The Trigger Man

The Trigger Man

by Aiden Bailey

CIA operative Mark Pierce is a trained killer with a strict moral code - he only targets those who truly deserve to die. So he has no qualms about taking out Victor Vautrin, an international arms dealer supplying fanatical terrorists in West Africa who may soon trigger a brutal civil war.

But when he is tasked with other objectives – rescue kidnapped tourists, recover eleven million dollars of stolen CIA money - it quickly becomes clear to Pierce that someone doesn’t want him to succeed in his primary mission.

Pierce makes a decision – if the game is rigged, he won’t play by the rules. He goes rogue, crossing the hellish Sahara in relentless pursuit of his target, Vautrin.

And comes face to face with a terrifying conspiracy - not to stop the war, but to start it. Powerful players are behind this chilling plan which will cost thousands of lives – and now only Pierce can stop them.

Unless they kill him first.

The Trigger Man – the first in the stunning Trigger Man action thriller series. Perfect for fans of Jason Kasper, Mark Greaney, and Vince Flynn.



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