Do creaks in your house send chills rattling up and down your spine?  Are there shadows around your house that you think may be looking back at you?  (Okay, if that's the case, you may want to see a physician).  When you need true, deep fright, check out our Horror ebooks.  All of our authors are masters of horror, and they want you to read their ebooks for free or a very discounted price.


Definition of the "Horror Genre": Your primal fears are what authors in the Horror genre seek to evoke.  And, not just evoke, but to make you feel emotions after arousing those fears.  Masters of this genre can even make you feel psychological and physical responses to their stories.  Horror may be getting more difficult to create, because for centuries authors in the Horror genre used fear of the unknown to move their readers.  The unknown, to a certain extent, does not exist anymore.  Our authors in this genre are therefore always seeking the next unknown and the next way to elicit your basest fears.


Some examples of bestselling Horror ebooks are Stephen King (The Shining), J.D. Horn (The Line), Anne Rice (Prince Lestat) and Edgar Allen Poe (The Raven,, The Tell-Tale Heart).  As an aside, we could have listed all Stephen King ebooks.  His prolific backlog of bestselling horror ebooks is mind boggling.

Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher - Book One (of Two)

by Kirk Alex

"Great book. Dark--yes. Grotesque--certainly. Sexually explicit--without a doubt.
And the writing is excellent. Character development & dialogue, is as real as it gets.
A terrifying, non-putdownable horror."
Jeff Bennington, Kindle Book Awards


The Wolf at His Door: A Werewolf Horror Thriller (The Runes Trilogy)

by Adrian W. Lilly

Ilene Rune has lived with a secret for 21 years that threatens to destroy her marriage, her life, and all of humanity. But how can she tell her son, Alec, that his new boyfriend, Jared, may be part of that secret? Investigating a brutal murder, Detective Lance Herald enters a dark world of fairy tales and fantasy—that shakes his belief in what is possible and imagined. Lucy Rune cannot fathom what happened the night one brother was slaughtered and the other critically wounded—but she does know, her boyfriend, Rene, who was also attacked is changing. Geraldine Bloom, Alec’s grandmother, has the gift of foresight, and has waited for years for the evil that wants her grandson to come for him. Alec Rune wakes from a coma to learn his twin brother has been murdered—and that he is the only witness. But he remembers nothing of the night.

Werewolves, genetics, and a thrilling murder mystery intertwine in this “multi-layered and unpredictable” (Christine Coretti) horror novel that builds to “an absolutely epic ending” (thegayUK.com). REVIEWS for BOOK TWO OF THE RUNES TRILOGY

"The Wolf in His Arms is like Adrian Lilly’s The Empire Strikes Back. The action comes fast and furious, the characters are virtually divided and conquered, and the situation is dire—and totally unresolved—by the end of the novel. So now it’s just a matter of waiting for Lilly to finish the trilogy." --Boys, Bears and Scares


The Sighting: A Suspenseful Mystery Horror Thriller

by Christopher Coleman

Every fourteen months it appears on a secluded beach in a small town just before dawn. 

One morning during his daily run to the beach, Danny Lynch witnesses the strangest and most incredible thing he's ever seen.

A dark, man-like figure emerges from the ocean, stands for just a few moments on the beach, and then retreats back to the surf. Danny's perspective on the world changes in an instant, and as the only eyewitness to this event, his mission now is to convince anyone who will listen that what he saw was real. But with only a vague photo and a dubious story, that task is proving almost impossible, and his only hope may be in finding a mysterious woman who was at the beach earlier that morning, and who may hold the terrifying secret that could cost Danny his life.

If you are a fan of horror, mysteries and thrillers, The Sighting is a must-read. Grab your copy and start reading today.

Also by Christopher Coleman:

Gretel (Gretel Book One)

Marlene's Revenge (Gretel Book Two)

Hansel (Gretel Book Three)


Anika Rising (Gretel Book Four)  

They Came with the Snow, a short, chilling and scary read, reminiscent of Stephen King's, The Mist, and a must-read for true horror fans.

Scroll up and click, "buy now" or "read for free" if you are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and start reading The Sighting today...just make sure you keep all the lights on while reading.



A Kiss Before Killing: Nothing can keep the doctor away...

by Keith McCarthy

Each man kills the thing he loves…

Edward Marsham is admitted to the Royal Infirmary having hung himself in his prison cell.

As predicted, he dies.

In the wake of several unexpected deaths at the hospital, however, Dr. Claire Woodforde suspects there is a killer amongst the staff. As Detective Chief Inspector Beverley Wharton and her new sergeant Tom Bayes begin to investigate Marsham’s death, they too start to wonder if it was natural or whether someone…

helped him along.

But as they start to make headway on the case, something much more sinister comes to light.

A body is found in an empty house.

A body without its limbs. And head.

Dr. John Eisenmenger is tasked with examining the torso to uncover clues which will lead to its identity and cause of death; a grisly job even for the most hardened of pathologists.

But as the investigation unfolds, the team discovers that there is much, much worse to come, and in addition, there is growing suspicion that there is a link between the two cases.

This not-for-the-faint-hearted crime thriller shines a light into the darkest recesses of the human soul.

Fans of Patricia Cornwell, Tami Hoag and Tess Gerritsen will be hooked on A Kiss Before Killing.

Keith McCarthy was born in Croydon, Surrey. Educated at Dulwich College and then at St George’s Hospital Medical School, he began practising pathology in 1985 and has done so ever since. Keith is a Consultant Histopathologist in Gloucestershire where he lives with his wife and three daughters.




The Wolf of Dorian Gray

by Brian S. Ference

Sage Holdsworth is a gifted painter with a terrible secret. One thing Sage cannot conceal is her infatuation with the handsome and charismatic Dorian Gray. Sage creates a lifelike painting of Dorian and a small wolf pup, but there is more to the painting than meets the eye.

As Dorian unlocks his inherent darkness, a werewolf is spawned that begins killing in the streets of London. The lycanthrope turns to killing Dorian's enemies, but who is the real monster here?

Sage never imagined her passion would give birth to a vicious monster that could cost her everything.

Can Dorian and Sage save their souls? Or will the beast consume them all? 


This is the first book in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series:

A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man (Book 1), Purgatoryof the Werewolf (Book 2), Lupări: Werewolf Hunter (Book 3)

"Rarely does romance and revenge intersect so pleasurably and delicately, forming a dance of passion and purpose that embraces a soul search and a confrontation between choices of salvation and sin." - Midwest Book Review

Strange Weather: Four Short Novels

by Joe Hill

A collection of four chilling novels, ingeniously wrought gems of terror from the brilliantly imaginative, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman, Joe Hill.

"One of America’s finest horror writers" (Time magazine), Joe Hill has been hailed among legendary talents such as Peter Straub, Neil Gaiman, and Jonathan Lethem. In Strange Weather, this "compelling chronicler of human nature’s continual war between good and evil," (Providence Journal-Bulletin) who "pushes genre conventions to new extremes" (New York Times Book Review) deftly expose the darkness that lies just beneath the surface of everyday life.

"Snapshot" is the disturbing story of a Silicon Valley adolescent who finds himself threatened by "The Phoenician," a tattooed thug who possesses a Polaroid Instant Camera that erases memories, snap by snap.

A young man takes to the skies to experience his first parachute jump. . . and winds up a castaway on an impossibly solid cloud, a Prospero’s island of roiling vapor that seems animated by a mind of its own in "Aloft."

On a seemingly ordinary day in Boulder, Colorado, the clouds open up in a downpour of nails—splinters of bright crystal that shred the skin of anyone not safely under cover. "Rain" explores this escalating apocalyptic event, as the deluge of nails spreads out across the country and around the world.

In "Loaded," a mall security guard in a coastal Florida town courageously stops a mass shooting and becomes a hero to the modern gun rights movement. But under the glare of the spotlights, his story begins to unravel, taking his sanity with it. When an out-of-control summer blaze approaches the town, he will reach for the gun again and embark on one last day of reckoning.

Masterfully exploring classic literary themes through the prism of the supernatural, Strange Weather is a stellar collection from an artist who is "quite simply the best horror writer of our generation" (Michael Kortya).



Starburst book 1 (Women of The Grey)

by Carol James Marshall

When everything you know is a lie. Will you seek the truth?

Lisa our anti-hero only wants to follow orders from her mysterious leader, Superior Mother. Then get back to life in The Grey. When she is sent on her first mission among the humans, Lisa realizes she is more human than Superior Mother led her to believe. In her first mission for the Women of the Grey Lisa begins to not only challenge her orders from Superior Mother but everything she has ever known. Defiant and on a quest for the truth Lisa will follow orders no more while she creates a path of her own.

Starburst is a mysterious and fascinatingly creepy coming-of-age tale with a sinister vibe that focuses on the relationships The Women of the Grey have with humans. It is an emotional connection that will have the reader questioning the depth of their character and of those around them.
If you love books with strong female characters that are both heroes and villains Starburst is a read just for you.

The Women of the Grey is a Sci-Fi Horror series that dives into alien isolation tangled into a secret society. Read Starburst book 1 today to start the journey into the dark and disturbing world of The Grey.


The Everett Exorcism (World of Shadows Book 1)

by Lincoln Cole

Something strange is happening in the city of Everett, Washington and Father Niccolo Paladina is tasked with investigating possible demonic activity. Nothing is as it seems, however, and things quickly begin spiraling out of his control.

When his path crosses with that of an old rival, they discover that things are worse in Everett than either of them could ever have imagined. As his world collapses around him, Niccolo will be left with one terrible question: what is my faith worth?


The Bone Witch

by Rin Chupeco

A Publishers Weekly Most Anticipated Young Adult Book of Spring 2017!

In the captivating start to a new, darkly lyrical fantasy series for readers of Leigh Bardugo and Sabaa Tahir, Tea can raise the dead, but resurrection comes at a price...

Let me be clear: I never intended to raise my brother from his grave, though he may claim otherwise. If there’s anything I’ve learned from him in the years since, it’s that the dead hide truths as well as the living.

When Tea accidentally resurrects her brother from the dead, she learns she is different from the other witches in her family. Her gift for necromancy means that she’s a bone witch, a title that makes her feared and ostracized by her community. But Tea finds solace and guidance with an older, wiser bone witch, who takes Tea and her brother to another land for training.

In her new home, Tea puts all her energy into becoming an asha—one who can wield elemental magic. But dark forces are approaching quickly, and in the face of danger, Tea will have to overcome her obstacles…and make a powerful choice.

Memoirs of a Geisha meets The Name of the Wind in this brilliant new fantasy series by Rin Chupeco!



The String of Pearls: The Original Tale of Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

by Thomas Preskett Prest


Read the book that sparked the legend.

Look beyond the musical to the real tale of the demon barber of Fleet Street.


The myth of Sweeny Todd has long been speculated to come from a true story and this novel, written at the height of the legend, is perhaps as close to the truth as it is possible to get.

The original Sweeny Todd – A String of Pearls is a classic from 1846 that is set in the dark underbelly of London.

Written as a series of Penny Dreadfuls by Thomas Preskett Press, the series has since been collected into a single novel that will have readers itching to find out the next dark twist.

See the characters as you have never seen them before, the way they first appeared.

A String of Pearls follows Sweeny Todd as he descends deeper and deeper into madness.

Having murdered Johanna’s suitor, Sweeny sets in motion the events that lead to his downfall.

Johanna sets out to track her fiancée down and in that process she will unearth a gruesome truth.

Meanwhile Toby, Sweeny’s apprentice, will be driven mad by what he finds.

Sweeny Todd’s dark agreement with Mrs Lovett and her sinister pie shop has stunned Victorian and modern audiences alike.

This classic and brilliant novel will take you back through time and show you a past filled with tragedy and beauty as Johanna goes in search of her lost love.

Johanna’s loyalty and bravery stand out all the more as she risks everything to find the demon barber’s secret.

Todd is a brilliant character – both compelling and horrifying – who has drawn people again and again into his story.

As suspicion grows and Todd becomes more manic and terrifying and Mrs Lovett grows more and more desperate, the two will drive each other further into darkness.

Through the years this timeless tale has captured the imagination.

The world over, A String of Pearls is a classic that went on to spawn both a hit musical and an Oscar-winning movie.

Thomas Preskett Prest (1810-1859) was a British writer, journalist and musician. He was a prolific producer of penny dreadfuls. He wrote under several pseudonyms including Bos, a takeoff of Charles Dickens' own pen name, Boz. Before joining Edward Lloyd's publishing factory, Prest had made a name for himself as a talented musician and composer.

Albion Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at www.endeavourpress.com. Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via http://on.fb.me/1HweQV7. We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Endeavour Press believes that the future is now.




Finders Keepers: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book 2)

by Stephen King

Now an AT&T Audience Original Series

A masterful, intensely suspenseful novel about a reader whose obsession with a reclusive writer goes much too far—the #1 New York Times bestseller about the power of storytelling, starring the same trio of unlikely and winning heroes Stephen King introduced in Mr. Mercedes.

“Wake up, genius.” So announces deranged fan Morris Bellamy to iconic author John Rothstein, who once created the famous character Jimmy Gold and hasn’t released anything since. Morris is livid, not just because his favorite writer has stopped publishing, but because Jimmy Gold ended up as a sellout. Morris kills his idol and empties his safe of cash, but the real haul is a collection of notebooks containing John Rothstein’s unpublished work...including at least one more Jimmy Gold novel. Morris hides everything away before being locked up for another horrific crime. But upon Morris’s release thirty-five years later, he’s about to discover that teenager Pete Saubers has already found the stolen treasure—and no one but former police detective Bill Hodges, along with his trusted associates Holly Gibney and Jerome Robinson, stands in the way of his vengeance....

Not since Misery has Stephen King played with the notion of a reader and murderous obsession, in this #1 acclaimed bestseller filled with “nail biting suspense that’s the hallmark of [his] best work” (Publishers Weekly).


The City of Mirrors: A Novel (Book Three of The Passage Trilogy)

by Justin Cronin

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • “A thrilling finale to a trilogy that will stand as one of the great achievements in American fantasy fiction.”—Stephen King

You followed The Passage. You faced The Twelve. Now enter The City of Mirrors for the final reckoning. As the bestselling epic races to its breathtaking finale, Justin Cronin’s band of hardened survivors await the second coming of unspeakable darkness.

The world we knew is gone. What world will rise in its place?

The Twelve have been destroyed and the terrifying hundred-year reign of darkness that descended upon the world has ended. The survivors are stepping outside their walls, determined to build society anew—and daring to dream of a hopeful future.

But far from them, in a dead metropolis, he waits: Zero. The First. Father of the Twelve. The anguish that shattered his human life haunts him, and the hatred spawned by his transformation burns bright. His fury will be quenched only when he destroys Amy—humanity’s only hope, the Girl from Nowhere who grew up to rise against him.

One last time light and dark will clash, and at last Amy and her friends will know their fate.

Praise for The City of Mirrors

“Compulsively readable.”—The New York Times Book Review

“The City of Mirrors is poetry. Thrilling in every way it has to be, but poetry just the same . . . The writing is sumptuous, the language lovely, even when the action itself is dark and violent.”—The Huffington Post

“This really is the big event you’ve been waiting for . . .  A true last stand that builds and comes with a bloody, roaring payoff you won’t see coming, then builds again to the big face off you’ve been waiting for.”—NPR

“A masterpiece . . .  with The City of Mirrors, the third volume in The Passage trilogy, Justin Cronin puts paid to what may well be the finest post-apocalyptic epic in our dystopian-glutted times. A stunning achievement by virtually every measure.”—The National Post

“Justin Cronin’s Passage trilogy is remarkable for the unremitting drive of its narrative, for the breathtaking sweep of its imagined future, and for the clear lucidity of its language.”—Stephen King

“Superb . . . This conclusion to bestseller Cronin’s apocalyptic thriller trilogy ends with all of the heartbreak, joy, and unexpected twists of fate that events in The Passage and The Twelve foreordained.”Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Readers who have been patiently awaiting the conclusion to Cronin’s sweeping postapocalyptic trilogy are richly rewarded with this epic, heart-wrenching novel. . . . Not only does this title bring the series to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion, but it also exhibits Cronin’s moving exploration of love as both a destructive force and an elemental need, elevating this work among its dystopian peers.”Library Journal (starred review)

Praise for Justin Cronin

“One of those rare authors who work on two different levels, blending elegantly crafted literary fiction with cliff-hanging thrills.”—Fort Worth Star-Telegram


The Loney

by Andrew Michael Hurley


Winner of the Costa First Novel Award 
A Best Book of the Year, London Times and Daily Mail | An Exceptional Novel, Sunday Times
Best Book of the Year, British Book Industry Awards | A Best Summer Book, Publishers Weekly
“The terrors of this novel feel timeless . . . There are abominations here, and miracles.”—New York Times Book Review
“An amazing piece of fiction.”—Stephen King

“Completely terrifying.”—Paula Hawkins | “Vibrantly written.” —Entertainment Weekly

“Stunning” —Jeff VanderMeer

When Smith was a boy, he and his family went on an Easter pilgrimage with their local parish to the Loney, a bleak stretch of the English coastline, to visit an ancient shrine, in search of healing for Smith’s disabled brother. But the locals were none too pleased to welcome them, and the two brothers soon became entangled in a troubling morass of dangerous rituals. For years after, Smith carries the burden of what happened that spring. And when he hears that the body of a young child has been found during a storm at the Loney, he’s forced to reckon with his darkest secrets, no matter the cost. “The masterpiece by which Hurley will enter the Guild of the Gothic” (Guardian), The Loney marks the arrival of a remarkable new talent.
“Fans of Shirley Jackson are sure to savor . . . Tight, suspenseful writing makes this masterful novel unsettling in the most compelling way.”—Washington Post




The Complete 'Father of Lies' Series. Books 1-3: 'Father of Lies'

by Sarah England



'A truly wonderful and scary start to a horror trilogy...'
'Boy did this pack a punch and scare me witless!'
'I just ordered the second book within three minutes of finishing the first. Ms England knows her craft'
'Powerful and disturbing.'

'Ruby is the most violently disturbed patient ever admitted to Drummersgate Asylum, high on the bleak moors of northern England. With no improvement after two years, Dr. Jack McGowan finally decides to take a risk and hypnotises her. With terrifying consequences.
A horrific dark force is now unleashed on the entire medical team, as each in turn attempts to unlock Ruby's shocking and sinister past. Who is this girl? And how did she manage to survive such unimaginable evil? Set in a desolate ex-mining village, where secrets are tightly kept and intruders hounded out, their questions soon lead to a haunted mill, the heart of darkness...and The Father of Lies.'


'OMG - I could not put this book down until every single page was read - I am breathless. Come on with Book 3 Ms England..'
'Enormously frightening. I very rarely give 5 stars but this outstanding achievement deserves it. Black magic never seemed so real.'
'A deliciously dark cocktail of everything I want and need in a good horror novel.'

'Following the hypnosis of violently disturbed psychiatric patient, Ruby Dean, an unholy dark force was unleashed on the medical staff who tried to help her. Now only one of the original team remains - Ward Sister, Becky.
Despite her fiancé, D.I. Ross, being unconscious and many of her colleagues either dead or critically ill, Becky is determined to rescue Ruby's twelve year old daughter from a similar fate to her mother. But no one asking questions in the desolate mining village Ruby descends from ever comes to a good end. And as the diabolical history of the area is gradually revealed, it seems the evil invoked is now both real and contagious.'


'I only have a few books that will forever sit on my bookshelf - this will now join them. What an absolute corker of a read. Wow. Outstanding.'
'Absolutely brilliant read. Scared the bejesus out of me.'
'A brilliant conclusion to a a thoroughly magnificent read. The plot is mesmerising - I am well and truly hooked.'

'The dark and twisted community of Woodsend harbours a terrible secret – one tracing back to the age of the Elizabethan witch hunts, when many innocent women were persecuted and hanged.
But there is a far deeper vein of horror running through this village; an evil that once invoked has no intention of relinquishing its grip on the modern world. Rather it watches and waits with a focused intelligence, leaving Ward Sister, Becky, and Police Officer, Toby, constantly checking over their shoulders and jumping at shadows.
Just who invited in this malevolent presence? And is the demonic woman who possessed Magda back in the sixteenth century, the same one now gazing at Becky whenever she looks in the mirror?
You may need to sleep with the lights on after reading this…Are you ready to meet Magda in this final instalment to the trilogy? Are you sure?'
Coming Next: The Soprano - A Haunting Supernatural Thriller set in a remote village on the north staffordshire moors. Now available to pre-order for release on August 30th. For more information plus the prologue, please visit the author's website: http://www.sarahenglandauthor.co.uk


Chosen (The Urban Legends Series Book 1)

by R.S. Broadhead

Black eyes. No emotion. No sympathy. Only emptiness.

Piper McAdams’s life was normal. Career? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Friends? Check. One unsettling run in with a homeless man turns everything from normal to terrifying. She begins seeing…things.

Things she can’t seem to explain or make any sense.

As if things aren’t already getting out of hand, Piper receives news that the only family member she has is dead. She thinks maybe a trip across the country to her hometown will get her away from all the strange events happening.

After a late night accident, Piper isn’t in her hometown burying her loved one. She’s in a town called Hell. All she wants to do is leave, but the people seem to be holding her there for some reason.

A reason she feels threatens her life. Around every corner things become darker and scarier.

Can she escape what is coming for her?


The Haunted Cabin : A tale of paranormal suspense and ghostly threats

by Michelle Dorey

Meryl was warned...

Her best friend, who happens to be psychic, told her not to go to that cabin with Jordan.
“Not only is it isolated, in the middle of nowhere, but it has a dark history. Two people died there tragically!”

But she’s determined to support her boyfriend Jordan, in his grief. The cabin is now his, bequeathed to him by his favourite uncle. Besides which, Meryl and Jordan are old hands at roughing it in the forest.

Right from the start, the paranormal makes its presence known. A door creaks open on its own, even though the bedroom was locked when she first tired it. That room is a shrine, perfectly intact and there’s a diary—a twisted tale of treachery and deceit. Unexplained noises, cryptic messages left for her, fleeting glimpses of ghostly entities and the eerie sense that she’s being watched.

She is.

The ghosts have been waiting for revenge.

Don’t read this book at night, especially if you’re alone. A chilling, frightening story of ghosts and thrilling supernatural suspense.



The Surge

by Willow Rose

"We knew they were coming one day, we just never imagined anything like…this."

Imagine being invaded by the Chinese and they want something only you have.
However, giving it to them would mean the death of someone you love.

What would you do?

When The Chinese arrive in Ridge Manor, Florida; Sheriff Wayne is the only one who knows they are coming. He tried to warn the rest of the town, but no one would listen, and now it is too late.
Joanna Marks has just come back to town after ten years on the run from her parents who did not want her to have the child she was carrying at only sixteen. The sudden death of her husband and father of her child forces her to come home just in time for the invasion.

As the days pass in the small town, now heavily invaded by soldiers, Joanna and Wayne both realize something is off with this invasion and with their invaders. Why are there so many of them, especially in their little town, and why is the highest in command settling at City Hall? Why are there no airplanes in the sky, tanks or bombs going off? Where is their military and how could they invade the entire country so quickly?

Each step closer to the truth is more terrifying than the last, and Joanna finds herself moving further from the world she knows and soon she dives into a world she did not know existed.

˃˃˃ This exhilarating new novel serves up a double dose of nail-biting, chilling suspense, twists, and shocking revelations as only Willow Rose can. This is determined to terrify you. No one is more addicting than the Queen of Scream.


Sorrow's Lie (The Marker Chronicles Book 4)

by Danielle DeVor

Only an Exorcist Can Confront His Demons

Jimmy Holiday, exorcist extraordinaire, is about to embark on his most unusual case yet—a baby that may be possessed by the demonic...or worse, a true demon spawn. The Order wants him to make sure it is a true case and not some hoax...or so they say.

Once Jimmy arrives, the situation changes into a living nightmare. The Order is not what he thought at all. And now, they demand he commit an unspeakable act. But Jimmy has enough scars of his own.

When the full truth of the corruption within the Order comes to light, Jimmy must act. With a voudou woman who lives down the lane as an ally, Jimmy must fight for the life of this supernatural child, but at what cost?


Hell on Earth (Life of the Dead Book 1)

by Tony Urban

Everyone you ever knew is dead.
How will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Read "Hell on Earth", book 1 in the epic zombie series about everyday men and women struggling to survive in a world overrun with the dead.

When civilization ends - When hundreds of millions of the dead return to eat the living - How will the remaining humans survive? One week ago there were over 300 million people living in America. Today there are less than 5000.

For Wim Wagner, the end begins when his livestock dies off. The 30-year-old farmer had purposely kept himself cut off from the world, but when he loses everything he ever loved and the undead arrive on his farm, intent on eating him, he’s forced to venture out into the land around him and fight to save a world on which he long ago turned his back.

Survivors from all walks of life - criminals and fry cooks, teenagers and soldiers - battle to survive zombies and each other as mankind races toward extinction.

An epic post-apocalyptic, dystopian horror saga, "Hell on Earth" tells the stories of multiple men and women from all walks of life, dealing with a zombie apocalypse. Read the book readers describe as "Stephen King's 'The Stand' meets 'The Walking Dead'!"

  • Wim - a 30 year old farmer.

  • Ramey - a high school drop out.

  • Mead - a washed up line cook.

  • Bundy - a 500 pound prisoner.

  • Jorge - an army medic.

  • Emory - a 80 year old millionaire.

  • Juli - a lonely but resourceful suburbanite.

  • Grady - father to an autistic son.

  • Mitch - the spoiled son to a US Senator.

  • Mina - a housekeeper caring for her abusive father.

  • Solomon - a violent and cunning businessman.

  • Aben - a homeless war veteran.

What readers are saying:

"This book was intense. With two different types of zombies we get both the ominous slow approach of the reanimated undead and the frantic rush of the bitten. Between the vivid imagery and the gory details, I had to take a break during the second half just to get my lunch down. It was awesome!" - HeatherY

"Wow, just finished this book, I could not put it down!! Fast paced, action packed, and full of gore!" - tcrow510

"I f*****g love this book!" Nathan

"It's Stephen King's The Stand meets The Walking Dead! Graphic and well written with fully developed characters. Read it in a few hours. Can't wait for the next book!!" Audrey S.

"One of the best I've read in a long time." Bill H.

"Disgusting, poignant and fun." Rachel S.

"Awesome!" Pat

"4.5 stars. A good/solid zombie story with plenty of diverse characters." Dave

"I'm a fan" Lori

Book 2 - Road of the Damned - will be released in January 2017.
Book 3 - The Ark - will be available in the summer of 2017.
.Book 4 - Red Runs the River - will be available in the fall of 2017.



The Last (Zombie Ocean Book 1)

by Michael John Grist

The Last man alive vs. 7 billion zombies. Action, gore and ingenuity. How would you survive?

When the zombie apocalypse hits America, not a soul is left alive.
Except Amo. He's a comic book artist. He's a video game world builder. He's just a regular guy living in New York City, with only his wits, creativity and basic decency to guide him.
He's alone against 7 billion zombies.
Will he survive?

A blistering take on the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, and one man's thrilling struggle to survive, with a twist that'll rip your head off and eat your brains.

The Last is a standalone zombie survival thriller, continued in Book 2 of the Zombie Ocean, The Lost. Burning questions will be raised and answered, like:

- How do you survive when the whole world wants to eat you?
- Where does hope come from when you're the last one alive?
- Where are all the zombies going, and what on Earth do they really want?

If you like apocalypse survival stories like 'I Am Legend', 'The Martian' or 'The Last of Us' you will love this book. Scroll up and get your copy now.



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