The Thirteenth Guardian

The Thirteenth Guardian

by KM Lewis


DA VINCI'S SECRET PALES. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth in his famous Creation of Adam fresco in the Sistine Chapel. Eve did not cause the fall of man. She carried a far more devastating secret for millennia—one that will change the world forever.

As the modern-day world suffers the cataclysmic effects of the “Plagues of Egypt,” Avery Fitzgerald, a statuesque Astrophysics major at Stanford, discovers that she is mysteriously bound to five strangers by an extremely rare condition that foremost medical experts cannot explain. Thrust into extraordinary circumstances, they race against time to stay alive as they are pursued by an age-old adversary and the world around them collapses into annihilation.

 Under sacred oath, The Guardians—a far more archaic and enigmatic secret society than the Freemasons, Templars, and the Priory—protect Avery as she embarks on a daring quest that only legends of old have been on before. Avery must come to terms with the shocking realization that the blood of an ancient queen flows through her veins and that the fate of the world now rests on her shoulders.

The Thirteenth Guardian is Book One of a daring new Trilogy that will shake you to your core.


I could NOT put it down!.. Its like Da Vinci Code 2.0 and I am living for it right now! ~ Nichole. D

The concept was so gripping!…my history-loving heart BURST ~ Heather. A

What a story. I felt like this could be real. I was left with sleepless nights  ~  Lindsay H

This book has something unique and awe inspiring about it that will make reading it a vivid and sometimes terrifying experience that everyone needs to do ~ Rochelle. A

This is one of my favorite books…it sent chills down my spine!!! ~ La Jolla. R

This book was deeply existential and certainly made me question some things about our own history ~ Tanja. F

I sat down last night to read a few chapters before I called it a night. Next thing I know its 3:00am! And I’ve finished the entire book ~ Maryam. K

Totally worth the headache I now have from a sleepless night of binge-reading ~ MJ

That ending - like damn. I’m still shook ~Lania. K

The book touched me somewhere few have before  ~  Alex. A




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