What If I Don't Have Enough?

What If I Don't Have Enough?

by Renata Roberts

Do you want to discover the real reason behind your clutter and learn practical ways to fix this?

Clutter issues go much deeper than the stereotypical idea that an individual is lazy, procrastinating, and unorganized. Often, clutter is not the result of these behaviors or characteristics! Unravel the truth with 
What if I Don’t Have Enough, a concise but comprehensive guide on how to love your home and life again.

There are superficial reasons why you accumulate clutter. Consumerism culture, keeping up with the Joneses, and FOMO (fear of missing out). However, these reasons are often side-effects of more severe problems.
Finding the reason behind your penchant for piles of stuff is the magic first step in reclaiming your space and inner peace.
Studies show that 80% of our clutter is never used. It’s a manifestation of our subconscious. Its cause might be rooted in general issues such as stress, insecurity, past and present anxieties, or more severe problems such as PTSD, OCD, or phobias.

Renata Roberts’s What if I Don’t Have Enough, equip yourself to:

  • Discover the reasons behind your clutter
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and stress triggers
  • Shed emotional baggage
  • Work through trauma and release regrets
  • Formulate ways to prevent procrastination
  • Understand the impact clutter has on your life
  • Implement practical ways to declutter and maintain the habit
  • and so much more…

Included in this book are a few fun journeys to help you understand yourself better by delving into the types of clutter you accumulate, your clutter archetype, and how your parental upbringing dictates your attachment style.
This book addresses all aspects of life. You will be guided through the processes of mental, emotional, and physical decluttering.
Find out what your living area, possessions, and schedule say about you. Clear up family clutter. Conquer the kitchen—that clutter magnet. Learn how to say no. Create me-time. Bring the focus back into your life with chores, routines, and goals.
Decluttering is not a loss; it is a renewal. Once you understand the benefits and experience the changes in your life, your reluctance to find order might turn into a love for decluttering!
Renata is not a storage specialist. She is a qualified Master Life Coach with psychology and practical theology degrees. With her specialization in trauma, social pressure, and emotional challenges, she helps you find lasting ways of decluttering your life. It’s a cathartic process and can reveal many insightful things about yourself.

Purge yourself of your feelings of inadequacy, shame about the state of your home, and the anxiety created by chaos. Find more time for your family, improve your focus and memory (yes, these are symptoms of clutter!), increase your energy and productivity, and find harmony in life once again.
Unless you are a minimalist, you will see yourself in this book. Read about yourself and ways to improve the quality of your life with 
What if I Don’t Have Enough.
It’s time to clean up and be happy!



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