMillen might be a minister, but he’s also a man. An unmarried and very attractive one. Is it as a man that he responds to the lovely young woman who shows up in Promise, pregnant and alone? Or as a man of God? Maybe it’s both. Amy Thornton hopes to make a new life for herself and her baby, and to do that, she needs Reverend McMillen’s help, his compassion. What she wants is the love of a man named Wade…


Black Velvet (The Velvet Rooms Book 1)

by Linnea May

No man ever made her scream and beg for release. 
Until now, I say.
She claims I’m asking for the impossible. I will prove her wrong.

I always get what I want. Always.

She's a professional, paid to lie and seduce, but those tricks won't work on me. I don’t want her insincere moans and fake smiles.
I want the real thing—and I know how to get it.
Because I know it’s not her body that needs to be conquered–it’s her mind.

But our relationship rests on unsound footing, a contract and nothing more.
And when my actions turn reckless, the vulnerable agreement may be our undoing.



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