What's Under Her Skirt: Will He Still Like Me?

What's Under Her Skirt: Will He Still Like Me?

by Adam Servaos

A Wholesome, Spicy, and Realistic LGBTQ+ Romance That Will Get Your Heart and Body Warming - The Perfect Read for Those Who

Need a Little Romance in Their Life

I loved who I was. I was comfortable — mind, body, and soul.

I knew who I was and that the genitalia between my legs didn’t make me any less of a woman than the females around me. I could also wear skirts and walk around freely and none would be the wiser, until… you know.

But, that wasn’t an issue. 
I moved to town about a year ago and my sweet supportive co-worker had been working her ass off trying to set me up on a date. From ‘sophisticated guys’ who liked lemon in their whiskey to guys who she thought were just absolutely ‘perfect’ for me. 
(Spoiler Alert: they never were.)
“It'll be fun this time! I promise!”
I gave her a flat look and remembered all the horrendous dates she’s set me up with. Not until I see him walk into the bookstore. Hearing the soft 
tinkle inkle link of the bells and watching him step through the door, any signs of a frown would disappear from my face and made me swell up under my skirt.
I didn’t think that by the time I’d hear the second 
tinkle inkle link of the bells, I’d have secured myself a date with the town’s hero — Less, Mr. April of the fireman's calendar.

I also didn’t think that I would have anything to worry about when it came to him. Except… 
he didn’t know what I had under my skirt.
What’s Under Her Skirt is a fantastically funny, yet realistically romantic LGBTQ-friendly romance. Of course, it isn’t without its spicy moments that will leave you out of breath. Come alongside Eda, a woman who’s comfortable in the body that she was born in, as she tries to navigate life and love.

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